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Hello everyone. Here is my new story. This story is a romantic story and a SLOW BURN. If you are looking for a stroker story, you may need to move on to someplace else. I want to thank Navaura and JR for their help and encouragement. It is self-edited, so any mistakes are min and mine alone. Please read and enjoy. Also vote and share your thoughts with me.

Troy stepped into the foyer of his childhood home feeling a sense of normalcy engulf him. When he left for school, he never intended to stay away for so long. But once he got there and became so engrossed in his studies, staying away was pretty easy. Besides, she had moved to the ranch and he'd do anything he could to avoid her, his stepsister, Iesha.

Troy couldn't stand Iesha. He often wondered, How could a woman as wonderful as his stepmother produce such a bitch of a daughter? He recalled meeting his stepsister for the first time.

"Son, we're having dinner at a fancy restaurant tonight. Mary is bringing her little girl. I want you to be mindful and show your manners." Trent told his eighteen year old son.

Troy was always respectful. This trait had been driven into him by his Mom years before. He missed his Mom, but she was gone. Cancer had taken her and his dad had finally moved on. Mary was nice and Troy really liked her. Why was Dad telling him this? He always minded his manners. Troy thought.

He considered himself a good son. He had just turned seventeen when his Dad met Mary, and at first he was apprehensive; But as he got to know her, he developed a great deal of respect for the quiet spoken woman.

She was beautiful and he hoped to meet a girl just like her one day. Troy was not the most handsome guy, but Mary made him feel like he was. She always called him handsome, kind, and strong. Eventually, he started believing her. In fact, since she'd come into their lives, his confidence had grown and he'd even started dating.

The few girls he'd dated loved him, but often they'd want someone a little rougher. They told Troy he was just too nice.

He asked Mary about her daughter once, and saw sadness creep into her eyes. She explained the custody arrangements her ex-husband had with her. Troy couldn't believe that. Mary was perfect. How could anyone say she was not? He wanted to meet her ex-husband and tell him that his daughter was lucky to have Mary as a Mom.

Well soon he'd meet them. And he'd get to speak his mind. He was an adult now, and this was a free country. He didn't have to hold back.

"Son, I've heard quite a bit about her ex-husband and their daughter. The girl can be a handful and her Dad, well..., so please, son. We have to make a good impression on them for Mary's sake. She's already nervous, so I'm counting on you to be a gentleman like I raised you to be." Trent told his son.

They left the ranch a little after four pm, to drive miles away to the city. Troy didn't understand it, but his Dad was very excited and nervous. Mary would normally meet them at the ranch and cook something. Why were they driving over one hundred miles away from home to meet her? Meeting some guy and her daughter wasn't that big of a deal.

They arrived in Carson and were at Avon's Restaurant within minutes. Dad pulled up front and one of the valets took the keys to the truck to park it. Troy and Trent entered the restaurant. Dressed in their Sunday best, they barely blended in with the upscale crowd.

As soon as they entered, the hostess greeted them and led them to their table where Mary was sitting with a gentleman waiting for them to arrive. When she saw them walk in, she looked relieved. The gentleman that was sitting with her saw them approaching and stood to shake both Trent and Troy's hands.

"Hello Trent, Troy. I'm Walter Michaels, Mary's ex-husband." He greeted, shaking their hands. "I'm so glad to meet you both. Trent, I know this was out of the way for you, but I'm only in the area for business tonight. Mary informed me that she was seeing someone and wanted our daughter to meet you. I hope you understand. I wanted to be here to make sure she's comfortable with you before allowing her to visit with Mary."

Trent looked at Mary whose face was dejected. He suspected that Walter had a few harsh words for her. He was instantly irritated. When he first met Mary, she was so withdrawn that it took six months of him teasing her to get her to open up to him. She needed a job, and he offered her a position of housekeeper at his ranch. Soon after, she met Troy. Under Mary's love and guidance, Troy had blossomed into a well outspoken, outgoing young man.

Trent knew that her ex-husband had obtained full custody of their daughter and only allowed limited visitation to Mary. He lorded his right over her at every opportunity. As the father of Mary's child, he also felt he had the right to screen her suitors.

Trent was about to let Mr. High and Mighty, Walter Michaels, know what he thought of him when he heard the softest sound.

