tagLoving WivesNo Vanilla Ch. 05-06

No Vanilla Ch. 05-06


This is a long story with numerous chapters. Be patient with it to let the characters develop. If you haven't read previous chapters I suggest you do so before you start on this chapter. The story is about Dominance, submission, humiliation, being used and ... well read on to find out. If you are looking for whips, chains and severe beatings you wont find that here. I appreciate all of your feedback.


We had a routine day on Sunday. We played grab ass, had breakfast, then lunch, watched TV and made dinner for the family. Rob and Shana were on time for dinner. Cheryl sent us a text and said she was coming with a friend but would be a little late.

Both Chris and I enjoyed cooking. Together we made a low calorie dinner of salads with grilled chicken breasts and spaghetti for the kids. We were all seated at the dining table except Cheryl. I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine when I heard Cheryl come in. The chatter from Chris, Rob and Shana stopped when I came back into the room. I looked up and there was Cheryl hand in hand with Hope.

Cheryl looked like the cat with a canary in its mouth. "Mom, Dad this is Hope, my girlfriend. We've been living together for the past seven months and ... we love each other."

All eyes shifted to me. Everybody waited for the explosion. My face didn't even turn red. I set down the wine and gave Cheryl a big hug. Then I turned to Hope. You could have heard a pin drop a mile away. They all knew. Nobody even gave me a hint of what was going on. They expected me to grab her and throw her out the window. A year ago I probably would have.

What none of them understand was that I truly have changed, I have grown and stretched. I have been doing mental Yoga for the past nine months and didn't even know it. I laughed to myself. "Hope, welcome to our home. Please make it like your own." I gave her the warmest hug possible and whispered in her ear. "I mean that. I can't see them. Did all their jaws drop?"

I could feel her relax and sensed a smile. "Every one of them. You don't know how scary this is. Thank you for making me feel welcome and a little more relaxed. Are you ok with this? With your Cheryl and me being ... together?"

Did I have a problem with my daughter being a lesbian? That's what she really meant. I didn't answer her because I wasn't sure. What do you say? How did I feel? She wanted me to change my thinking, my beliefs in a heartbeat. I needed some time to sort out my feelings about Cheryl's new lifestyle. "Come sit. Let's eat."

Shana moved to sit next to Rob so Cheryl and Hope could sit together. We had light conversation. Everybody dodged the subject and you could feel the tension. About halfway through the dinner there was an uncomfortable silence.

I looked at everyone and figured it was up to me to change the atmosphere. I stood and raised my wine glass. Chris gave me a glaring stare, trying to tell me not to make an ass of myself. Shana and Cheryl let out a gasp. Rob smirked. Everybody was subtle but I heard and saw it all.

I looked into Cheryl's eyes "Cheryl and Hope." I smiled at both of them. "May the path you walk be filled with compassion for each other and those things which bring you happiness; adventure for those things in life that shape who you are. Devotion to your own beliefs as well as each other. And the courage to intertwine all of these with your love for each other."

Everybody stared at me wide eyed. Hope came and put her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. Cheryl joined her on my other side whispering in my ear "thank you Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too Cheryl." I turned to Hope and smiled "you I like. A lot, but I just met you. Give me some time." Everybody laughed, the girls sat down and we went back to eating. There was still a kind of walking on eggshells atmosphere around the table. I stared at Hope "Ok this is uncomfortable. Can we just get it all out in the open? Hope, tell us about yourself. How did you and Cheryl meet? When did you know you were a lesbian? Do you hate guys? The whole scoop."

That did it. Everybody started telling me off, except Hope. She locked eyes with me and just stared back and after a minute she spoke up. "STOP!" Everybody fell silent.

Hope and I still stared at each other. No hate, no dislike. It was understanding. "Hope please understand, these are the questions everybody, wants to know the answers to but there afraid to ask. I want to ..."

