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Not What it Seemed



This is a completely fictional story told in the first person. Lots of firsts for the main characters.


Summer 1979. I'm ready to begin my sophomore year at the university here in Central California. I was a psychology major and I had navigated my way around my freshman year in a new city and my own small apartment just a few blocks away from the campus.

My parents were both high school teachers. Dad taught US History and Civics and Mom taught various math classes, including algebra and geometry.

Although they made a decent living, they weren't able to completely assist in my education. Fortunately for them, my older brother, Doug, had received a full ride scholarship to play football on the east coast. That freed up some money to help me more than they had originally planned.

They were able to cover half of my tuition and a student loan took care of the rest of tuition and books. They paid half of my rent, which was 500 dollars total, and I worked part time in the university cafeteria to pay the other 250 dollars.

My dad had contacts at the university since that was his alma mater. His contacts had helped secure a position in the cafeteria. The hours were convenient; 5:00 am to 7:30am every Monday through Friday mornings during the school year. There was always prep work to do early in the mornings and students began to show up around 7:00 to eat breakfast or just get a cup of coffee before their classes began.

The money wasn't great, it was only 12.5 hours per week, but it did help pay my rent and put a few groceries in the fridge and cabinet. It also put a tank of gas in my 1973 Datsun pickup. My parents also took care of the insurance and registration for me.

I had made a friend at school, Randall and when school wasn't in session I was able to get a few hours of work delivering pizza (his dad owned a pizzeria and had taken a liking to me). Again, the money wasn't great but it did keep my minimal expenses covered.

I had the reputation of being a hard worker and a serious student. Sometimes as a kid that would make me the object of teasing by those less industrious, but as an adult it had benefitted me quite well.

I was also fairly inexperienced in matters of a carnal nature. I had a couple of girlfriends in high school and had one that lasted only briefly in college.

It's not that I was completely green, it's just that I had never gone all the way. Both of my girlfriends in high school were willing to play around in the car or on the couch, but would always cut it short before our clothes came off. They were okay with their breasts and asses being fondled, but no further. By that time, I would have a raging erection that would be dying for relief.

The second girlfriend, Allie, had gone out with me prior to me leaving for college. We had something in common in that we were both serious students and we had both turned 18 within the past two weeks.

Allie wasn't a real beauty. In reality, she was really a plain Jane, but she was very nice to me and she had a great pair of large breasts that I had enjoyed feeling up in the past. She had long dark hair that went half way to her hips. I was hoping that now that we were legally considered adults, she'd let me go further.

We went to the movies and sat up top. I ran my right arm around her neck and inched my hand near her right breast. She seemed to enjoy the attention; especially since no one else could see us.

I took her home and she invited me inside. Her parents were gone for the night. I really was beginning to believe that this would be the night that I'd get laid.

While on the couch we began French kissing and I was fondling her breasts again. My cock was unbelievably hard. I took a chance and began to move my hand inside of her blouse so that I could hopefully remove her bra.

She stopped me. Shit, here we go again. Tease, then disappoint.

Instead, she voluntarily removed her blouse and bra.

"Here, I know you've wanted to see these. Have fun with them but I can't go any further Kevin. I'm still a virgin and I plan on staying that way until I meet the right guy. You're a good guy...and don't take this as an insult...but I don't see you as the kind of guy I'd want to get too serious with."

"However, I'm sitting here letting you see my naked tits. You're the first guy to ever... I've ever let another guy get this far."

I was disappointed yet happy to get my hands on large naked breasts for the first time in my young life. I would often reach down to reposition the erection that was uncomfortable inside of my shorts.

"Take off your pants, Kevin. I'm showing you my tits so you shouldn't be too ashamed to pull your manhood and let me see it."

I didn't mind showing my hard cock, but I was hoping it would be to place it inside of her womanhood. Now, it was just on display. However, she was right. She was sitting there completely topless and unashamed.

She admitted that my cock was the first erect one she'd ever seen. She gently placed her fingers on it. She treated it like it was fragile; as if she would break it if she held it too tight.