A lovely young woman walked in. She was absolutely stunning. Creamy brown skin, lovely heart-shaped face with dimples, beautiful big brown eye, and long curly locks topped her short but sturdy frame. Troy, who was rendered speechless, was dumbfounded by her beauty. She was the spitting image of her mother.

"Ah, sweetheart, Come. Sit. This is your mother's friend Trent and his son," Walter stopped.

"Troy," Trent interjected. He didn't like Michaels. Mary was so quiet, as if she was afraid to speak.

"Right, Troy." Walter concluded as he held out his daughter's seat and she sat down.

Iesha glared at the two people who had joined them. She disliked them instantly. She hated when her parents dated others; it made it less likely that she'd get her wish. She watched that guy, Trent, look at her Mom, and even she could tell her really liked her. Then she looked at his son. Man he was cute, but he was the enemy. She'd treat them accordingly and then see if they still wanted to be around her mother.

Trent and Troy looked at the young lady that joined them and felt the waves of hostility towards them roll off of her. She didn't like them. Trent figured she wouldn't like any man that wasn't her father. Troy, on the other hand, was floored for a second by her natural beauty. With flawless skin, a creamy brown complexion, shoulder length black hair and the brightest brown eyes, he'd never seen a more beautiful girl. Then she opened her mouth and the illusion was shattered.

Mary, who saw Troy sitting and looking uncomfortable, finally spoke smiling. "Troy, you look so handsome tonight. I almost didn't recognize you." It was obvious her daughter was at her worse, but he shouldn't have to bear the brunt of her ill-manners. Troy beamed. Mary was always encouraging him. Always telling him how wonderful and special he was.

"Thank you, Mary. I'm glad you like what I'm wearing." Troy replied shyly.

Trent sat beside her and squeezed her hand. She returned the gesture and lifted her head. Iesha not one to be left out, made herself known.

"Momma, why did you wear that ugly dress? You should have let daddy buy you something nice to wear." She interjected rudely.

Trent sputtered; Troy gawked at her; Mary gasped. The audacity of this girl was unreal. Her Dad sat guileless as if she hadn't just openly insulted her mother.

Mary was furious. She didn't like the way Walter was raising their daughter but legally she had no power to do anything about it.

"Iesha, the dress I'm wearing is fine. Sweetheart, there's more to life than clothes. One day-" she tried to explain when Iesha interrupted.

"Daddy, how long do we have to stay here? I want to go home." She complained as she took out her phone to chat with her friends.

Mary frowned and glanced at Trent, wondering what he was thinking. Trent watched Iesha, because he didn't like how she was acting. This little girl was spoiled, had a nasty attitude, and was extremely rude. He was about to correct her when Mary laid her hand on his thigh, silently pleading with him not to say anything.

Mary looked at her daughter and simply reprimanded her. "Iesha, you are being extremely rude and disrespectful, right now. Please, stop it. Now, we are about to have dinner. Put your phone away."

Iesha crossed her arms and glared angrily at her mother. Humping her shoulders and rolling her eyes, she replied. "Um, you can't tell me what to do. So...No, I'm talking with my friends." Then she continued typing on the phone.

Finally, Walter had enough and he said, "Iesha, put the phone up like your mother told you too. Now!! We'll talk about your behavior when we get back to our hotel." Reluctantly, Iesha put away her phone, grumbling under her breath. Her Dad had a lot of nerve speaking to her that way. Iesha decided to show everyone who was better, so she zeroed in on the other young person sitting at the table, Troy.

Obviously, she had noticed Troy as soon as she sat down. He was cute for a white boy with brown hair, dark grey eyes, and the cutest dimple, but he wasn't rich, so it didn't matter how she treated him. He was watching her and she could tell from his expression that he didn't like her. Well, she surmised, he was probably just jealous.

"So Trey, can you talk or are you retarded or something?" Iesha asked, deliberately mispronouncing his name, in a nasty tone with a cruel smirk on her face.

Troy started to reply, but his dad stopped him. "I can talk, but I don't want to talk to a nasty, evil little-"

Trent stood, slamming his napkin on the table, he'd heard enough. "Young lady, that was uncalled for. Walter you need to... Um, Mary, we're leaving. Walter, Iesha, I wish I could say it was nice meeting you, but that would be a lie. Come on son, let's go."

