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Carl and Hazel are two very lovely people and dear friends of my husband Danny and me. My name is Karen and I have been in this second marriage now for three years. This is Danny's second as well. So we both have been around the bend and did not come blindly into this union as new born babies.

That is what I was thinking as I sat naked on the sofa next to Carl while we both watched Hazel kneel in front of my loving husband eagerly sucking his cock. I never knew how exciting it could be to watch your mate having sex with another. But here I was playing with Carl's very desirable cock and watching my husband getting a fucking blow job. I know he loves to have his cock sucked, gut don't most men. Any way we had only arrived here at the Bay Town nudist camp fifteen minute earlier.

Dan and I started swinging about six months before we were married. During that time we met Carl and Hazel at a swinging party and became good friends. They have been members of this nudist camp for several years. We were invited to join them this weekend and to bring a friend if we wanted so we invited my friend Jenny.

I and Jenny went to school together and were military wives together for a few years. But over time we lost track of one another. Until a few weeks ago when Jenny walked into my store in answer to an ad for employment. The reunion was wonderful I brought her home that same night and introduced her to Danny.

We three went out for dinner had a few drinks and by the time we came home Jenny and I were hugging and kissing like long lost lovers which of course we were.

Jenny sat between us in the front seat and when I reached for her crotch I found my husband already had a hand there. An hour later Jenny had her head between my legs and Danny had his cock in her pussy.

I screamed "Jenny welcome to our world."

Jenny answered by quickly licking me to a climax. It took a few minutes for me to recover and as Jenny and I changed places Danny was quick to place his pussy juice covered cock in my cunt while I finished off Jenny as she had done for me.

So Jenny was our invited guest as we were Carl and Hazel's guest. However as this small orgy was getting started Jenny was out walking around the camp looking thing over. It was her first time and she was very interested in everything she saw.

Jenny had not been with another couple before and was looking forward to a threesome with Hazel and me plus she confided to me that she wanted to try it with Dan and Carl at the same time. Oh, my Jenny was a fast study.

Carl had also let it be known that even though this was a family camp after dark there were small groups of "Special" friends that got together and it was not uncommon for as many as six couples to get together here in Carl and Hazel's trailer.

Without thinking I was jerking Carl's cock in time with Hazel's head bobbing up and down in Dan's lap. Carl was one of those guys that do not look overly large when seen naked with out a hard on. But he does grow quite large once he gets going. Right now he was growing by jerk after jerk.

Danny moaned as he looked over at me and shot off for Hazel's pleasure and joy. Carl reached over and pulled my head down into his lap. My eyes were still fixed on my husband as I lowered my head, open mouthed accepting Carl's thick cock into my mouth. Danny was a bit of a voyeur and loved to watch me suck other men. I could see he was excited and I saw he gave Hazel an extra jolt of juice as Carl pumped my mouth full of is cum.

It was hard to keep my eyes on my husband at this angle but we did right up till both guys were empty. Thick cum dripping from my chin Jenny opened the door and surprised us in the act

"Oh, wow, you kids got started early. Any left for me?" Jenny asked laughingly. Of course she knew better.

A few minutes later the five of us walked naked as Jay birds to the pool area to meet the owners of the camp. There next to the pool was a small structure where Mr. and Mrs. Ash were busy selling cold drink and junk food to there other nudist members and there guest. It was my guess there were a good hundred people or more around the pool area.

Carl introduced us one by one to the owners.

When there came a moment when were alone. Carl said "Our friends would like to join in on the nightly activities."

Mr. Ash looked at me, gave me a big smile saying "I'll be happy to show these ladies our warm welcome at the club house tonight after dark."

On the way back to the trailer Carl said "Karen; Norris just loves tall girls like you. How tall are you any way?"

"Five Ten in bare feet." I replied.

Danny said "God I love her to dress I heels so I have some one to look up to."

Danny is only Five nine but our height difference has never been a problem for either for us.

The trailer had two bedrooms and as we waited for night fall Jenny and I took this time to rest. Lying naked next to one another we talked of days when we would strip naked and rest after classes. Back when we went to college. Jenny rose up on one elbow leaned over to suckle my nipple when Hazel knocked and opened the door.

