tagLetters & TranscriptsNo Shyness Pt. B

No Shyness Pt. B


My instructions to you have been few but they are precise and exacting. You are pleasantly nervous; knowing you must follow them to the letter but that I've left some things for you to guess, almost as if I am wanting you to fail so I may be stern. You know I require you to look stunning, a skirt & some jewellry, high heels & hair back. But I haven't said if you should wear underwear or not.

From the moment I see you I am hard, I want to grab hold of you, throw you down, to take you roughly and selfishly but I won't. I will save that pleasure for another time. Tonight I don't want it to be obvious how much I want you, I want to keep you uncertain.

I bring you into centre of the room and make you kneel. You can see I've prepared carefully for tonight, but now I order you to look to the floor and put your hands behind your back. I am standing somewhere behind you. I begin a speech you can tell I've prepared. My voice is harsh but not unkind. I am deliberate and certain. You know I will be in charge. I explain some more of the rules for the evening, some of the penalties & what you must say if you want this to end. As I am speaking I tie your hands together.

I come round in front of you, my erection is out of my pants. "Open!... Enough! Now kiss it! Tonight you are required to keep me hard, always to please me. I am about to blindfold you and this will be the last thing you see for a while."

And I leave you, I take a seat and watch you. It may only minutes but it seems like we are there in silence for ages. Each of us thinking about what is to come, but I with the advantage of being able to observe you. I can speculate on what you might be thinking. At first your heart is racing and you are wondering what will happen right now, but nothing does. Not yet. Time passes and you relax. You wonder about the evening. What will you see? What will you smell? What will you taste? And what will you feel physically and mentally, in bed and in your head. In our minds, what will be exchanged? When will I first fuck you and how will I do it? Will it be langorous or will it be a hard and fast frenzy? How long will we go on and how far will we go. When will you get to get off.

Already you are loving it, delighted that this much awaited night has arrived. The pent-up anticipation being slowly emancipated, the waiting is over. Almost. It continues, I am silent and the silence extends and extends and now you start to feel uncomfortable. Your knees are starting to ache and you are willing me to act. But having watched you and imagined what you might be thinking now I can marshal my own thoughts. Feel the first moments of my power over you, my command and the knowledge that I not only can I control you but that I keep you guessing too. You realise you hadn't expected this and it excites you that the reality outstrips the fantasy.

Finally, I have you stand up. You are wobbly, I hold your shoulders to steady you and kiss you lightly on the lips. I lead you carefully to the bedroom. You haven't see it yet. You don't know what I have in store. You have butterflies. You hear me pick something up and I come up very close behind you, you feel my crotch brushing lightly against your tied hands and you hear me breathing through my mouth trying to control my excitement. You are aware I reaching round you and you flinch a bit when I bring the wine glass to your lips. I give you one sip and set it down.

It is time to see if you guessed right about your underwear. But first I untie your hands and remove your blindfold. You see the bed ready to receive you. I offer you wine and a line - you must feel good when everything gets going. I join you and as I savour my wine I order you to strip, to remove your clothes and your jewellry but leaving your lingerie and your shoes. I am still fully dressed and I pull your nearly naked body against me, I hold you tight, your bare skin against my suit and my tie. I kiss you roughly. You will now receive reward or punishment for the presence or absence of panties....

And with that complete, I ask you to undress me. You do so carefully and obediently, hanging my suit up, kneeling to remove my socks and shoes, leaving my belt and tie nearby as I ask you to. Now that we are both in the bedroom, scene of many of our shared initimacies, both undressed and aroused, eager to please and to experience pleasure. Here we are more equal than at any other point this evening. We smile and exchange the understanding that on a night like tonight we can take up our contrasting roles because we want to share something intense, because we trust and we care, because we will come closer. Knowing this my blood rushes, I am throbbing with lust and I harden into dominance. You sense this and give yourself up to submission, give yourself to my desire. But by your acquiesence you also admit to your own strong sexual appetite, you declare yourself answerable to your longings. You want to be wanton and you want permission to talk dirty, to think kinky.

So now you are my slave and my slut. You are mine to take and to fuck. You've willingly given me the power to use and abuse you, knowing that in fact it will be an act of worship. I will push you into extremes of physical pleasure because I want to possess your whole body. I want you to be willing me on. It excites me that I excite you. I love to have you in the thrall of my cock. It empowers, engorges and emboldens me and I want to force myself deep into you. To let you feel you what you've done to me.

We kiss once more and I push you back onto the bed. I straddle you and hold your arms above your head, leaning in with all my weight to pin you down. You feel my cock pressing against your thigh. I'm whispering through gritted teeth, telling you of the intense possession to come. Staring deeply into your eyes I start to tie you to the bed.

And so it begins..

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