She held up her hand to stop me and never dropped her stare. "I give you credit. You are much more in tune to reality than Cheryl gives you credit for." She broke our stare and looked at Cheryl and smiled wide "he's right you know. I don't have anything to hide. I am who I am. You told me I'm the first lesbian you brought home. I must be like an alien to your family. I'm ok with this. I am sure he is right and everybody wants to know. Actually I'm glad your father said what he did. I was afraid he wouldn't accept our life style at all."

I walked over and stood between them. I put a hand on each of their shoulders and squeezed with what I hoped was a reassuring hand. "I've done a lot of soul searching recently and one of the things I learned about myself is that I can only judge my life style. I have no right to judge others. I love and will stand by Cheryl, Rob and Shana, as well as Chris no matter what life style any of them choose. That doesn't mean I agree with their choice, but I will accept their choice as their own. We all have the right to choose our own paths in life. I will love them regardless of their life style choices. I will always love them. I hope they will always love me regardless of my life style choices."

The floodgates were opened. Hope and Cheryl both started talking. Hope told us what she called the interesting parts to the story of her life. Cheryl filled us in on the past year and half since she moved away. They held hands during the difficult parts but got through it. Hope heard the interesting parts of our lives.

Dinner was finished and we all cleaned up. The stories went on even as we cleaned up the kitchen and dining dishes. With everything cleaned up we all moved into the living room. Chris and I sat in the love seat, with the window opened at our backs as we cuddled together.

It took a couple more hours for all the story of our family and individual lives to filter into the conversation. Finally everything calmed to a light chatter. Rob looked at Chris and me and said "so what is up with you two? All cuddled up on the couch. It's your turn to fess up. Dad moves out to the garage, you two don't speak to each other for almost a year and all of a sudden I get a text from Shana not to come home this weekend. Now you're on the couch like a couple of teenagers. What gives?" Everybody was staring at us.

Chris and I were totally at a loss for words. Chris batted her doe eyes at me and said "this is all yours to answer." I smiled at her and then looked at the kids. "Relationships aren't all peaches and cream. When a couple has a closeness like your mom and I lots of love happens. There's also mountains of stupid crap that happens too. Things change over time and sometimes couples grow apart. From what I can see most of the time couples grow apart but won't take the time or effort to make things right between them. Things get said and done that hurt your partner. Sometimes they get said intentionally, sometimes not. Sometimes the person causing the pain doesn't even know they're doing it. Mom and I have gotten caught up in a lot of that crap. We didn't even realize it was happening. It builds and builds and then one day it all explodes. That doesn't mean mom and I don't love each other. We just needed time to figure out what changed and what we wanted to do about it. Both mom and I have stresses put on us by work that changed us. We also had physical changes to ourselves that changed us. By me moving into the garage apartment we both had time to explore our feelings, uninhibited by each other. We both took hard looks at our own lives. I call it soul searching. It takes time. We were both pissed at each other and have been for years without even realizing it. This weekend we both put aside our being pissed at each other. We were able to sit down and talk. Wow, what a concept, right? We just started talking to each other. It was talk like we did when we were dating. It just all flowed out of our mouths so naturally. We've both figured out a lot of personal stuff. I don't know how your mom feels but it's been one of the best weekends of my life."

I hugged Chris tighter to me and kissed her. "We had a great start this weekend. We both want this." I motioned between Chris and me "we want us to come back together. This is our new us, our new adventure in life. It feels, I don't know, like we're dating again. We both feel this weekend was a great beginning for our new life together."

Chris was crying and nodding her head in agreement.

Shana always the optimist turned to me and asked with a big grin "so, when are you moving back into the house?"

I was surprised when Hope spoke up "he's not." We all looked at her. I thought Shana was going to kill her. Hope smiled and went on "at least not yet. Your dad said they feel like they're dating again and that the weekend was a beginning. They probably need time to adjust to this new togetherness. I'd guess they still have some things to figure out about themselves and each other."

"Shana, Hope's right. One weekend doesn't make a relationship. Mom and I have gone through some very emotional, stressful feelings this weekend. I feel like I did Yoga stretching exercises this weekend and I think your mom did some yoga stretching this weekend too." Chris started coughing and punched my arm. I went on. "We went to the gym. Saturday and again this morning." I thought Rob was going to choke. "We both need more soul searching and adjusting to each other. If I moved back now it would be like getting married after a first date. I'm not going anywhere and neither is your mom. Besides your mom's still having hot flashes. Look at us. I am bundled up like I'm headed to the arctic and mom is headed to the Bahamas." With that everybody started laughing.

