tagGroup SexNude Beach Bride Ch. 06

Nude Beach Bride Ch. 06


"I can't believe that we still have half of National Nude Day to fuck away," my no longer blushing bride Gabriela said as we walked out of our beach side honeymoon suite onto the sand, arm in arm with our chambermaid, Cassie.

"But only a few days left in paradise," I responded.

We were all nude, having just enjoyed a mini orgy with the room service waiter and several new found friends. Gaby had lost a wager with me. I had abstained from sex for the first half of our honeymoon, with her or anybody else, despite having conspired with her maid of honour and best man to trick her into spending the honeymoon at a clothing optional resort. Her penalty was that she now had to go out naked on National Nude Day, the one time the resort required guests to leave their bikinis and sarongs in their suites, or leave the resort and spend the day in the nearby town.

To my surprise, Gaby, who had only reluctantly participated in pretty plain vanilla sex prior to the wedding, had exposed more than her skin. As the days had passed, she had witnessed a wide range of exhibitionism and free sex. She had incrementally but quickly expanded her boundaries as she had tried to entice me into losing the bet. As it turned out, she was now so open to sex that going nude was mild in comparison to what she had already done, with me, with Horace, and with various females.

Carla, her maid of honour, who was bisexual, would not have to work hard to seduce Gaby once we got home. But first, we had a few days of sun, sand and sex ahead. Cassie had just told us that Nude Day was also the only day of the season when the resort tolerates staff fucking guests. Gaby had been upset earlier in the week when Yanic, a parasailing instructor she liked, had been fired for joining in a beachfront orgy.

As we walked past couples, threesomes and mounds of people fucking, foreplaying or resting up, I said "Too bad Yanic isn't around, Gabs. Since you insisted that I fuck Cassie's ass, it would only be fair that you get to unleash your fantasies with him."

Gaby laughed, leaning into Cassie's side. Just before licking a trail of sweat off the dark girl's neck she muttered, "You just would like to watch that, you horny bastard."

"I know I'd love to watch that," Cassie giggled.

"You I'd rather have underneath us licking where Yanic's cock plunges deep into my cunt," Gaby said.

"So you would fuck Yanic?" I asked. "I thought you planned to only fuck me until the honeymoon is over. Are you trying to tell me the honeymoon is really over?"

"No, darling, but if you want me to fuck him, that's different, especially if watching us gets you all hot."

"I bet Seth wants to eat Yanic's hot cream out of your wet pussy," Cassie guessed.

I blushed as Gaby looked over at me. "But she's not on the Pill", I said, "and I don't want her pregnant with another man's child, so no cream pie for me this honeymoon."

"Well, then, you could lick it out of my ass," Gaby suggested.

"And then out of my pussy," Cassie added.

"Look at Seth, blushing like that," Gaby teased, "I think he's suffering a bit of 'be careful what you wish for'. He planned this trip to push my limits but now he's forced to see whether he will draw a line in the sand. Or, in the seed, as the case may be."

As she laughed, her firm young round tits jiggled just slightly. I tried to recall whether or not her nipples had remained hard since we had left our guests to finish the orgy in our room, or if they were newly aroused by the talk of Yanic.

"Look, Seth's doing more than just blushing," Cassie giggled, pointing at my swelling member, aroused into what I call a 'half chubby'.

"I guess he wouldn't mind if I took Yanic for a spin then," Gaby said turning to me. She slid her arms up my back and pressed tightly against me, her nipples scraping roughly on my chest, my cockhead tickling her belly. My balls were bouncing against her clit and her hips began rotating slowly in response as we kissed.

Suddenly, I felt two more hands running down my body. I realized that Cassie had pushed up behind Gaby, sandwiching my bride tightly between us. The maid's hands caressed my ass, and then gently pulled by cheeks apart. Gaby continued kissing me the whole time, her mouth locked to my lips, her tongue exploring my teeth, caressing my palate. This tender sensation contrasted sensuously with the sudden pain as Cassie's finger stabbed through my anal ring without warning.

I had to break Gaby's kiss then to gasp in shock. By the time I did that, the initial surprise of Cassie's invasion had passed, and I found the effect of her finger rotating in my rectum oddly pleasant. My prostate throbbed, stiffening me further, but more than that, I felt both fullness and a breeziness that I never quite had experienced before, as if my body was expanding.

