tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Model Ch. 02

Nude Model Ch. 02


This segment follows exactly where the first one ended. Please read the first one to become familiar with the chain of events that got us here. These stories are short and will take only a few minutes.

We continue…

These two older, sophisticated looking ladies sat comfortably on the couch. Sipping their coffee and smiling knowingly at me. I continued to stand there completely naked stroking my meaty cock for them.

“That’s very nice, Robert.” said Ann “Yes, he does a very good job of handling his cock,” replied Amy.

The ladies wanted to see how much sperm I could produce. Ann’s two young nieces would be using me to enrich their knowledge of the male anatomy and she didn’t want any surprises. She could tell I was close as I thrust my hips out at them and my scrotum contracted around my bouncing balls. Ann leaned forward, reaching out with her index finger and lightly tapped the glass top of the coffee table in front of her. “Right here, Robert. Put it right here.” Still tapping…”And make sure you get it all out.” With that, I started to come. “That’s it, Robert…cum nice and big for us…cum for Aunty Ann and Amy…stroke it hard and long…sqeeeezzzzz!!!!! Now, put your penis on the glass and pump it all out.”

Two…three…four spurts of the creamy white cum puddled on the table. Amy reached in and cupped my balls to encourage more of the liquid out. “Thank you, Amy.” said Ann, as she moved my hand aside and took my pulsing cock in her own hand. “Keep squeezing and I’ll pump out the rest for Robert.” These two gals knew what they were doing and managed to increase the yield by another fifty percent. Amy continued to cradle and massage my balls as Ann stroked my pride and joy. “Very well done, Robert!” “And your penis is still nice and meaty. You’re a very good boy. I think the girls are going to enjoy…I mean…learn a lot from our little biology lesson.”

They played with my genitals longer than what was needed but it felt great. Why deny us…any of us of a bit more fun.

“Would next Saturday be good for you, Robert?” “Sounds good to me, Ann. There’s just one thing>” “Yes, Robert.?” “My usual modeling fee is $250.00 but this will be a bit out of the ordinary…don’t you think?” “Shall we say $500.00…for both girls, Robert?” “I was thinking more along the lines of an exchange. You know…payment in kind. A swap of services.” “Just what are we talking about, Robert?” “I’ll pose and demonstrate the male side of the equation and you will provide a similar service for me.” “What are you suggesting, Robert?” So I continued. “My two nephews are visiting this week and…” Ann interrupted…“I’m beginning to get the picture, Robert. You want me to help educate your young men on the finer aspects of feminine sexuality.” “Exactly, Ann” “Do we have a deal?”

Amy was quietly listening the whole time. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was her best friend really going to let two young men…well…strip her naked…see her breasts and vagina… probably touch and probe her…intimately? Her mouth was open in wonder and amazement as these thoughts rolled around in her head.

“We’ve got a deal, Robert. This is going to be one hell of a lot of fun. Don’t you think, Amy?”

“Yeh, I guess so, Ann.” The ice was broken! Ann had let her hair down…we were going to be good friends…from now on. “C’mon, Bob. Put your clothes back on and we can go over your requirements.”

Next Week:

The following Saturday I arrived at Ann’s to meet the girls and become acquainted…before the class was to begin. After getting comfortable with one another Ann asked me to stand up and to begin to remove my clothes. The two girls…Sandi and Sharon were paternal twins and had just celebrated their 18th birthday. Sandi was shorter than Sharon but had a much healthier looking chest…yes, her breasts were round and full …shimmering with youthfulness…as yet untried…unused by greedy male fingers and lips. Sandi was luscious! Sharon was quite statuesque and slender…exuding a more womanly quality…more worldly…more mysterious…more of a challenge. Both were good looking…but aren’t all 18 year old girls? And these two were no exception.

I could hardly wait for the lessons to begin. Sandi’s small hand will look quite petite as she holds my cock and jacks me off. She’ll probably need two hands…not that my cock is all that large... it will, however, be more than sufficient for the purposes of our scientific study. Sharon will be another case entirely. She comes across as a lot more sophisticated…maybe a little more of the dominate type of woman that you occasionally come across.

Anyways, I stood up and began to disrobe. Sharon interrupted, “Let me help Mr. Cleve, Aunty Ann?” “That’s a good idea young lady. Sandi, you go over and help your sister with Mr. Cleve’s clothes. You girls need to know as much as you can about men…their bodies as well as how they’re dressed.” The girls were like two innocent angels…hesitating…looking back and forth at each other as they fumbled with buttons and zippers. Stopping…looking at Aunty Ann…at me…for help…what to do…what will it be like…what will he look like…naked. They started to freeze up. Ann sensed this and told to stop and take a break. They stopped. That was better…the girls had paused …breathing out a long sigh relief.

“This will be a good time to go over today’s assignment.” said Ann. “After you have removed all of Mr. Cleve’s….it will be easier if we call you Bob…okay, Robert?” “Certainly” “Very well. After you have removed all of Bob’s clothes, we will proceed as follows: We will examine, describe and point out the pertinent details of the male form. We will demonstrate certain male reactions to stimuli. Namely, involving the penis, gonads, scrotum, nipples and buttocks. We will also demonstrate other bodily reactions and functions…yes ladies, some included will be of a sexual nature, so be prepared. Now…you may finish with our model and strip him down …and I do mean completely. Do not be shy. We are here to learn and Bob must be completely naked.”

The girls gulped hard. “Now…ladies…go ahead.” I nodded to each of them and smiled warmly.

Sandi finished with the buttons on my shirt and removed it. Sharon unbuckled the pants and pulled them down…I stepped out and kicked them aside. Next came the shoes and socks. Since I didn’t wear an undershirt…only the briefs remained. These girls were very embarrassed…but they were curious. After several seconds, Sharon steadied herself…made up her mind and in one swift motion…pulled them down. Her head accidentally brushing the head of my penis as she bent over to take them off. “Sorry, Bob…did I hurt him… I mean you? “No honey, everything is okay…relax…you’re both doing fine.” I stood naked before these three women…my penis hanging limply over my balls but still swinging a little from Sharon’s nudge. “Girls, please take notice of Bob’s gonads…yes, his balls are hanging low in the sack…quite low and especially large and full. “I’ll go for a bowl and ice water that we’ll need for the first demonstration. Girls, you may examine our nude friend while I’m gone.” As soon as Ann turned to leave, Sharon put her hand firmly on my ass while Sandi grabbed a handful of my penis. These two innocents may not be so innocent after all.

End of part II

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