tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 18

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 18

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Where are you?)

Jefferson Texas~

"Numchuck's...NUMCHUCKS!" I called and called. Walked the woods close to the house and drove the roads till late into the night. "Numchucks where are you?" I would call just to break the monotony of the same name over and over.

The next day a neighbor from down the road walked up while I was outside and told me that her husband had witnessed "The big black dog of ya'lls was laying in the road and a truck pulling a boat came around the corner and ran over your dog."

"WHAT?" I was appalled at the thought. After hearing what she told me we pieced together where Numchucks had went into the woods hurt. The man driving the truck 'did' stop and get out. But georgie girl chased the man around the truck a few times till he got in his truck and left.

I searched the woods surrounding the house till midnight at least. In the dark and with a flash light hoping to catch the shine in his eyes. But never found him. Georgie girl was fine and home. Boots was curled up next to Sandra. But Numchucks was gone.

Sandra called me at work to tell me that Numchucks came dragging up injured. He had been in a section of woods that was opposite where I had looked going by what was told to me. But he didn't have anything broken but his back hips were injured and sore. He could hardly get up and even harder for him to walk. But he was home. It took him a very long time to heal. He never fully could get up again without added effort. Given his current age of twelve years already he was starting to look like an old man.

His gray hair in someplaces with white around his beard and whiskers and then when he went to get up he was slower then snails. But bless his heart he still made you feel welcome and loved with his frequent desires to be petted. Needless to say Houdini didn't go far anymore.

Lake o' the pines~ (A feild)

"That dog is amazing," Rick said as Numchucks handed him his dove. The spot we were sitting at was on a fly pattern and shooting was constant. Numchucks retrieved with wagging tail and enthusiasm. Slightly limping but joyfully prancing through the brush on retrieve after retrieve.

"Yep he's a good one." I replied smiling proudly from ear to ear. Rick was a supervisor where I worked and the other supervisor/freind didn't make it. So Rick got the full meal deal hunting package. The birds were flying in plenty and the dog didn't allow any to get away.

Rick had shot a dove and it fell sixty or seventy yards behind him. I saw about where it had fallen but Rick couldn't exactly see behind him. Numchucks took my cue and disappeared into the brush. We all three were on the hunt for this downed bird. For a very long time. I can only say that the dog has man beat in the hunting department. Numchucks found this bird in the worst terrain possible, still able to get around. So as we moved around so did the bird. Till the keen nose of Chucks found him and retrieved him. The true benefit of hunting with a dog.

"I'm getting me a dog, a retriever. Without a doubt." Rick said as we sat back down. Numchucks laid at my feet with panting tongue and wore out. I knew then it was his last hunt. I couldn't expect much more from him. His heart was full of desire but his body wasn't able to get around very well. But I knew that the field would be a good place to let him come with me. I just didn't expect the trouble we had trying to retrieve one bird.

Two deer came wondering up in the field ahead of us and we all watched with awe. Numchucks didn't even whimper. He just watched they're every move. Rick and I froze solid. The deer went past and the feeling of being there just then was exhilarating. But Numchucks acted like he had seen it a hundred times before, a seasoned vet of the outback. Nothing new for him, or he was just plum tuckered out.

The Pines~

"Numchuck's where are you." I was calling and calling for days. He didn't go very far cause he couldn't get around that good. He had gotten better but I didn't think he would wonder off. He did.

"Numchucks, where are you?" I called as I drove the roads for a month looking for him just as we had done for Shinkers. But I never saw him again. I assume he did the one last outing before passing on. He was fifteen years old but not in great shape. Not in poor shape either but not for a long distance haul. But with Chucks it wasn't uncommon at this time to have him gone for days. But months went by.

"Numchucks where are you?" I'd like to think he is still out there hunting. The legendary dog that would run over, retrieve birds and take it to the one who shot it like he knew who's bird it was. Retrieve you a cold beverage on a hot day. Warm your hands while out hunting in weather of less than 32 degrees. The dog that couldn't be contained took a final walk in the woods.

"Numchuck's...where are you?"

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