tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 19

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 19

byMy Erotic Tail©

Chapter 19: Revival

"I have Numchucks. Please get in touch with me. IMPORTANT." Was the message on my E-mail. Thirteen messages from Sandra. I was back in Riverside and she was still at The Pines. Separated but kept in contact through e-mail a few random calls. Two years later and get a message like that. I was trying to shake the idea that this was possible. All the messages said the same thing pretty much just sent at different times.

I E-mailed her back with my "Doubt it's Numchuck's" reply. But curiosity got the better of me and I called. Sandra said she was coming home and was a couple blocks away from the house when she saw a black Lab and thought it was Numchucks so she rolled down the window on the vehicle and yelled, "Numchucks, go home."

She said the dog went straight to the house and up the porch and waited to be let in the door. She took a few pictures and sent them e-mail. I was in total disbelief. The dog looked like chucks with the scar over the left eye and even a whitish beard. But this dog was smaller and didn't limp.

Phillip drove up immediately (He lives in Marshall) to see if it was him. Phillip said he noticed right off it wasn't chucks but Sandra swore it came to the right house and looks like him. Finally I asked her to check his teeth. Numchucks had lost half his teeth in his old age. This dog had a full set of teeth and healthy too. Later Sandra found the owners and returned to lost lab to it's home.

But the Legendary Numchucks had made such an impression of being a miracle dog that I couldn't put it past the fact it could happen. We feel this dog maybe one of many that Chucks spawned on his frequent outings and roams.

I know that while at the subdivision in riverside I had several people call me and ask if I would help get rid of the puppies that "Our" dogs had created out of passion. I don't doubt that he left his seed in several places. And I know that his wonderful nature and excellent retriever abilities are instilled and still out there somewhere. I always wished I had gotten a female Lab and bred him and trained retrievers of the finest kind. But that's a should have. I have no regrets except that gnawing feeling of, "Numchucks, where are you?"


"They had to put ole pig eye down today," one of the Riverside gossiping quartet said with a note of sorrow. The band of aged desperado's sat at the local corner store.

"Brutus? The tiger stripe pit bull of Al's?"

"Yep, the Mill works and Cabinet shop mascot."

"Yep, ole Iron Tail himself. I swear when that dog wagged his tail and it hit your leg it was like a 'weed eater attack'." The elderly gentlemen all took their caps off and placed it over their hearts and bowed their heads in a moment of silence.

"Amen." The old men sat in quiet somber for a moment. "Ain't had a 'dogs of war' day in awhile." The old man sniffled then wiped his nose with his handkerchief. Obviously sorrowed.

"Your right, we haven't." Another answered. "I salute the Dogs of World War Two." The man said and raised his coffee. The congregation that was growing of the elderly that met for a morning cup of Java all raised their mugs as well. "I've seen those dogs work over there in Germany, Norway and France. Those French now they taught some dogs to go out into the battle field and find wounded soldiers." The man said with excitement.

"You always say that." Another said while shaking his head as if he had heard it a hundred times.

"Snow dogs, now there's a breed for ya. Pulled men across miles and miles of snow with those sleighs."

"To cold for me. I like the good ole southern Hog Dog. Eye to eye tooth to tooth and growl for growl."

"Speaking of cold, they got a pet cemetery up there in New York that's supposed to be the cat's meow as far as canine burial plots. It's got a monument dedicated to those Dogs that served as Soldiers."

"Wonder if they except old war dogs like us." One of them chuckled which started a round of laughter.

"Hey I got one. Here's to Super Daves Super Duck Dog, Numchucks." An elderly gentleman said with his coffee cup held up.

Another cup was raised then another as they all cued together, "Salute." Raising their coffee then drinking a sip.

"Somebody said they seen that ole Black Lab out doing his daily rounds in the jungle the other day."

"Can't be old Chucks?"

"Why not? Your still trolling through the jungle with that old Envenrude." A chuckle rang out from the table.

"Ain't no doubt that dog will be talked about for a while."

"Yep, Legendary..."

"Numchucks, the Legend."

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