tagBDSMNo Free Rides Pt. 01

No Free Rides Pt. 01


My fingers felt as if they were going to fall off at any moment. I kept blowing and blowing on them hoping to warm up, but my efforts were to no avail. Of course, it didn't help that I was constantly being pounded by an onslaught of wind and rain. Or maybe if my boyfriend, no scratch that ex-boyfriend hadn't left me on the side of the road in the middle of freaking nowhere I would not be freezing my ass off in the first place.

"Bastard," I muttered and savagely kicked a pebble off the road into the dirt.

Sadly, venting my frustration on a poor innocent pebble didn't seem fair, however if I had ex-doofus face here I would be beating the snot out of him instead of the rocks.

I had been walking this damn road for what seemed like hours now and my once cute flowing short skirt was now plastered to my thighs. The tiny little tank top I had was no match for a lite drizzle much less the pouring rain I was stuck in. I might as well have gone topless for all the protection it was giving me. Hours again I had given up trying to walk in my heels and now was trudging along barefoot. Having to pick and choose where to put my bruised and cut feet was slowing me down even more. The wind lashing at my bared skin had left it red and raw making even the lightest touch burn like a thousand hot pokers on them.

Tonight, there was hardly a single car on this backroad between the two towns. Even the few cars I had seen before the sun went down had refused to stop for me when I had lamely attempted to hitchhike. My only guess was that I looked like a disaster and no one would want to stop for a crazy lady. Not to mention my practically see-through outfit probably made me look like a lost hooker.

"A cheap lost hooker," I mumbled irritated.

A particularly sharp rock jumped up and attacked my foot viciously. With a cry that embodied every frustrated, irritated painful emotion that was coursing through me now, I bent down to grab my foot just in time for another car to race by. Not only did they not stop, they rolled down their window and yelled disgusting names and suggestions at me.

Anger had me opening my mouth before I even thought of what I was going to say. "Fine! Don't stop! But you've missed out on the best head in your life!"

It was a lie, I knew it the moment I had said it. But, I no longer cared, I just wanted to get out of this miserable weather and rest for a little while.

Knowing those idiots were not going to come back, I trudged along the road again continuing to mutter and vent every filthy curse I could think of towards the male population; making damn sure not to leave a single one out.

I hadn't gotten far in my walk and in my venting when another car zipped by, but this time I ignored the low rumble of the engine and concentrated on my footing as well as my anger hoping it would warm me from the inside out. It took a moment, but the realization that the engine noise hadn't disappeared slowly sunk into my numb brain. Looking up through my rain soaked hair I caught sight of car lights dimly in the distance relief swamped me, but I approached the vehicle cautiously fully expecting the person to drive off like this was some kind of cruel prank. The bright red taillights shone brightly in the dark night like a beacon guiding her towards it; or maybe a warning. My stomach churned hard as I got closer and closer to the one back up light that was blinking at me almost malevolently. Something was screaming at me to run in the opposite direction. I shook off the fear telling myself to not be so ridiculous as I rushed to the passenger side before I could change my mind.

The first clear glimpse I had gotten the car floored me. It was a slick, shiny Mercedes that just screamed at the top of its metallic lungs 'I have money'. The window slid silently down as I stopped in front of it revealing a shadow-filled interior. The only light that penetrated the darkness was from the dashboard and it only gave enough to see the outline of the figure in the driver's seat.

Despite being cloaked in shadows; this person would never be mistaken for a woman. Everything about him screamed 'I am man'. His strong jawline made him look no older than mid to late thirties. There was a black aura about him and I could feel the shiver trying to crawl its way down my spine. His head slowly turned and the dim blue lights touched his face, but did nothing to dispel the air of mystery around him. When his turned to me they reflected the light like an animal's eyes would, but it was gone too fast for me to tell if it was a fluke or real. Trapped under his gaze I was unable to move, breathe or even speak. I just stood there looking like an idiot staring at the man in front of me still hidden deep in the darkness.

An eternity seemed to pass as we stood in silence, not even the pouring rain or blasting wind penetrated the bubble they were suddenly in. I was no longer freezing and the wind didn't slam into me anymore. My body was flushed and tight, ready for something I couldn't explain.