Hazel was shorter than us but had been enhanced in the boobs. She was a little rounded faced red head very pretty but had been very flat chested until a couple of years ago. From this angle I could see two small scars under each wonderful firm perfectly formed breast.

"Hazel what ever you paid for the boob job it was well worth it they are beautiful and I bet when mine are down around my waist yours will still being just as lovely." I said with a small note of jealousy in my voice.

Jenny was looking up at her also but Jenny had not talked her mouth off my nipple.

"Thanks; Carl likes them and was happy to pay the tab. But you know the nipples were more sensitive before than after." She said with a twisted smile on her face.

I patted the bed next to me and Hazel joined us. Jenny reached across me and cupped one of Hazel's breasts in her hand.

"Your nipples feel just fine to me." Jenny exclaimed

I reached for the other and turned the nipple between my fingers.

"Hazel they do feel a little harder or stiffer than most I guess. But My god they are so fucking beautiful. I would kill for a pair like that." I whined.

Jenny clamped down on my nipple with her teeth to remind me she was trying to pleasure me. We all laughed and I tossed my head back closed my eyes letting myself float off into that wonderful place lovers go to fully enjoy moment.

Jenny was sucking my nipple and I was slowly beginning to feel the rewards of her efforts.

Then to my surprise I felt two hands rub inside my thighs. These two hands were rubbing up and down slowly working up to the thick bush I have forming a vee between my legs and up my belly. This bush will be trimmed to thin bikini cut later this summer.

As if this was an every day activity one finger from each hand pulled the lips of my pussy wide. I had not showered since I was last fucked so I was sure it still retained some of my husband's sweet juice. I wanted someone to taste it I did not care who. It was going to be Jenny.

Hazel some how got up high in the bed to straddle my face offering me her charms. Jenny slipped down spreading my legs so her mouth could cover my dripping cunt. Jenny tasted the warm sperm in my cunt and made a sound of approval and Hazel dripped the sweet nectar into my mouth. I came for Jenny and Hazel dribbled the sweetest nectar I had ever tasted for me to savor.

Dan and Carl were watching from the door clapping and cheering as act one came to a close.

We all showered and primped and got all gussied up the best we could considered we were all naked.

He sun had slipped below the trees and the gate around the pool had been locked. The many kids and family families had all done home for the day. A few couples sat around small fires out side their trailers and cabins.

A narrow trail led off through the trees behind the owner's home. We followed another couple unknown to me deeper into the shadows. After a short distance I heard music coming from a low screened enclosure. You could see a dim light through the screen but you could not make out any figurers.

It was a round building of sorts and you walked in a complete circle to reach the center. Once there we found a long padded table on a pedestal in the center of the room. A metal cabinet to one side and several chairs around the sides.

There was some good natured joking going on. Mr. Ash and his wife were standing by the cabinet. I was surprised at there builds. I had only seen them behind a high counter earlier. Now I saw he was potbellied with only a sliver of a dick. He had long arms that looked powerful. Mrs. Ash was narrow at the shoulders and very thick through he hips and heavy legs. Both were somewhere in there earlier sixties. But here in this setting they seemed to fit right in and not as all self-conscious.

Mr. Ash, first name Norris saw me and came over to me. Hugging and touching is something not done in the public parts of the camp. However here it seemed the thing to do. Everyone was being very friendly.

"Karen, please come here and be our first this evening. I know you don't know what I am talking about but let me assure you it will be a pleasing event and you will enjoy yourself." He assured me

Feeling as if I were special I let my self be lead to the table. There he explained he would start by giving me a good old back rub with scented oils coming from the cabinet and they were heated.

As I took the place of honor on the table I noticed Dan was joined by another lady I had not seen before. Carl was off to one side and Hazel was in the back with a tall bronzed young man. He had what I would call a fire hose hanging limply somewhere near his knees. Hazel had a wide smile on her face. I could tell this was going to be an evening not soon forgotten.