It was late and we all had to get up early tomorrow. Cheryl and Hope left shortly after that. Rob and Shana went upstairs. After a few minutes I got up and walked Chris to the bottom of the stairs. I spun her around and kissed her. When my lips pressed against hers she opened her mouth. I slid my tongue inside and tasted her warm sweetness. I reached down and cupped her sex and gently rubbed. "Save this for me. For next weekend. Can I make you dinner next weekend?"

"Do you have my number?" she said jokingly. "Call me and I'll see if I'm busy."

We both laughed. It felt really good to laugh again. "Oh I almost forgot. I have something for you." She clasped her hands together and had a happy smile. Like a kid in a candy shop she was jumping up and down. "Easy. It's not quite that exciting." I handed her the journal and pen set. She looked at me quizzically. "I want you to start journaling. Write down every detail of our relationship. Starting the night you came up the stairs and barged in on me. Write about your actions, my actions through your eyes, how you felt about it before, during and after our time together."

Chris was shaking a little "that's kind of personal don't you think. I don't know if I'm ready to share that much with you yet. Ryan, we haven't been close in a long time."

I put my fingers to her lips. "Chris, I know. That's the whole point. I want to really know and understand you. You don't have to show it to me until you're ready. But if you don't write it down now you might forget. I want to know everything. Besides you used to keep a journal when we dated. Even after we first got married I'd see you writing in your old one. When did you stop?"

"I stopped after Rob was born. I just didn't have the strength or time anymore. And yes I do love to write. I was never that detailed though."

I kissed her again. "Good then start tonight so you can catch up. Don't forget to write everything in detail. I love you." I turned to walk and held my hand to my ear like a phone and mouthed "I'll call you." I could hear her laughing as I walked out the back door.

I went to my apartment and fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 6

Chris and I fell into a nice routine through the holiday season. We played a little as Dom and sub experimenting with this new relationship. Most of the time we had vanilla sex and we were ok with that. It was a really busy season. We spent the nights during the work week in our respective private spaces. On the weekends we were together.

I kept my promise to Chris and let her know what to pick up for dinner, let her help me make it, picked out what she read and watched on TV. I picked out her clothes for the next work day. When the kids needed something I forced her to make them come to me. It took patience and work for all of us to change our old habits. Chris was still the money master but we discussed all purchases and savings account transactions before she moved any money. I could see the tension slowly leave her body. She enjoyed the freedom being my submissive wife gave her and was slowly accepting the rules I imposed and directions I gave her.

We went Christmas shopping, cooked, went on long walks and spent time at the gym. One Friday night after New Years we were curled up on my couch watching some stupid chick flick. Chris started rubbing circles on my chest and asked "Sir, can we watch, um, one of your special movies."

I looked into her eyes. I had a good idea what she was talking about but I wanted her to say it so I played along. "What kind of special movie?"

Chris blushed deep red and broke our gaze. "Um, you know. Something with a little more skin showing."

She was close but I was not going to let her off that easy. I love to make her blush and watch her get embarrassed. "I think I have one about that doctor that does skin grafts on burn victims. That has a lot of skin in it."

"Eww, not that kind of movie. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?"

I smiled wickedly "yes but I want my little slut to say it. What kind of movie do you want to watch?"

She turned away from me "never mind it was a stupid idea anyway."

I stood up and pulled her up by her arm and stared into her eyes "Slut I asked you a question. What kind of movie did you mean?" I reached around and pulled her robe up exposing her bare ass.

Chris swallowed hard and looked at the floor "a porn movie. I want to watch a porn movie Sir."

I dropped her robe back into place and rubbed her ass through the silky material. "Very good answer slut. Any requests for what kind?"

She looked at me puzzled and thought how to phrase this so she could avoid a spanking "Sir, please forgive my lack of knowledge but I honestly didn't know there were different kinds of porn movies."

