NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked


At her feet, I suddenly realized what I was doing. Part of me wanted to stand up and walk out like I knew I should do. Conversely, another part of me wanted to be where Jenny was, absurd but true. I wasn't a lesbian? Yet, the thought of pleasing my professor somehow was all I could think about. In many ways it was like oral sex with my boyfriends. Did I like the taste of cum? Not really. Did I swallow it anyway? Yes, because it made them happy. The professor's accusation of my submissiveness brought back my sexual past and my hunger to please, which I was feeling at that moment.

"Earth to Emma," I distantly heard and looked up to my professor. "Already thinking about replacing Jenny are you?"

My face flushed, my bikini bottom dampened and my head dizzy at the question. I finally spoke. "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, using every ounce of strength I had to potentially stand up to her, even though my eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the forbidden abyss where Jenny was currently lodged.

She laughed, not harshly, but amused, by my question. "Have I not already made that crystal clear? You are submissive. Your writing, your eagerness in class, practically begged for me to draw you into the world of submission. Go ahead my pet, crawl between my legs where you belong."

I watched as Jenny backed up and looked at me, her face covered with a slight glean that somehow made her look sexy to me.

I was just about to crawl between my professor's legs and cross the line into submission when there was a knock on the door. "Three minutes," a voice announced.

"I guess your submission will have to wait my pet," Professor Bells shrugged. "I was hoping to be your first."

My eyes went wide as I suddenly recalled what I was expected to do: wrestle. "Please don't make me go out there," I pleaded, still on my knees.

"You signed the contract," she shrugged with a smile as she closed her legs and stood up. Looking down at me, she added, "Don't worry my pet, my legs will reopen for your training very, very soon."

Jenny asked me as she helped me off my knees and the professor left the room, "Are you ready?"

"God no," I said, anxiety filling every pore of my being.

"It is a lot of fun," Jenny said, "although, it can also be quite exhausting."

"I can't do this," I said.

Jenny took my hands in hers; I was surprised how soft they were. "It is ok Emma. I was pretty scared at first too, and I had at least seen a few matches before my Mistress entered me."

"You really have a Mistress?" I asked, the concept so new and foreign to me.

"Oh yes, I actually have two, but Megan is my first and most powerful Mistress," Jenny explained with an undeniable twinkle in her eye.

"Wow," was all I could muster.

"Wow, indeed," Jenny said, before leaning in and kissing me.

I was stiff at first, frozen in shock at being kissed by another girl, yet her lips were so soft, the kiss so tender, my body slowly melted and I began returning the kiss. At first tentatively, but as I heated up, the kiss became more animalistic as I hungered for more.

The brief moment of intimacy was broke when Big Rosie entered the room. "I see you two are getting to know each other."

I broke the kiss, embarrassed at getting caught in the act.

Big Rosie continued, "It's time."


Jenny took my hand and led me wordlessly out of the room and into an underworld I didn't know even existed less than an hour ago. My head was spinning again with a new set of questions.

Was I a lesbian?

How submissive am I?

Was I about to crawl between Professor Bell's legs and lick her vagina?

Why was the kiss with Jenny so erotic?

Was I really going to wrestle another women sexually?

As we walked onto the ring, a chill went up my spine as I realized there were about a hundred women around the ring sitting at tables; obviously they were there to watch the entertainment. Many where dressed elegantly while others were dressed in a variety of outfits (cheerleader, maid and cowgirl just to name a few); the ages seemed to range from early twenties to late sixties; while most were seated in chairs, a few were on the floor on all fours, on their knees or even laying down. I couldn't take my eyes off the audience, especially when I saw a pair of heels poking out from underneath a table. I looked up to see a pretty-middle-aged woman wink at me. I blushed yet again before lowering my head until we reached our destination.

The referee dressed logically in a slutty referee costume, her large breasts barely concealed and her shorts so tight you could see every curve of her ass. Called us over to the middle of the ring.

I followed and was soon face to face with Shay, the bitch that had made this all happen. I glared at her and she glared back at me, my anger instantly flared up. I wondered if this was her first time too, I prayed it was. I wanted to beat her, to get revenge on her for getting me in this predicament.

The referee explained the rules as I glanced at Shay's partner. She was, like Jenny, young but looked a little more athletic. She was staring at Jenny with a predator's hunger. Her look sent a chill went up my spine at the thought of what would happen if we lost.