Troy stood and followed his father as they walked out of the restaurant. Mary quickly followed them apologizing.

"Trent, I'm sorry. Troy, she's just acting..." inhaling Mary continuing as she looked away from Trent. "I know you don't want to see me again and I understand."

As they stood waiting for his truck to be brought around, Trent asked. "Can you come with us now, Mary?"

Mary looked at him and then back towards the restaurant. "I can't. My visits with her are set by him. If I leave, he won't let me see her-"

Trent kissed her gently. "Mary, I don't want to leave you with them, but I know you want to spend time with your daughter. As soon as they leave, I want you to call me and I'll come get you. Alright, honey." He then held her tightly for a moment as the valet drove up with his truck.

Troy gave Mary a big hug too, and told her nothing that happened was her fault.

After Trent, Troy, and Mary left the table, Walter looked at his daughter. She was cruel, malicious even; he could see the smirk she was trying to hide. He wondered when his little angel turned into this hateful, spiteful little girl.

"Iesha, that was rude. You had no right to speak to your mother and her friends that way." He admonished her.

Iesha looked at her dad sullenly with a pouty voice, "Daddy what did I do now?" she queried. But deep down she knew exactly what she'd done. She did it on purpose. Her mother barely spoke to her but she told Troy he looked nice. She barely complimented her. Although she smiled and told her she was lovely, her eyes held more warmth when she spoke to Troy. So she wanted to let Troy know who was really in charge and she did.

Soon thereafter Mary returned to the table and they finished their awkward, uncomfortable dinner.

"Mary, I'm sorry." Walter addressed her while they pretended to eat. "I can call Trent and apologize if you need me to."

Mary gaped at him. Could he really be that clueless? You don't raise a child to think that this behavior was alright. If he'd let me spend time with her, then maybe...

"Walter, don't." Mary whispered. "Just don't. How can you let her-" Iesha interrupted her again.

"This isn't daddy's fault. You can't blame him. It's not his fault that your friends are sorry los-", Walter cut her a look that silenced her.

"Iesha, that's enough. Don't say anything else." He ordered.

"But, Daddy!" She began to whine.

"Iesha, you've said enough. If you say one more word and I rip up the One Direction concert tickets, and you will not go to that concert or anyplace else for the next two weeks." He stated firmly, effectively silencing her. Iesha crossed her arms, expression extremely displeased and pouted.

Mary sat there watching them, shaking her head in disbelief. Her daughter, her baby girl, was someone she didn't want to know. She should have just left with Trent and Troy.

Before dessert was brought, Iesha seemed pensive. She loved her mother and wished she'd just get back with her Daddy. Daddy still loved her and would take her back. She decided to save face and offered her mother a half-hearted apology, "Momma, I'm sorry I was rude in front of your friends. Can you forgive me?" she asked sweetly.

Mary knew she wasn't sincere. She had no idea how hurtful her actions were, so she didn't reply. She just stared at her, and then she looked at Walter. Her face was a mask of disgust and disbelief.

"Um, Mary." Walter stated clearing his throat knowing that any hope he had of ever winning her back was futile at best. "Iesha and I are flying to the Bahamas in June for two weeks. Why don't you join us? We can spend time together as a family." He suggested.

They often took mini vacations together, but Mary was involved with someone else and she wasn't willing to risk her new relationship with Trent because of her ex-husband's need to control her life anymore.

So she smiled and politely declined. Walter knew then that she'd moved on. Any hopes he had of her ever taking him back finally died in that moment.

Walter wanted to hate Trent Blackmon, but he knew he was a stand-up guy. When he learned that Mary was dating him, he had him investigated. Trent was an honest, hardworking man. Walter could see that he really cared for Mary. He suspected that he asked her to leave with him tonight, but she only stayed to spend time with Iesha.

So, he had to make a decision. He realized that if Mary refused vacation time, then she was committed to the other man. "OK, well. I was hoping...He's a good man, very lucky. You deserve to be happy." Walter stated finally accepting the fact that she was done with him and he needed to let her go.

Iesha sat watching the interaction between her parents. Her Mom was weak. Why would she choose a weak poor guy over her dad? Dad had money and could buy her anything she wanted. They could be a real family. But she liked the poor guy and his son better than them. Momma was crazy.

