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Not Supposed To


(Thanks to Slave for the idea. MH for helping me and the usual suspects for reading it for me.)


It wasn't supposed to happen. I was a guest at my friend's place for a few days while my own apartment was getting painted and the unthinkable happened. I awoke in the morning to the sounds of buzzing and moaning. The buzzing had me thinking alarm clock, but the moaning was the most sensual sound I had heard in a long time. Not only was my apartment getting painted, but it had been a long time since I heard a woman moan. I thought I was able to sleep in from my night shift at the factory since both my friend and his wife worked.

I stealthily rose out of bed and tried to tip toe to the guest room door in an effort to see what the sound was. Maybe my buddy was looking at some porn before he went to work. I could understand that. His wife always seemed to be an ice queen and such. She even looked like an ice queen with her porcelain skin and dark black hair. She always kept trim based on the fact that she had a small chest and a small ass to match. She wasn't the nicely stacked woman I would have thought about fucking in a heartbeat. She was even dead set against letting me stay for a few days and it took my friend to coerce her into it.

As I walked towards the sound, I thought I heard it coming from the room next to mine. I did my best to keep as quiet as possible as I took a peek into the room. The vision there caught me by surprise. The buzzing came from a vibrator. It was purple with white accents and about seven inches long from what I could tell. The moaning came from the ice queen. The glimpse I caught was right before she started inserting the vibrator between a pair of engorged pussy lips that were already wet. Her pussy was devoid of hair and her legs were bent in the classic pose as if someone was about to enter her.

"I shouldn't be doing this," I thought to myself as I stole another glance at my friend's wife. A light reflected off of something silver. I thought wedding ring at first, but another glance showed me it was a chain that seemed to be around her chest. I looked again, knowing in my head I was going to be in deep shit. Her other hand seemed to be grabbing the chain and it made her scream in a high pitched squeal. I looked again and saw some sort of metal thing attached to her left breast.

I know lesser men would have been stiff as a lead pipe at that sight. A typical story would have them undoing their pants and sliding into that pussy. At that moment I was hard, but I was also scared. I was about to walk back to my room and shoot one off when the phone rang. The problem was it wasn't their house phone. It was my cell phone in my room. Her head rose up just as I tried to sneak one more glance and I was caught.

"Get in here, now," she yelled. Like a naughty puppy with eyes to match, I walked in trying to spit out an apology. As I walked in, her vibrator fell from between her legs as she sat up on her knees. I could see the matching metal item also on her right breast also. They both seemed to bite into her nipples, but I didn't see blood. What I did see was the anger in her eyes.

"Off with the pants," she said almost in an accent. I looked at her angrily.


"Do you want me to tell my husband you were watching me play? Off with the pants, now!!" she repeated again. Fearing the loss of my friend, I let my boxers fall. Her hand immediately went to my dick and started stroking it.

"You will watch and stroke. You will not touch me until I say so. Understood?" I nodded my head as she took me by the dick and led me to the head of the bed. She picked her vibrator back up and then lay back down so her mouth would have been right in line with my cock. As if there were no interruption, she went back to what she was doing. I must admit that I did admire the view from there. Her mouth would open like she was going to take me in her mouth while her vibrator was being rubbed along her pussy lips. Every few moments or so, she would take her hand and pull on the chain and the metal things would pull her nipples up just a bit.

The view was getting too much for me though. I started slowly stroking my cock at her mouth while she played. I was caught by surprise when her tongue snaked out and licked the tip. She closed her mouth for a moment before humming. Her tongue snaked out again to lick another tiny droplet. Her tongue was a shock to my stick. I was already feeling ready to climax, but she didn't seem close.

The vibrator was sliding inside her by then. I could hear her pussy as it squished around the fake shaft. She started moaning and her mouth seemed to move closer to my shaft. Unsure of what to do, I slowed down my stroking while she guided one of my hands to the chain. I pulled gently almost on instinct as she shrieked again. As the shriek ended, her mouth was surrounding the head of my member and sucking gently. I pulled the chain again and I could feel her moan on me. She started shifting on the bed so that her head hung off the end and her pussy was on the opposite side.

I slowly removed my hand from my cock and slowly began to slide it into her mouth. I felt her moan in appreciation as my hand began to play with her left nipple under the metal. Her remaining hand reached around and began to pull me into her almost making my whole dick disappear in her mouth. I started thrusting my hips as she pushed, my hand slowly snaking down to rub the tip of her clit. It was then I felt her mouth disconnect from my cock and her tongue licking under the shaft. I reached down and pulled the shaft up and watched as she was bathing my balls with her tongue. I pulled her chain again. She moaned again. As she opened her mouth, I fed her my cock again. We continued like that for a while before I felt her dislodge one last time.

"Cum on my face and my tits," she commanded. I was really close before I fed her my cock one more time. She took a few more sucks before I pulled out and began stroking furiously. White comets of semen began to launch on her tits and her neck before she took my cock back into her mouth for a few more shots. I watched as her body froze. The vibrator stopped and it was a good few seconds before she seemed to breathe again. I stepped back and watched as she took the vibrator between her lips to clean it off. Just the sight of it started making me rise again. Slowly, she dislodged each nipple from the metal piece and placed them into the nightstand drawer. She then looked at me up and down before she hit the floor on her knees. Her hand went under my balls as she sat there with my cum stains still on her tits and neck.

"We must never speak of this," she said in her accent before her mouth went over my cock again. I started wondering if my friend ever had it that good as she started engulfing my cock once again.

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