I smiled "Ok, I will pick and slowly we can watch one every weekend so you can see all that you have been missing and all that is coming for you to try." I laughed evilly then we both started laughing.

I picked out a movie about cougars on the prowl. Chris started playing with my cock and after a few minutes she started sucking on it. The feeling was sensational. "Turn around. I want to eat you while you suck me off."

Chris froze. "Sir, please let me go freshen up first. I want to taste good for you."

"Humm, from now on I want you to take a shower on Friday night as soon as you get home. As a matter of fact I want you to always take a shower as soon as you get home from work. You can help me with dinner after you are fresh."

"Yes Sir." She jumped up and was back in a flash. We got into a sixty nine positon on the couch while we watched the cougars on TV getting sucked and fucked by the cubs they picked up. I fingered Chris while I licked and sucked on her clit. She came three times before I exploded in her mouth. She turned around to show me the cum on her tongue then she swallowed all of it. I turned off the movie and we went to bed.

From now on watching porn movies will frequently be part of our weekends. We both enjoyed our newfound sex lives, our married life, and our friendship. We were in love again and it felt great.

Chris made friends with a couple of single women from the gym that was close to our home. They are in their late thirties, single and attractive. Chris told me stories of how the pair cruised the bars every Friday and Saturday night to pick up young guys. They're always asking her to go dancing with them. The cougar porn movie we watched last Friday has my mind wandering with delight. Before I could set up an adventure with the two African American guys from the downtown gym a different opportunity fell into my lap. I decided this Friday will be a No Vanilla, Yoga stretching weekend. It's time to push Chris just a little farther beyond the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior for a married woman. It was time my slut started roll playing. My slut was going to go Cougar dancing Friday night.

The following Thursday at the gym I came out of the locker room and saw Chris and her two new friends chatting. I strode over to join in their conversation. We all chatted for ten minutes and right before everybody was about to leave I reminded Chris "I have my poker game this Friday night. I want you to go out dancing with your girlfriends if that's ok with them?" I turned to the two other women "Is that OK with you two?"

"Oh we'd love to have her join us." They each took one of Chris's hands and excitedly started bobbing up and down like a bunch of teenagers. "We'll have so much fun."

I smirked at Chris and she gave me a "what are you up to" look. I took Chris' hand "Honey I want you to go and have fun with your friends. Just don't wear that special perfume I bought you. Ok? No Vanilla perfume." I watched Chris and saw her swallow hard when I said No Vanilla.

"Great. Pick her up at 8:00 at our house." I scribbled our address down and gave it to one of the women. We said our good-byes and I led Chris out of the gym.

She pulled her arm away from me "what was that all about?"

"Slut, don't talk to me in that tone of voice." Whack.

"I'm sorry Sir. I wasn't expecting you to be so quick to get rid of me."

"There's a lot of things you're not going to be expecting. You need to trust me and just let things happen. Isn't not knowing part of the excitement?"

She lowered her head and nodded "yes, Sir."

"All week you've been persistently asking me to take you out this Friday night. But I have my poker game. This way you still get to go out. I have special plans for you. I'll text you instructions tomorrow." Chris swallowed hard again and lowered her head. I grabbed her hand and tugged for her to follow me to the car.

The next day at lunch I text Chris her first set of instructions. "Tonight you will wear a leopard print bra and matching thong, short skirt, see through blouse and at least three inch heals. Go buy what you don't own." She loves shopping and from across the city I could almost hear her she squeal with delight at the thought of shopping. "Slut you will need some new makeup also. Buy a set of cheap make up. Something that a whore would use before she walks the street."

"No, I don't want to look. Besides I don't have a clue how to do that."

I was at my desk so I quickly did a search and came up with a YouTube tutorial. I sent her a link to the site. "Here's instructions on how to put on make up like a whore and one for a porn star. You can chose between the two but you will apply one of them." I can almost envision her trembling in her office. I sent her one more text "No Vanilla for the rest of the weekend and No masturbating. You're not allowed to cum until I give you permission."

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