tagNovels and NovellasNo Going Back Ch. 30

No Going Back Ch. 30


Fun was the last thing I expected this to be. I made a quick assessment of the group, and it wasn't reassuring. The man who had spoken was sitting on the bed clutching a half empty bottle of some type of liquor. His eyes didn't appear to be focussing all that well, but he was obviously doing his best to see through my sweater.

Ricky had to be the one sitting in the chair near the door. He had his boots up on the bed and was smoking something that you clearly couldn't buy in stores. His face was cold and hard, not a face I wanted to see up close. The three women, girls actually, had to be no older than young 20's, maybe even 18 or 19. They were small, thin and nervous looking, although they all seemed to cover it by projecting bored, sullen disinterest.

I was at least 20 or 25 years older than any of them, and I could tell the difference was of interest to each of them, probably for different reasons. I found out quickly that I was right.

"There you go," Ricky said, obviously addressing the three girls. "There's a fine looking woman. Not like you three skinny bitches. Damn, look at the tits on her. She's got more than all three of you combined."

I knew that was not going to endear me to the three young women.

The man behind nudged me and handed me a glass from the bathroom, half full of straight whisky. "Uh, no, thanks," I said. "That's a little much for me."

"You got a problem?" Ricky called from across the room. I didn't like the look on his face.

"Oh . . . no," I replied with a forced smile, and I took a small sip. He made a move to stand up and I could see the handle of a gun sticking up from his belt. The man behind me moved quickly. He took my hand holding the glass, raised it to my lips, and held it to my mouth until I had swallowed half of the liquid. I managed to swallow it all, but coughed as my throat objected to what it had just endured. All of them but Ricky laughed. He just watched me steadily, without a trace of sympathy.

"Come over here," he demanded. When I didn't, he looked to the man standing behind me. "Jack?" he said. Jack nudged me from behind and followed me across the room, making sure I didn't stop or move toward either door. I ended up sitting at the head of the bed, just next to Ricky's boots. "That's better," Ricky said. "Go on, drink up, this is a party, right?" He looked at me coldly until I emptied the rest of the glass in my hand.

Satisfied that I wasn't going to make any trouble, he turned his attention back to the others. "So, Jack, who's the new girl with you tonight? You got her working across the street yet??

"Yeah, Ricky, she's been there a few nights so far. Her name's Tina. I set her up over at the place on 4th street with Leslie."

"Welcome, Tina," Ricky said with a sarcastic leer. "You like working the booths, or you just too stupid to do anything else?" Tina looked at him with a vacant stare and said nothing.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," he mumbled. "And how about you?" he said turning back to me. "You making any money over there, or you just doing everybody for the fun of it?"

I was stunned to realize what he was asking. "I . . . I don't . . . do anything . . . over there! I just . . . look at the books. I don't even go in the back."

"Sure. You just rent this room to rest from the long walk across the street, right? How much you charge for letting a guy come back here with you? I could get you double that, a classy broad like you. You look pretty good for your age."

I was speechless. I sat there too stunned to say anything.

"So, Tina any good?" Ricky asked Jack. Tina's eyes widened, and I suddenly felt terribly sorry for her. "Not bad," Ricky replied. "And she's really pretty, isn't she?"

"Maybe. Show me, and I'll decide"

To my shock, Jack walked between the bed, set the lamp on the floor and pulled the heavy night table out into the center of the room. He took Tina's hand and as he led her toward the table, I felt Ricky's hand bump my shoulder. He was holding the burning joint in my face.

I started to shake my head to refuse, but the look on his face suggested otherwise. I took a drag on it and held the sharp smoke deep in my lungs. It had been years since I'd smoked marijuana, but the burning in my chest was familiar, and pleasant. I took a second drag, already feeling the effects piling themselves on top of the alcohol.

Looking back, Tina was now standing on the table, her head miles above my own. Her skirt was so short, I could see her panties. Her legs looked so long from where I was sitting, I wondered if pantyhose even came in that size. That's when I realized how badly my perspective was suffering from the drugs.

