tagLoving WivesNoodles Ch. 06

Noodles Ch. 06


(I must warn you the reader that this one will be confusing unless you have read the previous five.)

It was a slow ride home for George as Jacob slept in the back seat, his limp dick still hanging out of his pants. For George, he felt as if he crossed an imaginary line that nice guys like him should never cross. That week was so confusing to him. Besides Marsha screwing him a few times that week, he also witnessed Sue and Marsha going at it. Every guy's fantasy left him with more of a feeling of dread, especially since he just helped Jacob seduce a dancer from the club they went to. And that sorry dog was now sleeping in the backseat while his beautiful wife was probably worried bout him and George. All this thinking was making George worried beyond belief as well as scared.

It was near 8 pm when the van finally arrived at George's house. George attempted to wake Jacob, but he wouldn't budge. He decided to face the music and walk in hoping that the girls were merciful. George's head was down as Marsha and Sue both walked up to him. In a flash, their arms were around him and they kissed him on his cheek from both directions. George looked up only to see that both of them wore these corset lingerie things. Marsha's was a light pink while Sue's was a hot pink. As George looked at them both dressed and ready for sin, he began to cry.

This instantly shocked Sue. Having been married to George for so many years, she knew he didn't cry too easily. After all, he barely cried when she revealed her online affair. She expected him back then to smack her around or throw her butt to the street for that violation of their vows, but he didn't. She then knew in her heart that George's heart was solid, as solid as love can truly get. So this outburst was a total surprise.

As she and Marsha held him as they sat down on the couch, George began to recount to them how Jacob called to get picked up and how they stopped at a gentleman's club and picked up that dancer George knew from high school. He then recounted slowly the events at that park when they double teamed her. George began to apologize profusely, pledging his undying love towards Sue, pledging his sorrow towards Marsha that he allowed himself that moment of weakness.

The girls sat there, saying nothing. Both had the look of thought on their faces as George watched in horror.

As he was about to say something, Jacob wobbled in through the front door and took a look at Sue and Marsha. He looked with a huge grin on his face, his cock starting to rise in plain view as he saw the girl's new outfits. He then started his lines on them, attempting to sway them to fuck him rotten.

Marsha stood up, walked over to Jacob and slapped him across the face. She then turned and walked to the guest room before closing the door forcefully behind her. Sue looked at him, a look of disgust and contempt as she rose and followed Marsha. The door was closed behind her as well as sounds of Marsha's sobs could be heard. George immediately tried to get up, but Jacob pushed him back down again. He asked what the hell he did wrong and why they were dressed like that. George looked at Jacob, this time in anger as he told Jacob everything. How Marsha and he slept together the night after they arrived here. How Marsha and he slept together a few times after that while he and Sue were out cavorting in DC. How Sue came home after Jacob dumped her ass and joined them. How George dropped everything out of loyalty to rescue him so that Marsha would be ok. George started yelling at Jacob, feeling all those months of frustration as he poured his heart out, telling him how much of a sack of shit Jacob was to seduce Sue just to toss her aside like some two bit harlot. How Marsha stayed married to him even as Jacob was fucking other girls by the wayside.

George then walked away from Jacob as he headed to the guest room to try to comfort the girls, his mind ready to take whatever punishment they would have for him. He feared divorce was imminent from Sue because of his infidelity. He feared he would never get to talk to Marsha ever again. These thoughts whirled in his head as he knocked quietly on the door. Marsha's voice then said for him to go away. A knife to his heart as George walked to his room, closed the door and laid down, tears starting to stream down his face.

The next morning brought sunlight into George's room as his eyes opened. Yet soft hands were touching him as he turned and saw Marsha sleeping soundly next to him. He was startled based on what happened the night before to see her until he then heard Sue's voice asking if he was up. George was again startled looking at Sue in the doorway, a pink cotton robe covering herself up. As she walked towards the bed, George started stammering trying to apologize before Sue took her index finger and placed it over his lips to quiet him. She started talking to him and apologizing for her actions, for the affair, for everything. She started confessing how all she thought of the night before was that George was upset and that she was so guilty of causing it.

George then began to apologize again, but Sue quieted him. She told him how she deserved worse than what George did the night before and that she understood how the heat of the moment could do that. She also told him that Marsha forgave him too and was sorry for yelling at him through the door. She told him that Marsha honestly thought the knock was Jacob and that Jacob was going to try to sweep her off her feet again like he always did. She eventually led him back in and Sue watched as they argued. It was then that Marsha walked off in a huff and saw George lying in bed. So she crawled in next to him and fell asleep. Sue mentioned that she slept on the other side of him and had a rough night sleeping with all the guilt.

George rose slowly only to feel Marsha's arm pull him back down before she leaned over and kissed him. Sue then leaned down and kissed them both as she pulled on the rope of her robe revealing the outfit from the night before. She made a comment about not getting to use these from the night before and how it would be nice to get them broken in. George then asked about Jacob before Sue told him that he was at a hotel because of his actions and that both girls were at his disposal. George then kissed his wife on the lips as his tongue began to wrestle with hers.

He then felt Marsha's breath nearby on his cheek. He turned his head and began to kiss Marsha as passionately, his hands feeling the fabric holding in both ladies' breasts. The ladies quickly took the hint and allowed the straps to come down. George was treated to the beautiful vision of both sets of beautiful breasts exposing themselves to his view. He then began to gently bite on Marsha's right breasts as Marsha and Sue shared an intimate kiss above his head. In George's mind, he was not in this world anymore, but as close to heaven as a man like him deserved to be.

It wasn't long before Sue joined George on Marsha's breasts. As both of then sucked on them slowly, Marsha let her hands surround both of their heads pushing them into her more, wanting more than the gentle kisses. It took a moment before George allowed his teeth to bite the nipple before him, scoring a loud moan from Marsha. She moans out his name as Sue moves farther down, moving aside the matching g string to let her tongue pleasure Marsha the way she learned before. It was slow motion as Sue's tongue slowly caressed Marsha's secret as Marsha began moaning softly from all the attention. George rose up and began a frontal assault on Marsha's tongue with his own, the passion growing as Sue watched smiling.

A few moments later and Marsha was on her back, her breasts heaving from the shocks Sue's tongue was bestowing on her as George's member pumped slowly into her mouth. This felt divine to Marsha. It wasn't even a thought in her mind that her bumbling husband was in a hotel somewhere without her, crying over the damage he caused. It was unknown to her that Jacob took a shower and cleaned himself up as he headed back to the house where she was being pleasured by her new American friends. As George kept feeding her his cock, Sue's tongue was buried as deep inside Marsha's pussy as it could go as wave after wave of her sugary sweetness landed on her tongue.

As Sue rose, she saw a familiar shape in the doorway. Jacob stood there watching as George was about to explode all over his wife's breasts as she asked for it. Sue rose and walked out the bedroom quietly as George's eyes were closed, enjoying the sensation of Marsha's tongue licking his unit as it exploded one more time on her. George allowed a finger to caress Marsha's tenderness as she looked at him, hungrily awaiting what he had in store for her.

It was at that time that Sue entered holding Jacob's hand. George and Marsha were both surprised as Jacob took a bouquet of yellow roses from behind his back, knelt before Marsha and apologized. Marsha looked at him, a total stranger she hadn't seen since before their own nuptials. She suddenly felt naked, more than just her chest exposed. Naked due to the emotions she felt seeing her husband before her, showered and proper versus the usual slob he is.

George stood and grabbed his shorts before following Sue outside the guest room. Both were quiet. Neither asking questions. As Sue looked at George, she could see the fear on his face as he thought about Jacob, wondering what was in store for them.

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