Nothing I Won't Do


Frustrated as I was, I decided to switch gears. One fetish wasn't working out the way I'd hoped, hitting me way too close to home, so I chose my back-up fetish: creampie videos. Lots and lots of those to choose from, and very few which had an incest theme to them. I found one particular video clip on a porn-tube website that really got my motor running and I quickly began to rub myself through my boxers. A few minutes of that, though, was hardly enough to satisfy me, so I pushed my pants and boxers down around my ankles while still sitting and really began to stroke myself, fully intent on getting rid of my pent-up sexual frustration. I didn't even bother with putting on earphones, thinking that Beth would almost certainly be upstairs in her bedroom and listening to music while she got ready for the day. Right at the climax of the video clip, at the point where the male stud was about to cum inside the young, large-breasted woman he was furiously shagging from behind, I felt my own orgasm begin. As my testicles began to clench and I could feel a rather large amount of cum start to make its way through my thick 9-inch shaft, my bedroom door opened and Beth walked in, her eyes immediately fixed on my exploding member.

"FUCK! BETH!" I cried out as my cum began to spew upwards in a high arc.

"Holy shit!" Beth exclaimed and her jaw simply dropped open in stunned awe as her eyes took in the sight of her father climaxing uncontrollably. Three healthy spurts of semen shot into the air from my spewing member while she stared, transfixed, at me in stunned shock. The first of those three shots arced high into the air and landed right on the back of her hand, which caused her to involuntarily flinch like she'd been scalded from the heat of it. All I could do at that point was stare back at her balefully, my body wracked with spasms and beyond my control as the other two shots splattered on the floor. Another two strong jolts swept through my body and those found a home on my computer screen. "Oh, shit, Dad, I am SO sorry! Hold on!" She immediately disappeared from sight, much to my relief, and closed the door behind her swiftly.

I leaned back in my chair, completely winded and totally embarrassed at the situation, surveying the mess I'd just made all over my stomach and computer desk with massive amounts of chagrin. After the conversation we'd had over coffee that morning, I could only imagine what was going through my daughter's mind at that point. I thought that, for sure, I'd have to do a lot of explaining to get back in her good graces. Imagine MY surprise, however, when the door opened up again and, this time, Beth had a towel with her.

"Here," she said, handing the towel to me, her eyes practically glued to my slimy, oozing cock. "I'm so sorry that I just barged in on you like that, Dad. I should've knocked first. I'm really, really sorry."

I took the towel from her and noted that the first glob of cum that had landed on her hand was now conspicuously gone. I began to wipe away the goo that had splattered all over myself and saw that some droplets had made their way onto the keyboard. "And I suppose," I said sourly as I gently wiped my cum off the keyboard keys, "that coming BACK in here, again without knocking, seemed like the right course of action?"

Beth leaned against the door frame, watching me, and smirked while she amusedly bit down on a fingernail. My computer desk was situated right next to the bedroom doorway, so she was close enough to actually smell my cum from only a few feet away. "Well, you DID make a pretty big mess," she said. She glanced at my computer screen and swabbed a streak of my cum that I hadn't cleaned up yet. As she did so, she noticed the video I had been viewing. On the screen the woman who'd just received a rather healthy dose of cum inside her pussy was showing her prize off for the camera, white creamy liquid slowly oozing out of her well-fucked vagina. "Oh!" Beth said with surprise while she absent-mindedly sucked the small amount of my seed from her fingertip, "I didn't know you were into creampies!"

My composure, by then, was completely gone, to say nothing of my decorum. At that point it would have been a farce to try and look dignified. I stopped wiping up my cum and just stared up at my daughter as she finally registered the fact that she'd just taken her father's cum, small amount though it had been, into her mouth with hardly a thought right in front of me. "And what would you know about it?" I asked her.

"Hmm," she muttered as she gamely tried to classify the taste in her mouth and then shrugged, her little faux pas forgotten for the moment. "It's one of my fetishes, too," she told me with complete ease in her voice. "I mean, yeah, I've never had sex, but I've got this fantasy of what it probably feels like, y'know?"

