tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNora Jane's Tea Party

Nora Jane's Tea Party


Nora Jane took a long look at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror, admiring the fruits of her latest visit to the salon. Her long, glossy dark hair caressed the curve of her breasts, streaked throughout with strands of gold. The highlights caught the green in her pale hazel eyes, causing them to flash most attractively. She sighed contentedly, pleased with the effect.

It was a charmed life. The young wife had been born into richness, then married into it as a girl barely out of her teens. Her husband, a spoiled and pompous young conservative, spent most of his time at football games or playing golf at country clubs. He had very little interest in his beautiful wife, which meant that Nora Jane had all the time in the world to enjoy herself. Her husband was kind and what's more, he understood her needs. All in all, it was a great arrangement. She worked out, shopped, traveled, and pursued her interests without hindrance.

Tweaking her nipples, she laughed and strode to her bed. The new heels killed her feet, but they were a necessary pain for the image she needed to present. Her mother in law was having a tea party and Nora Jane needed to look perfect. She hated the woman, but loved the society that came with her. Nora Jane reached for the pale pink sundress strewn across the bed.


She jerked upwards at the loud masculine curse and rolled her eyes. Those god damned workers made such a ruckus! Of course, it was another necessary pain. The disturbance wouldn't last much longer and the house was going to look lovely after the additions. Still, the crew of three men made her quite nervous. So nervous that she tended to hide in her wing of the house while they worked. Once they caught sight of her coming in from the pool and Nora Jane had felt certain they were thinking about more than their work. Even now, her nipples tightened with the memory of how their eyes roved down her body.

Ignoring this, she quickly dressed, put her face on, and collected herself in front of the mirror again. Oh, she looked so pretty. So graceful and fashionable. Her legs were long and shapely, her waist narrow, her breasts large and full. She flashed herself a smile before leaving the room.

She again cursed the workers as she made her way down the hall. The place was a mess and they were so loud. So crude. She was forced to rise early every morning because of their inconsiderateness. And now... What was that smell? Cigarette smoke?! In her beautiful home?!

"Excuse me!" She burst into the main hall and pivoted around to look at them all, hands on her hips. They stared at her, three men ranging from 25 to 40 years old. One of them seemed to be the Leader and he stared with what appeared to be an amused smile.

"Is someone smoking in my home?" she demanded, tossing her head. "This is outrageous. I can smell smoke nearly all the way to my bedroom. Are you in the habit of doing this in all of your client's homes?"

Stone silence fell over the room before the Leader retorted. "Are you in the habit of parading your little ass around every man you see?"

Nora Jane started in surprise. Was he out of his mind?

"E-e-excuse me? What did you say?"

He stepped away from the doorway he had been leaning against and moved towards her. She took a small step back and felt fear rising in her chest. Why hadn't she kept her mouth shut?

"I asked if you were in the habit of showing your sweet ass off to every guy in town." He backed her against the wall, staring down at her like a hungry tiger. Nora Jane, who was 5'8", felt positively dwarfed by him. He was powerfully built and had to be at least 6'2".

"I don't think you have any business talking to me that way."

He looked her up and down, then turned towards his buddies. He jerked his head towards the table they had set up for tools. They moved to clear it and Nora Jane's stomach tightened with anxiety. What the hell? This was turning into some kind of vulgar story like the ones she read on an erotica website.

She swallowed nervously and smiled, "I-I'm sorry. I guess it was rude of me to come in here like that. I'll just be on my way. You see, my mother in law is waiting for me. There's this tea party---" Before she could finish, the Leader reached down and began unzipping his pants.

"What are you doing?! This is ridiculous!" Nora Jane made a dash towards the front door, but the Leader had her in a tight grip before she could take three steps. She screamed as he manuevered her towards the table, where his buddies were waiting, stroking their now exposed cocks.

She struggled as she was set on the table, but the Leader gave her a smart smack across the face. "If you don't settle down, we'll have to hurt you bad, baby. So bad your prick of a husband won't recognize you. You don't want that, do you?"

Tears blossomed in her eyes as she shook her head. "That's a good girl."

She gasped as his hands shot out and began unbuttoning her dress. She could hear the flap of flesh as the other workers coaxed their cocks into hardness. The Leader muttered thickly as he went from button to button.

"You stupid little slut. Strutting around here, showing yourself off, acting like a spoiled princess who can't be touched. Spoiled cunts like you need a lesson and you're gonna get it. Fuck, look at these tits!"

The dress was now open to her naval and her tits, the huge mounds of flesh straining against her lace bra, were completely exposed. She shuddered, tears continuing to flow from her eyes. One of the workers groaned as he watched them wobble in the cups.

Nora Jane recognized the hunger and anger in their eyes as something she had rarely experienced with her past lovers. It terrified her, especially when the Leader growled and ripped the rest of the dress open, sending buttons flying.

