tagLetters & TranscriptsNo Shyness Pt. A

No Shyness Pt. A


No shyness, Prologue

So shyness, sobriety and a fair sense of the ridiculous got in the way of our chance to get separately sweaty and breathless last week when we wimped out of phone sex. no shame in that. perhaps I ought to have given you more warning and opportunity to warm up. I should have sent you a mail like this explaining why I am missing you and what I want to do next time I get you in my hands.

Right now I am still a little shy myself; One of the things I am missing most is the inspiration, the eroticism, the turn-on of being in bed with you. How easy we have found it to get swept up in what we are doing for each other and to feel comfortable saying what more we would like. Now we have gone over this before, worrying that this erotic intimacy exists in place of any more emotional involvement but I think it runs a little deeper than that. If I think back to times we have been together, I remember the sense that we were both present, both focussed on the moment, not lost in our own fantasies or merely going through the motions. We both want to get the other off and we both get off on giving pleasure. The way I see it is that we are both submissive, and that instead of inhibiting us, this has had us leading each other on. I like it and I think it is a good combination.

Which is slightly at a tangent from why we are here. Right now I am meant to be entertaining and arousing us, not analysing our dynamics. I am now able to do this because I have decided we shall cover our sexual ABC's. Tonight we will have Anal, in my next mail there will be Bondage and after that comes Come.

No shyness - Part A

First we have the popping of corks from the champagne we share to shed our inhibitions (not that you have shown many so far!) There's a scrunch as we return it to the ice bucket, (we may need those cubes later!) Now we have the shedding of clothes. You are more nervous than normal knowing what is coming and so this undressing moves slowly as we shiver at the electric tingle of each first touch of another area of bare skin.

Now we are both naked, and the scene shifts seamlessly into a sensual massage, unhurried but with a constant building tension. One where I am careful not to get too close too quickly. Besides exploring your body with my strong hands, I will be kissing your skin, licking your curves and dips, tasting you with my tongue. I prolong this explicitly because I want to test your willpower. I want to tease you and tease you until you lose yourself and beg me to buttfuck you.

So first I start by rubbing your whole body with oil. This will be a real massage, for as long as it takes to get you completely relaxed I will knead your shoulders, your neck, your thighs, your calves. Now it's time to turn you on, I carry on my massage but paying more attention to your tits, your inner thighs and your behind. I let oil pour down your butt crack and you feel my fingers pushing and gripping you. Your hands are busy too, because I want you to oil up my cock. It has been hard for ages and often already you've felt it's tip brush past, but now you can feel it throbbing in your hands. I rub it's firmness against your breasts and get you to smear oil on my chest.

At the same time I massage your sexy arse with my fingertips, moving in small circles, pressing them against your hot flesh. Your pussy occasionally gets brushed, it is sopping and in frustration you try to push against something. But nothing comes and I spank you sharply to stop you squirming. You'll come soon enough. I get you on all fours but I come round to have you suck on my cock, to spit on it and get it dripping wet. My musky smell turns you on even more and you are ready for me to fuck you. You need me, you want me, you plead with me.

Now it really begins as I flip you round, position myself behind you and prepare for my invasion. I kneel behind you and position my cockhead against your arsehole, ever so slowly I start pushing and for ages it seems impossible. But you take one breath in and release it and I am inside you. Just the tip, but we both feel the heat and it is gripped firmly in place. I hand you some poppers and wait while the big sniff you take, takes effect.

You know you are ready and slowly inch by inch I press deeper and deeper. Now I'm leaning into you and you feel my hot breath on your neck. As my lips brush against your ear you hear my ragged breathing , my breath shortened by exhertion and excitment. But if you think I am tiring you are much mistaken, as I reach around and gather your breast in my hand, pulling your body tighter in to me and me into you. Tweaking you tit as I push more deeply, I hold you close as I slowly build a steady pace. Your muscles relaxing to take me and my cock thickening to fill you.

Now I shift my weight. I slide my hand slowly down across your belly and further down towards your cunt. The tip of my finger brushes your clit and pushes past into your slickness. You are so wet, this is turning you on, Dipping in and out, flicking over your clit or feeling my cock through the thin wall of your cunt. Occasionally I lift my hand to your mouth for you to taste yourself and one time you bite down on my fingers, signalling that you want me to finish. I throw all my weight against you and this pins you to the bed as I piston in. The sensations are incredible and it feels like its never going to stop, but finally you feel me tense and there's the heat and rigidity of the moment of release, followed by a warm flooding as I fill you with my cum and we relax satisfied. For now...

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