I shook my head and tossed the cum-soaked towel into the dirty clothes hamper across the room, Beth's eyes following it as it flew through the air and went right into the hamper. Score two points for Daddy- nothing but net. I then stood up, my cock still semi-erect but starting to droop now that my carnal desires had been sated, and pulled up my pants to cover my groin from Beth's seemingly very interested gaze. "Normally, Sweetheart, I'd have no problems talking about this kind of stuff with you, but, under the circumstances, I think I'd like to change the subject if you don't mind."

"Dad," Beth began, "you've got nothing to be embarrassed about. If anything, from what I saw, you ought to be pretty damned proud. I mean, that's an impressive piece of equipment you've got, Dad."

I ignored the compliment and turned away from her in search of my wallet, anything to look at other than my daughter. "So... to what do I owe the embarrassment of your visit? Did you have something in mind to tell me or was that just a random intrusion?"

"Oh, uh, I just came down to tell you that I called in sick to school today, it being my birthday and all. Actually, I guess I sorta called in well, but they won't know the difference and I've got a few sick days to use. And I, uhm, was wondering if you wanted to go get some breakfast or something."

I turned to look at her and said, "Sure. I'm kinda hungry. But if you make one, single joke about sausage and eggs, you're fending for yourself."

Beth's cheeks dimpled impishly but she kept herself in check. "Deal," she said. "So... IHOP?"

"Sounds good," I said. "I'll meet you at the car in five minutes." When she left I just stood there, in my room, and regarded my computer screen, which still showcased the website that was home to the porn clip and brightly advertised various other porn sites for me to visit and would I like to check out some sexy cheerleaders? I hit ALT+F4 on my keyboard with a certain measure of finality and muttered, "Well, that went disastrously."


During those few minutes before meeting up with Beth at the car, I was in a near panic over what had just happened. I knew I wasn't seeing things: Beth had tasted my cum right in front of me like it was no different than tasting cupcake frosting. She didn't bat an eye or make mention of it, but the subtext of her message was clear: she was toying with me. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what the hell was going on with my daughter, but I knew that I had to somehow get the upper hand in this strange ordeal and I had better do it fast or things would get out of control in no time flat. While I knew that Beth was still a technical virgin, I knew that she had a vibrator, had long-since broken her hymen in junior high as a cheerleader and was aware of herself as a sexual being, even if I had been somewhat oblivious to it until that morning. Now that she was eighteen, she was probably chomping at the bit to get laid for real and, being the only male within shooting distance, I had somehow become the target of her amorous intentions. I was tempted, sorely tempted, to call her bluff and start flirting with her right back, but I felt that flirting with my daughter was actually flirting with disaster and could ultimately backfire on me. I had to figure out a way to redirect her attentions and get me out of her sights.

Beth met me at the car wearing another summer dress. This one, however, came up to her mid-thigh and was a summery yellow hue. It was unseasonably warm that day and there was a slight breeze that rustled the dry leaves from the trees and also caused the hem of her dress to flutter about tantalizingly in the morning light. Her hair, still adorned with ringlets from the day before, shined pleasantly in the sunlight and had a soft shimmer to it. She got into the car with a brief, enigmatic smile that she flashed at me and I got into the driver's seat, started the car and drove out of the driveway, thinking about how I might turn the tables on her.

As we were driving down the road in front of the house, I said, "So... how'd it taste? Good?"

"How did what taste?" she asked, her face a total blank.

"My cum," I clarified. "I saw you swipe that little bit of it off the screen. It's not like you were trying to be coy about it, either. I'm guessing that you wanted me to see that, so I'm not going to play stupid and ignore it. Then there's the bit that landed on your hand, which miraculously disappeared by the time you returned with the towel. I'm assuming that you ingested that, too. So... how'd it taste?"

Beth was silent for a thoughtful moment and asked, "You aren't angry?"

"Why should I be angry? Clearly you didn't know what semen tastes like and there was a perfectly good opportunity to find out. Totally logical. Not, mind you, that tasting your father's cum is necessarily the best way to find out, but I'll concede that you have to take your opportunities where you find them. So, no, I'm not angry. More concerned than anything."

Beth heaved a huge sigh and leaned back in the car seat with relief. "Oh, thank God! I thought you were going to, like, get all weird on me about it. Thank you for understanding, Dad."

I kept my own counsel about just how understanding I was about the situation; I was trying to get the upper hand here. "No problem. But you still didn't answer the question. Did my seed taste good or bad?"