Troy grimaced at the memory of that first meeting. It seemed like all of that just happened yesterday. But it was five years ago. Five years and Troy never forgot a single moment.

Time had passed since that faithful meeting, but the damage had been done. The die had been cast, and nothing could change the fact that one lie almost destroyed Troy's life.

"Son, welcome home. Mary will be pleased as punch to see you." His dad greeted him with a bear hug when he arrived home after completing an internship in England.

Trent looked at his boy. His son was the spitting image of him when he had been twenty-one years old. Deep tanned skin, sandy brown hair, and a stocky build which showed that Troy took care of himself. He had inherited his mother's smoky gray eyes, not only that but her temperament as well, which ultimately led to his outburst four years earlier.

Troy Blackmon was a ruggedly handsome young man. At twenty-two, he had accomplished a lot. He'd finished his advanced degree gone to England and completed an internship. Troy was one of the most brilliant young minds in the country, so Trent was not surprised that he'd been offered a prestigious position at the top firms in Washington.

He was proud of his son, as was Mary. They were both overjoyed when he called and said he was stopping in for a visit. He actually arrived a few hours early. So he didn't get to see Mary right away, because she'd gone out to pick up the food for dinner.

When Trent and Mary married, Troy was ecstatic for them. Troy adored Mary as much as his father did, and he was genuinely happy for his dad. The problem was Mary's daughter, Iesha, he hated that girl.

After meeting her for the first time with her father, Troy really didn't want to have anything to do with the girl. Unfortunately for him, the summer after their parents married, things went south for him very quickly. Walter called and asked Mary and Trent to take her for a month, and that summer month was the beginning of a rip that lasted for years in his family.

Walter, Iesha's father, was a wealthy business man who spoiled her. She felt as if she could treat people anyway she chose since she was rich. Walter was at a loss. He had to travel and didn't want Iesha with him. He believed that a month working on the ranch would do her some good. She needed to learn some humility and that real people had to work. Iesha had never visited a ranch and at first she was excited. However once she realized she had to take care of herself and there were no servants, her tune changed quickly. She was horrid. She was loud, rude, disrespectful, and felt entitled. Every statement ended with, "My daddy will hear about this."

One afternoon she was blatantly rude to Mary. In her rant she accused her of all types of heinous crimes. Mary, who was trying to reason with her out of control teen aged daughter, was near tears. That's when Troy stepped in.

Troy didn't like Iesha. In his eyes, she was a mean, hateful, selfish brat. It didn't matter to him that she had the prettiest brown eyes he'd ever stared into. The smoothest creamy brown skin, that smelled like vanilla lavendar when she past him. He ignored the fact that she was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen.

She was a holy terror. She had no right to speak to Mary that way and he would not stand there and let her get away with it. When Iesha stormed from the kitchen, Troy followed her fuming.

"Stop being a bitch, Iesha." Troy snarled at her.

"You can't talk to me like that." Iesha responded. "I'm telling Daddy."

"You mean the selfish son of a bitch that lets you think you can treat people like this. Tell him, I don't give a fuck." Troy vented angrily glaring at the young girl who stood defiantly before him.

"For some reason, Mary and my Dad care about you. Why? I don't know. But they do. So they won't tell you the truth. You're a spoiled brat and a bitch. And I, for one, will not stand here and let you get away with it. If you ever talk to Mary like that again. You deal with me. Do you hear me Iesha? Don't talk like that to her again." Troy then stormed off.

Iesha fumed after Troy left. How dare he talk to me like that? No one speaks to me in that way. He thinks he's all high and mighty because his daddy owns this ranch. We'll see. Wait until I talk to my daddy.. Iesha knew what to do to get him back. Her friends had done this several times to get others in trouble, so she filled a small sock with rocks.

As soon as she had done sufficient damage to her face, she called her daddy on Skype so he could see how she'd been abused. When Walter saw the bruises on his angel's face, he went ballistic. He demanded to know what happened. Iesha, being a clever actress, sobbed as she lied and told her daddy how Troy yelled at her and then hit her for no real reason.

Walter was furious. How dare that boy lay hands on my daughter? Oh, When I get my hands on him, I'm going to beat him senseless. But in the back of his mind, he knew something wasn't quite right. He'd met Troy and he didn't seem like the type of guy that would strike a woman. But his angel said he hit her, and he saw the bruises on her face.

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