A jerk with the loudest horn ever, peeled by bursting the bubble and left me feeling breathless. All at once every sound rushed back to me and reality reared its ugly head.

Get a hold of yourself, Chloe. I chided mentally. I whipped my rain drenched hair over my shoulder and straighten my back.

"Can I help you?" I asked haughtily then winced.

This man had been the first one all nigh to pulled over and you treat him as if he's an unwanted criminal. Thankfully, instead of getting mad, he just chuckled a deep rumbling chuckle that sent a tingle down my back that had nothing to do with the cold. It was hands down the sexiest laugh I'd ever heard and I would kill to hear him do that again.

"I think I should be asking you that question, sweetheart," the man replied.

His laugh had been sexy but his voice was downright sinful. A deep, dark, soothing tone that invoked the images of candle lit nights, red satin sheets and hours exploration with hands, mouths, and other body parts.

I gave a breathy laugh and nodded. "I need a ride. Are you going to Sheridon?"

It was a long shot, since Sheridon was on the other side of the next town. But, if he could just take me all the way home I wouldn't have to worry about doing this all night.

"Get in," was all he said.

Without hesitation, I opened the door, but was brought up short by the sight of the genuine leather seats.

"Do you have a towel or something that could be put down?" I asked suddenly remembering how soaked I was.


My jaw dropped to the ground in disbelief. He had two eyes, right? Couldn't he see how wet I was? I gestured down at my body.

"I-I'm all wet," I stuttered out.

Another deep joyful chuckle rumbled through the air at me and sent the shivers racing through me.

"I'm going to assume it's the rain. Either way, don't worry the seat will dry."

"Of course, it was the rain. What else would it be?" I muttered irritably as I slide in.

I barely had the door close much less had my seat belt on before he spun back out on the street and off into the night.

"So... what's your name? I'm Chloe," I said unable to stand the eerie uncomfortable silence anymore.

He didn't say anything back at first as if he was debating whether he wanted to say anything at all. I bit my lip wondering if he even cared what my name was. Was I mistaken in thinking he was kind? It was stupid of me to jump into a strange car with a strange man. I pressed against the door ready to jump and run if anything happened.

"Mattais," he finally answered.

His tone was clipped and a bit harsh, but I still felt victorious having gotten his name out of him. Though I wondered if it was fake, but decided not to ask.

"That's an interesting name," I said pleasantly.

He made a noise in agreement but stubbornly resisted my efforts to draw him into a conversation.

"Was it a family name?" I probed one more time.


It was a put off, plain and simple. Giving up, I sat back in the seat and wrapped my arms around myself trying to stop the cold tremors that were beginning once more. I tried not to pay attention to it as much as I could until it got so bad my teeth were starting to chatter.

"Can I turn on the heat?" I asked hesitantly.

I fully expected him to start yelling at me or ignore me but he did neither. He immediately reached over and turned it on full blast then pointed all the vents at me. In moments I was surrounded by a warm blanket of air and it felt like heaven. I reached towards it sighing in pleasure as my fingers began to tingle, the feeling returning to them slowly.

"Oh, God, that feels so good," I moaned.

I pulled my shirt away from my body and tried awkwardly to dry the shirt without baring myself. I wasn't sure it was working but the heat felt so good I didn't want to stop. Each blast felt like a lover's caress across my skin and I reveled in it with the same pleasure. I was deep in the erotic bliss of being warm again after the long cold trip when a hand touched my leg causing me to jump guiltily. I quickly opened my eyes and saw a large hand gripping my leg where the skirt met the bare skin of my thigh.

Where his hand laid I felt the warmth pierce through me, deeper than the heater ever could. My skin rose to meet his hand immediately becoming so sensitive that I felt every line, bump, and callous on his hand. A gasped parted my lips as I stared at the hand wanting to jerk my leg out from underneath it but I also felt the insane urge to move it higher, to feel the rough skin touch me somewhere more intimate.

The fingers flexed and squeezed my leg gently but firmly then the thumb began to caress the tender inner thigh. The next sound out of my mouth was a breathy moan. The action sent a tingle straight up my leg and my pussy began to throb.

