tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNumber 86 Ch. 03

Number 86 Ch. 03


This is the continuing story of Mark's experiences at number 86. This story is fictitious and all characters depicted are 18 or over. Any resemblance to anyone real is purely a fortunate coincidence on their part if this is what they enjoy.

Mark stood completely still and looked at Edith and Margaret.

Here he was in a situation that he never expected.

He had undressed in front of two elderly women who he had been vaguely aware of for all of his life and who - in just a short while - had taken him somewhere he had never expected to be.

He had also enjoyed lustful pleasure as a result.

He glanced at the mirror to his left for reassurance but didn't find it.

He saw himself standing naked, wearing a ginger wig, matching pale pink padded bra and crotchless panties and with his stiff penis sticking out plus pink lipstick (that he had amateurishly applied) daubed around his lips.

Margaret spoke again.

"Maybe I should rephrase the question, Mark, it looks like it surprised you a little.

Have you ever felt a long hard stiff slippery object being pushed inside your arse and enjoy your cock twitching in response?"

Mark shook his head.

"Excellent. We both enjoy watching a man the first time he lubricates himself and pushes something inside himself. However, before we continue with that, you've had a couple of cups of tea I notice and I think it is a while since you left to come here, do you need to go to the bathroom before we continue? Edith and I both know full well how a full bladder can be a distraction to a man's sexual urges and we would hate for you to feel at a disadvantage."

As it happened, this very question had flitted in and out of Mark's mind despite of being overloaded by all the new experiences so far. "Yes, I could do with a moment to sort that out"

"Good. What we offer men in such situations is to have a piss in the garden for us.

Just over there is a door to the patio outside - it is completely shielded by shrubs so you won't be seen by anybody else. One of the things we enjoy watching is a man with a hard cock pissing freely without having to worry about his erection.

Not that I have been in the situation myself but it must be so degrading to have to sit on the toilet seat and push your cock down into the bowl so that you can relieve yourself without spraying it everywhere. What better that to have the full freedom, in the fresh air to just stand dressed as you are now and let you hard cock pee wherever it wants?"

There really wasn't an answer to this question that Mark could think of and the more that was said, the more his need to pee increased.

Edith stood up and beckoned Mark to follow her - Margaret stood and walked behind him as they went towards the glass doors leading to the patio. Edith turned the key in the lock and opened them.

Just outside, as they had said was a small area of patio with large shrubs to either side. Beyond lay a wide green lawn but no houses could be seen above the trees at the far end. Mark knew that Foster Street was at the edge of the town and there were acres of fields between it and the nearest village.

"Out you go - stand in the middle of the patio for us and face towards us"

Mark complied. It was neither a hot or a cold day and the slight breeze that he could feel at the places where he wasn't wearing women's underwear was surprising pleasant.

"A little more to the left - that's it perfect.

Now, please stroke your penis for us again. Make it nice and stiff until it is hot and your balls are aching. Then just piss for us"

Mark did as he was told.

He cock was already quite hard and as he stroked he felt it twitching in response, especially as his finger tips touched himself ever so gently. He took a moment to finger his cockhead, all around the ridge of his throbbing helmet and it rose further into the air, slightly above horizontal.

Then he focused his mind on using his cock for its other purpose. He took his time, trying to make sure he put on a good show for the two elderly ladies who were watching him. His cock got warmer from the piss inside as it started to flow until...

"Lovely - really lovely. What a beautiful hard cock peeing for us - keep going"

His piss shot across the terracotta slabs of the patio, splashing loudly. He looked down to see the yellow puddles of liquid bouncing of the ground and his stream of urine spurting though the air adding to it. As the two women had suspected - and hoped for - his bladder was quite full and he continued for some while.

The only time he had a piss at the same time as an erection was occasionally in the shower. The one at home didn't have much power but occasionally when he stayed somewhere with a forceful shower he would enjoy standing in the bath and pointing his cock upwards and peeing all over his body before turning the shower on. It was a rare but luxurious pleasure to spray himself with the warm yellow liquid before wanking himself under the hot flowing water until it mixed with his spunk.

His mind returned to the present as the torrent of piss turned into a trickle and then stopped altogether.

"Thank-you for your display, Mark, I found it most... invigorating.

Now let's go and get warm again and see what other new experiences we can find for you. Let's go to the 'doing' rug shall we?"

The three of them re-entered the house and rather than returning to where they had been seated previously, Mark was led to the other end of the large reception room. There he saw two sofas either side of a large circular rug. The women took one sofa each.

"Kneel down on the rug on all fours for us, Mark, there's a good boy"

Mark did as he was asked, cock twitching.

