NWMD!: Marnie in the Boardroom


She looked around at each of them to get her bearings. "Oh, there was the guy from the monitoring room." She noticed. She stood up and tested the slipperiness of the hose covering her feet on the tabletop, as she continued to look around at their faces. She started an undulating wavelike motion with her body, running from head to toe, which seemed to work well on this slippery surface. Then with her arms in the air, the wave started with her fingers down to her toes. This, what would have to be described as some sort of cobra dance, had the men stunned with jaws open in their seats. The wave like movement hitting her hips would flare her skirt out, giving them glimpses of her pantyhose covered bottom and crotch. Working at teasing, and with each of them seemingly under her spell, she would unbutton a button and continue the dance. Then another would go, with some more dancing.

When her jacket was off, she tossed it at Larcher, hitting him in the face. He peeled it off, not amused, but the others started to shift in their seats as she started with the top button of her blouse. The lucky ones facing the windows could get clear glimpses of her beautiful breasts back-lighted from the outside light coming in, and started a trend in the room of undoing their pants. Before undoing the last couple of buttons on her blouse, Marnie took off her skirt and kicked it at Larcher. This time he caught it in front of his face.

Now, her blouse did little to hide her crotch and rear crack showing through the sheer white hose. The blouse was beginning to hide little of her breasts that were swaying gently as she moved under the almost undone front. As she continued the teasing pace, hands started to stroke cocks and jiggle balls around her. When she unbuttoned the last button and laid the flaps down either side of her breasts, the uniform to the left of the suit shot up and stood at the edge of the table with his cock pointing at Marnie twitching, pulsing, and begging for her to touch it.

Marnie got down on her hands and knees and slinked sexily over to him. She stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of his cock once, then looked around at the others who were starting to stand. She licked again. The suit tried to lift the hanging front of her blouse up out of the way of his view, but it wouldn't stay. Marnie sat back up on her knees and slowly removed the blouse, tossing it to in front of Larcher. Audible moans were heard.

Marnie had a plan, as she sized up the situation, this time if she was going to take on these guys, she was going to do the smallest first and save the biggest for last. That meant the suit first and the geekiest guard last. To accomplish this, she had to remain in control. She decided to take on three at a time. So she put her mouth on the guy to the left of the suit and held her hands out for the suit and the other guard on her right. She worked the three of them like an orchestra leader, trying to bring them to a point where they would be raring to go but not to the point of release.

When she had this group all panting and ready to roll, she backed up with a smile and an expression which said, "Now, fair's fair." Then she slinked over to the other side and started to suck the geek on Larcher's left. She held out her hands for Larcher and the tie with no jacket to rut in her hands. She orchestrated their arousal to a fever pitch as well.

Now that she had the room sweating, panting, and standing around the table with their hands on it for support, cocks pointing, twitching, and oozing, she slinked over to the suit. She got so close that he backed away rather than kiss her. She slinked down to standing on the floor in front of him and took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He was mesmerized by her control. She slowly turned around, slinked the pantyhose down to her knees, and leaned over the edge of the table on her forearms to protect her hanging breasts from the motion that was about to take place. Then she waited for the suit to move. When he just stood there in trance looking at her bald pouch between her spread legs, she reached back, grabbed his cock, and pulled him to the task. He snapped out of it and started to rut in earnest. He thrust with no regard for her reactions, and was taking what he could get. Marnie tried moving this way and that, to make the most of a real cock working her snatch finally, but by the sounds of his moaning and the speed of his motion, she figured he was near his conclusion so she put her hand on the guard to her left to make sure he was raring to go as soon as the suit was through. Then the suit thrust so hard into her that she sprawled forward mashing her breasts on top of the table. He thrusted a couple more times, sending the rest of his cum into her, then pulled out to watch the rest of the room take their turns.

Marnie figured that getting the hose all the way off would give her more traction. She also figured that the over eager guard would be a quick release kind of guy, so she decided to lay on her back and have him do her from the front so she could get more action around her clit. She held her legs up in the air as he approached and entered her. She was just about to lower them to his shoulders, when on his first couple of thrusts, he came.

