Notorious Ch. 01


When we arrived at Tony's he turned on the radio while saying, "Make yourself at home Lisa."

He had a little bar area which I leant against while I looked at his collection of drinks.

After turning the radio on and hiding a little mess here and there he joined me at the bar. "What can I get you," he asked.

"How about some Frangelico and ice," I suggested.

"No problem," he said, and starting pouring our drinks.

When he finished he came around the bar and joined me. "Cheers," he said "to us!"

"To us," I returned.

After our toast he was silent for a few moments as he looked into my eyes. Judging by the expressions passing over his face he was trying to decide something. Eventually, he looked like he had made a decision.

He reached out to me and stroked my upper arm as he said, "You know I've liked you for a long time Lisa."

"I know, and I like you too, Tony," I said, "and we've become good friends."

"Yeah, but I always hoped we would be more than friends," he said with an expression so wistful I could almost feel his disappointment.

"Tony, we can be friends and be more than friends," I replied with a cheeky smile, as I put my hand on his hip.

"I don't understand you, friends, more than friends, what do you mean?" he asked.

"I don't want a relationship, I don't want a boyfriend, but I can still have a boy friend," I said, putting emphasis on the last word.

"And we can be friends, and we can be more than friends, so long as you understand you aren't my boyfriend," I said, emphasising the last word again.

"I think I see," he said, "we can be friends; friends with benefits."

"Yes," I said, "exactly."

"And that's all I can have," he said, "all I can ever have?"

"Yes," I replied, as I stroked his hip, "Ever is a long time, but I don't see myself in a relationship for a long time, maybe years."

As he leaned towards me, he said, "If that's all I can have, I won't say no." Then he kissed me.

As we kissed I could feel his hands all over my body. His touch was rough and urgent. After flirting and teasing all night my own need was just as urgent and I welcomed the manhandling as he squeezed my breasts and grabbed my arse.

As he clutched my arse he pulled me against him and I could feel his hardness through our clothes. I had a sudden craving to taste his cock so I freed myself from his hands and knelt in front of him. In my eagerness I fumbled with his pants as I undid them. Eventually I had his pants around his ankle and his pulsing cock was standing upright in my face.

I was rapidly losing control of my lust and I devoured his cock, taking the entire length into my mouth in one gulp. I rapidly slid my mouth up and down his shaft. I could feel the head deep in the back of my throat each time I plunged my mouth down over it.

My fervour surprised a grunt out of him, "Uhhhhh," he said, "Oh god, oh god Lisa, yes, that's sooooo gooood."

I was completely lost in my lust by this time. I had so many conflicting desires, I wanted to taste his cum and feel him shooting in my mouth, but I also needed his cock in me to release me from my pent up state of arousal, and at the same time I wanted to feel his cum splashing on my body. I was incapable of making decisions though and I just continued to ride his cock with my mouth.

"Oh god yes Lisa, suck it," I heard him whisper, "suck it for me baby."

I could feel the juices dripping out of my pussy by now. I was a slave to my lust. I was close to cumming myself, even though I had hardly been touched. I moved into a squatting position and let my skirt ride up. I needed release and was about to start playing with my clit.

As I changed position though Tony lifted me to my feet and said, "Come on baby I want to feel my cock inside of you."

I stood up and noticed that he was now naked. He must have taken his shirt off while I was going down on him. He kissed me deeply and lifted my skirt as he felt up my pussy.

"It's so hot that you're so wet Lisa," he said as he slid a finger inside of me.

As his finger entered me it released a wave of heat that radiated out from my pussy and through my entire body. I was so close to cumming that his finger was almost enough to send me over me edge. I started to moan uncontrollably as he slid his finger in and out of me.

I wanted to feel his body against my skin and I reached down and lifted my dress. I pulled it up and off over my head. I leaned up and kissed him as our bodies pressed together and his finger in my pussy finally gave me a beautiful orgasm. I felt like my whole body was going to melt. My knees quivered and my body shuddered.

