tagLetters & TranscriptsNo Shyness Pt. C

No Shyness Pt. C


C is for Cum. It is for Cock & Cunt coming together. The closeness I feel when shoving myself deeply into you and th controlled explosions of our shuddering orgasms. It is for cock-sucking and cunnilingus, you kissing my prick, me caressing your clitoris. Our cunning lips and clever tongues calling forth cries of ecstasy and coaxing out fantastic climaxes. It is even for the clammy mess we're left with, smeared and caressed into our flesh. Whence we cuddle up in post-coital contentment and calmly drift asleep.

Consider this. It is saturday night and we plan a self-indulgent evening at home, determined to spend a sweaty and sleepless night in bed, not out off our heads on the town. It is something we have been intending to do for a while and now the occasion has arrived. Knowing this, something special happens. Our first kiss of the evening lingers as we think about the evening ahead of us. The kiss persists, it continues, it increases in intensity, our tongues entangling, our teeth clashing as we try to get closer. My hands cradle your head, ready to pull you back to me if you should try to break away. But you don't, and my fingers massage their way up into your hair. Our bodies are entwined too, my hands have been exploring my back and now you press into the base of my spine, driving me wild and grinding my dick against your belly. I am now truly aflame and reach up under your top to touch your skin and to hold your breast.

At some invisible signal we start to move crab-like to the bedroom, in a rush to make love but unable to lose touch for even a second. Tumbling onto the bed, we tug at each others clothing, each urgently undressing our lover. As more nakedness is exposed our hands move faster to cover more ground, running quickly over curves and lingering where the texture of the skin is appealing. My fingers gripping your tits, nipping your nipples. You stroking the hairs on my thighs, brushing against my balls. I take hold of your shoulders and you take the chance to remove my pants. Your hands encircle me and you lean in, eager to kiss and lick me but I prevent you. I am too aroused to allow it, I need to be in you. Throwing you backwards, I rip your remain lingerie away and force my way between your legs. You need to feel it too and guide the tip of my prick into you. It tight and slick and I can push in deep until our hips hit. And we know that this is it, for the first time tonight we stop. We've arrived where we wanted to be, we are together, we are in heaven and we have the whole night at our disposal for more and more of this.

We have nothing to rush and now that we are in control of our lust, our senses are more fully alert. I kiss you lightly on the lips and the lightest touch brings electricity as my cock shifts, these delicate little kisses bring bliss but I am unable to resist twisting my hips. Insistently, irresistibly we are increasing the rhythm until I am fucking you at full speed. I feel myself on the verge of cumming & I slow down. I want to prolong the exquisite sensation of being on the crest of a wave of pleasure about to break. But even this is too much, it's going to be impossible to resist the orgasm I've been awaiting all week.

But I can't cum, we've come so far and it can't end so quickly. I want to see you covered in my cum. I want to smear it across your smooth skin, rub it into your beautiful breasts, scoop some up and have you lick it from my fingers. I withdraw and pause to be sure. Kneeling above you, I'd love to let you suck me dry but seeing your deep brown tan I am overcome by some primal lust and I know I must come over you. I allow you briefly to kiss it, to lick your slickness off it, to savour the strong smell of our sex but always it remains in my grip, my fist pumping and pumping it. Hungered and aroused you begin to lick the sweat from my balls and this tickling is tricky, it tips me over the edge, I'm unstoppable now. I aim at your face and you open your mouth wide to accept it but it is too powerful. The first burst shoots forth with some force. Some does come in your mouth but more white strands land in your hair and drape on your face. This delightfully dirty sight and the loving fire in your eyes has me off again. I aim this at your chest, a heavy blast between the breasts which I will later that I will soon take pleasure in massaging into your skin. But still it is not over, smaller spasms bring forth a few more drops and I push you flat onto your back so that I can be sure it all lands on you. Because this is the bit that pleases me most as the last few drips land on your stomach. Your beautiful flat belly sprinkled with a few translucent drops from my cock.

As I am transfixed by this, your hands are active, with one you are clearing come from your face into your mouth and with the other you are attending to your own hunger, flicking your clitoris. I lean in to kiss you and gently but firmly remove your hands. I will do this. I lick a few strands of cum from your neck and we exchange a cummy kiss. Two of my fingers enter you and my thumb starts hunting your nub. I force to you wait like this for a short while I recover and then I descend.

I hope you know that it really pleases me to make you come. When I bow down to dip in and lick you I am smiling with satisfaction. To taste your wetness, knowing that I have caused it and that I alone am granted such intimacy. I pleases me that you choose me and I want to prove to you how much I love doing what I can do for you. And here my eagerness gets the better of technique. It is almost as I am trying to eat you. You hand on my head reminds me to be gentle and with one last dip into the depths of your wetness, I let my tongue come to rest on your clit. I start making circuits of it, listening to your breathing for sighs and signs that I'm on the right lines. Then when we find something that works, I set to work, concentrating on keeping that feeling for you, building the right rhythm and getting off. The more I manage to arouse you, the more I want just to consume you but I must keep focused on that clitoris. My hand on your buttock can squeeze must resist the temptation to pull you roughly to me. Thankfully, my other hand can splay out on your amazing belly and feel in the spasms of your muscles whether my mouth is bringing you closer to orgasm. When it comes, I am taken by surprise, my head down as I beat out the right tempo but now I am interrupted by your convulsions. I cling on and keep kissing your clit.. because you are not there just yet. It will take a little more, your hand searches out mine and our fingers entwine. You grip me strongly and I grip back and this communication is the little extra something that edges you over into ecstasy. You come and you come.

And I love it.

C is also for coming home and coming true, so you can re-read this as a script for saturday night. Since C is also for consensus, you can contribute any changes or embellishments you can think of. Come on, don't be shy!

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