tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot So Routine Examination

Not So Routine Examination


The tall blond woman barged through the door into the Doctor's office as though she owned the place. Her eyes swept the room and ended looking at a small Hispanic woman seated at the receptionist's desk.

She strode to the desk and announced, "I am Mrs. Margret Burns and I am here for my appointment with Dr. Michaels, when may I expect him to attend me?"

She ignored the fact she was no longer a Mrs. and hadn't been for several years. She felt the title of Mrs. gave her some additional importance.

The seated Latina looked startled and said. "I'm sorry, lady, but the office is closed for the day. You'll have come back some other time."

Mrs. Burns drew herself up to her full 5'9" height, 5'11" with today's heels. "I have been waiting for over three weeks to be seen by Dr. Michaels. I am only..." she glanced at her watch, "only 15 minutes late." Just then her gaze fell on a tall thickly built man walking through the back office. "Dr. Michaels? Dr. Michaels I am here to be seen by you. I have been waiting to see you for a long time and I demand you attend to me now!"

The man walked to the desk. "Miss, I am sorry but the office is officially closed. You'll have to contact them on Monday. That's the best I can do for you. Sorry." He swore he could see flames coming from the tall blonde's eyes.

"Damn it, Doctor, if this is the way you run your business I am surprised you have any patients at all! If you refuse to see me I will report you the BBB and the AMA and anyone else I can think of."

Dr. Michaels was startled. "Miss, please have a seat and..."

Mrs. Burns interrupted, "No, damn it! I am not just some anonymous Miss. I am Mrs. Margret Burns and I'll thank you to remember my name, Doctor."

He raised his eyebrows. "Mrs. Burns, I will most certainly remember your name. I apologize but we were not expecting you. An error on the part of my office staff perhaps, and I will address that issue. Now, please have a seat while I speak with my nurse and we will get everything ready. It should only be a few minutes or so."

Mrs. Burns snorted and sat down. Dr. Michaels pulled the nurse aside and begin talking to her. She could not hear the words but it looked like the doctor was trying to convince the nurse of something and she kept shaking her head no. Finally the nurse shrugged her shoulders, nodded in the affirmative and walked out of sight.

Mrs. Burns was pleased with the effect she had on the doctor and nurse. At work she insisted on being addressed as Mrs. Burns although she was well aware she was referred to as MB when out of ear-shot; and sometimes as BM, as in Bitch Margret. It really did not bother her as long as her staff knew she was in charge, and she made sure they damn well did.

In a surprisingly short time the nurse came for her and led her into an exam room. She was given a paper gown and told to strip and put the gown on opening in the front and not to bother with the ties. The nurse told her the doctor would be with her shortly as she left the room. MB stripped off her business suit, white blouse, bra, and panties and slipped into the paper gown.

She hated this part; the waiting, knowing she would soon be spread on the table, open, exposed, seemingly available. Margret shivered with that thought; with the idea of a man sitting between her open legs--looking, fingering and doing gawd knows what to her most intimate parts. Testing, prodding, and pushing his fingers inside her, manipulating her most special place.

Margret shivered again at the thought and felt herself getting wet. Damn, she thought, that's the worst part, the most embarrassing part. She didn't understand why but she got wet, not damp, but dripping almost gushing wet. She hated her body, especially when the nurse had to put those blue things under her to catch her female drippings and keep them off the floor. She could feel the heat rising from her chest, up her neck, and across her face.

At last there was a light tap on the door and Dr. Michaels, in a long white lab coat, and the nurse walked in. "So, Mrs. Burns, is there a special problem, or is this simply a routine exam?"

MB felt her face flush even deeper red. "Well maybe a combination of both."

The doctor gave a deep sigh. "Mrs. Burns, I can't help you unless you are more forthcoming. You need to be totally honest with me. After all, I am a physician. There is nothing you can tell me I haven't heard before. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have our own special needs."

MB took several deep breaths and steeled herself. After all, these were medical professionals. "Dr. Michaels I have no problem reaching orgasm. My problem is they are small and not very satisfying; not as strong as what I need or deserve. They are not enough to really satisfy me. It's rather like watching a movie preview and never seeing the entire picture. My orgasms are more like a tease then what I really need. Does that make sense, Doctor?"

