tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNursing The Enemy Ch. 04

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 04


My life had gone into a tail spin when my father died. Mum seemed to drink her way through the day. Then her brother died shortly after, he had dropped a cigarette on the shed floor and not stamped it out properly, it ignited petrol that had been spilt. I found it difficult to look after mum, and manage my nursing training. So just 10 weeks into the course I pulled out. Jobs were hard to come by at the best of times. I was trying to support my mum and pay the rent. Eventually she headed back west to stay with her sister. I lived on in London as a waitress, but I still had to watch every penny. Then I met Max, we dated a few times, and he set me up in a flat. That was when I learned what a bastard he was. Our dates became less and less. 4 months later he turned up and asked me to pay him back rent. I just couldn't afford to pay what he asked, so I agreed to meet one of his business associates. He seemed OK, even if he was in his 50's. I struggled to keep calm as he fucked me. All I thought about was the money. Afterwards I sat on the edge of the bed with a £100 in my hand. Max came in and snatched it away.

"Well Karen, I'll put that towards the rent you owe me."

I just looked up into his eyes, I knew then what he was, and what I was about to become. Four months later I was earning up to £300 a night. I never saw the money; Max said it would be better if he handled it for me. When I tried to leave he stopped me. He showed me this rent book I owed him £2500. I was told I could leave when I paid it off! My cut was 20%, just enough to buy food. I struggled on for the next year; gradually I had become used to my dilemma. It was far easier to open my legs, mouth, or even my ass, than to wait on tables. By now the food I bought seemed to be dwindling, and replaced by vodka or gin in my shopping basket. Also Max had me doing more and more clients. He seemed to have a never ending supply of men waiting to fuck me. I tried doing some on the side, which was fine for a few weeks, until I came home to find Max pocketing the secret stash of notes I had behind the wardrobe.

So that was it, I was to be a prostitute until the booze claimed my life. This though all changed when Max set me up with this guy. I don't think he had ever been to a working girl's flat. I gave him a whisky and just wanted to get on with things. He sat looking up at me with red bloodshot eyes. Then it all came out about his wife running off with a rival businessman. I've had men who wanted to talk before, and to be honest if they paid they could rabbit all night, at least it would give me a rest. An hour later he left £50 on my coffee table and went. 2 weeks later he was back again. I had started saving again; I had even opened my own little bank account, to put the money safe and away from Max.

"Look, Dave, I need the loo," I said to my new client.

He looked at the broken toilet door that Max had kicked in. Max had a suspicion that I was doing a little on the side again, but when he turned my flat over and found nothing he became angry.

I watched Dave slide a £50 note on the coffee table.

"Look you have already paid Max," I said, never taking my eyes off the money."

He looked at me, "I know but I want you to have it."

"OK but I really need the loo first."

He put another one down and looked me in the eyes. I've had a few strange requests in my time, some I flatly refused, although Max made me pay for it later.

"What do you want, exactly?"

"Can I watch you?" he mumbled.

Well for a 100 quid would you? I took his hand and we went to the loo. I pushed my jeans down and squatted.

"Could you move back a bit?" he gulped.

"Look if you are going to toss yourself off, you must still wear a rubber."

He fumbled around undoing his trousers; to be honest my need for a pee was getting very desperate. I took the rubber from him and put it on his cock. I smiled up at him as he looked down rather embarrassed. I kept hold of him and moved back on the loo, I spread my legs and started to rub him. I watched his eyes focus between my legs and I let go. He shuddered as my pee hit the water. He panted and moaned as I jerked him.

"Have you ever....with other men?" he asked with a gulp.

"No, never," I purred.

I opened my legs further and jerked him faster.

"Have you ever watched anyone pee before?"

I watched a white blob appear in the end of the condom. He groaned and gasped. Finally he pulled away from me and rushed out.

A month later I was bent over my coffee table. I had on this schoolgirl gear, and some fat Welsh bloke spanking my ass with his hand. I felt his cock ram into me and he started to fuck me hard.

"Go on tell me Karen," he moaned.

"Sir please you'll get me pregnant Sir, you must stop."

He shot deep into my pussy, oh and the condom. I never do sex with clients without one. So I walked him to the door and there stood Dave. Both men looked a little embarrassed as they passed each other.

"Look you'll have to phone me first, Max will kill me."

He could see I was angry, but my face dropped into a smile when I saw the flowers. We did the peeing thing again, only this time he didn't run off. We talked for awhile, but I had to boot him out before my next customer arrived.

Two weeks later Max told me he had another all weekend job.

"Not that bloody Spaniard again? His fat wife licking my nipples while he licked my ass was too much!"

"No not them. Just some guy wants you to spend the weekend with him. Look at it as a sort of working holiday."

"Oh and how much do I get?" I spat.

"Just be thankful I let you rent this flat you fucking scrubber!"

I was pushed to the bed and felt my panties being ripped from my body. He spun me over and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks.

"OK, OK, I'll go!"

I waited for a second, his hands left my backside and he chuckled. The next thing I know is I'm rubbing my bare backside, still smarting from the palm of his hand! The following weekend I ended up on a deserted platform. There was Dave looking at me. Now this was quiet a shock. He could have asked me to go away with him for the weekend, not that I would have done all the same, but well he was OK, or so I hoped.