By this time, I was about ready to come. I reached over and stuck my hand down the front of her pants.

"No penetration, Kevin. Just remember that."

She meant it. She made me swear that I wouldn't put my cock anywhere near her vaginal opening. I reluctantly agreed because I wanted to see her in all of her naked glory.

Her short pants and underwear came down and I was in awe of the sight in front of me. She had a very thick and dark mane of hair between her legs. I was in such awe that all I could do was keep running my hand through all of that fur.

Allie kept stroking my cock until I could take it anymore. I wanted so badly to put my hardness inside of her but I didn't dare try. Instead, I shot several thick streams of my semen that covered her tits and belly.

She hadn't seen anything like that before. Of course I had never released my load in front of anyone before either. My cock had reduced to its normal size quickly and suddenly I became self-conscious.

I was proud of my length and girth when it was rock hard. Now it was just normal and I instinctively began to cover it with my hand. The fact is, I'm not overly blessed but years later I've learned that I wasn't so bad that I should have been embarrassed. Six inches when hard but with a thickness that was slightly above average.

Allie laughed at my embarrassment. I realized the folly and ceased any attempt to cover it. We also had the mess that still existed on Allie's chest to deal with.

Allie excused herself so that she could get a quick shower and clean up. While she was in the shower, I decided to join her. There was no effort to stop me. She reminded me of my promise of no sex. I looked down and realized that I was already getting another erection.

I gleefully washed her body from head to toe. She returned the favor and spent an extra amount of time washing my cock with soap and water. Within minutes, she had me coming on her again so I repeated my washing of her to remove the residue of my excitement.

So, prior to going to college, this was the extent of my sexual experience. It was a fun night and I'll be forever grateful to Allie for allowing me to go that far, but I was still frustrated that I hadn't truly lost my virginity.

I only saw Allie a few more times in the next year. She had gone to a local junior college while I moved an hour away to the university. We never even made out again. That was a one-time happening. While in college, she met the man that she'd eventually marry. A few years later they moved to Houston when he got a job transfer. I still wonder to this day if he knows about that one night we had. She could honestly tell him that she was still a virgin and that she had saved herself for him.

Although technically she would be correct, we had done everything short of insertion. I can still see that awesome naked body in my mind 36 years later.

In July of 1979, I got a call from my dad.

"Son, this is Dad. Hey, you're going to have a roommate."


"Yeah, your cousin Beth is going to be moving in with you."

"What?" It's not that I didn't like Beth but the idea of a roommate didn't appeal to me at all.

"Dad, this is only a one bedroom apartment. One of us isn't going to have a room."

"No problem, son. Your Uncle Bill is helping her move in the beginning of August. He is going to replace your sofa with one that pulls out into a bed. Maybe you can just make a spot in your room for a small dresser for her."

"Also, Uncle Bill is picking up your part of the rent. I didn't think you'd mind an extra 250 bucks in your pocket each month."

There was no way to argue that point. I could almost picture my wallet smiling.

There was another problem that I couldn't share with my dad.

I always had a crush on Beth. The fact that she was my cousin was all that stopped me from ever going any further.

Beth and I were one day apart in age. My birthday was July 1 and hers was July 2 of the same year. She wanted to go to a four year college but her grades weren't good enough to get into my college.

After a year of junior college, she reapplied and was accepted. She was intelligent but she realized that she'd have to study a little harder to make it at the next level. She wasn't lazy at all, she had grown up working on the ranch, but she didn't put that same effort into school...until junior college.

Beth was a tall, slender blonde. About 5 feet 10 inches tall and slender. She was somewhat tomboyish in the way she dressed but it was impossible to ignore her natural beauty. Although I'd never seen her dressed in any provocative way, it appeared that she wasn't too abundant up top. Still, her beautiful and slightly freckled face and her overall build were very easy on my eyes.

