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I have you bound on my bed. You are naked, your wrists tied above your head, your legs bound wide apart. Completely available, totally vulnerable, and I can see you tremble as it hits you, that feeling of helplessness. Knowing how much bigger than me you are, how strong you are, how muscular, yet knowing that you have given yourself to me this way. I can feel it, feel the trust you have in me. Knowing that I will hurt you, deliciously, with love and savage tenderness, but that I would never injure you or use you or misuse you.

Teasing my fingernails over your flat brown nipples, I see you lunge up slightly. I lean down and whisper in your ear. "It feels good, doesn't it pet?"

You can only nod, your throat tight with tension and lust. I pluck at them with my fingers and nails, tugging them gently, teasing you. I lean down and lap at them with my tongue, first one, then the other. And then I suck on one, hard, biting you, pulling at you with my teeth. Again, one, then the other. You groan.

Now they are rigid and wet. But not quite hard enough.

I reach for an ice cube in the cup by the bed, and run circles around your nipples with it. The icy water runs down your chest and sides. I see you watching me, and I get the blindfold and put it around your eyes.

"I want you to just feel me, pet, not see me." I never tell you that it's too hard for me, to see your eyes when I do this to you. Knowing you could see my heart in my eyes, know how hard it is sometimes to take this role, yet knowing it's a deep need as well. And what a precious gift it is, this surrender to me. I take a deep breath, hoping you feel what I feel when I am naked and bound by you. The owned feeling, that sweet longing to be Yours, to do everything you command me to do.

I take a long soft feather, and run it down your body, from wrists to ankles. It skims over your flesh, leaving a trail of goosebumps over you. Then tickling it back up, slowly, erotically, watching you squirm and hearing you moan. My hands follow that same trail, skating over your bare skin, learning the textures of your body. The soft hair under your arms, the warm smoothness of your chest, the crisp hair framing your beautiful cock, your long hard legs, straining in the bonds, wanting to touch me. "Not yet, pet."

Again I am drawn to your nipples. I shudder, knowing how good it feels when you suck on mine. I attack them greedily, sucking them into my mouth until you are moaning. Glancing down, I can see how aroused you are. Your cock is rigid, red, throbbing, fully erect. God, it's so beautiful. But I resist the urge to touch it, telling myself the same thing; not yet, not yet.

I start to massage your body, feeling the muscles under the warm skin. Your inner thighs, along the line between hip and thigh. Close, so dangerously close to your cock, but never quite there. I can see you tremble when I grip your thighs. You want to spread them more, but the bonds won't let you. I know that feeling, pet. Wanting to be so open and available for you.

Taking another ice cube, I run it along your thighs, down behind your knees, down to your ankles. Those sounds you make are driving me crazy. I can feel my own body tremnling in response. Next, I pour warm oil on my hands, and begin to handle your body. Smoothing down your arms, across your chest, your hips, your legs. Kneading the muscles, memorizing the feel of your body under my hands. That beautiful body you give to me so willingly.

You are shiny with the sweet vanilla smelling oil. I simply stand there, admiring you, knowing you are there because you choose to be there, because you love me, because I love you. And that it's something we both crave, this exchange of power.

But the lust is building inside me, pet. I slip my fingers into my wetness, and slather it on your lips. You greedily lick it off, whimpering slightly. "See what you to do me, pet?"

You chuckle, and thrust your hips up. "See what you do to me, Mistress?"

"Oh yes, I see it. Do you want me to touch it?" I ask innocently. A violent shudder rushes over your body. A hissed "Yesssssssssssssss," is all I want to hear. "Not yet," I answer.

I see you tugging at the bonds, your muscles bulging and straining. I just smile wickedly. Moving down to the end of the bed, I unhook your ankle cuffs, one at a time, and retie them with your legs spread and up and open, looping heavy soft ropes under your knees to take the strain off your legs. I run my fingernails down your inner thighs, and I can see your battle, the battle inside you, hating to be bound like this, loving it at the same time.

