tagMind ControlNurse's Seduction by Hypnosis

Nurse's Seduction by Hypnosis


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I was day dreaming on my computer recently when I received IM from a person who asked about hypnosis. The person enjoyed my audio, it was relaxing. I love when that happens. My best subjects preselect themselves. If someone could get relaxed with a four minute audio they would be a wonderful subject. I was VERY slowly writing my book. It was truly getting tedious. I needed some new experiences to spice it up.

Most of the women who self selected were from Australia to North Carolina. No Southern California. As luck would have it this person was from Southern California. The problem was I couldn’t tell from the name if I had a male or female. I was getting males three to one. Probably reflected the readership of Literotica. I asked.

“Are you male or female?”

“Female.” Oh, good.

“Click on my icon and you will see me.” I didn’t see an icon.

“I don’t see any icon. Email me your picture.”

She did. She was really cute. Blonde and sweet looking. I emailed her and suggested we could meet and I would tell her about hypnosis. We both had AOL so I could tell when she read her email. She never did. Finally, I IM’d her and suggested we meet. She said, “How do I know I can trust you?”

Good question. I told her I was sixty five and harmless. I was a successful businessman with a web page that had a picture and telephone number. I asked her how old *she* was. She responded eighteen. Terrific! A little younger than I like. But, I couldn’t be choosey.

I IM’d back. “This is too difficult. Call me in my office.” That would build credibility and enable me to be more persuasive. She IM’d that she would do that.

Two weeks went by without a response and I put it out of my mind. Fun stuff, but life goes on. Then on a Tuesday afternoon I got a call. “Mr. Lawrence, there is a woman named Kat on the telephone for you. She won’t give me any more information.”

I didn’t know who Kat was, but what the hell.

“Hello, is this Mr. Lawrence?”


“I’m Kat. You sent me an IM suggesting I call you.”

It was the eighteen year old cutie that wanted to be hypnotized! “What can I do for you?”

“Well, you said to call and here I am. Now what?”

“Where are you calling from?”


“Where is school?”

“Santa Monica City Collage.”

“What are you studying?”


“Where would you like to meet? I have a condo in Westwood. Would that work?”

“Sure. Can I bring a friend?”

“Absolutely. Male or female?”

She laughed. Her laugh was fun to listen to. It was low pitched and melodic. “Female. Is that okay?”

She almost purred when she said that. “I’m sure you already figured out that would be fine.”

“Okay when and where?”

“My condo is on Hilgard, 706 Hilgard, second floor. Can you do it at five today?”

“Sure, my friend’s mane is Allison, I’m Kat. We’ll see you at five.”

I finished my business and told Jennifer that I was leaving for the day. I called Sally, my wife, and told her that I would be late tonight. I went to the condo and straightened up. I had a cleaning service that came in once a month. It was almost a month. I hadn’t used the apartment in almost two months. My son was using it and he wasn’t very neat. I had called him and told him I was letting a friend use the apartment tonight.

“Okay Dad, I’ll stay away. I’ll see you later.” We gave each other a lot of space.

Five minutes after five there was a knock at the door. There were two very cute young ladies. I recognized Kat from her picture. She was five feet, six inches tall and shaped nicely. Her blonde hair was piled on top of her head. Not voluptuous, but desirable looking. Small, nicely shaped breasts and full hips attached to shapely legs. “Mr. Lawrence, I recognize you from your web page, I’m Kat and this is Allison.”

Allison was a little taller than Kat and more shapely. She was brunette. Bigger breasts and fuller figure. She put her hand out.

“How do you do?”

Her voice was contralto. Very sexy. Her hand was firm, warm and dry.

“This is a casual setting, why don’t you call me Mike. Did you want to be hypnotized, also?”

“No, I came along as a chaperone and to watch.”

“Are you interested in hypnosis?”

“Yes. I don’t think it’s real. I think the stories are exaggerated. Have you been doing it long?”

“Oh, about forty eight years.”

She stared at me. I’m 6' 4" tall and very well built. I don’t look nearly my age. “That’s longer than my mother’s been alive.”

Kat was watching all of this. I turned to her. “Kat, should we get started? Why don’t the two of you come into my den. Sit here on the couch. Allison you can sit next to her, if you want. Make her feel secure.” The better to hypnotize you, my dear (I thought.)