This is crazy! The rational girl in my head yelled. You don't even know him! There is no way that this is a good idea so knock it off.

Spread your legs! Beg him to play with you! I'll bet he'll be the best lay of your life! Cried the suddenly horny girl in me.

The two voices began to scream at each other until my head began to ring. But, in the end, the rational one won out and I pulled my leg out from under the boldly caressing hand and looked over at him.

With a chuckle he reached into the back seat and, with the same offending hand, he handed me a shirt.

"Take off that wet thing and put this shirt on," he instructed me, still obviously smiling.

I fumed silently inside at his boldness and snatched the shirt out of his hand then began to pull it OVER my tank top because there was no way I was going to take my shirt off here in this car. I was not wearing a bra underneath this shirt and somehow, I just knew he would be able to see everything.

"I said, take off your wet shirt before you put the other shirt on," he demanded.

"I am not taking my shirt off," I told him disgustedly.

"You will or I will pull over and cut that wet rag off your body then you can sit in the front seat with nothing on," he said in a dangerously calm voice.

"You wouldn't dare," I said incredulously.

In a heartbeat he slammed on the brakes and yanked the car to the side of the road.

Fear consumed me immediately. "Alright, alright. I'm doing it."

I grasped the edges of my tank top and whipped it over my head deciding that a moment of embarrassment was better than my only piece of clothing right now being torn to shreds. I hurried through the changing process ignoring the heat that was rising through my cheeks. As I jerked the shirt over my head and the rapid motion sent my breasts jiggled in a mortifying dance. As if that wasn't enough my nipples immediately hardened to little points and I knew that he was not only watching the whole show, but enjoying it. As soon as the shirt was properly pulled down I definitely crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him.

"There. You freaking happy now?"

"Yes, thank you," he responded with amusement.

I had to curb the urge to stick my tongue out at him or flip him off. So, I decided to do something less childish, I ignored him.

"So, why were you on the side of the road?" he asked unexpectedly.

I thought about ignoring him, punishing him for being so rude, so brass... yet so compelling that I couldn't help giving in.

With a harsh sigh I answered. "My boyfriend, make that ex-boyfriend, left me there."

"Why?" he pressed.

"Because he's an asshole that doesn't want to take no for an answer," I replied.

I was really hoping he would understand my meaning without me actually having to explain.

"About what?"

Guess not, I thought to myself.

"It doesn't matter," I said dismissively.

Maybe the silence would have been better.

"Well obviously it does if he left you on the side of the road."

"No, it doesn't," I insisted.

"Why not?" he pushed rudely.

"Because it doesn't,"


"Because it just freaking doesn't, alright?!" I screamed at him.

The car got silent once again. Silent and awkward. I couldn't shake the annoying sense that I was disappointing him suddenly. Even worse, the guilt that accompanied that feeling. That was one emotion I really hated feeling.

"He wanted me to go back to his place tonight and... help him relax, ya know?" I said so mortified that I was talking to a complete stranger about this.


"Yeah, ya know... relax?"

Just the word 'relax' conjured up the image of what my ex had wanted me to do. I swallowed hard trying not to gag.

"You mean he wanted you to give him a blow job?"

I groaned discomforted by his ease in using such blunt words. "Yeah. But when I told him no I wasn't going to, because we'd only been dating a few weeks and I'm not that kinda girl, he got pissed and pulled over. He yelled that he wasn't going to waste his time or his money on such a prude."

Despite the darkness in the car I felt as if he could see me perfectly and I covered my face with my hands giving a loud groan of embarrassment. I wanted desperately to sink back in the seat and disappear into the leather.

The hand fell on my leg again and I slowly peeled my hands away to look up at him. Even in the darkness, I had no doubt that his eyes bored into mine so deeply that he was looking straight into my soul.

"You are not a prude. You honestly felt nothing for him that's why you weren't willing to jump into bed with him," he explained knowingly.

My mouth opened and closed several times as I tried to dispute his answer. In the end I couldn't because he was right, I hadn't been attracted to my ex. I hadn't even liked him that much and right now being in this car with this man I couldn't remember why I had started dating that douche bag in the first place.