Norris put some lotion on his hands and stepped close. Everyone stepped a little closer to watch the ritual. Mrs. Ash put on some soft music and stood next to her husband. Lora handed him the warmed oils as he needed them. This was by no means the first time for this partnership to be played out.

Norris's hands were strong and velvet smooth. They glided around on my back breathing fire into me with every movement. He was a master at his trade.

The warm oils were only a small part of the sensation I felt. He was an artist at arousal and I was getting aroused. He had not touched any part of me which would normally set me off but I was felling the muscles tighten and work in my ass.

All of a sudden a second pair of hands was feeling my legs and my feet. I had my arms crossed under my chin and all of a sudden there was a very erect cock right in front of my face. It was at the right height and pointing straight at my open gasping mouth.

Lora; Mrs. Ash whisper in my ear "suck it if you wan too."

I could not see the owner of this fine specimen but it made no difference. I willing took it up to the balls in my mouth. My legs were parted and fingers were probing my narrow channel of love. Norris poured oil down the crack of my ass as a finger easily pushed into my last orifice.

Never and I do mean never in my life had I ever felt this much sensual sexual attention all at one time. My eyes could only see the hair above the cock that was teasing my mouth with slow pulses of a mans heart beat. Then there hands all over me, my arms, my back, legs, neck and even my head. I could not contain myself I shook with desire and climaxed like never before. I let it flow like piss I was wetting everything and shaking like a fish out of water.

The cock in my mouth exploded and I suck, drank and took all he had wanting more. I must have passed out when I came too I was on my back with a strong pair of arms helping me to a sitting position.

It took a minute to clear my head and when I could see I saw that every one in the place was doing something to someone.

Right in front of me was Lora, bent over a chair and the young man with the horse cock had it planted neatly up her broad ass. She was taking that cock up her ass as easily as I would take my husband's in my pussy. I am not apposed to anal sex hell I enjoy it but not by a fucking cock that long and that thick. But I could see Lora was used to it and was very happy to get it.

Turning I saw my husband was totally engrossed in pussy of some unknown female. I was also watching the female taking a cock in her mouth. Double duty for all it looked like. Hazel was giving Norris a hand job as he watched his wife take the cock up her ass. Carl was pulling me from the table so I could stand on my own.

"Well Karen how was it? A little unusual but great was it not?" Carl held me in his arms till my legs got working again.

It was only a few minutes till all were done and every one had washed up in a free standing shower in back. I saw that the man I had so willingly sucked off was half of the couple I had been on the trail. The other half had been Dan's enjoyment for this the first go around. I had missed Jenny who all of a sudden appeared at my side.

"Where were you during the show?" I asked.

"Mr. Ash asked me to go up to the house and bring back his son. But I did not make it." She said winking at me.

Drinks were passed around and Jenny was picked as the next contestant for act two.

This time I stood back and watched. Danny came over to stand next to me. Dan held my hand as we watched Jenny get the royal treatment. However there was a small change. When Jenny got turned on by Norris's warm oils and strong hands he rolled her over on her back.

She was quickly moved to the edge of the table so her ass was on the edge and her legs were spread to the sides. Lora moved to be the first to lick Jenny's pussy. I was so excited by this outlandish display of sexual expression I reached for my husbands cock. He was already hard again.

Lora's son stepped up behind his mother pulled her cheeks wide and inserted his cock in to her well fucked ass. Carl was playing with Jenny's large round tits even if they were not as firm as his wife's.

Norris moved around so Jenny could suck his slim dick and the other couple was doing a sixty nine across two chairs. I had no choice but to bend over and ask Dan to fuck me doggie style.

After this the five of us returned to the trailer and were dead on our feet. Carl and Hazel had another drink while I and Jenny turned in.

I don't know how soon after I went to bed I was awakened but sounds of sex. Dan was not in bed so I got up and walked to the other end of the house. There on the bed Hazel was talking Dan's cock up her ass and Carl's in her pussy. The guys had her in a sandwich. I could see Haze was a happy lady so I went back to bed. Jenny was awake and waiting for me, dildo in hand.

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