"Do you understand the rules?" The referee asked.

I hadn't heard a word she said; instead, I had been contemplating my predicament, but nodded as if I had heard. I hoped there were not any additional rules added to the rules I had read earlier.

Back on our side of the ring, Jenny said, "So if I look in trouble, or if I call your name, do your best to tag me. We are going to have to work as a team if we are going to have any chance at all of beating these two. Jamie is a fierce competitor, very aggressive, but she also has an orgasm trigger if you can suck on her clit."

I heard the words, but they seemed miles away. I nodded again and Jenny squeezed my hands. "Focus, Emma. Also, keep your legs closed as best you can. Jamie has very strong arms and once she gets between your legs breaking free is virtually she loves to fist-fuck her opponent."

"Fist -fuck," I repeated, the words sounding so strange out of such an innocent looking girl's lips.

"Yes, she will get you wet, finger-fuck you to get you wetter and then get her whole fist in you. Trust me it feels fucking amazing, but if you come on the map they get a ton of points and you get weaker," Jenny explained.

The absurdity of it was so obvious, I finally played along. "So suck Jamie's clit when the possibility presents itself, keep your legs closed at all costs and don't come on the mat."

"Yes," Jenny smiled, seeing through my defence mechanism of joking to avoid the harsh reality I was about to face. "Also, that other girl is a rookie too, so I don't know her weakness."

I looked across the mat and glared at Shay who was glaring back at me. "Don't worry, I will crush her," I said, a new side of me beginning to come to the forefront.

"Awesome," Jenny said, giving me one quick hand squeeze just as the whistle blew to signal the start of the first round.

I watched Jenny go to the centre of the ring and get on her knees as did Jamie. A moment later the whistle was blown and the two girls moved at each other on their knees. For a few seconds they slowly circled each other, two predators sizing up their prey, before Jamie reached for Jenny. In a flash, Jenny was on her back and Jamie was on top attempting to hold Jenny down. Jenny fought valiantly; the next minute was a blur. I heard five points blue as Jenny's bikini top came off and a few seconds later Jenny returned the favour as Jamie's bikini top was torn off. The two girls continued grunting as they fought for position, with Jenny finally rolling over and getting on top of Jamie. Jenny buried her face in Jamie's breasts and I heard binging sounds and looked up to see we had a seven to five lead.

The next minute or two, I watched like a spectator, in awe of what I was watching, the scene so surreal, I briefly forgot I wasn't a spectator but a participant. Both girls were completely naked now and when I glanced at the score blue -- 31 green - 27 we were now losing.

Suddenly Jamie tagged Shay and I continued to watch as my teammate was double-teamed. Shay, not surprisingly was very aggressive, as she pulled Jenny's legs apart, while Jamie straddled Jenny's face lowering her vagina right onto Jenny's face.

"Lick it slut, you will be soon anyway," Jamie demanded with a smirk as she looked at me and winked, which instantly enraged me. My instinct to protect my teammate suddenly kicking in.

The referee called out, "Face sitting started blue," and I watched as the score began escalating as Jenny helplessly fought to break free. A few seconds later, the referee called out, "Pussy finger insertion started blue," and the points really began to explode.

I wanted to go save her, I moved around the ring so I was a foot away from the aggressive sexual abuse of Jenny, my anger over her abuse bubbling over. I reached to tag her, but the referee moved towards me and said, "Not until the one minute is up, you eager thing."

I looked at the clock, there was still fifteen seconds showing before I could be tagged in. Suddenly Jenny twisted, getting herself onto her stomach, knocking Jamie off her as well as getting Shay's hand out of her vagina.

"Both free," the referee announced as Jamie sat on Jenny's back, while Shay attempted to pull apart Jenny's crossed legs.

Jenny was strong as she held her legs together a while before she screamed as Jamie put a finger in her ass.

"Anal insertion, blue," the referee declared as Jenny whimpered as her ass was fingered. I knew instantly I would avoid at all costs being on my belly and opening up my ass for such an assault. I glanced at the score and gasped as they now had 156 points.

I leaned forward, waiting for the second their minute was up so I could help save Jenny.

The referee moved away as the buzzer sounded indicating the double team was over. Jamie pulled her finger out of Jenny's ass and moved off the mat. The score now read blue -165 green - 50, I slapped Jenny's foot.