As if to illustrate his point, Mattais rubbed his thumb along the inside of my thigh again this time venturing higher under my skirt. I couldn't conceal the moan that dripped from my lips as he touched me. I had opened my mouth to tell him that he was right, but the moment he touched me so intimately into inarticulate sounds of pleasure. There was no denying it now, my ex's touch had never spawned such a response from me before.

His fingers gently caressed of my leg and before I knew what I was doing my knees parted of their own accord. He took full advantage and slid his hand even further up my leg until the tips of his fingers barely brushed my pussy lips. I gasped and thrust my hips forward just a hair before reestablishing control over myself.

I shoved his hand out from underneath my skirt and glared at him once more.

"Thank you for the lecture, Professor, but I think I can handle my sexuality or lack there-of," I snarled at him.

"Oh, believe me, sweetheart. You are one hot piece and I, for one, would love to see you cum," he said huskily.

"Well, you're not going to see me cu... come undone," I said loftily completely ignoring the fact I had stuttered over such a crude word.

When he didn't respond the car fell silent once more and this time neither one of us opted to break it. Before I knew it, he had pulled into a bus stop and it was time to leave. Despite all the insanity, I found myself reluctant to leave him. I turned to him to, at the very least, thank him for the ride even as unconventional as it was. The lights surrounding the building shinned into the car giving me my first good look at this mysterious man that had rescued me.

The sight took my breath away and caused my heart to skip several beats. My god was he gorgeous. His dark hair was thick and unruly, just brushing the tops of his broad and well-toned shoulders that were perfectly outlined in his business jacket. The bright white of his shirt set off the slightly darker complexion of his skin, giving him an unnatural glow. The oval shape of his eyes were turned up just slightly at the ends, but the most exotic thing about them were the brilliant bright purple of the iris'. Even in a crowd of unusual people, this man would stand out.

"Your eyes," I breathed in awe unable to look away from them.

A curse flew out of his lips and he grabbed the dashboard for what looked like a pair of sunglasses. I snatched them away from him quickly.

"No, please don't. Your eyes are beautiful. Please don't hide them from me," I begged.

He seemed shocked for a moment then, with a hint of insecurity, he snatched the glasses back and practically slammed them on. Was he angry? Because I thought his eyes were beautiful? It seemed odd that he wouldn't like the idea of someone loving his eyes.

"You should be able to find a bus to take you the rest of the way home," he said his voice hard with anger.

A little startled by the hostility he was oozing, I was very anxious to leave it behind. I jumped out and started to reach for my purse before realizing that it wasn't there. With a silent curse, I realized that I must have left it in my ex-boyfriends rig along with my cellphone.

"What's wrong?" Mattais asked.

"Nothing," I answered quickly not wanting to let him know that I had no way of buying a bus ticket him. "Thanks for your help," I added sincerely.

He stared at me in that silently disconcerting way that he had. "Go inside and get your ticket."

"I will. Don't worry about me. Thanks for everything," I repeated then started to close the door.

A voice stopped me in my tracks. "Chloe."

A shiver ran down my spine. His heavily accented voice seemed to caress my name so sensually that I wanted to beg him to say it again.

"Yes?" I breathed out.

"Unless you hold your wallet in a rather unique place, I think it's safe to assume you have no money on you." he stated.

A flush stained my cheeks as I nodded, feeling like I was busted.

"Get back in."


"Get in," he enunciated slowly.

Almost without thought, I jumped back into the car and buckled up. It was only when we were once again navigating the deserted street did I question why I was so anxious to obey him without argument.

My heart jumped excitedly as we came closer to the edge of town thinking maybe he was going to take me all the way home. When we pulled into a hotel the excitement turned into caution.

"Stay here," he demanded harshly.

I watched silently as he hurried inside and spoke quickly to the man behind the counter. The clerk handed Mattais something then shook his hand emphatically. It seemed odd to me that the clerk seemed almost awestruck to have spoken with Mattais, but that didn't make any sense. Sure, Mattais was absolutely beautiful, especially with those piercing purple eyes. But, that didn't mean some random male should almost fall over himself to help.

I desperately wanted to question Mattais about it, but I wasn't quite sure how to broach the subject with the extremely tight lipped and equally mysterious man.

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