tagErotic CouplingsNo Excuse Needed

No Excuse Needed


Jenny was 40 years old and still single. She was black or rather brown. She had light skin probably a gift from some ancestor being raped by their slave master back in the day. She didn't inherit the hair that usually comes with it, soft and curly but instead had a head of kinky black hair that was very conditioned and was probably still just of soft on top of her head.

Six feet tall and a mere one hundred and thirty pounds because she always thought herself heavier than she really was she was a skinny woman and it only made her head seem bigger.

A round full face with big brown eyes she was easy on the eyes that was for sure but being skinny left her with small breasts and a small butt one of the reasons Byron felt that she didn't have a man yet.

Byron and Jenny were cousins. He'd just turned nineteen and was back from college for break. His mother had sent him over to Jenny's because she was having problems with her lawnmower.

Byron was surprised that Jenny did her own lawn but then again she was the active sort and for a woman so skinny in his opinion she was firm and it was probably from doing all the manual work around the house including the lawn herself.

He knocked on the door and pushed the bell the sound of his car ticking behind him as the engine cool loud in the quiet neighborhood. He glanced around; the houses were all various shades of peach and terra-cotta a popular color at sometime in Florida that just stuck.

The dead bolt snapped inside and the door opened the cool air from the air conditioner running out to greet him as much as his cousin did.

"Hey!" Jenny opened her arms wide.

Byron smiled sheepishly and accepted the hug as she pulled him close and pulled him tight pressing him against her skinny frame.

She smelled of spice but he wasn't good at spices but it probably meant she was in the kitchen preparing a meal.

"Hey Jenny," he said when they finally broke the embrace.

She stepped back and he stepped in and the door closed behind them.

"You must tell me all about college so far," she said leading him back to the kitchen. It was an open plan with the kitchen across from a small dinning area which was across from the living room. They had to walk through another living area to get there.

Byron always thought it was too much house for a single woman but she bought when the market was right and now the way the market was going she'd be well to hold it for a while and then get out and make a killing.

They talked for some time as she moved about the kitchen about his classes and what the professors were like what he was planning to do with his time off and all the while Byron couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

She was dressed in a pair of spandex shorts that were way to short. They could have been a pair of underpants for all he knew. They were black and shiny. The shirt she wore was white and tight across her small body.

He guessed she must have bought that in the preteen section of the store.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts were barely enough to fit in his hands.

Byron didn't have big hands. He was shorter than Jenny at five feet nine inches tall.

"So where's the mower?" He asked feeling something stirring in him as he watched her suddenly eager to get to work before it became clear he was gawking.

"It's out on the porch," she said without turning. She bent to pick something out of the lower cabinets.

Byron smiled. She didn't have a butt all at least not like the bubble butts the girls at college had.

She turned as she straightened.

The image of bubble butts had brought a smile to his face and she caught him with a guilty look on his face.

Mischief was in the smile she gave him in return as she turned away as if she hadn't caught him.

The after image of camel toe was etched in his mind as he headed to the back porch and found the lawnmower on the concrete slab outside the enclosed patio.

Jenny was smart but Byron still checked to make sure there was gas in it and that there was oil in it before he did anything else. He lifted it so he could see the blade. It looked free and he turned it and it was. The filter was clear but when he got to the spark plug he had to go back inside for a socket wrench.

"Progress," Jenny asked as he came in.

"About to find out. You have any socket wrenches."

"In the garage," she said pointing.

He found them on a tool bench that was on one side of the two-car garage her car on the other.

Once he got the spark plug out he saw the problem. It was caked with soot. Taking his time watching as Jenny occasionally moved about the kitchen he cleaned it wondering what she was like under it all.

He smirked, already he had a pretty good idea thanks to what she was wearing but he was curious. With the spark plug cleaned he decided to give it a try worse case he'd have to buy another one and gap it himself but he hoped this was a quicker solution.

The mower started on the third pull. He ran it for a while and tried again and it started don the second pull.

He stepped back in and announced, "All done!"

"Awesome. I heard it. What was wrong?"

He told her and suggested she buy a spark plug anyway and have the filter replaced too.

She said she would and offered him an early lunch.

She'd made chicken and rice and salad while he was outside. The chicken was still in the oven and the smell was filling the house but the rice and the salad were already done.

"Fifteen minutes on the chicken," she said.

Byron had nowhere to go, no plans so agreed and they plopped down next to each other on the couch in the living room. The remote was between them their boundary and they both reached for it blindly.

Jenny got it first and Byron's hand lay on hers.

He pulled back.

She smiled at him and flipped the channels.

They sat in silence for sometime. Byron wasn't sure what to say. From the corner of his eyes he could see her long legs stretched out on the carpet slender and smooth and saw him self holding them at the back of the knees high in the air with Jenny on her back her long arms above her head while he filled her cunt with his cock.