My uncle Bill and Aunt Evelyn were ranchers. They raised dozens of cattle and hundreds of chickens and other fowl. They also had fruit trees and a large garden that grew everything from tomatoes and okra to green beans and peas.

They lived a half hour away but it seemed like they were from a different world. Their spacious ranch was 3 miles away from the nearest town and a half hour from us, where they'd do most of their shopping.

I enjoyed the ranch, not only because of Beth being there but because I enjoyed the atmosphere there. It was a lot of work for them to keep the ranch going but they loved it. It was their entire living. I enjoyed eating Aunt Evelyn's food. Most of it was home-grown. At home, we always had plenty of apricot and peach preserves that she would make from the fruits of her trees.

Still, I was bothered with the idea of having Beth as a roomie. I had become comfortable living alone. I often walked around the apartment either naked or in my underwear. That would have to stop.

Also, I'm sure I'd see a lot of her and those lustful feelings would create a level of discomfort for me. There was no way I'd put the moves on my cousin.

That first Saturday in August, I saw Uncle Bill's pickup pull up with all of Beth's belongings in the back. He and Aunt Evelyn were there to make sure their little girl was going to be okay with her new arrangments. It was a typical hot August day in Central California and Beth was dressed appropriately.

She had on a sleeveless plaid blouse and modestly short blue short pants. Immediately, I pictured her without those clothes. I had to discipline myself to not think about it and welcome her graciously, not like a lecherous pervert.

I helped Uncle Bill haul out my old sofa and bring in the new one. There were a few boxes of Beth's personal belongings as well as her clothes and shoes.

Uncle Bill took us to lunch prior to leaving to go home. The goodbye was emotional for the three of them. Although she'd only be an hour away, it seemed like much further for the loving parents. Beth's older brother, Junior, had gone to junior college for two years then entered the work force as an insurance adjuster.

Another concession to Uncle Bill was that we'd share my pickup. Uncle Bill would also cover the insurance, registration, and any maintenance needed. Dad had used his contacts at the university to get Beth a job working in the cafeteria with me.

It seemed like the perfect set-up except that I'd be seeing Beth more and more and those feelings of lust would reemerge. After that evening with Allie, I was more anxious than ever to go all the way. That wasn't going to happen with Beth and it wasn't going to happen with anyone else in my apartment with Beth there.

What made it even harder on me (pun intended) was while I was helping Beth unpack her goods, I saw her bending over to pick up something and the sides of her sleeveless blouse would provide a gap large enough to peek inside of her blouse.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her small breasts were in full view at the right angle. I had made an effort to not pay attention to her but this was too good to ignore.

Seeing those small yet beautiful breasts on Beth had created that same feeling of discomfort inside of my underwear. Usually, I'd just lay on my bed and take care of the erection until my sac was empty. That wasn't going to happen now either, not with Beth there.

I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I took care of that business there. I figured that I'd have to get used to it with Beth now in the place.

After that, things went very well. I never got another peek at her tits. At least not for a few weeks. She dressed more conservatively for school. We didn't have any classes together. Her desire was to be a physical therapist.

The first semester together, I had a 7:45 class but her first class wasn't until 9:50. We both worked in the cafeteria until 7:30 and then I'd grab a cup of coffee and go to class. She walked back home and rested or did homework until 9:30, which is when she'd begin walking to class. It was less than a 10 minute walk to school.

We were very compatible roommates. There was hardly any friction. I felt bad that she had the sofa bed and offered to trade her, but she declined. She was just happy to be someplace where she felt safe and the bed was reasonably comfortable for her.

We both had classes every day of the week. Our schedules were staggered so we were both going in and out of the apartment at all times of the day. If I had two hours or more between classes, I'd walk home and either study or get a quick nap. Less than two hours and I'd go to the library and study. I even dozed off in the library a few times.

One Wednesday, I was supposed to go to a 7:45 class but when I arrived, there was a note on the door stating that classes with this professor for the day had been cancelled due to illness and the lack of an appropriate substitute. There was a brief mention of a reading assignment and to return on Friday for the next scheduled class.