Beth shrugged. "Well, to be honest, I don't really know. I mean, I kinda got a taste of it, but not really. There really wasn't that much of it for me to tell. I guess it was okay. I don't really have anything to compare it to."

I nodded reasonably, already aware of the subtext of her reply: she wanted to taste more. I wasn't going to fall into that trap. "Really? What about that guy you were dating before I left? Carl, was it? I mean, I know you were waiting until today before you had sex with him, but surely you guys got into some heavy petting and some oral sex, right?" Here we go, I thought to myself. Masterful. Shift the focus onto someone else other than me, divert her attentions elsewhere.

"Yeah," she said slowly. "We fooled around a little bit, but I kinda broke up with him a few weeks ago. He wasn't getting pushy or anything, but we were getting kinda hot and heavy and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to control myself around him anymore. I wanted to wait until I'm legal so that he wouldn't get into trouble or anything. And he was okay with that, I guess. Maybe a little disappointed, but totally cool about it. But after awhile I kinda realized that, really, he isn't the kind of guy I'm looking for. I mean, he's super-cool and stuff, but he's just not... I don't know... not ready. Or I'm not ready. I think he was more serious about the relationship than I was, I guess. Like, I just want some good memories and to have a good time, and I'm not just talking about sexually, either. But I kinda got the impression that he wanted to make us a long-term thing and, I mean, I'm not even out of high school yet and I haven't even gotten to college. I'm just not ready for that with him. So, for now, we're kinda broken up but still good friends."

I took all of that in with a slow nod. Her thinking was mature, lucid and clear, I had to give her that, but it didn't give me much wiggle room. Without a boyfriend to shift her focus on, I was up shit creek without a paddle. But I wasn't sunk just yet, I told myself. "So... are you still intending to give him your virginity or are you gonna hold out just a little bit longer for another guy?"

Beth shook her head distractedly. "I don't know," she said quietly. "I really don't. On the one hand, he's a nice guy and he won't mistreat me. On the other hand, I'm not really in love with him, so what would be the point, right? You and Mom always told me that, when I was ready to go down that road, I should do it with someone I love. I mean, I love him in a friend sort of way, but I'm not IN love with him, y'know?" I nodded in silent reply, kicking myself mentally in the hopes that inspiration might strike me. "I guess the jury's still out on that. But I've got time to think about it. There's a Halloween party tomorrow night and we've both agreed to go together. I guess I'll make my decision then."

"Hmm," I ruminated out loud. "Well, it's been my experience that hasty decisions are often times the ones with the biggest consequences. If I were you, I'd start thinking about it seriously now and make your decision before he picks you up tomorrow. He IS picking you up, isn't he?"

"Yep," she said. "Eight o'clock. The party starts at nine, so we'll have an hour to grab something to eat."

Again, I nodded. "Well, if you decide that tomorrow's the night, just make sure you bring protection, all right?" Inwardly I was heaving a massive sigh of relief, almost certain now that I was nudging her gently enough in his direction that I would be safe from her hormonal onslaught.

"Pfft!" Beth said derisively. "Dad, I've been on birth control for, like, two years now. Remember?"

"Ah," I said flatly. She was right: I was the one who'd taken her to the doctor to get the pills. "Right. Forgot about that. Okay, fine, but I'd still like you to use a condom- where sex is concerned, getting pregnant is only ONE of the serious things to avoid. You copy?"

Beth chuckled lightly. "Roger, Dad. I copy. So... I'm thinking that I'll get myself an omelet. What about you?"

I smiled wolfishly. "Pancakes, definitely. I've been craving pancakes like you wouldn't believe. The stuff they make us eat at the DFAC couldn't pass as breakfast to a starving man."

Beth laughed at that. "Is it really that bad?" she asked.

I shrugged. "No, not really. I mean, yeah, the breakfasts kind of suck out there, but the dinners are actually pretty good, most of the time. It's a lot of hit-or-miss, really. And everybody's tastes vary. Some guys like certain meals that others might hate. But, for the most part, pretty much everyone agrees that powdered eggs are the Army's curse for signing up."

"Powdered eggs?" Beth said with disgust. "Really? That actually make you eat that stuff. Ew!"