"It makes perfect sense, Mrs. Burns. I need to ask you some very personal questions about your lovemaking. I know they may seem very intrusive, but they are important to determine the proper treatment to resolve your problem."

MB nodded. "Yes, Doctor, I understand. I'll answer the best I can."

"Mrs. Burns, how often do you have sex?"

"Not very often Doctor, understand it is certainly not from a lack of very willing male attention. It is just that I am very choosy about whom I allow in my bed."

Dr. Michaels shook his head. "Mrs. Burns." Suddenly his faint German accent was more pronounced and his tone more demanding. "I really care very little, if at all, about whom, why, or when you decide to allow in your bed. Now answer the question; exactly how frequently or infrequently do you have sex?"

MB couldn't believe his tone or attitude and she would not put up with it. "Doctor, I will not be spoken to in that tone or by someone with your attitude! I am, after all, paying you."

Dr. Michaels stood and stripped off his gloves. "You are not paying me. This appointment is finished. There will be no charge. Get dressed and leave the premises."

As he turned to leave, she suddenly realized this was the only doctor who had paid attention to her complaint and seemed to imply he had a treatment for her. Then she thought about how long she had waited to see him and just knew he would never see her again.

"Oh please forgive me Dr. Michaels! My job is hard and demanding, and I sometimes forget to leave my work attitude at work. I am truly sorry. Please continue my examination. I promise to cooperate fully."

The doctor looked at her with hard eyes for several long seconds. "Very well, do not forget!"

He re-gloved and looked at her. "The question," he demanded.

"Perhaps once a month and sometimes less," She responded

"Good." He grunted. "Do you masturbate between times?"

"Yes Doctor." MB replied. Admitting she masturbated, even to a doctor, was humiliating. She could feel her wetness running out of her and flowing down the crack of her ass, and she blushed even more knowing it was puddling on the table.

"How often?" was his next abrupt question.

Oh gawd, she thought, she couldn't tell him the truth.

He noticed her hesitation. "Only the truth Mrs. Burns, if you are not truthful I may not be able you help you."

MB moaned to herself. "Every day, Doctor." As she spoke the image of her favorite masturbation toy flashed to her mind. Gawd she loved her Hitachi Magic Wand. Her orgasms were incredible. With that image she moaned aloud, and she gushed.

"Only once a day?" the doctor queried.

MB shuddered as she answered. "No, sometimes several times depending how stressful the day is or was."

"Do you use toys when you play with yourself?"

MB wondered at the change of terminology but his demeanor, commanding presence and German accent would not allow her to question him. "Yes Doctor, I have several different ones I use." Damn, she thought, I hate my body as she gushed and more of her wetness ran down the crack of her ass.

She noted Dr. Michaels was breathing deeper and his huge chest was rising and falling with each breath. She remembered what he looked like with just his slacks and a light knit pull-over on. Gawd, he was so big and thick! His upper arms were massive; his forearms were covered in thick ropes of muscles ending in big hands with long thick fingers.

In her mind's eye she could see his chest; not bulging but thick slabs of muscle meeting, overlaying each other, slipping smoothly over and under each other, rippling his smooth skin. She shook her head to clear the image or she felt she might cum without even being touched.

She hated her mind so much. She hated her lower middle class upbringing. Hated that she could not shake the words she had learned from her friends and the boys that she dated. Hated that all the hard work she had done to improve her life and the way she thought went out the window when she was excited or angry.

She knew she didn't have a cunt or a pussy, she had a vagina. She did not have tits or boobs, she had breasts. She knew she didn't have an ass or booty, she had a derriere. She didn't cum she had orgasms. All the things she had worked so hard for evaporated when she was horny. See there it was again. Not excited or aroused but horny, her cunt ached for a cock, her tits needed to be squeezed and slapped, and her nipples needed to be bitten.

Her ass ached to be slapped, spanked, even whipped, and most certainly fucked. Oh gawd, the thought of this hulk of a man behind her while she knelt with her head down and her ass up waiting for him to take her was exciting beyond belief. Her treacherous snatch begged her to entice this hulk to wrestle her to the ground, rip her clothes off, and to...

No! No, she could not think that way, she would not allow herself to think that way. She'd...

"Mrs. Burns, answer my question." The accented voice demanded.

"I-I'm sorry, Doctor, please repeat your question."