"Please let me go! I won't tell anyone, just please let me go!" She begged, her body shaking with sobs. The Leader stared at her solemnly, then flipped open a knife. Nora Jane shut up immediately, staring in wide eyed terror as he placed the tip of the knife under her bra between her breasts. He drew the moment out a few seconds and cut through the material, the bra falling away at her sides and her tits spilling out in all their glory.

One of the workers, a younger blonde guy, excitedly cursed as her round, ample tits bounced freely. "Holy shit. Check out those jugs."

"You're stacked, sweetheart." The other one murmured as he reached out and took a big handful of tit, rubbing his thumb along her hardening nipple.

The Leader reached in his fly to unleash his huge cock. Nora Jane stared at it as her other breast came under attack, hypnotized by the length and thickness of him. He must have been nearly 9 inches and was as thick as a soda can. She sat in shock as the workers massaged, tweaked, and pulled on her teats, marveling at his cock in equal parts awe and horror.

"Yeah, I bet you've never seen a cock like this, slut. You're gonna beg for this by the time I'm through with you. Now spread those legs so we can get a look at you. Trent, get those panties off her."

Nora Jane's legs were opened and her little panties ripped from her in a matter of seconds. She didn't resist, overcome by shock and humiliation. Her legs fell open obediently as they all bent to get a good look at her pussy. She was moistening despite herself, her little pink lips glistening with wetness. "Mmm, check that out." Trent, the blonde one, took a deep breath in an effort to inhale her scent.

The Leader took a step back and looked at his buddies, "Ok, this is how it's going. I'm calling her pussy first. You guys can use her mouth while I'm doing that, but nobody goes near her ass until I say. You guys hold her a sec."

Nora Jane was pulled roughly off the table as the Leader took her place and laid back, his big prick standing straight up. Trent and Jake each took a leg and picked her up, hoisting her slit over his cock and lowering her slowly. Nora Jane felt fresh tears stinging her eyes and she cried out as the tip of his cock slid into her wet pussy, stretching her a little. The Leader sighed in contentment as his big pole disappeared inside her. God, it was so big and thick! It was all she could do not to scream as his cock filled her to the brim. He groaned and began pumping up inside her, the sounds of his cocking moving in and out of her filling the room.

Next, one guy shoved a cock in her mouth. She nearly gagged as the head hit the back of her throat. "That's right, bitch. Take that cock."

The other pushed his cock against her face. She turned and started sucking him off, alternating between the two cocks. When one wanted her attention, he slapped the dick against her cheek. All the while, the Leader was pistoning in and out of her little pussy, stretching it. Nora Jane began to moan as a hot sensation began spreading throughout her pussy.

"Hey, I think she likes it! You like that, you stupid cunt?"

Nora Jane moaned in response, slobbering around their thick cocks. The Leader lifted her up and off his cock, then began jamming himself up inside her with fury. She cried in surprise.

The Leader was very pleased. She was acting like such a dirty whore, moaning around his buddies' cocks. He growled up at her, "Look at you now. What would your husband think about this, huh? Seeing you fucking the hired help would ruin him, I think."

Nora Jane took Trent's cock all the way down her throat. He grabbed her head and shoved himself deep, smiling as she choked and gagged. The Leader decided he was done with her pussy. He lifted her up and spread her cheeks, eyeing her tight little asshole.

"Sloppy seconds, Jake."

Jake immediately climbed on top of her and guided his cock towards her now raw pussy. His cock was smaller, but still big, and he pushed himself inside her wet, sloppy hole without hesitation. He began pumping in and out of her, watching her massive jugs dance with every thrust.

"Hold on a minute, bud. Let me get situated back here."

Nora Jane's eyes widened as she felt him spread her cheeks and poke her asshole with a finger. "God no, not back there! Please not back there!"

Her pleas were ignored as he pushed the head of his cock against her butthole. She screamed as he pushed inside, stretching the virgin hole to its limits and groaning with satisfaction as he did so. Trent smacked her with his cock and forced it back in her mouth as the Leader continued his assault on her asshole.

Jake began moving in and out of her pussy again as the Leader let her grow accustomed to his dick a moment before plunging inside with renewed force. She felt as if she was being split into.

Anal sex was something her husband asked for before, but Nora Jane had felt it was lewd and unnatural. Now she almost wished she had acquiesced in the past so that now this wouldn't be so painful.

She choked and sputtered around Trent's cock as he forced it deeper and deeper down her mouth. He wasn't able to get in her pussy or ass, so he was taking it out on her mouth. He throat fucked her faster and faster.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna blow. Open your mouth wide, bitch."

Nora Jane held her mouth open as he laid his cock along her tongue and shot stream after stream of cum down her throat. Then he told her to swallow and proceeded to wipe his softening cock on her face.

The Leader was fucking her ass harder and harder. She shuddered and quivered as the two men filled her holes, one slapping wetly in and out of her used pussy, the other moving tightly inside her little butthole. The Leader came first inside her ass, followed quickly by Jake. Nora Jane cried out as the hot loads filled her two wrecked holes.

They stood around her, panting, their cocks softening as they watched the cum drip from her holes.

"Go enjoy your tea party now, Mrs. Lancaster. We've got work to do."

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