I didn't have another class until 11:35 so I walked home.

I entered the apartment and headed to my room. I heard some shower water going and the bathroom door was wide open.

I couldn't resist the temptation. I peeked inside and saw a blurry vision of Beth allowing the water from the nozzle run down her hair.

I couldn't make out any specifics. The glass door to our shower/tub was lightly frosted so the best I could see was a nude form under the shower spray. Sadly, I couldn't make out her tits or anything else.

I didn't notice any other clothes in the bathroom so I guessed that she'd probably come out naked; assuming that she was alone.

I owed it to her to let her know that I was there. I spoke up loud enough so she could hear me over the shower water.

"Hey Beth. Kevin here. Class was cancelled."

Total silence. I wondered if she heard me...or if she did hear me didn't know what to say.


"I heard you Kevin. Do me a favor and shut the bathroom door then."

"No problem, Beth."

I went to shut the bathroom door, hoping for at least another peek, although obstructed by the frosted glass.

She had turned her back to the shower door and all I saw was the blurry vision of her naked ass.

I sat down at my bedroom desk and began my reading assignment. Beth finally emerged from the bathroom completely covered up with a towel. She didn't appear upset.

"Excuse me Kevin. I didn't expect you here and I had planned on getting dressed in your room. I need you to move until I'm dressed."

"No problem. I'll just read at the kitchen table."

"Thanks. This is kind of awkward but you're being good about it."

I took my textbook and began reading again. Beth finally came out 5 minutes later and went back to the bathroom to brush out her hair. I had learned that she was low maintenance when it came to preparing to leave the house. She wore no makeup at all and kept her blonde hair back in a ponytail.

The only jewelry she wore were simple earrings, a watch, and her senior class ring.

"Thanks again Kevin. That's why I feel safe here."

"Hey, I'm not the kind of guy that would hit on my cousin"

"I'm not exactly your cousin."

"What do you mean? You're my dad's brother's daughter. That makes you my cousin."

"You don't know, Kevin? Nobody in your family has never told you what happened?"

I was more than just a little confused.

"Your Uncle Bill and Aunt Evelyn aren't my real parents."

"Don't get me wrong, they raised me, but I have no clue where my parents are."

She went on to explain that her mother often had Aunt Evelyn babysit often. Her parents were never married and her dad bolted when he discovered that her mother was pregnant.

Not too long before she turned 3, her mother left her with Aunt Evelyn to babysit again. This time, she never returned. They notified authorities and found her two months later in Oregon.

She had no desire to come back for her daughter. My aunt and uncle became her legal guardians. She was never adopted but she looked to them as her parents.

"Kevin, I'm disappointed that your parents never told you this. It's common knowledge in the family. As soon as I was old enough to understand that they weren't my real parents, they explained to me what my mother had done. They explained that they still have no clue who my dad is."

"My birth mother was a friend of your aunt when they were in high school. They stayed in touch even after your aunt was married and working on their ranch."

I'm not sure how my face looked but Beth must have thought I was angry.

"Don't be angry, Kevin. It doesn't change anything."

"Yes it does, Beth. Changes a lot!"

I said that before thinking about it. The obvious follow-up question would certainly come now. She didn't disappoint.

"How is that Kevin? We get along well. You've made my moving away from home for the first time as easy as possible. I really appreciate what you've done."

To tell her the truth would make more sense to her. However, the truth would be unbearably uncomfortable for me. How do I tell her that I've had a crush on her since we were young kids. She knew I liked her like a cousin but I never acted in any way to make her think I had other intentions. I was silent for several seconds.

I was also seething inwardly at somehow being left out of this important knowledge about Beth's true parents.

"Kevin, we've gotten along very well since we were kids. Suddenly you're acting different towards me. What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing at all. Believe me Beth. Nothing at all. It's just other things going on in my stupid head."

"Because no one bothered to tell you about my parentage?"

She was only partially right.

"Beth, that's only a small part of it. Don't worry, I'll be fine."

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