I leaned back against the headboard of the bed, relieved that Ricky was leaving me alone, almost treating me like a friend or a partner. Part of my mind rebelled at such a thought, and I tried to remember that I was actually here against my will. Still, my stomach felt so warm and soft inside, and my head was swimming in a delightful haze. As long as I can just sit here quietly, I thought. This is not bad, I can deal with this.

To my right, Ricky waved his hand. I looked back at Tina, and she slowly raised her hands to her thin blouse. With little reluctance, I saw her unbutton the blouse and slide it off, letting it drop to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra and her little breasts didn't even jiggle as she moved. She stood there looking down at the floor. If anything, she looked bored, but I couldn't imagine she really felt that way.

Another wave and she unsnapped her tiny skirt, letting it drop next to her blouse. Again her long, long legs seemed to climb from my eye level to a point near the ceiling. Her little panties were almost negligible, but without another word from Ricky, she rolled them down, stepped out of them and stood back up.

In spite of the insanity of the situation, I looked at Tina with great interest. She was indeed a beautiful young woman. Her skin was pale, especially in contrast with her dark, black hair. Her pubic hair was shaved, and the slit between her legs was so tight, it was only visible because of the thinness of her thighs. Jack stepped closer to her and used his hand on her ankle to open her legs slightly. She didn't resist.

I heard a jingling noise and when I looked, the man on the other bed was trying to open his belt. He was apparently so drunk, he was having trouble. The woman sitting on the bed next to him, shifted her position, and took over for him. In a moment, she had his pants and his underwear off. He leaned back, opened his legs a bit, and with less shock than I expected, I watched the girl wrap her hand around his stubby, limp cock.

Suddenly embarrassed, I looked away. Ricky chuckled next to me. "What's the matter, babe? That cock too ugly for you? Bet I got somethin' better." He waved at Tina, and as she got down off the table, I started to get up. Ricky stuck one large hand out, placed it on my chest and shoved me back against the bed.

The movement set off a wave of dizziness that made me close my eyes, waiting for the room to stop spinning. When I opened my eyes, Tina was kneeling between Ricky's legs, opening his pants. "Let's see what you can do," he was telling her. Unsure what to do or where to look, I sat there as she unzipped his pants, pulled them off and exposed his hairy body.

The vision of a beautiful naked girl kneeling in front of me between a strong man's open legs was shocking. I tried to find the fear or revulsion it should have instilled, but all I wanted was to see what she was preparing to do. On the other bed, that girl's head was buried in the man's crotch, and the girl with Jack was kneeling in front of him, undoing his belt. For that moment in time, I found myself a voyeur in a situation I'd imagined, but never thought to see.

As Tina lifted Ricky's thick but limp cock in her hand, and leaned forward to take him in her mouth, I found my own mouth opening in tandem. Horrified, I shut it tightly, but found Ricky had been watching, and he smiled at me with an evil grin.

"Looks like fun, doesn't it?" he laughed. "Want to share with Tina?" I'm sure my face showed complete panic and Ricky laughed. "Don't worry," he said, "Nobody's gonna force you to do anything, but you want it, I know you do."

No matter how high I was, Ricky's cock was not what I wanted. But still, as I watched it slide into Tina's mouth, I felt the tingle between my legs that reminded me why I was in this room to begin with. The temperature in the room seemed ten degrees higher than it was a few minutes ago. I could feel beads of sweat on my forehead and my sweater felt like a wool blanket.

Beside me, Tina was working on Ricky whose cock was not getting hard very quickly. She stopped and looked up at him, which didn't please him in the least. "Get back to work!" he growled at her. I could tell he was starting to get uneasy about his own unresponsiveness. This was not a healthy development.

On the next bed, the man and the woman had actually moved on to full scale fucking. At least, the woman was doing her part. She was sitting on top of the man, straddling his hips. He was thrusting up at her, but his eyes were closed, and it wasn't clear that he was fully aware of what was happening.

