Notice Me


Edwin watched Mary flirt her way across the room. She was a regular barfly at the "Hole in the Wall" bar. She always came in by herself and flirted with a different guy every time she was there, but always left alone.

"Cocktease," Edwin said.

Mary flirted with everyone at the bar, but never with Edwin. He smiled at her, but she didn't seem to notice. He bought her drinks that she didn't drink, and tried to start conversations that she never picked up.

Edwin was very frustrated. He wanted a chance with Mary, but it was apparent she didn't want to give him one. Normally what Edwin wanted. Edwin got. He was young and easy on the eyes. However he did have a sadistic streak, but most women didn't find that out until it was too late. Edwin felt it was time Mary met his sadistic side. He wanted to punish Mary and teach her a lesson.

Edwin followed Mary to the bar and stood next to her while she ordered her drink. When it came, Edwin offered to pay for it; she declined. He made a gesture to pick up her drink and hand it to her but "accidentally" knocked her clutch off the bar. Edwin started to bend down, but Mary stopped him to pick it up herself. In that moment Edwin slipped a white powder into Mary's drink.

"Shouldn't be so fucking independent," Edwin said under his breath as he walked away.

Edwin watched Mary grab a booth in the back. She sat there people watching and sipping her drink. Several men stopped by to chat, and one in particular seem to catch Mary's attention. Twenty minutes later, Mary started slowly shaking her head, got up and headed to the restroom leaving a dumbfounded fellow at the booth.

Edwin quickly followed Mary to the restroom. It was located in a narrow hallway that also led to the kitchen and the emergency exit door. As Mary stumbled toward the restroom, Edwin grabbed her by her elbow and directed her to the exit door. Mary looked at him with blurry eyes but didn't protest. They left through the exit door, onto the parking lot and straight to Edwin's car.

Edwin opened up the door and pushed her into the back. Mary fell across the backseat, her short dress hiking to reveal no underwear and a perfectly hairless vagina. Without thinking, Edwin bent down and kissed the top of her vagina. The softness of her skin excited him so much he grabbed her legs and pushed them towards her chest so that her vagina lipswas exposed. He kissed her at the top of her slit, then slid his tongue down her slit and back up again. He felt her squirm and her legs push back against his arms. Edwin put his hands on the back of Mary's knees and pulled them apart even farther making her pussy more accessible for his tongue. Edwin began lapping her slit like a dog drinking water. Gently at first but with increasing pressure with each stroke.

Edwin felt Mary's hands grab at his hair and rub his head. When he heard her moaning, he decided to change tactics. His tongue found her clit and started to gently suck it, changing her moans to whimpers. Her hands were frantically trying to push his face into her pussy. He changed tactics again and started to quickly flick the clit with his tongue. She was so wet and he wanted to just bury his face in her pussy, but he had to hold back. His 5- o'- clock shadow would rub her raw if he did and he had a long couple of days planned for her. Her whimpers turned into words, "Oh,god," "please don't stop," and "make me cum hard," were the few things he could make out. He felt her tensing and recognized she was on the verge of cumming. He started to flick his tongue even faster and sent her over the edge. She tried to get away, but he moved his hands causing her legs to fall on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her thighs so she couldn't move. Her moans of protest were unbelievably loud to his ears. But he knew he couldn't stop, even with the chance of getting caught. He kept flicking his tongue on her clit until she literally passed out from overstimulation.

Edwin stepped back from the car and looked at Mary. Her dress was pulled dow just below her breasts and her pussy and thighs glistened from her juices. She was completely passed out. Edwin knew he couldn't wait until he got her home. He wanted his cock to taste her delicious pussy right now. Edwin got into the back seat and closed the door.

Mary felt all warm and fuzzy. She had never cum so hard before. She knew that it wasn't her vibrator that made her cum, but a man. She couldn't grasp who because her head was so foggy and honestly it felt so good she didn't care. She would worry about consequences later. Now she just wanted to take a well-deserved nap. Mary felt her legs being moved around. She frowned slightly, but her body felt like jelly and unresponsive to anything she wanted it to do. She felt something touching her vagina again. She was still very sensitive there and flinched. Then she realized her legs were in the air pressed up against a very warm body. She felt arms wrap around her legs and then a hard demanding cock being rammed into her pussy. Mary's eyes popped open and she screamed, her overstimulated pussy was roaring with sensations. She felt her head was going to explode. She tried to push away the invader with her hands but they were already slick with sweat and just slipped away.

"Stop!" Mary screamed, "Please, I can't take it!" She continued screaming and begging him to stop, already feeling another impossible orgasm building up.

"Shhh. Shhh. Don't worry, Mar." Edwin said, "It's me."

Mary was so confused. She didn't know who "me" was. She couldn't really see anything and her brain wasn't functioning right. She was just starting to realize that she was in someone's car, and whoever was fucking her was definitely a pro. He would fuck her hard and fast not giving her time to think, forcing her to the edge of orgasm, then slowing down to do long strokes from different angles, pushing his cock to the base, slowly grinding in slow small circles that would keep her at the top, but not yet push her over. The car was humid, the windows fogged, and their bodies slick with sweat. She felt like she was in a sauna. She screamed and begged, but didn't know what she was begging for anymore. She wanted the sweet torture to stop but she wanted to cum so badly again. Her begging had turned into whimpers and sobs. Her throat was raw and she couldn't scream anymore.

"Sweet Mary, I am going to cum in you and fill you up with me...." Edwin moaned.

Mary was filled with renewed fear. She wasn't on birth control! She felt his tempo speed up and thrusts become more forceful. All the fucking had pushed her into the corner of the backseat. Her head was at an angle and her body curled into a ball. She had no leverage, and they were slippery like oil slicks. He fucked her harder with each stroke, pounding her pussy like he wanted all of him inside of her. Even though she felt like he had been fucking her for an eternity, she was still wet, juices flowing. They were flowing even more now because this intense pounding felt so good. Mary felt her orgasm finally go over the edge. Her pussy clenched and sucked at this man's cock. She felt him fighting his way back inside her. Her stomach was actually seizing from a cramp. Mary couldn't comprehend anything anymore as her brain went numb and shut down. She felt feral, only functioning on basic instincts.

She heard him moan and him thrust harder for a few strokes, then grind his dick roughly against her pussy. She felt him fill her up and was the last thing she knew before her brain completely shut down and there was nothing but darkness.

Edwin was amazed at how good Mary felt. Her pussy was like a spring that never went dry. At the end, when she was cumming it felt like her pussy was trying to choke the cum out of him.

"Oh Mary, what fun I am going to have with you these next few days," Edwin smiled.

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