Tony removed his finger from me and turned me around. He pushed me forward, bending me over. I leaned on the bar as I felt him line his cock up with my pussy. I could feel the head begin to enter me and it was delicious. Suddenly he pushed his entire length into me in one thrust. I was so wet and ready that it slid in easily. He began long hard thrusts into me. Each time he pounded his cock into me he shoved me forward. I pushed back as hard as I could, meeting his thrusts, driving his length deep inside me as far as it could go.

I was so wet I had soaked his crotch and each time he plunged his cock into me it made a wet slapping noise. Slap, slap, slap. Sometimes when he pulled back out of me there was a wet slurping noise as my sopping pussy reluctantly let go of his shaft. Tony was grunting with each thrust, and I couldn't help but grunt along with him each time he penetrated me. Our lovemaking was loud and furious and it just excited me even more, knowing that the neighbours could probably hear us.

After what seemed like hours of endless climaxes, but couldn't have been more than a few minutes, Tony squeezed my hips hard. He pulled me back to meet his thrusts, which somehow became more powerful, harder, and rougher. I knew he was about to cum, that he was about to shoot his load into me. I thrust my arse up and leant further forward opening myself to him as far as I could.

He groaned as he came. I think he tried to say something, maybe to swear his undying love to me, but he was way past being able to make any sense when he spoke.

It seemed like a long time before we could move. I could feel the occasional drop of sweat hit my back and the much more frequent trickle of cum down my inner thigh. Eventually he pulled out of me with a wet plopping noise. I managed to find my feet somehow and went to the bathroom to clean up a little.

When I returned he was leaning out the window having a cigarette.

"You don't smoke," I said.

"I know," he replied, "but I needed one after that. You could kill a man that way you know Lisa."

I couldn't help but smile, as I said, "I haven't killed anyone yet sweetie."

I poured myself a coke from his fridge and climbed up on his bar to drink it. I sat and drank and watched him smoke out the window. I could still feel cum dripping from my pussy. I was going to leave a wet patch on his bar. Maybe something like marking my territory.

When he finished his cigarette, he turned and asked me, "Will you stay the night?"

"Yes," I said, "but I will have to leave early. I have to work tomorrow."

"That's okay," he said, "just so long as you stay I won't complain."

"Good," I said, "now go and brush your teeth stinky cigarette boy."

While he was brushing his teeth I walked to the bedroom and pulled the covers down. I lay down on my side and propped my head on my hand on my elbow. I lifted my right knee into the air with my foot behind my left knee. I moved my left knee forward, so my thigh was at right angles with my body as well as my left calf.

I wanted more and I wanted Tony to have no doubt of it. My legs were open, I could feel my pussy lips were open, I was wet again and I was sure they were glistening. I wanted him to see me as an open invitation.

I heard him wandering around after cleaning his teeth. "Where are you?" he called.

"In here baby," I replied.

I was tingling with anticipation as I listened to his footsteps approaching the bedroom.

"Oh god," he said as he entered the room, "you look so fucking hot Lisa."

"You didn't think I was finished with you did you?" I asked.

"God you really will be the death of me," he said, "I'm not sure I can even do it again."

"You're full of it Tony," I said, "I can see you getting hard just looking at me."

He looked down at his manhood and smiled up at me, "Well it's quite a view from where I'm standing," he said.

"Come and eat me sweetie," I said.

"Mmmmmm, dessert," he said, grinning.

He walked over to the bed and knelt on the bottom of the bed. He leant forward and started to lick my pussy. He licked the entire length of my slit, he nibbled on my upper thighs, he sent shivers up my spine. He licked and sucked on my opening, slurping up my juices. He probed his tongue as deeply as he could into my pussy.

I put my hands on his head and guided his tongue to my clit. As he licked my clit he sent waves of pleasure through my body. I pushed my hips up off the bed at his face seeking more pressure on my clit.

"That's it sweetie," I said, "That feels wonderful."

His tongue was driving me crazy. He was pushing me ever closer to more orgasms. I lifted my knees and opened my legs as wide as I could stretch them. I needed something inside me and I was driven to open myself in preparation for being entered.

"Slip one finger into me sweetie," I said, "and see if you can find my g-spot."