Taking a leather cock ring, I unsnap it, and quickly wrap it around the base of your throbbing length. Snapping it, it squeezes you gently, putting slight pressure around you, like my fingers would if I were gripping you. "Oh, fuck, Mistress," you groan, your hips thrusting up, trying to find my fingers again.

Picking up the purple anal beads, I coat them with the slick lubricant. It's not something we have done yet, filling your ass, but I think it's time. I want you to feel what I feel when you fill me.

Climbing on the bed, I straddle your body, facing away from you. My naked body under the nightgown settles on you. God, I do love the sounds you make when I touch you. I reach down, and spread your cheeks with my fingers. You tense, almost lifting my knees off the bed. "Wait, I........oh, God," you moan. I feel your capitulation, knowing what I am going to do, accepting it. I know it's not something you have done before. I know how much trust it takes for you to be bound like this. And I know how much you are going to love it.

I start to insert the beads slowly, slipping one in, then pushing it in deeper with my finger. Then the next, slightly larger, until they are all the way inside you, the whimsical heart shaped handle the only thing showing.

Your cock, Jesus, your cock is harder than I have ever seen it. A deep mauve, the head almost purple, the veins distended and throbbing. It takes my breath away, knowing I drove you to this.

Rising off your body and the bed, I lean down and tell you, "I'm going to fuck you with them, my sweet." Your body shudders in response. I move around the bed, and kneel between your open legs. I slide a long finger into the handle, and put my hand reassuringly on your inner thigh. Slowly, I start to slide it in and out. The beads slide out, one at a time, then I shove them back in gently. You groan, a low throaty growl, and I keep fucking you. Your hips are starting to move with me, reaching for the beads. "It feels heavenly, doesn't it, dear?"

You struggle to find words, I can see it. "Yesss."

After long moments of sliding them in and out of you, I pull it out. I lay on the bed, and spread your cheeks wider, and start to lap at you with my velvety tongue. "Jeeeessssssuuuusssssssssssss Chriiissst," you roar. I know what you are feeling. Somewhat violated, exposed, naked, and me doing this wicked naughty thing to you, licking you in that private spot. The intimacy of it shakes you to the core. And I feel that exact moment when you surrender it all to me. Your body slumps, and you relax, and my tongue dips into you deeper. You open, yield, and I dig my tongue at you, wanting more, til you are writhing on the bed. Lifting my head, I shove two fingers into you, and dive down on your cock. Your hips surge up, driving your cock into my throat.

I fuck you with my fingers, twisting them, pressing on your prostate, driving you wild under my mouth and hands. And I suck, suck hard, and you start to cum. Your body is locked, your head thrown back, your back arched, trying to get as much of you into my mouth as you can. I push hard inside you, and you jerk, flooding my mouth and throat with your creamy essence. I can feel your whole body shaking apart.

I suckle you slowly, sweetly, drawing out the last trembling shudders and groans, and then release you. Your cock is still red and rigid.

With unsteady hands I untie you. I felt the power of your surrender, and it has shaken me. Before I even have a chance to think about it, you are on me, pulling me under you, and driving your cock into my soaked sex. "Bitch," you whisper before your mouth claims mine.

You fuck me. There is no other word for it, you fuck me with no finesse, just raw power and urgency, taking back the control you so willingly gave me a moment ago. I cling to you, lost in your body, in your possession, in your love. The climax, when it hits, is shattering. You follow me down into the vortex, screaming my name as you fill me.

Collapsing on the bed, your heavy body covers mine, our bodies warm and damp. Your breathing is like a freight train, harsh and gulping. You roll off me, and I remove the cock ring.

"Damn, woman, you said it would be intense, but I never knew. It gives me new respect for your surrender, my sweet." I just smile. You ain't seen nothing yet, my adorable pet.

Not Yet by Cathy O'Niel copyright 2009

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