Quickly I entered the ring, startling Shay, I flipped her over and onto her back.

"You fucking bitch," Shay snapped, clearly startled by the blind side attack.

I ripped off her bikini top just as Jenny joined me and sat on Shay's face, replicating the face sitting Jamie had just done to her.

"Five points off." the referee announced.

Shay tried to shake her head, wiggling back and forth like a fish out of water.

"Face sitting engaged, green," the referee announced.

I slid down and leaned forward and took her breast in my mouth and smiled as the referee announced, "Nipple sucking started, green."

The thought that I was winning points for our team excited me. I wasn't sucking her nipples for sexual enjoyment, but rather to win. That strange rationale helped in making me become more aggressive. While still sucking on Shay's nipples, even as she tried to move me off, I used my knee to drill down between her legs and spread them apart. I yanked off her bikini bottom scoring us more points and aggressively put my whole body between her legs, as she attempted to squirm away.

Jenny leaned forward, holding Shay's arms down, she said, "Lick her cunt."

Before even having time to think about the act, definitely a lesbian act, I slid down further and began licking my first vagina.

"Pussy licking commenced, green," the referee announced and a chill of pride went down my spine as I licked her vagina. Her taste was surprisingly fruity and I licked hungrily trying to get as many points as I possibly could. Shay's legs wrapped around me as she tried to yank me off her, but I clamped my mouth onto her swollen clit trying to hold on as long as possible.

I heard the referee say "clit sucking green." Suddenly, I felt hands on my head and I was pushed away. As I came up for air, I saw that Jenny was walking toward the sidelines. I was so focused on sucking Shay's clit, I hadn't heard the buzzer ending the double team.

Shay pounced on top of me, pulling my bikini top off, allowing my breasts to be seen by all, she asked, "Did you like eating my cunt, slut? Because you will soon be eating it again and again, once I make you my bitch."

Her name-calling pissed me off and I pushed hard, tossing her off me. The words out of my mouth were not mine, they came out of the mouth of my doppelgänger that I didn't know existed before this very moment, "When I am through with you, you will be begging me to let you come you cheating slut."

"Wow, the Virgin Mary has some backbone," Shay laughed. She moved towards me. I prepared for the contact, then lunged at her and fell on my face as she moved out of the way. "For a smart girl you are pretty fucking stupid," she laughed as she rolled past me and tagged her partner.

My eyes went big as I realized I was about to be double-teamed. I rolled onto my back and prepared to defend myself. Jamie and Shay grabbed me simultaneously pulling my legs apart. I desperately tried to keep them closed and did so for a few precious seconds, but they were way too strong for me to hold them off for long,

My bikini bottom was ripped off and Shay said, "Holy shit, you hairy cunt. Don't you ever shave that thing?"

I tried desperately to close my legs but was helpless against the two girls.

"Eat her cunt," Jamie ordered, as Shay fell between my legs burying her face in my vagina, and simultaneously sliding two fingers inside me.

"Pussy licking and finger insertion commenced, blue" the referee declared as I struggled to break free.

I sat up and tried to push Shay away knowing she was making major points with the double action, even as my vagina began to get excessively wet. Jamie pushed me roughly back onto my back and cupped my breasts in her hands. "Breast fondling started, blue," the referee called out.

Her hands on my breasts and the assault on my pussy had my body betraying me as the pleasure began overwhelming me. My resistance weakened as Jamie grabbed my arms and leaned forward taking my left nipple in her mouth. Again, the referee called out the action, "breast nipple sucking started, blue."

I continued to try to fight, but the building orgasm inside me had me giving into the pleasure I was experiencing, more intense than any pleasure I had ever experienced before.

I began moaning, and heard Jenny scream, "Don't come, Emma, don't come."

Hearing my name, brought me back to the reality of my predicament. I bucked my ass up, and groaned, as I pushed my vagina unintentionally into Shay's face.

Shay chuckled, as she pumped her fingers in and out of my vagina even faster, "Just come, slut, you know you want to."

Thankfully, my orgasm on the rise, the buzzer sounded and Shay gave one last deep penetration before leaving me, with my vagina burning for sexual release. It was a struggle, but I finally pushed Jamie off of me, as I rolled to my side and tried to catch my breath, and quell the orgasm that was so close to exploding.