He did as I asked. He didn't seem able to find my g-spot, and gave up and simply began thrusting his finger into me. I was beginning to think he would need further instruction when he began to rub his finger along the front wall of my pussy. It wasn't exactly where I needed him to go but it was near enough and sent a searing heat through my body.

"Yes, that's it," I said, "Don't stop doing that baby."

I began to moan as another orgasm approached. As my climax neared I raised my hips off the bed, thrusting my pussy into his face. I held his mouth against my clitoris as my orgasm moved through my body, convulsing my muscles and forcing a squeal out of my throat. My pussy was suddenly completely sopping and I'm sure I shot cum onto his face and into his mouth.

I couldn't move. It was barely all I could do to utter, "Stop, baby, stop."

I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of complete satiation. For a few moments afterwards my pussy would twitch now and then, and send another shockwave of pleasure through me. I was sure I had left a huge wet patch in his bed.

When I regained my senses I noticed that Tony was lying beside me in bed with his erection pressed against my leg.

"Lie back baby," I said.

When he had settled onto his back I straddled him. I took his cock in one hand and held it up while I moved into position above it. I held it in place while I lowered myself. I let go when I felt the head ease into me and then I slid down quickly and impaled myself on him.

Once I had him buried deep inside me I began to slowly rock back and forth on his cock. I seemed completely insatiable tonight and I could feel myself heading toward another climax. I continued to rock back and forth, rubbing his cock against my g-spot. I could feel the heat in my pussy as I got closer and closer to cumming.

I looked down at him and he had his head pushed back into the pillows with a look of ecstasy on his face. He began to thrust up and down into me in time with my rocking. It was perfect. I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter and began to hear little slurping noises as we moved against one another. The noises became louder and louder as I got closer to cumming.

I began to feel a flush come over my entire body and knew I was about to cum again. I rocked harder on his cock, trying to get more force against my g-spot, and then I was cumming again. It felt like lightning shooting out from my pussy all the way to my extremities, leaving goose bumps where it passed.

I wanted to make Tony cum now, and I began to ride up and down on his shaft as fast as I could, using my thigh muscles to give long hard strokes up and down his cock. I could feel my boobs bouncing up and down on my chest as I rode him. I put my hands under my boobs to stop them from bouncing, but he took my hands away and I watched him as he watched my boobs bounce.

His eyes were half closed and his mouth was open. He was groaning with each of my strokes. He put my hands on his shoulders, and put one of his hands in front of my boobs and watched as they bounced against his hand.

"Do you like that baby?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," he gasped out breathlessly between thrusts, "fuck yeah."

"Good baby, I like your big hard cock in me too sweetie," I said. "Tell me when you are going to cum, cos I want you to cum in my mouth."

"Oh god yes," he said, "yes, yes."

"Do you want to fill my mouth with your sweet cum?" I asked.

"Fuck yes," he answered. "Fuck me, fuck me."

"Do you want to watch as I swallow your cum, baby?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, now," he said, "I'm going to cum!"

I got off him then and knelt beside him. I started stroking his cock rapidly with my hand. He was pushing his hips up off the bed at my hand and I could tell he would cum very soon. I took just the head of his cock into my mouth and licked and sucked on it as I continued to stroke the length of it with my hand.

He began to cum then and I let his first shot go into my mouth. I swallowed it as I angled his cock toward his feet, then I moved my face between his legs and rubbed the head against my cheek, letting him shoot wads of cum on my cheek. As his cum ran down my cheek I took him back in my mouth and swallowed the rest of his load.

I continued to stroke his cock and suck the head until he stopped twitching and had nothing left for me to swallow. Then I moved up the bed and lay back. I could feel his cum on my cheek running back into my hair and down my neck. I couldn't move. I just lay there and let it dry on my face and in my hair.

Sometime later, Tony took me in his arms and put my head on his shoulder. We lay like that for a while, drowsy, on the verge of sleep.

"Oh god Lisa," I heard him say as I dozed off, "we have to do that again."

'Not yet,' I replied as I dreamed, 'in the morning.'

Then I slept.

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