"You came then?"

"I didn't really have a choice."

He put my bag in the back of his car, and we drove to the edge of town. I honestly thought we had stopped at a hotel. A big house behind iron gates, and a drive you could land a small plane on!

"You actually live, here?"

He smiled at my shock as he pulled up at the front door. I spent the next hour following him round the place.

"I've given the cook and the gardener the weekend off," he said with a grin.

"Oh, its MacDonald's for dinner then?" I mumbled.

He chuckled.

"Look Dave, this is all very nice, but what exactly do you want me to do?"

He could tell I was suspicious now. I mean this guy's wife had done a runner I know, but did he have some evil secret? We talked, well he told me his life story, and I gave away more than I normally ever did to punters. Maybe it was the house or something, but by the end of the day I felt I could trust him. Still sex, yes sex, that was what I was paid for and that was all I knew.

"I need to go the loo?" I asked, wondering if he wanted the usual.

I sat there in this bathroom that was the same size as my flat!

"Will you talk to me?" he asked.

"What about sex?"

I watched him swallow.

"When you pulled up at the station, the man, the man that was sat opposite you, did you know him?"

"No not really why?" I asked.

I knew as soon as I asked the question. Before he could say anything else I jumped in.

"Look I'm a working girl, he put my bag on the rack and I thanked him."

I could see a slight lump in his trousers. But I needed confirmation that I was heading down the right road. I got it when he pulled his cock out. I opened my legs and moved right back on the toilet seat.

"He squeezed my ass, and I just smiled at him. When I didn't move away he squeezed it harder."

"You didn't try and stop him?" he said with a gulp.

"Like I said, I smiled at him," I cooed, "even when he pulled the blinds down in the compartment, I smiled at him."

I spread my legs and started to pee. Dave was pulling himself and I knew he wouldn't last long.

"He started touching me. Then he stripped me."

Dave's eyes looked between my legs. He watched and heard my pee splash into the toilet. His face was red and he was shaking.

"He fucked me; he fucked me on the train, with his big fat cock."

I watched Dave shoot onto the floor; he was almost doubled over when he was finally spent. I slept with him that night but he didn't want to fuck me. We just cuddled and he talked. I suppose this was easy money for me. It could have been far worse, like the night I spent with 3 men who used all sorts of toys on me.

"You know I can't work you out. You say your wife ran off and yet you obviously have this thing about women fucking around. Did you ever get excited by it?"

"Yeah well, the difference is simple; fantasy and reality, and no it never excited me, she was a bitch, a right hard nosed bitch."

I cuddled up to him hoping I hadn't opened old wounds. Now I was sort of getting used to Dave. But he would keep asking me when I was going make a run for it. I just laughed it off at first, but it did make me think about setting a target date. I just hoped I'd have enough money. We spent the next day at his home. I was quite happy just doing nothing really. The last time I had a day off was when this scab appeared on my lip; no it wasn't that, it WAS a cold sore. We went out to dinner Saturday night. Now this was something that happened very rarely with any of my clients, and those that did take me out, spent most of the time looking over their shoulder for an angry wife! But Dave was different. OK he liked watching men look me over. But he was really quite charming, and he made me laugh. This was what did me in. I actually felt like there was something more going on. In case like me you had forgotten, I was a prostitute, not a girlfriend, not a wife. I was paid to have sex with men. That was why when I went to the loo I ran, I ran to the station and just managed to make the train. I sat huddled in a corner crying all the way back to London. After a few days I had gotten Dave out of my head. I was back working; Max came round and paid me what amounted to pocket money. I did a few punters and ended up at address in north London. Straight away I didn't feel comfortable. Max had paid me £350 up front! The door was slammed before I got to it. I was dragged into a room with a dentist chair sat in the middle. I looked at the thick leather straps and almost fainted.

"You are not putting me in that fucking thing!" I screeched.

I looked at all the dentist equipment in several kidney dishes.

"You'll put this on, now!"

I jumped at the middle aged man who had shouted at me.

I looked at the nurse's uniform, which was brought in by a naked woman in her forties. Now this was too fucking weird even for me! I watched as this naked woman sat in the chair. The man started to strap her in.

"Well get changed," he snapped.

So there I stood in a white nurse's uniform that barely covered my naked ass. I wore white stockings with white high heels. I closed my eyes as the man handed me a kidney dish.

"Oh god, they are not real!" the man snapped.

I opened one eye, you now like you do when you watch horror films? I pushed the plastic needle up into the fake syringe, and almost giggled. 10 minutes later I was giving the woman tied to the chair a good fucking with a strap on. Behind me the guy was kissing my ankles and tossing himself off! Now this last little job really had me wondering, what if everything was real? What if I was the one secured in the chair? What if they really started pulling my teeth out!

£612.51 was all I had to my name, that and a few clothes. I went into the pub just to get my head straight about what I was going to do, and I wanted to find out it Max was around. I saw Zack, a kid I knew from school. He was a bit weird, and a rumour had gone round about him fathering kids to his aunt! We had bumped into each other a few months ago, he had moved into a house around the corner with a girl and her mother. Both of them had kids just a few months apart, and Zack boasted he had fathered them both!