They took my suggestion and sat down. It is a leather couch with lots of stuffing. The young women sank into it. It hugged their bodies so they were comfortable while being cuddled by the couch. The effect was people sitting in the couch don’t feel like moving. They sat there and luxuriated.

“Kat, close your eyes.” She did. “Let your entire body relax, completely relaxed.”

She was already in a deep trance. She was hypnotizing her self. She had already succumbed to the audio, she was conditioned. Allison was looking very comfortable. I started giving instructions without using a name.

“Your head is getting very heavy, its hard to keep it up. You feel your head falling forward, falling, falling. Your head is now on your chest.”

Both girls were now sitting with their chins on their chests. I continued to deepen the trances. I tested the depth of trance for Allison and was pleased that she self described her trance as being 89 out of 100. Kat was a 95. I had them imagine a hypnotism thermometer with a maximum temperature of 100 and a minimum temperature of 0. Anything over eighty was usually enough for almost anything. The next thing I wanted to test was their memory for what happened.

“When I count to ten you will wake, feeling absolutely terrific. When I snap my fingers you will immediately go into an even deeper trance.”

I counted to ten. They both opened their eyes. Allison spoke first. “This couch is certainly relaxing. When are you going to try to hypnotize Kat?”

Kat was just sitting there. Her eyes were open and she was looking around. Not a word. She looked at Allison as she spoke. “I feel weird. Something happened.”

I snapped my fingers. I didn’t want that conversation going anywhere. Clearly there was no active memory of what happened. I would talk to Kat while she was under. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with Allison. Both girls sank back into the couch.

“Kat, I am pleased you are here. Why did you contact me?”

“I liked the way your audio made me feel.”

“Did you feel like you wanted more of that feeling?”


“Are you a virgin?”


“Tell me about it.”

She was talking in a flat unemotional way. “It was in the back seat of my boyfriend’s car. It was very quick. It hurt and was no fun.”

“Have you had sex since?”

“We have made out, but I won’t let him go any further.”

“Do you use any birth control methods?”

“Yes, I take the pill.”


“My mother insists.”

“Have you ever had sex with another girl?”


“Ever think about it?”


“Think about it with Allison?”

“I think so.”

“Have you seen Allison naked?”



“In the locker room, we are cheerleaders.”

“Allison, are you a virgin?”


“Have you ever had sex with another girl?”


“Would you like to have sex with Kat?”


“Do you like boys?”


“Why haven’t you had sex with any boys?”

“Kat told me about her experience. I don’t know any boy I want to make love with. I want it to be a wonderful experience.”

“Girls, as I speak your trance is getting even deeper. Your mind is turning inward and your only thought is how good my voice makes you feel. As I speak your whole body is becoming more and more sensitive. Your breasts and pussy are getting warm and tingly. The feeling is spreading to your arms through your arm pits and down to your fingers. It is traveling down your legs through your vagina to your toes. You are feeling very aroused. Very, very aroused. You want to feel your body caressed. You want the pressure that is building up in your pussy to be relieved. You want to feel your breasts stroked. You can feel hands on your breasts, it feels so good.”

Both girls pushed their chests out to capture the imaginary hand. Kat was wearing a white halter, bare midriff with shorts. Allison had a similar outfit in pink.

“Allison, put your hand on Kat’s right breast.”

She did. “Allison, you will remain in a deep trance while you seduce Kat and bring her to an orgasm. Do you understand?”


“You will call me Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

She reached over and opened Kat’s halter.

“Kat, you will remain in a deep trance as Allison seduces you. You will be aware of every thing she does and you will respond and become aroused by it as you stay in your trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” She was a quick study.

Kat’s halter fell off her breasts and Allison bent over and put her nipple in her mouth. She stroked the breast as she suckled it. She kept that up for several minutes as Kat’s face got red and her breathing got more ragged. Allison leaned over and whispered in Kat’s ear. Kat raised her hips as Allison pulled her shorts and thong panties off.

Allison allowed her fingers to rub Kat’s firm stomach slowly. Her fingers moved toward Kat’s love hole. I could smell a musky scent emanating from Kat’s, now naked pussy. Her left hand held Kat’s breast while she was working her hand south. Allison was breathing hard herself.