Jamie was relentless as she flipped me over like a rag doll and continued to sexually assault me. Grabbing my hands, she held me in place and kissed my neck, nibbled my ear, and I was completely helpless against her. "You are close to coming aren't you?" She hissed in my ear.

I vaguely heard the referee announce something blue as I let out a moan as her knee went to my vagina. The pressure on my vagina brought another wave of pleasure to me and I focused on ignoring it as best I could. Using all the strength I could muster, I pushed her off me and crawled quickly to Jenny. I was almost within reach when I was yanked back and flipped on my back. I struggled to break free as Jamie held me in an embrace and said, "Just relax and give in you little dyke."

My vagina begged for release, but the name-calling seemed to give me an adrenaline rush and I pushed her off me and fell on top of her, my breasts in her face. "Breast smothering begun, green," I heard, a rush of pride at getting some points back.

I lay on top of her for a few seconds, before she pushed me off and we began a stand-off that lasted until the whistle blew announcing the end of round one.

Exhausted, I crawled to the side and Jenny handed me a bottle of water. I downed almost all the bottle before looking up at the score blue -245 green -104. I sighed; we were down by a lot. I sighed again when I realized there were two more rounds to go.

Jenny said, "You did good out there."

"Thanks, but I was a complete mess out there," I countered.

"The first round is usually pretty intense," Jenny said.

"Agreed," I replied.

"Unfortunately, you have to start round two," Jenny informed me, explaining, "the second round starts with the wrestlers who didn't start the first round."

"Oh," I sighed, my body still drained from just the first round.

"Just tag me as soon as you can," Jenny said.

"I was trying," I pointed out. I finished the bottle of water and looked at the clock, thirty seconds left.

"Be strong," Jenny said.

"I tried," I laughed back, realizing for the first time that I was naked in front of all these women.


I returned to the ring and was staring at Shay who was again facing me. Seeing her smug face, rejuvenated me and doubled my determination to be strong. I glared at her trying to harden my resolve to be victorious.

Shay smiled, "Two more rounds until you're mine, brainiac."

I shot back, the words out of my mouth very unlike me, "Two more rounds till I make you my slut."

She laughed just as the whistle blew signaling us to begin.

Both of us were tentative at first, not wanting to lose our position. For over a minute we didn't touch each other, until she reached in and pushed me back, I pushed her right back and she stumbled onto her back. I pounced and tried to hold her down. We tumbled and fought over another minute before I got her head between my legs to hold her off. As I kept her neutralized, I leaned forward between her legs and slid my finger inside her vagina.

"Pussy insertion green," the referee declared.

"You fucker," Shay cursed, struggling to get out if my leg grasp.

"You're dying for me to fuck you aren't you slut?" I quipped back, getting into the banter.

I only had a few seconds of insertion before she bucked away. As she laid there recovering from my leg grasp, I crawled over and tagged Jenny. Together we held Shay in place. This time, Jenny moved between Shay's legs while I put my legs on her arms and began playing with her breasts.

"Pussy licking and breast foundling are under way, green," the referee announced.

"Like that, slut?" I asked.

"Fuck you," Shay said through gritted teeth.

"Jenny, she wants to be fucked," I said and watched as Jenny moved her hand to Shay's completely shaved vagina.

"Fuuuuck," Shay groaned, as Jenny's finger filled her.

"Finger insertion too, green," the referee declared.

After a few seconds, I got greedy for more points and in a quick move; I slid my legs back, and my vagina in her face, as I tried to get vagina smothering points. Unfortunately, this gave Shay some leverage and she pushed Jenny back. I grabbed her arms, but lost my balance and in a blink if an eye I was tossed onto my side.

Jenny quickly held Shay down and I began to as well when the buzzer sounded ending the double-team and I reluctantly moved to the side, exhausted, and downed more water. I looked up at the scoreboard blue -- 245 green -- 231; we were only down by fourteen points. I now understood that the points really came about in the two on one time. I cursed myself. If I wouldn't have been greedy we would probably be in the lead


In the ring, Jenny and Shay were battling for position, neither one of them able to get into a dominant position. They eventually lunged at each other and began rolling around. Again neither was able to get on top and take control. Eventually, they both rolled towards Jamie and me, both reaching for us and just as Jenny was about to touch my hand, Jamie pushed me away and tagged Shay.

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