Marnie started thinking, "Oh no, two down, but there are still four to go."

This time she wanted a real good assessment of the candidate before engaging him. She sat on the edge of the table and motioned him close. She put her arms around the back of his neck and stared into his eyes. She put her heels on his coccyx, and pulled his groin up to her groin, forcing his cock straight up between her body and his, and a little pain to his balls as they were caught between them.

"Pull that chair closer and fuck me like there's no tomorrow." She said wantonly to his face like she'd do in play with her husband Roger.

She put her feet on the front of the armrests, slid to the very edge, and pulled him to her again, guiding his cock into her hand, then holding on to his shoulders as he began to rock her "like there was no tomorrow".

"Yes! Oh yes! You dear man, oh thank you. You did it. Oh yes! Yes. Yes." She said, grateful for finally getting over the limit. She wanted to sit and luxuriate. She didn't need the rest of them for the time being; it was like having to fulfill a contract after you've gotten what you wanted out of the situation, but she was obligated to finish the deal. Next it would probably have to be Larcher again. "Oh god," She thought. "Not that low-life again."

For some reason, Larcher had been over by the bar. There he stood waiting for Marnie to come around the table in front of him. There was that uncut penis she knew oh so well, but he had a surprise for her. He had taken a condom from his wallet and put it on. "He had never done that before." She thought puzzled.

Then he announced to the room, "Gentlemen, I'm going to show you how she really likes it." He said as he positioned her bent over the table.

"Oh, no, not this again." Marnie thought, as she realized she would be taking it in her rear.

"Missy, here is really hot for it in the chute." He continued, as he scooped out cum from her twat and lubricated her rear with it. Then where she couldn't see, he dropped some Tabasco Sauce from the refrigerator in with the lubrication and started a painful entry. When the initial pain subsided, she geared up to a familiar level of pleasure that usually brought her close to cumming but never all the way. Gradually she began to feel an itch, unlike before, more of a burn. Larcher pumped faster. He dropped a few more drops there. The foaming moisture started to ooze down to her cunt. The burning followed there too. Now she wanted him out of her and a fire hose pointed at her holes instead. Then there was a part of her that wanted him to push it harder and faster to satiate the itch. The fire in her holes now consumed her entire being. She felt more like a bitch with two holes in heat. She wanted that goddamn army now in both holes.

Larcher came in an arched thrust, and then repeated it for some after spurts. He collapsed back in his chair and admired the rosy glow now between Marnie's legs, as she tried to squeeze the burning out of her by tightening her legs together.

Red faced and breathing in short pronounced exhales, she started moving around the table with her ass sticking out and absentmindedly, passed the geek with the monster cock, probably because that was her original plan back when she was in control. But leave it to Larcher, now she needed it bad again, maybe even worse than before. The sauce had served to heighten the urges that were already there, by stimulating more blood to rush to the area.

When she got in front of the tie with no jacket, she took a hold of his tie and said to his face in guttural tones, "Do me now and do me good."

The supervisor had a reputation to protect and nurture with his men, so he took Marnie's hand in his and put her facing his chair, kicked her legs wide, pushed her face down onto the warm seat he had been sitting in and put his erection in her cunt. He worked it in and out to almost the entire length with each thrust. The warmth from the sauce encouraged his motion as well. Marnie relished his balls hitting her clit. She felt like she would get something from this effort. Every once in a while, he would hold just the tip in and slap her rear reddening it up to match the color of her holes. When he was about to cum, he pulled out and forced his way in her rear chute like Larcher.

Marnie thought, "On no, not this again."

She needed action in both places now, so she just rode with it. His body started to undulate uncontrollably and his eyes started to roll up under his fluttering lids. He let loose a howl and shot hard into her rear. She could feel the jizm hitting the walls of her rectum.

"One last chance to end this on a harmonious note." Marnie surmised in dread.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, she said, "Why don't you get those all the way off and join me up here?" She invited the last guard, referring to his pants and the table she had climbed back upon.

