tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNow What the Hell?

Now What the Hell?


I hit the button on the computor as soon as I walked in the door. I usually then go hop in the shower for a quick rinse after my day at the College teaching my massage classes.

The screen was up and ready when I walked back out into the living room, so I logged into my mailbox to see what was up. There was the usual spam, "add 3 inches" etc. I started deleting with a laugh.

Then one caught my eye. I didn't recognize the sender, started to delete, then looked again. The message line said, "Open this, Teacher Ted!"..

Now the only ones who call me Teacher Ted are the two girls next door, Lisa and Kathy. They are both in my classes, and both are simply fun to look at. Plus things got a bit past looking a couple of times, and then their Mother, Donna, got into the picture.

But lately I have been being a good boy, after all, sooner or later someone was going to find out that I had been laying pipe to a couple of my students that were a solid 4 decades younger than me.

Add in the fact that my lady, Lee, had just turned 50 and wasn't happy about it, I realized that to keep peace in my own family, it was best if I kept my pants zipped up.

As expected, both Lisa and Kathy soon hooked up with a couple of young bucks their own age, and I had noticed a car overnight at Donna's house, and caught a glimpse of a contruction worker type leaving one morning..

So all was well, things seemed to settle into a routine. Lee was still doing the internship at the hospital, so I saw her only on weekends, sometimes not even then. Our sessions together are a bit off, she is usually tired. But we are managing, and there is just 3 months to go now..

I was getting more and more into the computor..

I scanned the email for a virus, one never knows, it came back clean. So I opened it up.

Nothing but a link, "click here!" it said. Well, I went this far so I clicked. Instantly a window opened, it was a webcam. The picture opened on a room with a chair, nothing else. I watched it for a few seconds, and was just about to close it out when I saw a bare leg, then the lower half of a woman. She sat down in the chair, and her arm reached out for her keyboard.

"Hi, Teacher Ted!" the line read. I answered back with "What's up?", clever, huh?

She sat there for a minute, then slipped her blouse off, revealing a frilly white bra. "How's this?" the line read. Now I see naked and semi-naked bodies all day, every day at work. So this wasn't a big deal, but I answered, "Nice!" being polite.

Her arms went back, and off came the bra, revealing a nice pair, big soft puffy nipples, a slight sag. She turned sideways, displaying both nicely from all angles.

"Who are you?" I typed, curious now. Then suddenly the screen went black, and the picture popped back on full screen.

This wasn't normal, so I went to close, nervous now. There was no close bar! I tried to bring up the shutdown menu, nothing. I glanced down at my firewall icon, it just sat there.

Without my touching it, the mouse moved over to the type line, I knew then that this person was inside my computor!

I typed, "What do you want?" She answered, "I want you to see me, I want to give you a show, sit back and enjoy me!"

Well, I had visions of her distracting me while she happily raided my account information, so I tried to move the mouse to the shutdown menu, nothing. I hit control/alt/delete, nothing.

She had me, and she knew it..Then she stood up, down went the pair of white shorts, nothing on underneath.

"How does this look?" the screen read. "Fine", I answered, "but what do you want?"

"Just watch!" she replied. So I watched, as she reached down between her legs and began to fondle herself. Now I admit I knid of like things like this, but I still could not see her face, I didn't know who this was. I watched as she began to climax, and it was obvious and real! Quick, too, she was excited.

"Show me your face!" I typed. "You already know me!" she answered. "Find me and I am yours!"..

Then the screen went black, and popped back up perfectly normal.

I checked the firewall settings, trying to trace the IP server. I found the access, that was easy, it logged it but didn't stop it. I traced the server, it was my own...

"Now what the hell?" I thought, reminding myself to pick up a new firewall program tomorrow.

Later that evening, as I lay in bed, I had visions of that body. Huge puffy nipples, the kind that actually bulge out from the swell of the breast, almost flat on the tips. Her pussy was puffy from excitement, wet, and she went into orgasm in less than 15 seconds!

As I lay there going down the list of everyone I knew, I simply could not fit a face with that body, yet she knew me, knew my nickname.

And she was good enough with a computor to go right by my firewall with no effort..Sure, I had opened the door by clicking the link, but still...

It was still on my mind this morning as I clicked on the computor to check my mail...as the screen came up, there she was again, standing naked from the neck down..."Hi, Teacher Ted! Did you sleep well?" she said..

I reached over and hit the button on the hard drive.....Then I restarted..."Because windows was not properly shut down"...damn thing...

The screen came up, I logged on, and there she was, dressed now.

"That wasn't nice!" she typed. "Who ARE you?" I demanded.

"Find me and you get to fuck me!" she typed, and was gone.....

Well, this is where we sit right now, troops....I will write the rest if I figure it out, I can't seem to get those puffy nipples out of my mind! If the lady reads this, call me or email me.

I can't get you out of my head.....

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