"Since you seem rather disinterested in my questions, I will proceed with my physical examination. Please move down until your ass is at the edge of the table. Nurse Gabby, assist Mrs. Burns."

MB noticed that the harder he breathed, the thicker his accent became. She wondered what he would sound like after he had ripped her clothes off and was pounding his strong body violently between her legs with his thick cock. No, no she wrenched her mind out of that gutter. She could never allow anyone to see, much less feel, what a needy...

No, she told herself, not there either. She refused to allow her mind to dwell in her fantasy world and forced her thoughts back to the present. Dr. Michaels was opening the top of her paper gown exposing her heavy breasts to his gaze and to that of the nurse. The thought of these two strangers seeing her naked tits, tits with nips so hard they ached, humiliated and excited her. She moaned her need deep in her throat.

Nurse Gabby helped her slide down so her ass was on the edge of the table. Then the nurse called loudly. "Doctor, this slut is so wet she has a puddle under her ass! I need some chucks."

The Doctor took one look. "For God's sake, Gabby, get the post-surgical ones, the extra thick ones, before her leaky cunt drips all over the floor, and the cleaners have to work all night to clean it up and get her smell out of the room."

The nurse returned with three of the hated blue pads to absorb what her treacherous body produced. Once the pads were placed, Gabby wiped her semi dry and seemed to spend much too long cleaning her. Damn, it felt good even though she knew enjoying a woman's touch was wrong.

Once she was in place and semi-clean again, the Doctor took her leg and placed it in a stirrup, using what felt like a Velcro strap to hold it in there. MB started to protest.

The doctor grabbed her jaw just like her daddy had when she talked too much as a child. "Mrs. Burns, you von't talk vhen I vant you to and you talk vhen I vant you silent. Vaht do I need to do to get your undivided attention?" He gave her head a little shake.

(OK reader, enough with the bad German accent. Let your imagination run wild.)

MB hated that the nurse called her a slut, it was so unprofessional. She had never been strapped down before, and it frightened her. Still, she could not bring herself to argue with this hulking dominate authority figure. She did not understand why but, she knew she could not.

"I'm sorry, Doctor, I'll try harder."

Dr. Michaels stroked her hair and said, "You are such a good girl." His words sent a thrill through her body straight to her quim, and she moaned.

He ran his fingers slowly across her face, and she felt herself leaking even more. Her mind reverted to when she was so wild in college. I'm so close to cumming, she thought, I just know if he touches my cunt with a single finger I'm gonna cum so hard I'll squirt all over him.

Dr. Michaels guided her other foot into the stirrup and strapped it in place. He sat on the stool and she suddenly felt his hot breath directly on her pussy. Please, please, she thought, please blow on my cunt one more time and I'll cum for you like you have never seen before. Please.

The doctor scooted back and stood up. "Nurse Gabriella, we will begin the breast exam. You take the right and I'll do the deep exam on her left." MB groaned softly, she was so close. She needed to cum!

The nurse gently begin to massage her breast. Her fingers were pressing softly against her needy flesh. The doctor grabbed her tit roughly, groping her pliant flesh harshly. His fingers were pressing deep into her needy tit. Gabby's soft stroking and the Doctor's rough treatment were both sending different but welcome signals to her needy twat.

When Nurse Gabby gently ran the palm of her hand over the nipple a jolt of pleasure shot directly to MB's slut hole, and she arched searching for more contact and pleasure.

Dr. Michaels quickly called "Stop moving. Can you do nothing correctly? Nurse, please get Dr. Peters to assist with the examination and treatment." Without a word the nurse turned and left the room.

MB almost sobbed with frustration. Now there was going to be another person to witness her humiliation. Someone else to see how her nasty body responded against her will to the poking and prodding. She could not help what her body was doing. She was not like this! She was a woman of education and culture, not some horny slut off the street, despite how her body was reacting. She was close to telling them to stop and she would leave. As she gathered her courage to tell this domineering doctor to release her, the door slammed open and a tall blond Adonis stormed into the room.

"Mike, what the hell do you want? I was busy as hell doing something important."

MB looked between her legs and it dawned on her. This golden god, Dr. Peters, was looking directly between her lewdly spread legs. She could almost feel his eyes burning into her hot, wet, shaved pussy. A flood of humiliation washed over her, and as it did her arousal ratcheted up.

