I revelled in the scent of her desire as my tongue found her slit, the taste delcious as I traced up to her clit and then swirled my tongue around the engorged bud. Groping her breasts and flicking her nipples with my finger nails I loved the way she called for me, throatily and husky from groaning. I grunted as her sharp nails and long fingers entwined in the hair at the base of my neck, sharply pulling the short strands while grinding her hungry sex on my chin, my nose and my tongue as I speared as deep as I could into her needy entrance tasting her inner juices. Intoxicated and aflame, I craved more, desperately straining for it. Daphne wrapped her legs around my shoulders, her feet dug into my spine and I grabbed her hips, bruising the flesh underneath my fingers. My tongue strove on, its movements faster but looser as I ran it over her slit, toying with her clit and suckling it between my lips. I felt the muscles of her thighs tense first, my head encased as it was between them. Her nails broke the skin at the base of my neck fractionally after and she cried out my name as her hips arched. All of her became rigid muscle as she orgasmed, flooding my tongue and my senses with her juices. Almost choking me as I swallowed as much of her satisfaction as I could. Her muscles relaxed and went fluid-like, and I pulled her up to meet my kisses. The taste of her mouth mingling with the taste of her pussy as her tongue filled my mouth, greedily tasting herself.

"Mmmm, that was incredible." Daphne whispered between kisses, her hands tracing my jawline.

I looked at her, "You better not think you've finished Nymph."

I slid her to the very edge of the stage where she sat. My fingers found her sopping entrance, all warm and slick. I slid a few of them inside her a couple times, stretching the ring of muscle at her opening, her sighs and moans testament to the fact she definitely wasn't finished yet.

"Good, lover. You like that?" I murmered as my fingers increased their pace.

"Yeeesss, mmm... fuck yes."

Daphne's hands ran down the front of me, over the tight breast strapping, tracing firmly over my muscled abdomen and began wrenching my leather pants off. I slipped my shoes off, hands from behind me finished tugging the pants off as Daphne's hands returned to my shoulders, her mouth left warm wet trails over my neck and down my collarbone and she stopped to tongue the hollow in the middle before travelling up the other side to my ear.

I was completely unaware of anything other than her. Lightening ran through my skin as she clawed at me. Her braids tickled my skin everywhere as they snaked around me, encompassing me. The pace of my fingers increased, and my little finger slipped easily in with the other three as I strove harder to keep up with her. Daphne's hand wrapped around my strap-on, pulling on it to draw me closer. Her full lips touched mine and her tongue ran lightly across my mouth before she pulled away, laughing when I growled at her. I reached for her with both hands and roughly pulled her back to me by her thighs. I lifted her lightly up as she wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms were around my neck and I could feel the hotness of her breath and heard her sharp intake of breath as I gently entered her with my shaft.

"Yessss..." she hissed as she began to move with me, slowly at first I thrust into her, the firm silicone end inside my cunt rubbed maddeningly against the rough flesh behind my pelvic bone causing bolts of exquisite pleasure to run through me. I felt the hard wood of the stage under one of my palms as the other supported her while she rode me. Daphne increased the pace as she neared her release and I matched her as I felt her slick juices running down the length of my shaft, mingling with my own as I strove to please her entirely. Her silken breasts rubbed against my chin and I bent my head to capture one of her nipples in my mouth. Her moans were musical to me and I thrust harder wanting her cries louder, her need stronger for me. Together we sunk to the floor, my legs beginning to turn to jelly the closer my own orgasm became. I felt her hands in my hair as I ran my fingers over her breasts, tweaking her nipples and massaging the puckered flesh with my thumb before continuing down to her clit. Mesmerised by the sight of her moving under me.

Daphne's hands clenched on my buttocks as I played with her clit, sweat beaded on her body and I loved the sheen that covered her. I didn't know how much longer I could stay above the liquid heatwaves threatening to drown me in white hot pleasure while I watched her move against my thrusts, all of her in glorious motion, feeling the movement of her hips reverberate inside me. Even her tattoo seemed to move, the roots seemed to reach for my fingers as they played with Daphne's clit, the branches shook over her breasts as she arched her back. It seemed to shine now that I actually looked, a sort of metallic viridian green. I bent my head to kiss her and the metallic tang of blood touched my tongue though there was none. Electric heat flooded my senses as I realised the sharp pain from my lips had come from her teeth and it pulsated through me as I came. Unable to hold back any longer I lost control of my body as my pussy convulsed around the firm silicone inside me. A strangled, guttural half-roar escaped me as I called her name, and Daphne's sharp fingernails dug into the skin of my ass driving the strap-on deep inside her as my rhythm went crazily uneven.

Weakened, I tried to roll off of her but she wasn't ready and her body ended up on top of mine. I could barely raise my arms from the aftermath of my orgasm but somehow they found her hips as she began to ride me. The sight of her working the long, thick shaft reignited the firey vines of need that had ensnared me since the shot she'd given me and it wasn't long before I was meeting her rhythm again, though I was stilll reeling and half out of my mind with pleasure.

My hands roamed over the supple flesh of her breasts as they bounced and swayed in time with her movements. I tried to sit up but she pushed me back down, holding me there with strong hands on my breasts and I gave up trying to fight her. Every move she made stoked the firey vines of lust into blazing trees that danced over my vision as I watched her, her eyes half closed as she threw her head back. That long gorgeous hair streamed out around her and I wrapped some of my fingers in it, revelling in the softness of it as the midnight black curtain of hair fell around me when she leaned forward. Coloured ribbon tickled my neck sensually and her hand firmly grasped my jaw as Daphne locked eyes with me. Smouldering emerald captured me as I returned her gaze and her rhythm changed. A low groan escaped her as our lips met and I clasped my hands around her hips, driving as deep and fast as she could handle. Her eyes locked into mine as she moaned and convulsed on top of me caught in the throes of her orgasm. I heard her sigh my name as she kissed me, half conscious and I slipped the strap-on slowly out of her pussy as it quivered in its aftermath.

Around us, the people in the crowd were also crying out and moaning as they came. Everybody seemed to orgasm at the same time. They all appeared as if in a trance as they redressed or fixed their clothes, going back up to the bar or continuing to dance on the floor as if nothing had happened. Daphne and I collected our clothes and redressed ourselves though the people around us seemed unaware of our presence as we did so. I was zipping up my pants as Daphne turned to me.

"So... Yours or mine?" Daphne asked as she ran her hands down the front of my waistcoat.

I put my arm around her waist, kissing her neck as I responded.

"I'm only two blocks from here. But, what about the people? Won't they remember what happened?"

"These mortals? I doubt it. Besides..." she said as we walked back to my table to collect my jacket "That extra ingredient is one Aphrodite gives me. Liquid lust and a memory charm. Zeus uses it frequently."

"Aphrodite? Zeus?"

Daphne laughed, "Oh yes lover. They are real."

I picked my jacket up and downed the end of my drink as I turned to follow Daphne out of the club.

"Hey guys... When you get home, and the next couple days, don't come in my room, I'm busy." I said laughing over my shoulder.

Turning to Daphne and leaving the club I said, "You know you'll have to fill me in on this real Olympian God thing, right?"

"All in time lover, first I want your undivided attention." Daphne replied as she slid long fingers under the waistband of my leather pants.

"That will definitely be my pleasure." I answered with a smile.

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