Nude Secretaries Day


Shari nodded.

"What was it like your first year?" Monica asked.

"Same as this time, pretty much," Shari said. "Wake up, take a shower, don't get dressed. That was kind of my 'going-to-work routine' for all five Nude Secretary Days I've done."

"Oh," Monica said. "I was wondering if you believed it your first year. Like, you knew it was for real from the start?"

Shari wiped her mouth with her napkin, and then wiped away some mayonnaise that had dribbled from her sandwich onto her breasts.

"You promise not to hate me for saying this?"

"Why would I hate you?" Monica asked.

"Cause you might not like what I'm about to say," Shari said.

"I promise," Monica said.

"Well," Shari said. "Nude Secretaries Day was actually my idea."

"What?" Monica exclaimed.

"I didn't make up the holiday itself," Shari said. "I heard about another business that did it, so I suggested it to the CEO of ours. I made a petition and forwarded around the office. It took a few months of hard work, but I finally got it implemented."

Monica didn't know where to begin.

"Why did you do that?" Monica decided was a logical first question.

"Because," Shari said. "I wanted a day where I could come to work naked. And I wanted other women in the office to be naked too."

Shari took a drink of her water and continued.

"I can't explain it, I just like it, I guess. I like the way it feels to be naked. I like the way men treat me when I'm naked. And I like looking at other women naked."

"Other women?" Monica asked.


Monica paused.

"Like me?" she asked.

"Yes," Shari said.

Monica stared aback at Shari.

"I can't say I've regretted my decision," Shari said. "Not in the least. I hope you're not mad."

Monica thought for a minute.

"No, I'm not mad," she said.

Shari bit her lip.

"Well, good," she said.

Monica finished her lunch and put it in the trash.

"I have work to do," Monica said.

"Better get on it," Shari said.

Monica turned around, and Shari couldn't help but admire Monica's cute behind as she made her way out of the cafeteria back up to her office.


Monica spent the next hour in her office, typing away on her computer. She still kept her door open so she could be seen, but her mind was no longer on her male coworkers. Albert walked into her office, and closed the door behind him.

"Great photo shoot today," he said.

"Thanks," Monica said, as she continued typing away.

"I think I might use some of your pictures as my new screensaver," Albert said.

Monica laughed.

"I'm flattered."

Albert placed his hands on Monica's shoulders and rubbed them gently. Monica sighed.

"I hope you'll be flattered by what I say next," Albert said.

Monica closed her eyes and rolled her shoulders back under Albert's strong hands.

"And what would that be?" Monica asked.

"I'd like to meet you in a motel room after work," Albert. "And not for business, as you would imagine."

Monica imagined herself in a motel room with Albert, and the erotic things he might try to do to her. As enjoyable as it sounded, Monica just couldn't accept the invitation.

"I appreciate the offer," Monica said. "But I'll have to pass."

"You sure?" Albert asked. "Sex with the boss has its perks."

"I know," Monica said. "I'm sorry."

"There someone else?" Albert asked.

Monica looked up at Albert.

"Actually, yes, there is."


Monica was on her way to the copy machine when she saw the VP of the company in the halls. He was a bit unaccustomed to seeing naked women in an office setting, so he found Monica a bit distracting as another employee was explaining a budget plan. Monica politely introduced herself, and he found her quite charming. Monica excused herself so she could return to work, and the VP watched her as she walked away.

Monica placed some papers in the photocopy machine, but found one document already inside with David's name on them. Shari must have left the original in there and forgotten about it. After Monica made the copies she needed, she brought the forgotten paper to Shari's office. Shari smiled as Monica entered.

"Hi," Monica said.

"Hi," Shari said. "You're doing a great job, today."

"Thanks," Monica said. Monica set the forgotten document on Shari's desk. "This yours?"

"Yeah," Shari said, shaking her head. "Don't know where my head's at today."

"Been a lot of distractions," Monica said.

Shari nodded in agreement.

"Sure have."

Shari and Monica were silent.

"Do you want to say it, or should I?" Shari asked.

"Ladies room?" Monica asked.

"Thirty seconds." Shari said.

Monica hurried out of Shari's office and quickly made her way to the ladies room. Soon after, Shari rushed into the ladies room as well, and pushed Monica against the wall.

"God, you are so damn fine," Shari said lustfully.

Shari pressed her lips against Monica's and kissed her passionately.

The two women grabbed each other's breasts as they rubbed their bodies against one another. Monica felt her nipples become increasingly hard under her arousal, and her arousal increased even more upon feeling Shari's nipples rubbing against hers.

Shari placed her hands on Monica's buttocks and squeezed her softly. Monica's bottom was round and firm, and having her full hands on it excited Shari to no extent. The two of them kissed each other long and lovingly, letting their tongues sensually dance against each other's lips. Shari's breasts were so big, so full, so round, that Monica decided she had to have a taste of them. Monica pulled her mouth away from Shari's and placed it on Shari's left breast. Monica sucked it for several seconds, absorbing the taste against her lips and tongue. Monica kissed Shari's left breast, then her right, and then the left again. Shari pressed her index and middle finger between her legs, and masturbated herself as she enjoyed Monica's loving licks. Monica teasingly ran her tongue over Shari's nipples, and kissed them softly until they were swollen and large.

Shari caught a glimpse of Monica's backside in the bathroom mirror, and the sight of Monica's round, shapely buttocks made Shari's vagina become increasingly moist. Monica's sexiness was starting to drive Shari absolutely crazy.