She felt so exposed, so unbelievably vulnerable, and totally available. Dr. Michaels responded. "Dr. Peters, Mrs. Burns demanded I provide her a complete gynecological examination. Her major complaint is failure to attain strong deep orgasms: the kind she should have, the kind she deserves. I thought you would be interested in observing or perhaps assisting."

Dr. Peters smiled broadly. "Doctor, I am honored you thought of me. I'll gladly provide any assistance you wish. What do you want me to do first?"

"Since she seems to be unable to control of her body, we must first restrain her hands." Dr. Michaels said with a chuckle. Both doctors grabbed a hand and held it firmly in place as Nurse Gabby, who had slipped unseen into the room, strapped them tightly to the top of the table.

"Shoulders and hips both?" Dr. Peters asked. He got a nod as a reply. Once she was securely restrained with a strap above her tits and another around her broad hips, she got a better look at Dr. Peters.

He was tall, broad and handsome in a very Aryan way: blond hair, blue eyes, and broad shoulders. He was almost beautiful except for his eyes. They were not a normal blue, more a pale, washed out blue. MB sensed he was very intelligent with a streak of cruelty. What many would describe as laugh lines around his eyes, MB saw as an affirmation of his cruelty. Dr. Peters was all together a very scary man. He wasn't as large as Dr. Michaels; still he was a very big man. She shivered with fear and, somehow, anticipation.

As soon as the word Aryan came to mind she remembered some of the old movies about WWII her grandfather used to watch. She really liked the ones about spies. MB especially loved the ones when the heroine was captured by the SS and was going to be interrogated. She knew what beasts the SS were, and she often imagined herself as the woman whom the Gestapo would question. When she was courageous and refused to answer their questions, she knew what they would do to her. They would take her to the dungeon under the Hungarian castle they were using as their headquarters.

The dungeon was dank and dark, lit only by flickering torches. They would chain her to a wall then the torturers would come for her. The torturers always looked like those in the swashbuckler movies; big thick men whose skins glistened and whose faces were covered by masks. They would tie her down and rip her clothes from her poor defenseless body.

They would whip her as she begged them to stop, and eventually they would stop. She would be sobbing with the pain and humiliation. The chief interrogator, the tall blond Aryan with the cruel eyes, in the SS uniform, would wave his hand dismissively and say "Take her; she's of no further use to me. She's yours to do with as you will." then walk away.

The first orgasm she ever had as a young teenager came as her fingers stroked her nether regions to exactly that scenario. Most all of her masturbatory fantasies had her taken and used by big strong men who overpowered her body physically and dominated her mentally.

MB's eyes were closed as her imagination played the scene in her mind. Close, she thought, so very close. She tried to wrench her mind back to the present but the fantasy ran in a loop in her mind. Somewhere in the distance she heard someone say. "Now, Dr. Peters, a deep breast examination."

The hooded men were torturing her tits, pressing, squeezing, pulling, pinching, prodding, hurting, while giving her pleasure. Taking her to extreme heights, pushing her beyond what she could endure.

The distant voices again. "Gabby, finger her cunt. See if you can find her G spot"

She heard the words yet the meaning escaped her. Something caressed her pussy lips momentarily, then a slender tool slipped inside. MB couldn't help but moan her pleasure. Despite the leather straps holding her down her body tried to thrust against the invader. She could faintly hear a voice begging. "More, more, I need so much more. Please."

She didn't recognize it as her own. Quickly the device inside her seemed to expand, becoming thicker. It turned and twisted touching, probing, moving in and out, rotating, pleasing her needs but not enough. She needed more. More what, she didn't exactly know, just more of whatever was being done to her.

She didn't see Dr. Michaels show Gabby three fingers and make strong forceful motions. Quickly the device expanded again and was driven hard into her. It drove against the lips of her cunt again and again. MB could hear the squishing sound her wetness caused as the instrument was forced in and out of her hole.

The men with hoods mauled her tits, hurting her and sending pleasure to her leaky twat as whatever was inside battered against her lips, bruising her and filling her and stretching her to the point...She arched hard against her bonds as she came harder than she had ever had before. She screamed her climax; her body convulsed with pleasure against the straps and sprayed her lust over what ever was inside her.

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