Allison started to move her mouth down Kat’s soft body. She licked Kat’s breast as she moved her mouth down her body. She kissed the inside of her legs and liked around her vaginal opening. Kat was really squirming by this time. Allison stood up and took Kat’s legs by the ankles and lifted them revealing her anus. She put her head down and licked Kat’s puckered ass hole. Kat moaned and rotated her hips. Allison kept licking, working her tongue into the hole. Kate was getting very hot. So was Allison. Allison moved up, licking Kat around her vagina. Suddenly she moved her tongue into Kat’s pussy. Kat let out a loud moan. She bucked her hips. Fluid was poring out of her pussy. Allison’s face was slick with Kat’s juices.

Kat screamed out, “oh my G-d, I’m coming.”

She thrashed her legs around and continued to make noises. Finally, she slowed down and lay back.

“Allison, take off your clothes and let Kat pleasure you.”

“Yes, Master.”

She quickly pulled her clothes off. She had a gorgeous body. She kissed Kat as she was hugging her, breast to breast. Kat put her arms around Allison and stroked her body. She reached down and inserted her finger into Allison’s wet pussy. Allison ground her pussy into Kat’s hand. The musky scent was very strong in the room. Kat continued to finger Allison and Allison clearly was getting closer to her own orgasm. I wanted to see if Kat would go down on Allison. She wasn’t going to. Soon Allison had a small orgasm. She moaned a little and fell back.

I went over to Allison and licked her wet pussy. She started to moan louder. “Allison you are having a large orgasm. You can feel my tongue throughout your body. I was getting the same slickness around my mouth that she had when she licked out Kat. Soon Allison started to scream and she grabbed my head and pulled it against her pussy as she squeezed her legs against my head.

I waited for her to come down and then I talked to them both.

“Allison, did you like that?”

“Oh, Master, I loved it.”

“How about you, Kat?”

“It was strange. I liked the feeling but I think I would prefer a man. Why didn’t you do me? I expected you would.”

“What did you expect me to do?”

“Make love to me.”

“What did you think Allison would do as I was making love to you?”

“I expected that you would hypnotize her and she would be out as we did it. She was my cover, I didn’t think that she wouldn’t go under. We talked about it and she told me she would fake it. So I figured either way I would get you to make love with me. Your stories really turned me on”

“Allison are you faking?”


“Allison, did you like what I did to you?”

“I am going to wake both of you. You will both feel terrific. We will talk about your feelings and you will both answer completely and truthfully. You will not remember what happened while you were hypnotized. When I count to five you will wake, feeling wonderful.” I counted to five and they both opened their eyes looking radiant.

“Kat, how do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful. Did you do anything?”

“What did you want me to do?”

She blushed. The pink ting was set off by her blonde hair. “I wanted you to make love to me.”

She put her hands to her mouth like she couldn’t believe she said that.

“I’m old enough to be your grandfather. You can’t be serious.”

She now looked determined. “Age isn’t important, its what you know and do. I wasn’t looking to marry you, I just wanted you to seduce me and have sex with me.”

I looked at Allison and she looked like she couldn’t believe what Kat was saying. “Why did you want me to have sex with you?”

“I loved your stories, I found them erotic and exciting. I wanted to experience sex as you described it. You told me you were older, I didn’t care.”

“Kat, that was fiction. You are trying to make it into real life.”

“You said that everything you wrote is possible and you agreed to see me and a friend. I brought Allison because in all of your stories there are always at least two girls. I wanted it to be as close to your stories as I could get.”

“What do you think of all this, Allison?”

“I love Kat and I would do anything she asks of me. She wanted to do this and I agreed. I even agreed to fake being hypnotized if necessary. Kat assured me it wouldn’t be necessary. I don’t remember anything happening, even though I feel like something happened. Did something happen?”

“Ali, now that you mention it, I also feel strange. Like something happened. Did it?”

She sounded almost hopeful.

“Kat, you have a boyfriend, why not let him make love with you. Do you like him?”

“I like him a lot. He’s just a crummy lover. He hasn’t a clue how to satisfy me. I want to be made love to, controlled softly. I want to be told what to do and have it result in my having a wonderful orgasm. I don’t want to feel guilty having sex. I thought I could do all that with you.”