He shook the image from his mind. She was his cousin he told himself but it wasn't like it stopped him before. He'd fantasized about his sister before back when she was much hotter, since then she had picked up some weight but his days of using images of his sister while he sat in his room lotion all over his dick were over for a while. Were they?

He felt sure he'd be using some when he got back to his parent's house.

She stopped at ESPN and the highlights of a Miami Heat loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Byron wasn't big into basketball but he watched a game occasionally.

They sat in silence and then Jenny asked, "You met anyone at college yet?"

"You mean like a girl friend," Byron asked after a pause.

"Or boy friend, I won't judge," she smiled.

He laughed. "No. No boy friends but no girl friends either."

"Playing the field?"

"I suppose." Byron really wasn't. The girls there were looking for a lot more than he had to give. They seemed to be looking for a husband and all he wanted was the occasional hook up or someone who didn't want anything long-term so he was restricted to parties where he got the hook up for the night.

Images danced across his mind of the five girls he'd enjoyed so far. They were all drunk like he was and willing to do anything. He'd lived out five different pornography fantasies with them.

The first one was and small petite Asian thing. Short hair, glasses she was reserved an afterwards shy around him because of what did after the party in the off campus apartment her parents paid for to keep her focused.

Byron had fucked her in the ass, his first ever anal experience. She was tight, a screamer and it was great to empty his load in her rectum after pounding her ass and watching it bounce.

The second one was a white girl who didn't care much for foreplay. He felt like a slut afterwards. She rode him hard for hours after the party cumming over and over again until she'd had enough luckily he'd gotten off on her last climax. He felt she'd leave him hanging when she was done for sure.

The third and fourth were at the same time. Two girls, both white, both from the Midwest eager to try something new. It was his first threesome and it was a blast.

At first he didn't think he was going to be able to give them both the same amount of attention and once he came he felt sure he'd be done but after the first of the two and then watching them eat each other out he was able to give them both a load of cum in their cunt that they readily sucked out and swallowed. The wonders of alcohol.

The last one was a black girl. She was harder to get but well worth the chase but he didn't get his dick in her pussy or her ass. She was more interested in sucking his cock, which as far as he was concerned was just as good. The only trade off was once he was done she had to suck her clit and Byron wasn't against going down on her and bringing her to multiple climaxes.

"What are you thinking," Jenny asked. She was leaning forward looking at him.

He smiled. "Uh. Nothing."

"You're thinking about some girl," she said. She laughed as timer went off.

Pushing off the couch she went to the kitchen and took the chicken out and let it cool.

"Were they good," she asked. "The girls."

Byron shrugged. "I suppose."

"Well as long as you're careful and have fun. You want a beer with lunch," she asked.

"Sure," he said.

"Don't tell anyone I gave you one though."

He smiled.

The food was delicious. One thing his mother always said was that Jenny could cook.

He had two beers with his meal, Jenny had four and he wasn't surprised that she was a little loopy afterwards.

She sat on the couch while he cleared the table and washed the two dishes leaving them in the drainer to dry. He felt pretty sure she'd be asleep soon but she was still awake lying on the couch when he came over to tell her he was going.

She was on her back on leg off the couch the other on. One had above her head and the other between her legs. She was rubbing herself no doubt about it and she didn't stop when Byron came around and saw her.

"Ready to leave so fast?" She asked.

Byron's shaft didn't wait a beat to suck the blood from his body down into it and rage. Thinking of those girls, seeing Jenny dressed as she was and now doing what she was doing wasn't much of a incentive to get hard but get hard it did.

"Sit down," she said.

Byron obeyed.

She took his hand in hers, her fingers long and slender and guided it to her crotch.

The fabric felt hot and damp when Byron touched it. He began to rub it slowly her hand on top of his as he moved. He moistened his lips and felt his shaft grow even harder in his pants eager to break free.

"Ummmmhmmmmm..." Jenny moaned.

What am I doing? Byron asked himself as he pressed harder and rubbed a little faster. She's my cousin but yet it didn't stop him. If she wanted it why would he deny her? He wanted it too. They were just cousins. Maybe all she wanted was to be rubbed off.

Jenny squirmed and moaned under his hand pressing up against it as he pushed down finding her slit through the fabric and rubbing up and down the wet crease. She shivered as if cold her eyes closed.

Byron wanted to touch himself but Jenny got there first. She reached out her hand leaving him to rub her crotch alone and touched his package.

She dropped her hand.

Byron was moving his hand fast and hard. She was about to climax for sure. Her head was tilted back and her mouth was open. She arched be back and moaned long and hard before falling back to the couch breathing hard.

He felt sure he was dismissed now. She was done but she wasn't.

"I owe you twice," she said sitting up.

He wasn't about to protest. He was rock hard and needed release.

She unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to the floor at his ankles and pulled his underwear down and let it fall there too.

She smiled glancing up at him. "Boy you sure have grown up."

Byron knew he had an impressive member. There was no doubt about it. Nine inches of manhood thickened with blood and ready for action.

Jenny wrapped her slender fingers around him and began to rub him. She moved her head down and took him into her mouth.

Her mouth was hot. Byron immediately felt as if his knees would give but they didn't. Leaning back slightly his hands on his hips he closed his eyes. He trailed his tongue over his lips and listen to the sweet slurping sound as Jenny sucked him.

She wasn't tentative she took him as far in as she could and then out again moving slowly up the entire length of his shaft with her mouth teasing his head and his hole with her tongue.

One had was at the base of his cock squeezing but not stroking the other was on his big black balls hanging ready to expel his seed down her throat.

Byron started thrusting forward as the moment built and the desire rose the ability to hold back the flood impaired by his need for release. He grunted and moaned.

Jenny tightened her grip around the base of his cock and squeezed his balls ever so much more and he came.

It was a rush of hot cum down his shaft in waves into her mouth.

Bryon glanced down. She was looking up at him with wide eyes, delightful eyes. She didn't flinch she didn't squirm. She took it in and swallowed it all wave after wave sucking the last residue of his cum from his cock like a straw.

His cock popped out her mouth. Her lips glistened and she swallowed again.

She stood and kissed him hard on the lips.

Byron took her tongue in his mouth tasting some of his cum on her.

She pressed him hard against her body.

He was still erect. He still wanted more.

Jenny sensed his desire and took his shaft and began to rub it with one hand and shimmy out of her spandex with the other. Eventually she had to let go and peel the tights off, kicking them aside.

Byron stepped out of his jeans and underwear and held her again.

They kissed hard and long hands groping over each other's bodies. His hands were on her small butt pulling her cheeks apart touching her crack and her ass.

Her hands were squeezing his a far more ample ass than her own.

"Fuck me," she whispered to him her breath hot on his ear. She kissed his neck and he took her to the arm of the couch and bent her over it.

Her ass was in the air. She spread he slender sticky legs and he could see her cunt wet and glistening.

Grabbing her cheeks he spread her and guided his cock to her pussy and pushed.

Her pink meat yielded and her body wrapped around him.

He began to stroke her. He wasn't slow nor was he fast. It was just a steady rhythm as he held onto her hips for leverage pumping her listening to the sound of flesh smacking and her breathing.

Her hands were over her head stretched out and her face turned so she could just make him out.

She moaned.

Byron smiled. The sound only further fueled the moment. It fueled his actions and urged him to go faster and to thrust harder and harder.

Balls slapped against her thigh. He wished he could shove it all the way in but it already was all the way in buried deep in her with each thrust. Nine inches of his wood deep in her the girth stretching her with each stroke giving quiet a sight.

He pulled back and watched the skin suck against his cock as if he vagina was coming with it only to be forced back in. She had large lips. They were brown and engorged with blood because of the arousal. She could hold back her second climax.

"Uh...uh...uh...uh..." the chant repeated over and over until finally she held her breath it seemed the only sound the slapping of flesh, wet with a film of sweat on her body.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhh!"

Byron was cumming too and though he knew it was probably too late he decided not to cum in her. He pulled out at the last moment as the second climax rose in him and let his dick flop onto her back and cum shot out across it in streams of pearly with.

He was breathing hard and sweating.

He stood there for sometime as the waves came cum still oozing out onto her back.

She straightened and turned.

"I guess you're learning quite a bit at college," she said. She kissed him.

He didn't say anything. He enjoyed the kiss.

"We should go wash up." She started towards the stairs.

Byron paused a second and followed her.

They showered together cleaning each other probing each other for what seemed like an eternity before they finally left the hot water behind and toweled off.

"I should get going," Byron said.

"Okay. Put the mower in the garage for me. I'll be down in a bit." She said.

Byron nodded and trotted down the stairs to retrieve his pants and underwear.

He opened the door for the garage then walked the mower around through the grass and into the garage. There was a bare spot with a few stray grass clippings where he gathered it would go.

He pushed it over and paused as he saw the box on the pegboard. They were two boxes on the board in fact among the other tools and packages that were purchased and stored there for use when something was out.

There was a box of spark plugs and a box of filters.

He shook his head and pushed the button for the door. It came down loud and noisy the chain rattling nosily overhead.

"Thanks," Jenny said when he stepped back in.

"No problem."

"Hope I see you again before you head back off to do you higher learning."

"I'm sure I'll find an excuse to come over for some of you food."

"No excuse needed."

Byron smiled at the invitation.

She walked him to the door and said, "Later."

Byron got in the car and backed out and headed to his parents house. No excuse needed next time. He smiled as he pulled away.

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