Jack and the other girl were watching Ricky and Tina. They looked a bit worried. Sure enough, Ricky waved to Jack and he pulled the girl over. She got down on her knees with Tina and began to help her with Ricky.

"This ain't working," Ricky grumbled, and he turned to look at me. I slid back against the headboard, my eyes widening. "I wanna see your tits," he said. I shook my head, and the dizziness convinced me that was a bad idea. I started to get up and Jack leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Humor him," he begged. "He just wants to see you. Don't give him a reason to get mad at you. It's not worth it."

I managed to get up off the bed, but Jack blocked my way. I was standing in the center of the room, about six feet from where Ricky sat. "Get up on the table," Ricky demanded.

"Do it!" Jack urged, and he grabbed my arm, lifting me up toward the top of the table. Confused, frightened, and very, very drunk, I found myself standing where Tina had stood, fighting to keep my balance, unsure what to do next.

"God damn it, get her movin' Jack," Ricky threatened. Jack stepped up next to me and pulled out his knife. For a moment, I thought he was truly going to hurt me, then he raised the hand with the knife, slid the blade under the top button of my sweater, and pulled the knife quickly away from my body. The threads holding the button parted easily, and the button flew across the room. I raised my hands to my breasts, holding the top of the sweater together.

I gasped and saw Ricky smile. "Save your sweater so you'll have something to wear home," Jack whispered. "You got no choice here."

Out of options, I reached for the next button. I hesitated and looked to Ricky for any possible reprieve. None was forthcoming, I could tell.

I opened the next button, and the material parted, revealing the cleavage between my full breasts. As my hands moved to the next button, I looked up and to my shock, I found all six people staring intently at me. Even the two on the bed had stopped their screwing and were watching. I knew my mouth hung open in disbelief, until I felt Jack shift his position beside me. "Now!" was all he said.

Through the haze that clouded my mind, I shivered in frustration that underneath my clothes, I was wearing nothing but a garter belt and stockings. It had all been an exciting game, something I wanted to see in the mirror as I played with myself in the motel room. Now, I'd see it alright, but so would six other people who were looking at me hungrily as I stood on a table above them.

Slowly I undid the last three buttons, using my hands to hold the sweater to my breasts. The two women between Ricky's legs were staring at me as wide-eyed as the men. I looked down toward their faces, and to my amazement, I saw that Ricky's cock had grown to a fat, long eight inches. Tina was stroking him slowly with her hand as they watched me strip for them.

Inside, a part of me shivered as I realized the effect I was having on them. Locking my eyes on Ricky's cock, I grasped the sides of my sweater and pulled them outward to the sides. My large, firm breasts burst loose from their confinement and swayed momentarily side to side. I heard several gasps, and in Tina's hand, I swear Ricky's cock got another inch longer.

Unable to resist, I placed my hands under my breasts, cupped them lovingly, and lifted them higher on my chest. My thumb and fingers reached for my nipples, and as I squeezed them, they became hard and prominent. Ricky reached for Tina's head and pulled her mouth back down onto him. Half his cock disappeared into her mouth, but that was all she could take.

The unbelievable power of what was happening combined with the drugs and alcohol to wipe out my last bit of resistance. Trying to watch all six pairs of eyes at once, I untied my wraparound shirt and like a matador teasing a bewildered bull, I flung it out from around me, revealing black stocking and garters, and no panties whatsoever.

I spread my legs two feet apart, slid my fingers between my legs and grabbed for the wetness waiting to drip onto my thighs. Within 15 seconds, I heard Ricky groan, saw him close his eyes and thrust his hips up at Tina. As I watched, she lifted her head, leaned back, and began stroking his huge cock firmly and rapidly. Immediately, the first spurt exploded from his cockhead and shot up into the air at least two feet.

I almost thought I could feel each stream on my clit as I stroked myself to a blinding orgasm. It came over me stronger than I could control, and too late I opened my eyes to find the floor rushing up at me. My head hit the foot of the bed, and I don't even remember where I landed.

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