As I sucked in oxygen, my cock stayed hard against Gaby's flesh. All around us, couples, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes were finding space to play in ways the resort would not have tolerated a few days earlier, at least not during daylight hours. My attention was briefly diverted to an older heavy woman being pumped doggy style by a very athletic black man who I thought might be a bartender, while two dried up old women were suckling on the BBW's udders. She was screaming with joy, in a language I guessed was German. Which meant the crew-cut blond man eating one of the old crone's pussies might be her husband. I wondered who the very young blonde sucking his cock might be. A stranger, their daughter?

The sight of those puffy young lips stretching over an uncircumcised cock, seeing it swell in the girl's cheek, overpowered any lingering concerns about taboos. Barriers were falling all week. My brain was now ruled by my cock, which continued standing at attention, nodding approval of this scene, hoping that I'd get to play again soon.

Before I could watch more, Gaby gently placed her fingertips on my chin and tilted my head around to face her again. Cassie's head was nestled into the crook of Gaby's neck, resting on her right shoulder.

"Focus here, my darling, after all it is still our honeymoon. We share everything, right?"

All I could manage was a nod. Cassie's tongue was now darting out; flicking sweat drops off of Gaby's skin.

"So what are you going to do with this hard on?" my wife asked. "Do you want to fuck me right here? Now that the bet is settled, that would be fine. Or if you want to fuck Cassie, I'll watch and then eat your come right fresh from her sweet pussy."

"I thought I fucked her ass because fucking her cunt would be cheating."

"That was before Cassie reminded us that on National Nude Day anything goes."

Gaby looked up at me with more sparkle in her eyes than I had ever seen before, and emphasized her playfulness by rotating her hips so that her belly rubbed harder against my erection. I felt the slickness of precum oozing onto Gaby's skin as Cassie's fingers tweaked my prostate. If we weren't careful, I would lose this load all over Gaby. After fucking all morning, I wasn't sure how many I might have left.

"Wouldn't you like to be like that old guy in a couple of decades, coming back here every year to fuck old friends?" Gaby continued.

Now it was my turn to laugh. "I'd hope that I'd keep meeting sexy young friends too."

Gaby twisted slightly and pecked Cassie's lips. "I know exactly what you mean," she moaned. "I just wish that Cassie was wearing a nice strap on right this second so that she could fuck my ass, because I just need that little push over the edge."

"Later," Cassie promised. "For now, if that's what you want, I think you'll have to settle for a good old fashioned meat sausage."

"Seth, is that really okay with you, if some strange guy fucks my ass?" Gaby asked dreamily, clearly tired and exhilarated all at once.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how I'd feel, but before I could formulate a reply, I heard "As long as I'm fucking your cunt while he does it," coming out of my mouth.

"Then you better save your load," Cassie said, swiftly easing her hand out of my ass.

"Yippee," Gaby shouted with glee unlike anything I had ever heard from her before. She linked her wrists behind my neck as she took a step back, giggling as she bumped into Cassie, who had not anticipated the sudden movement. The cocoa skinned maid was knocked sprawling onto the sand.

Gaby quickly glanced back, but never paused. Flexing her knees, she launched up out of the sand and linked her ankles behind my knees, impaling her already well lubricated pussy straight onto my rock hard cock without delay. I sank fully into her in a single smooth stroke, my balls bumping her labia.

The crossed ankles pressed hard into the back of my legs. Though I tried to pump my cock in and out of my bride's pussy, I could not get much motion going, so the strength of our first beach fuck depended on the force that Gaby supplied, athletically pulling herself back, up my cock, while still holding herself against me at my neck and knees. Gravity helped pull her back down my shaft.

I also tried to screw my feet deeper into the sand, and to spread them a bit further apart for more stability, but found that having Gaby locked to me prevented that. So as she gained more momentum, after a dozen or so plunges down onto my shaft, I too, like Cassie, tumbled back onto the sand.

Gaby never let go, and somehow my rod never slipped out of her womb. At the final instant, as my back slammed into the sand, which fortunately was oft and forgiving, she released her grip, but never relaxed her pussy walls, so that she ended up on all fours straddling me, my cock still deep inside of her.

After a single grunt, Gaby had her breath back and once again was pumping her hips, this time horizontally, almost, milking my aching cock. As she screamed " Someone stick a hard cock up my ass, right now....puh-lease!", I could not hold back any longer and climaxed, my seed bursting out of my balls in a blind rush up the shaft, and then exploding into Gaby's moistness.