"Go down on me, precious," Shari moaned. "Please."

Monica took her mouth from Shari's breasts and dropped down to her knees. Shari lifted her left leg so Monica could fit her head between Shari's legs. Monica gazed at Shari's beautifully trimmed, light brown pubic hair, and placed her mouth upon it. The wetness from Monica's lips seemed to seep throughout Shari's entire body, and sexually consumed her being. Monica ran her tongue across Shari's labia, slowly and softly, and she increased the rhythm until Shari's body started to spasm. Monica grabbed Shari by her thighs and thrusted her tongue deep into Shari's vagina. Shari moaned in pleasure as Monica twisted her tongue around and about, back and forth, up and down, licking Shari at every sensitive spot within her vagina. Shari's heart was pounding, her pulse racing faster as Monica's oral pleasure increased in intensity. Monica licked her faster and harder, tasting the sweet juices seeping from Shari's vagina. Monica's efforts soon accumulated into Shari climaxing in a powerful orgasm.

Shari clutched the door handle with her left hand and the paper towel dispenser with her right, and let out a scream of ecstasy. Monica squeezed Shari's hips and buttocks to help her maintain her balance throughout her climax. Shari's entire body trembled, and Monica held her tightly throughout her orgasm. Shari let out a breath as her nipples returned to their normal softness. She lowered her leg, as Monica returned to her feet.

They looked into each other's eyes, and Shari batted her eyelashes romantically.

They kissed.

"Your turn," Shari said sweetly.

Monica climbed onto the restroom counter and placed her buttocks between the sinks. She spread her legs apart nice and wide, and beckoned Shari to come between them. Shari walked towards her and lustfully licked her lips. Shari extended her left hand, and placed it under the soap dispenser. Monica watched as Shari gave the dispenser three pumps, and let the soap dribble into her open palm. Shari smiled sweetly as she took the smooth gel-like lubricant and rubbed it between her palms. Monica waited in baited anticipation to see what Shari would do next.

With her hands wet and soapy, Shari placed her open palms against Monica's breasts and massaged them lovingly. Now Monica's nipples were hardening again, and Shari softly rubbed her thumbs and index fingers across the surface of Monica's breasts, and whimsically gave both of Monica's nipples a light pinch.

Shari rubbed more soap on Monica's body, completely covering her back, hips, buttocks, and thighs, all parts of Monica's body that were exposed thanks to today being Nude Secretaries Day. Monica sighed under Shari's loving hands, and leaned against the mirror and closed her eyes. Shari ran her palms across Monica's thighs, and firmly held them in place. Although Monica kept her eyes shut, she could feel the warmth of Shari's breath coming closer to her labia. Monica lifted up her thighs, so Shari could descend between them at the most advantageous angle.

Shari took Monica's labia into her mouth, and teased her with her tongue by tickling Monica's swollen clitoris. Monica felt her clit swell with blood as Shari placed her lips around it and sucked it lightly.

Monica felt as if she was becoming detached from the earth as the intensity of Shari's sucking increased. Shari was rocking her world, shattering her definition of sexual pleasure with every loving pass of her tongue around the interior of Monica's vagina.

Monica began to fantasize about her ex boyfriend. She loved the way he touched her and aroused her. She loved the way his penis looked when it was fully erect. She loved the way it felt in her hand, in her mouth, in her vagina, even in her anus. Monica was losing her grip with reality. Shari was sucking every figment of her being through her vagina, and Monica was enjoying every moment of it. Shari's loving oral pleasure carried Monica over the threshold, and left Monica screaming in pleasure. Shari grabbed hold of Monica's thighs and pulled them open even farther to deliver a few final licks. Monica sighed deeply as all the tension escaped from her body, and she returned to a state of complete relaxation. Shari held her gently until Monica's orgasm was fully passed. Only when it was over, did Shari give Monica one last kiss to her labia.

Shari and Monica looked each other in the eyes. Both women knew this was an experience neither of them would ever forget.

After a warm rinse, washing all of the soap and love sweat from their naked bodies, Monica and Shari returned to their offices and resumed working. A few of their coworkers were curious about the noises they heard from the ladies room, but it didn't take much for them to figure out what was going on.

A security camera inside the women's restroom happened to catch everything that happened, and it wasn't long before the video was passed around the office. Given the video's popularity, neither David nor Albert chose to reprimand their respective employees, although Albert elected to administer a spanking for the indiscretion, to which Monica willingly submitted in Albert's office. After the spanking, Monica resumed to work, and David took Shari over his knee and provided her with a memorable paddling as well.


The end of the day finally came, and Monica was happy to finally return home. She retrieved her purse from her cubby drawer, and once again, Albert watched her as she bent over to retrieve it, although this time, the view was far more splendid. No skirt to conceal his view, no panty lines, just two beautiful mounds of bare flesh, staring back at him. He even caught a glimpse of pink between her legs. Monica stood up, and finally put back on her coat. She decided to leave her clothes in her desk, and bring a tote bag tomorrow to bring them home. One thing she knew for sure, Nude Secretaries Day was the best thing to ever happen to this office.

Monica waved goodbye to Albert, and opened her coat for him to give him one last glimpse of her naked body for the day before she headed home. Albert smiled in appreciation. Monica turned and walked out of her office. It would be another year before the next Nude Secretaries Day, and Monica could hardly wait.

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Great story!

Sounds like a lot of fun! Would love to be a Nude Secretary for a day!!! I’d like more stories like this one but add some hot action between the secretaries and the men in the office.

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