No Talking, All Moaning 10

I love the fucking noises you bring out of me...
256 words

Part 10 of the 10 part series

Updated 04/02/2024
Created 07/15/2022
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Words or no words, I can't get enough of vocalizing my pleasure for you...

You make me feel so fucking good, any time I think of you. And even when there are no words flowing, my body aches to tell you how fucking sexy you are... I love it just letting loose my moans and grunts and whimpers for you like this... I love letting you hear my juicy lubed-up stroking while I'm fantasizing about plunging every inch of my pulsating thickness deep into whatever tight beautiful hole you want me to fill...

It turns me on so much to think of all the things you could be imagining as you listen... especially considering how many delicious things *I* imagine about *you*... I love the thought of you moaning for me while you listen to me moan for you... of you fucking yourself for me while you listen to me fuck my toy for you... of aching for me as you listen, the same way that I'm aching for you right fucking now...

I love wanting you this fucking badly, and I'm honoured by the thought of you wanting me too., you sexy woman. And here's what it might sound like if you had me right now...

Enjoy! 🖤

(***Be sure to check the "Biography" tab in my profile for descriptions of both my upcoming and my recently-posted pieces, and always feel encouraged to message me to let me know how you enjoyed it, or to give me suggestions for future audios you'd like to hear!***)

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AnonymousAnonymous3 minutes ago

I came so many times that I'm literally panting, fucking damn it I'm addicted 😍

AnonymousAnonymous15 days ago

Okay, those moans are great, but your grunts and groans are special. Well done!

SexyprincesstofuckSexyprincesstofuck16 days ago

Wow that felt so real you fucked me good and I came on your cock we both win this was good keep it up following you on Literotica

5by55by516 days ago

Mmm I felt that so deep xxx thank you 🫂

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