tagLoving WivesNo Sermon While On This Moumt

No Sermon While On This Moumt


Joan and I have been married for more than twenty years. Our love life is still maturing. Other than acting out and verbalizing our respective fantasies, we have remained mutually exclusive. I think that a threesome with the right other man involved would be something which Joan would find habit forming. She claims this is something that she would never do, but really becomes aroused in our love making by the idea of fucking a former lover, fucking someone we both know who she finds attractive or, most of all, fucking someone with a big thick dick, black or white.

Joan still communicates by email, cards and telephone with some of her past lovers. Some of these men were her favorite fucks immediately before me and others are from college. One, Peter, who dates back to high school, never fucked or even made out with Joan. However, both of them apparently have a lingering crush on each other. They both went to high school in New York State. I have never met Peter nor has Joan seen him since high school. Peter lives in the Midwest. He recently telephoned when Joan was out to inform her that he was coming through our State next week. I told that we would be camping at the Coast, a couple of hours away, and invited him to meet us there. He accepted and asked that we surprise Joan.

Joan is in her mid fifties and very cute. She has breasts, which are pendulous and mutely tease to be sucked. She has the more than ample ass of a mother of raised children, which causes most men who walk behind an instant erection and thoughts of doggie and anal sex. I think that something may happen next week if Joan and Peter continue to feel a crush for one another. Peter is divorced and also a Pastor. Joan thinks that Peter would never consider a threesome with a married woman and her husband because of his religion. My take on that is that the taboo aspect may make the coupling irresistibly sinful to them both.

During the days before our trip, I was careful not to alert Joan to Peter's plans. I did suggest that she get some sexy panties and matching bras in case we were confined to the camper and played strip poker. I also secretly packed her favorite toys and plenty of lube.

The weather at the Coast was glorious when we arrived. Shortly after dark Peter arrived and walked to our campfire. Joan was stunned and greeted him with a more than open hug and a kiss that lingered. I noticed that she was visibly flushed and he sporting an impressive bulge that Joan obviously perceived. I opened a bottle of wine and chatted with them briefly before retiring to our bed.

Later, I was able to check on them though a screened window near my pillow and noticed that eventually she was on his lap in a lounger. They were making out like teenagers. I could see one of Peter's hands moving under her sweatshirt and becoming familiar with her breasts. The other was rubbing her considerable and delectable ass. The fire burned down and they came into the camper. I feigned sleep and heard Joan walk by to the other bed fifteen feet away. I heard the sound of zippers, the rustling of clothes being removed and a stiffed giggle from Joan as they cuddled their naked bodies. I could hear the sounds of kissing, sucking and Joan's increasing moans. The unmistakable sounds of Peter, licking and sucking Joan's sweet pussy gave me a painful hard on. I was amazed how quickly things developed and soon felt the beginning rhythm of the camper bouncing and squeaking as Peter mounted and fucked my no longer exclusive wife. They each had a quick powerful orgasm and were suddenly quiet.

I peeked as Joan came toward my bed naked; carrying the clothes she had so heatedly shed. She attempted to climb quietly next to me. I pretended to be half awakened and cuddled with Joan. As I rubbed her sweet ass I encountered Peter's cum and her juices, which I rubbed on her thigh before licking my fingers. She tensed and I whispered in her ear that I listened to her lustful fuck and now wanted to lick and suck their baptismal cream pie from her pussy before having sloppy seconds. I also alerted Peter that I was aware of his rascal behavior and about lick and suck Joan's pussy before I fucked her. I love the taste of a freshly fucked pussy. As I licked Joan to another orgasm I asked that she make cream pie more often. She said that she would serve me at least a baker's dozen during Peter's visit.

Peter came down to join us as I fucked Joan doggie style. They kissed and he nibbled on her teats and cupped her ass while I fucked her. The whole scene was so deliciously sinful that I soon added my cream to her confection as her orgasm milked my throbbing cock. To Joan's surprise Peter quickly claimed the fresh cream pie and was already licking her pussy when my cock slipped out. I was tired and suggested that Joan sleep in the other bed with Peter because I knew they had much more exploring to do. As I fell asleep I felt the telltale bouncing of the camper and glanced down to see Peter mid first doggie with our increasingly slutty camping buddy. I was thrilled with what happened and sensed that sharing was going to be a frequent feature of our love life hereafter.

The next morning I made coffee outside the camper and cooked a hearty breakfast to fuel our amorous activities. They soon joined me and we had an initially awkward, but soon relaxed meal. Peter made a weak attempt to put a positive moral spin on his succumbing to fucking a married woman. I told him that it was not adultery since Joan knew that craved letting her experience carnal relations with Peter and other suitable men within the confines of our marital bed.

We then all showered before gathering again on the larger of the available beds. I was eager to continue our randy behavior in daylight. We began with me scratching and rubbing Joan's back while Peter and Joan kissed with exploring tongues intertwined for many minutes. Peter next licked his way around her breasts while he nibbled and sucked them. He slowly licked his way to her belly button, which he fucked with his tongue. He then kissed her ass cheeks and licked his way down to her pussy. He ate her pussy until she had a screaming orgasm.

Next, I asked Joan to climb on my throbbing cock. At that point to Joan's surprise, Peter approached her pussy from her beckoning ass and slipped his cock into Joan's pussy with mine. Joan showing her offbeat sense of humor said that her pussy was the fullest it had been since her days with Shaq. Peter and I slowly developed a rhythm and fucked Joan to a series of intense orgasms that caused Peter and I to both erupt in her pussy. We both claimed the cream pie that we had both spawned. We licked and sucked her pussy together, which was very close our French kissing as we ravished her.

We next took a short break and showed Peter some of the beautiful Coast. People were gawking at us and the sight of one women being openly hugged and fondled by two men. Joan glowed from the love and attention. She observed that she obviously thrived on the attention of at least two men. What a difference twenty four hours had made.

We returned to the camper late afternoon. We again together made love to my now openly horny and slutty wife. She told us that she loved being a slut with us and was open to anal sex for the first time. I had her ride me while Peter using copious lube and slowly opened her ass one finger at a time. After getting her to relax to a four finger fuck, he then took her anal cherry and slowly slid his cock up her ass. After her ass was wide open she commanded us both to fuck her harder and faster. She had the most powerful orgasm that I have seen causing me to shoot my crème in her pussy and Peter to unload his seed in her ass. Peter endeared himself forever to me for making Joan now eager to have double penetration of not only her pussy, but also her ass and pussy. After we fucked Joan placed her cum spewing pussy on Peter' willing tongue, while I licked cum dripping from her still gaping ass.

The remainder of the camping trip was a blur of sex. Joan as part of her newly adopted sultriness insisted that Peter or I suck the other's cock sometimes while she was fucking one of us. We both became quite facile, but each expressed a preference for being sucked as opposed to sucking. However, I certainly have come to enjoy being able to suck a man to orgasm if necessary in the torrid sex that Joan now relishes with multiple men worshipping and celebrating her libido.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/30/19

I loved it.

The author has a knack for expressing hubby's excitement at sharing his wife, and clearly the hotter she gets the better he likes it. I love the way hubby and the pastor get along, sharing and double fuckingmore...

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by Anonymous10/05/18

The threesome was a good idea

Untill she tried to go behind his back and fuck the padre. That is wrong. Also i get that eating cum of a cunt is a fetish but hell no to eating a different guys cum out if pussy. God that fucking cuckmore...

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