She licked her fingers and wiped her burning snatch, and repeated it, as a cat would do with its paw, while she waited for the last guard to ready himself for Marnie the tigress. He climbed on top of the table with her and she had him lay down. One of the guards walked around, picked up the man's pants and rolled them up for a pillow. Marnie put her mouth around the long thick cock, and had to open it to full extension to accommodate it. When she sensed he was good and hard, she carefully lowered herself down upon it, keeping one leg up while the other knelt, in case she had to get up, because he was too big. It was a good decision on her part to delay him until the end, because she had plenty of lubrication oozing out of her. With the tip at her labial opening, she paused, took a couple of deep breaths, and lowered herself so that just the head was in. She scrunched up her face, letting everyone present know that she was having difficulty with the size. She brought her other knee up so she could do a controlled squat. She carefully lowered herself down the full length and just paused in agony while she shifted to a full kneeling position.

With her hands on the table on either side of him, she very slowly raised her cunt up. Everyone was silently watching with eager anticipation as she reached the top and relatively quickly lowered herself down all the way again. The pain and pleasure was so intense she had to lower herself to his chest and just hug the geeky stranger for a moment. The room of men was mesmerized by this slow deliberate show. They each had their hands subconsciously stroking their cocks, vicariously enjoying the pleasure the guard on the table was experiencing. Marnie got up and again rose almost the whole way up his cock and plunged it in again, causing unbridled sensation. Each time she did this, the pain was less, the recovery time was shorter, and her moans were louder. Eventually, she had a steady rhythm going without the pause altogether.

Larcher started to clap every time she hit bottom. Then the others joined in. A chant started up, "Harder. Deeper. Faster. Harder. Deeper. Faster. . ." Marnie was sweating and soaking the guard's shirt. Her cunt was getting sore from the workout but she never wanted to come more than she did right now. Her mount was getting excited from the encouragement of his buddies and was starting to wobble like a fish out of water. Marnie knew it was now or never, she worked his cock as fast as she could, getting as much clitoral stimulation as possible from the up and down stroke. With everyone in the room cheering on a double uncontrollable orgasm, Marnie and the guard were both going for broke.

The guard yelled, "Oh fuck, I can't hold out any longer."

Marnie was counting on his coming big to send her over, so she grabbed his shoulders and rolled him on top of her. "Okay sailor, come into port." She said to encourage him.

The guard came in a big thrust. Marnie held on and slid a few feet. He thrust again, and Marnie moved another few feet toward Larcher. She came in a mighty crashing wave, when he thrust again. Now her head was off the edge of the table right in front of Larcher, and she lost her consciousness of that fact for the moment. As she lay there, pleased that she had come before it was too late, wanting to bask in the pleasure of it, while forgetting the circumstances, she was awaken from her reverie by a cock entering her open mouth.

Larcher couldn't resist having her head hanging upside down in front of him with her mouth open. He leaned forward for the ease of entry and placed a hand on her left breast, while steadying himself with his right on the table. Marnie was gagging and squirming, worrying about not being able to breath in light of the workout she just endured. "So," Larcher began, "anybody for seconds? How about you Mr. Williams?" He said to the suit. "Are you up for more. Well, I see that you are."

"Don't mind if I do, Larcher. Thank you My Man." He responded. Marnie was not only shocked to hear this exchange, but she was panicking for air, so she placed her hands on Larcher's hips and pushed him out of her mouth, turned onto her hands and knees, and panted deeply while she wiped her mouth off with the back of her right arm.

"Mr. Larcher, you can't be serious about doing this again. I did everybody in this room." She said emphatically.

"Maybe so, but look around you, Missy, they're not done." He said back.

"No, please, I've had enough, really, I don't think I can take any more. I'm awfully sore down here." She said, putting her hand over her pussy.