"Yeah. It's especially nasty when they get the water mix ratios wrong. And they always do. It's either too thin or too thick and, either way, it tastes awful. No amount of salt or pepper can convince your taste buds that what you're eating is even remotely related to eggs."

"I wonder what they make that stuff out of, anyway?" she mused.

"I haven't a clue," I said, "but if they REALLY want to make the enemy suffer, they'd force-feed detainees powdered eggs every day for a month. Best torture device ever."

With that my daughter roared with laughter, the subject of sex and boys totally forgotten. The resultant conversation shifted and swayed all over the map, but the topic of sex didn't come up again. We quickly fell into our normal routine as a father and daughter and all the tension was gone, which was a great relief to me. We thoroughly enjoyed each other's company and conversation during the rest of the car ride to the restaurant, while we waited for seating and all the way up until the waitress asked us for our orders.

When the waitress appeared at our table, her order pad in hand, I indicated that Beth should go first, since she was the birthday girl and a lady. Beth blushed a little at that and glanced up and down the menu a final time. "Ummmm, well," she said slowly, "I'm definitely in the mood for some-" and she lowered the menu just enough to catch my gaze and tapped my leg with her foot- "sausage and eggs. So I'll have a sausage and cheese omelet, please. Toast and grits on the side. And orange juice to drink."

When the waitress turned to me, waiting for my order, she found herself waiting a little longer than expected as I was just sitting there, looking at my daughter with a dumbstruck look on my face. Holy shit, I thought to myself, she is fucking goooooood! I totally didn't not see that little jab coming. The waitress prompted me again and I shook myself out of the mental fog I was in. "Oh! Pardon me, my mind was somewhere else-"

"He's on Leave from Afghanistan," my daughter explained helpfully, though she knew full well that wasn't why I'd had a train-of-thought-wreck.

"Oh, wonderful!" the waitress replied. "Active military on Leave get one free meal! Order whatever you'd like, sir. We appreciate your service."

"Uh, wow," I stammered, collecting my wits about me. "Thank you. Uhm, yeah, okay. I'll have some pancakes, please. Banana pancakes with strawberry sauce, two sausage links and some toast. Iced tea to drink, please." The waitress scribbled my order down on her pad while I shot a vindictive glare at my daughter's twinkling, playful eyes. The waitress quickly trotted off to place our orders to get our drinks.

"That," I told my daughter, "was sneaky."

Beth flashed an impish grin at me. "I learned from the best," she said. "Oh, c'mon, Dad. How could I resist? You all but left the door open for that one. I just walked through it, that's all. Besides, it's not like anyone else but you and me would have a clue what I meant."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head at her. "But that's just the point, Sweetheart," I told her. "I DO have a clue what you meant. I knew EXACTLY what you meant. And I have to make this absolutely clear right here and now: stop. Okay?"

Beth blinked her eyes at me in mock innocence. "Stop what, Dad?"

"Stop flirting with me," I said in a hushed whisper so that none of the other patrons would hear me. "You're playing with fire. I love you and I am MORE than happy to talk openly with you about anything under the sun, but there's a line and you can't cross it."

"I'm not crossing anything, Dad," she said plaintively. "Well, I AM crossing my legs, but if you'd like me to stop doing that for you, just say the word and I'll uncross my legs for you in no time flat."

My jaw dropped open to form a perfect "O" and I just stared at her in total shock at her brazenness, stricken completely speechless for the first time in years.

But Beth just burst out with laughter and pointed at me. "Oh, man, Dad, you should see yourself right now! Oh, MAN, did I get you good! God, that was priceless. DEFINITELY worth the price of admission, just to see the look on your face. Oh, I SO had you!"

My mouth snapped shut and I leaned back hard against the seat back in total awe of my daughter. Had she just been fucking with me, trying to mess with my head and playing a joke at my expense all morning long? If so, she had definitely played me like a fiddle. "You mean... you mean that was all a game to you?" I asked with astonishment.

"Of COURSE it was!" Beth replied between giggles. "God, Dad, do you really think I'd be that... what's the word-"


"No, that's not the one I'm looking for, but that'll do. Do you really think I'd be like that out here, in the open? I was just messing with you. And look at you! You took it hook, line and sinker!"

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