This just made her howl louder, and her pussy muscles continued wringing every ounce of cream out of me. Instinctively, my hips began bouncing up off of the ground, meeting her thrusts with my own energy. She was so wet that in spite of the tenseness that always grabbed my groin while I came, my shaft slid easily up inside her each time her muscles unclenched. Quickly, we had an excellent rhythm established, and I remained rigid in spite of the multiple orgasms already today.

I must have closed my eyes, either because of the sun or the intense sex, because suddenly I noticed a pair of hands on Gaby's hips. They were male, and not mine. Gaby's body blocked me from getting a good view of the man attached to the hands. I just had time to wonder where they came from when Cassie reappeared, kneeling beside us, her lips up to Gaby's ear. Whispering, but loud enough that I could hear, the maid told my bride, "I brought you a special treat."

"Last chance to say 'stop', dear," Gaby panted. "I can feel the tip of his hard fat cock pressing urgently against my hungry asshole. My ass cheeks want to clamp around his shaft. So far, Cassie is holding him back, and I love how warm her skin feels against mine. I'm thinking maybe we need to bring Cassie home. Can we afford a maid?"

Gaby paused and giggled at her digression. At the same time, her hips twitched, making her pussy squeeze my cock again. She sighed, feeling meat from both ends. I tried shrugging my shoulders, but lying on the sand that proved fairly well impossible.

"If I've already suggested a threesome with Kevin when we get home – or at least a foursome with Kev and Carla - what difference does it make if we start swinging now?"

Gaby grinned brighter than the sun. "I love you SO much," Gaby yelled, though her mouth was close enough that I could taste the tanginess of her breath.

She stretched forward and kissed me, her tongue dancing once again in my mouth. I would say that she fucked me with her tongue, but never having been gay, I really can not compare the thrusting of her tongue to how a cock might feel. If a cock could do the things she did, and make every nerve in my body stand up and scream silently for more, then sign me up for cocksucker school. But that was Gaby's department. Mine was eating and filling pussies. And lately, assholes as well.

Then, as she swayed back, Gaby giggled, girlishly. "Well, at least assfucking can't make me pregnant from another man's sperm."

Though she said this lightly, it momentarily broke the mood and jarred me back to reality. "But what about STDs?" I croaked, dry mouthed.

It was Cassie who answered. "Don't worry, Yanic be gloved," she said.


"Yeah, I told you I found a special surprise. Since anything goes, the bosses let me invite Yanic to the Nude Day festival. Fuck festival that is."

Then Cassie laughed that musical way she has, and I was again totally in the moment, in paradise both physically and emotionally. Even my cock responded, shocking me by once again swelling inside Gaby's sodden cunt as she pushed down to my root.

"So, it's okay dear, if Yanic fucks my ass?" Gaby asked.

"Please fuck my wife's ass, Yanic," I responded.

"Thanks, mon," he said, "Gaby is totally hot but I'd never fuck a bride on her honeymoon without her husband's permission. Fucking her with her hubby at the same time is even better."

"Shut up and fuck me," Gaby demanded, and an instant later her scream turned into a howl as Cassie seemed to thrust Yanic's cock forward into my bride's ass just as Gaby rocked backwards, thus doubling the force of entry.

Even Yanic gasped in shock as Gaby's sphincter tried to lock him in, as her bowel tried to push him out. He mumbled to Cassie, "That's it, girl, play with my balls and my ass."

The pretty maid slid behind him, kneeling as he was and sandwiched him in against Gaby, making sure that our fucking had a strong tempo.

I kept on thrusting my cock into Gaby, experiencing new sensations where our bodies slammed together. I realized that I could now, for the first time, feel another man's cock, separated from mine only by the thinnest of membranes. Gravity was drawing my balls down, and Cassie had his firmly in hand, yet I was also convinced that our scrota were colliding as Gaby squirmed between us.

"My...asss...is sooo....fulll...fuck. Yanic, you have a great cock," Gaby moaned, and then, as if realizing what affect this might have on me, she giggled and said, "almost as great as Seth's meat. With both of you filling me, I'm in heaven."

"Your ass, is so tight," Yanic gasped. Each of his thrusts pushed me against the gritty sand, adding yet another new sensation to the sex.

"More...I want more," Gaby groaned. She stretched forward and lowered her mouth to mine, her tongue desperately fucking me orally. I was on overload, but am a bit ashamed to admit that at that moment, I thought how I wished that it was Cassie's cunt, or another willing quim, rather than my bride's tongue on my lips.