"We had this end of the room set up exactly to our own specifications. It is rather unusual as you will see - I hope you like it"

Margaret reached to her side and picked up a device, not unlike a small television remote and pressed a button. The carpet that Mark knelt willing exposed on started to rotate slowly beneath him until he was facing towards both of them.

"When we started to have male visitors it was sometimes frustrating that we couldn't always see everything that they had on offer so we had a turntable installed beneath the rug.

We call it the 'doing' rug but in fact it is really the 'Dewing' rug.

One of our... um... gentleman visitors is Mr. Dewing. He loved to come and put on a show for us. He always liked to let his pubic hair grow nice and long and he loved to jack himself off for us - long and hard.

Anyway - one day he got fed up turning to face us all the time so he offered to build us this. It works wonderfully well and allows us to see all our guests enjoying themselves from any angle we choose. He has moved away now and retired many years ago but he still visits occasionally to check up on us and we check up on him as well. He takes longer to get himself hard these days but he kneels there - just where you are now and we tell him about all the pleasure the 'Dewing' rug has given to so many men and to us as well. We will probably describe the performance you are about to give us to him - mentioning no names of course. So your display today will help an old man shoot his spunk one more time - how does that sound?'

Mark responded by saying that it sounded excellent and he would be honoured to be talked about. His cock responded too by displaying a first drop of pre-cum for Edith and Margaret.

Edith spoke from behind him:

"Wonderful, now just lubricate your arsehole with this for us and then we can all enjoy exploring it together..."

Mark was about to get up and turn around but then he felt the "ground" move beneath him and remembered where he was. He waited - kneeling - hard cock and balls sticking out beneath him through the hole in his crotchless panties - as he was turned around.

When the rug stopped again, Edith held out a small jar to him - the lid was in her other hand.

"I don't mind what position you get into - just spread this around your arse and make it nice and slippery - stick you fingers inside yourself as well"

Mark did as he was told, leaning forward onto his chest with his bottom in the air - the thin strip of lace from the knickers that separated his buttocks was in full view. The rug moved again but he didn't want or need to know where it was going to next.

He put his left forefinger into the jar of thick sticky 'liquid' and lifted up as much as he could with his finger tip - he then put both of his hands behind him and spread his legs wider to allow him full access. Using his right hand to pull the strip of fabric to one side, he slowly slid his finger inside and found himself letting out an involuntary groan.

"Very good - you obviously enjoyed that. Keep going...."

He pushed his finger deeper in, not quite sure whether to keep it pointing straight or not but instinctively he found himself bending it to fit his own anatomy. He could feel the coolness spreading up beyond his sphincter and he moved his finger around to explore new areas.

"Mmmm... push it in and out - let us see you fingering your own arse hole..."

Mark did as instructed. All of this was becoming scarily normal. He moved his finger in and out of himself, fast at first but then more slowly. He found the gentle gradually movement of his finger up his bum intoxicating.

"Now - I wonder if you would like to try this..."

He felt something being pushed into the palm of his hand and grabbed it. He was worldly wise enough to know what sort of thing it might be but he didn't look. Indeed, he suddenly realised that his eyes were closed, maybe to help him concentrate on these new sensations. The shape of the object was just what he expected - long and thin. It was metallic and as he moved it between his fingers he could tell instantly which end was which"

"Please... "Said Edith in a soft yet urgent voice, "put it inside you"

Mark moved the object to the right position and moved the tip to the mouth of his arsehole - then pushed the tip inside gently. The object was slightly wider than his finger had been and he could immediately tell the difference. Its smooth texture also appealed to him and he pushed it in further - rotating it a little and feeling each inch of it against his arsehole and beyond. He began to move it in and out, slowly, smoothly; grateful for the lubrication and revelling in what he must look like to Edith and Margaret. Beneath him, he knew his cock was rock hard now and twitching in response to his actions.

"Lovely. Thank-you for you sharing your arse with us in this way. Thank-you for everything you have been willing to do"

Mark moaned slightly and continued, feeling oddly proud that he could do something that someone else needed to see so much.

"I don't know if you have wondered about what we are feeling. We both enjoy men exposing themselves for us, pleasuring themselves for our pleasure without inhibition, especially things that they have never done before.

It does make us both very wet. Let us watch you for a little bit longer and then we can turn you around and as you make that toy vibrate deep inside you, we can decide which of our cunts you are going to lick until you get fresh juices all over your tongue..."

More chapters to follow are already in my head but it takes time to write them so you may need to be patience. Thank-you for the positive feedback so far.

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