“What if I could get your boy friend to do those things for you. Wouldn’t that be better than me doing it?”

“I guess so. I don’t think you could do it. He’s nineteen and totally inexperienced.”

“Is he smart?”


“I can do it. If you ask him to let me hypnotize him and he agrees. You talk to him and call me.”

I got up and helped the girls out of the couch. They each gave me a hug as they left. I didn’t tell them what happened. I didn’t hear from Kat for about a month.

“Mike, there is a woman on the ‘phone that calls herself cat.”

“That’s Kat. I’ll take it. Hello Kat, what’s up?”

“Well, I talked Jacob into letting you hypnotize him.”

“How did you do that?”

“I told him I would break up with him unless he did.”

“Oh, good! It doesn’t sound to me like he is going to be an enthusiastic subject.”

“I also told him that I would let him make love to me again if this works.”

“When do you want to do this?”

“Can we do it tomorrow night at your condo?”

I checked my calender. “No, I have a meeting tomorrow, how about the next day?”

“We’ll be there.”

“Will you bring Allison?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, If you can.”

“I’ll try.”

She arrived on time. There was a tall gangly young man with her. Allison was not with her.

“Mike, this is Jacob. Jacob, this is Mike.”

Jacob put his hand out. He had a strong hand shake. He was about six feet two and well built. Blond hair and a sparse beard. There was some stubble on his chin. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with sandals. Kat was also wearing jeans and a t-shirt with sandals.

“Jacob, kat tells me that you want to let me hypnotize you. Is that right?” I got right to the issue. What the hell.

“Yes, sir, that is correct. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Jacob I can do that. Why don’t the two of you come into the den?”

“Mike, I expect that Allison will be here any moment. Will you hear the door?”

Good. “Yes, Kat, I will hear the bell. Jacob sit in this couch. Kat you can sit next to him. Jacob, what do you know about hypnosis?”

“Not much, sir. I’ve read a little. Seems like it isn’t very scientific. How does it work?”

“It concentrates your mind’s power and allows you to do things that otherwise you may not be able to do. The hypnotist guides you in that endeavor. Do you have any reservations about what we are going to do?”

“No, sir, I don’t.”

“What did Kim say we would be doing?”

“She said that it would involve sex.”

“Is that okay with you?”

He looked very serious. “Yes sir.”

“Okay, lets get started. Kat, go into a deep trance.” She closed her eyes and sank into the couch. Jacob’s eyes got huge.

“Jacob, that was for you to see how easy it is. Now close your eyes and let yourself relax. Kat you can listen and go deeper as I talk to Jacob. Jacob let your head fall back against the couch. You feel as if you can’t move your head.” I could see he was slightly trying to move and couldn’t.

I deepened his trance and applied several trance tests and it was clear that Jacob was an excellent subject. Just then the doorbell rang. It was Allison.

“Allison, come on in. You are just in time to join our group.”

She walked in and saw Kat and Jacob. “I see you started without me.” She was smiling.

“Allison, sit next to Kat and go into a deep trance.”

She sat down and sunk into the couch. I knew she was an excellent subject.

“Jacob, how do you feel?”

“I feel fine.”

“Jacob, have you ever made love with a woman?”

“I had intercourse with Kat. She didn’t call it making love.”

“Do you want to get better at having intercourse?”


“Jacob, you will remember as your own ideas everything I tell you, do you understand?”


“Jacob, women, and men too, want to feel cared for when they are having sex. Do you understand?”


“You do that by talking to them as you caress their bodies and kiss them. Tell them how nice they make you feel and tell them that you want to make them feel good too. Ask them what they would like you to do. Kiss Kat’s nipples and ask her if she likes that. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I can do that.”

“Make Kat feel like it is important how she feels as well as how you feel. Don’t start to have intercourse until you are convinced that she wants to also. Do you understand?”


“Kat likes her body kissed. Kiss her all over. Including her ass, her lips and her navel. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I can do that.”

“When she seems to want you to do more, put your fingers on her vagina and slowly stroke her. Keep it up until you notice the scent of her arousal. Can you do that?”

“Yes.” He was squirming as was Kat.

“By now you will probably be erect. Before you poke it into her, lick her vagina and make contact with her clit. Can you do that?”

There was a pause. “Yes, I can do that.”

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