One of Cassie's hands, the one which had thrust Yanic's cock smoothly into Gaby's rear in a single stroke, now was helping him by ensuring that Gaby's buttocks remained open to ease his invasion. I watched as Cassie's free hand snaked around Gaby's heaving body and cupped my wife's breast, hefting it gently at first, but quickly proceeding to kneading the flesh and then tugging on the already distended nipple. Gaby's abs continued milking my cock, and I felt my balls, amazingly, tightening again, as if I might have another load to discharge already.

"Oh, God, I've never been so full," Gaby grunted, almost unable to breathe.

Cassie's hand did not rest on Gaby's tit for long.

"Do my clit, sweetie," she commanded the maid, and Cassie instantly obeyed.

Her hand dropped down the front of her body, tenderly caressing Gaby's flesh, until it reached her pudenda. I could now feel Cassie stroking Gaby's clit, her fingers dancing lightly but quickly, like playing the piano. The back of her hand grazed my flesh at the base of my cock, where Gaby and I were joined.

Gaby was now grunting in a primal, almost animal, fashion as Yanic's assfucking becoming the dominant force in our grouping. I new that her dam must be about to burst, and the puddle of fluids trapped between us would soon become a flood.

Then I could feel Yanic's cock, just on the other side of that thin membrane, pulsing, his come trapped inside the condom, but otherwise sending shivers from Gaby's ass through her whole frame.

As she rocked, she placed her hands on my shoulders, pressing me harder down, and then arching her back, somehow driving her body firmly onto both cocks. She pistoned up and down like this for a dozen or so strokes. I could see that she was biting her lip. Her pussy walls were trying to clench tightly around my shaft, her nipples rocked side to side, all sure signs of a rocket fire quality orgasm.

"Christ, I've never come like this before," Gaby screamed, confirming my ability to read my bride's body.

Finally, my cock shivered and spasmed out a weak pulse of semen, creaming her already sodden cunt. This coincided with Gaby's groin clamping around me one more time, holding my half shrunken member hard against Yanic's cock, still in her other hole. Then Gaby shivered again and collapsed on top of me so quickly that Cassie hardly had time to draw her hand out from between us.

"I love you," Gaby said quietly, almost whispering, her head resting on my shoulder, her lips warming my ear. "I love Yanic's cock, and want to taste him, and have him eat my pussy too, if you don't mind, but I love all of you."

"And I bet Kevin will be one happy best man when he hears how the honeymoon worked out."

"Oh, yeah, I need to see if it's just Yanic that made this special, or whether it's the two guy thing or just Yanic in particular."

As Gaby and I spoke, her breathing was returning to normal and I felt Yanic's cock first shrinking, and then slipping out of Gaby's ass.

"And Carla should be a happy maid of honour while you discover how many kinds of maids make you enjoy the Sapphic side of life."

"I guess they'll both be thrilled that they talked you into giving me this surprise nudist honeymoon."

"I'm sure they never guessed that it would turn out like this. In their wildest dreams, I bet they doubted that conservative little Gabriela might possibly be coaxed into going topless. Public group sex on the beach was way beyond anyone's imagination."

"Well, I'm not so shy anymore."

"And I'm glad of that," I said, rolling my head to kiss her passionately.

As we broke the kiss, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Yanic roll out from between our tangle of legs, collapsing onto his back on the sand beside me. Next thing I knew, I felt a tongue tickling the spot where my root was buried in Gaby's cunt. It was Cassie, lapping up the semen which was leaking out of Gaby as my organ shrank. Gradually, her tongue worked around, vanishing periodically, I imagined licking the wetness out of Gaby's rear, though Yanic had not deposited his semen there.

A glance confirmed that Yanic had discarded his condom. His semi stiff helmet still glistened with his come.

"Which of you gets to lick him clean?" I asked, though I really only meant to think it, not say it.

"I don't think Cassie should get all the tongue exercise, do you?" Gaby replied.

Without further delay, she reached over and cupped the former staffer's balls in her tiny hand, rolling them gently, and then hefting his shaft experimentally. She loosely circled the wrinkled flesh with her fingers and gave it a couple of tentative tugs. Quickly, Yanic's shaft began expanding again. I admired how fast young men recharge, but then smiled to myself, as I had done pretty well this week as well.

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