"You seem to forget, Missy, that the female can take a man in more places than just down there. Now get down from the table, it's Mr. William's turn." He said, as her helped her down. "If you do two at a time, we can all get out of here sooner." He said suggestively, and then he led her over to the chair that the suit had just been sitting in. He positioned her to the side, bent her over so her hands supported her on the seat facing the window, and motioned for the suit to take up the rear and the tie with no jacket to work her front.

Fucking her mouth was okay for the tie, because it was warm, moist, and a good fit. The suit, however, was now in her stretched out pussy and had to work twice as hard to get the friction he needed to get off a second time. When he thrust as hard as he could, sometimes he would accidentally pull all the way out and miss the target going back in. This produced embarrassment and frustration for this to be happening in front of his subordinates, and it made him want to fuck her even more manly each time. Marnie could get no pleasure from him and just felt the discomfort. She was relieved when he finally came. He wiped himself off on her rear, pulled up his pants, and said, "Lady, you're one nice piece of ass." He kissed her rear and said, "Got to get back to work. Thanks Larcher." And, he put his hand on Larcher's shoulder as he passed him and left the room. The tie followed suit, and she was doing the geeky guard in her mouth now, mercifully, and the over eager guard in her snatch now. When they were done, they thanked her in their crude ways and left.

Now there was just the guard from the control room and Larcher left. Larcher went around front while the other guard said; "I think I'll try it here. She looks pretty sore down there." Referring to her snatch.

"Oh, she really likes it there. From the looks of things, I think she'll be thanking you for the gesture. Get it juiced up good, though, she still is a tight slut back there." Larcher said, from his position in Marnie's mouth.

The guard dipped his cock in her sore snatch first for lubrication while he dropped a dollop of spit on her anus and rubbed it in with his finger. Then he entered her firmly, but not too fast. Marnie ducked her head from Larcher's cock and pushed her upper body down in the chair, bending her knees a bit to help his entry as best she could to decrease the discomfort. She was beyond being turned on by this now, and she just positioned herself to ride it out. Larcher was concerned by this and threatened, "You know Missy, I am so concerned for you, that me and Bob here, are going to stay at this until you get to come one more time, because I care about you."

By this time Larcher had withdrawn from her mouth and was saving himself for the goal he had just set forth. He went to Marnie's side, leaned his butt against the table's edge, and leaned over to play with her left tit. "I remember how sensitive these are. Does this help?" He asked trying to help her focus on the goal.

Marnie bit her lower lip and nodded staring out the window in front of her.

"How about this?" Larcher asked, as he got on his knees and worked the tit with his left hand and her clitoris with his right.

Marnie nodded and added, "A little softer please."

She scanned the view. She now was at a point of wanting that one last orgasm. It should last her for a couple of days, she figured. Her husband would have a needed break, and she could think normal thoughts again for a while. Then something caught her eye in a window across the street. She squinted and discovered a group of men with their suit jackets off crowded along a window. "Oh god," she realized, "they are passing a pair of binoculars back and forth between them. Let's hurry. Oh, I've got to cum quickly, and get out of here," she thought.

She started getting into the spirit of the guard working her bottom hole. She moved her butt to maximize his sensation and tightened when he pulled back to increase his friction. It was working.

"God, Larcher, I don't think I'm going to be able to hold out much longer, Buddy, it's going to be up to you." He confessed. Then he came in a big thrust, almost having Marnie hit her chin on the armrest.

Larcher shooed him out of the way before he was finished enjoying being lodged in her ass, and took up the position behind her. Marnie thought quickly, and she thought hard. "If he does it where he usually does it, I'll just get close but no cigar. If I let him do it in me, oh god how awful . . ." She pondered.

Mr. Larcher, would you please do me down here?" She asked as she turned around to face him before he could lodge his member in his favorite place.

"Well Missy, I didn't think we were on those kinds of terms. You don't find this request a little intimate do you?" He said, sorting his mind for a place to put this moment.

"I think it will help." Marnie said leaning her butt against the edge of the table with legs spread wide, holding out her arms ready to be placed on his shoulders, and turning her head away in shame, avoiding eye contact with him.

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