"Hello slag, want a drink?"

"Fuck off Zack," I hissed back.

"So where are you going with that case then?"

I watched his black eyes grin at me.

"I bet Max would love to know where his tart is now."

I put my hand on his phone.

"Don't Zack, please don't?"

"So, little shy Karen, that turned into a pro is about to scarper from big bad Max?"

He whispered in my ear. 20 minutes later we were back in my flat. I lay with my legs spread as Zack unzipped his jeans. He moved towards the bed. I handed him a condom and he threw it on the floor.

"Oh no the deal is a fuck, no condoms. Afraid you'll get pregnant Karen?"

I swallowed.

"What like Della? Fuck Zack she was just 18, you were her first and left her with a bloody kid!"

"Yeah well, we were both 18 when we did it, she said she was on the pill, lying bitch. Still that is her fault."

I winced as he pushed into me. His dark creepy eyes seemed to be laughing at me. But I had bigger things to worry about. My bags were packed, and if Max came here I didn't want to think about what he would do to me.

"You know Karen you really have blossomed. The boys at school never looked twice at you, but now men pay you for it, so much for you wanting to be a nurse."

"Just fuck me Zack and get it over with," I spat looking deep into his eyes.

He jabbed into me as he chuckled, "you know men won't pay for you if you get pregnant, whore."

"You said you would pull out, you promised me Zack," I whimpered.

His pace increased as he became more excited.

"Please Zack, don't make me pregnant. I don't want a baby, please don't spunk in me," I grovelled, as I hammered on his chest.

He thrust in deeper and started panting harder.

"No Zack, please no!"

He gripped my hair as he shot into me pumping everything he could.

I watched him get off the bed as I stayed there crying. He picked up his mobile phone and kissed it.

"Oh that's one for the archives babe," he said with a laugh, as he closed the door.

"Asshole," I mumbled, as I dried my fake tears.

I jumped off the bed and quickly got dressed. I had been on the pill since I was a teenager; no way was I relying on condoms! I just used what I thought would get Zack off quicker. I jumped again as Max came into the flat.

"Hello Karen this is Sandy, she's 19 and she's moving in with you."

I looked at a rather frightened looking young girl.

"Karen I need to speak to you."

I looked past Max and saw Dave standing there.

"Hey man you'll have to make an appointment like everyone else. But ah, how about Sandy a nice new girl, I'll do you a special price?"

I watched Sandy shrink away. Then Max saw my bags.

"Where the fuck are you going whore!"

I turned away as Max raised his fist, but the blow didn't land. When I looked up I saw Dave shaking his hand, and Max on the floor clutching his face, and stomach! Dave grabbed my bag and pulled me out of the flat. I grabbed Sandy's hand and wouldn't let go despite her resistance. Max was on his feet and stood in the doorway as we drove off.

"Sorry, I mean did you want rescuing?"

I felt so relieved I just started to cry.

"Let me out, Max said he'd look after me," Sandy mumbled.

I tired to calm her down but she just sat in the back snivelling. Finally we got out of her that she had run away from home, and she had been living rough in London for nearly a week. She had an argument with her mum over taking drugs with her friend.

"So you want to work for Max do you?"

"He said he'd look after me," she replied.

What really pissed me off was the stupid teenage pout. My god didn't she see what was going to happen to her! Perhaps I wasn't being to understanding. But I was doing this for her; I had to make her see that.

"He'll turn you into a prostitute," I snapped.

"So I'm not a virgin. Anyway it'll beat living rough."

I made Dave stop the car and dragged her up 8 stone steps.

"How many people do you see down there, 300 or 400?"

I watched her look at the sea of faces rushing through the busy London Street.

"Look at those cute guys out there, and look at the ones who aren't really that bad."

I watched her eyes roam over the all the different faces.

"Yeah I bet you could cope with them. But what about the faces you've skipped? The ugly men, the old men, and the men you don't fancy, would you let them fuck you if they paid? What about what they want, anal maybe or spanking? Would you let them tie you up and do what they want?"

"It, it's not like that," she protested.

"Oh isn't it? Sandy, in a year you could have 300 men, maybe more. What if it's the 300 or so down there? Max wouldn't let you refuse any. Look at them, could you close your eyes and ears, and think of the money while those men get what they want?"

She looked over the faces again, her eyes started to water.

"I bet you would rather die than let some of those men near you, and what about the women?"

Her eyes shot to me.

"Oh yeah women too, could you go down on a fat 50 something woman?"

I could see her mind chewing over everything I had just said. I waited for nearly a minute. I held out my hand and she slowly took it. I took her back to the car, praying she wouldn't twist away and run.

"Where do you live Sandy?" Dave asked.

"Reading," she replied softly.

We dropped her off and watched as her mother hugged her at the door.

"So, where do you want to go?"

I looked at him.

"Well I remember leaving a meal half way through. I'd like to go back and finish it."

"OK. Dinner for two it is," Dave said with a smile.

I nodded, smiled, and relaxed back into the car seat.

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