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NYPD: Fighting Temptation


Writer's Foreword: This story is intended to slowly build up to the hot and sexy stuff. So if you want a quick read, this is not it.

Enjoy :)

New York was a drastic change from the Miami heat she'd come to love, mainly because it reminded her of the beautiful island she was born on 26 years prior. She and her family had left Jamaica when she was only 10, but they would visit every year till she was 20 and the month they'd spend there was filled with utter relaxation, kind of like what she needed right now.

"Why the hell did I take this promotion again?" she mumbled while massaging her throbbing temples. She had been working on this case for what felt like months and it wasn't getting any easier. She was really good at her job, that's why she was hand picked for the promotion, but lately she felt a bit...

"Dr. Davis, here are the labs you requested" her assistant Lisa was placing the documents on her desk when Khalilah realized what she was missing.

"Dr. Davis?...I...uh have the –

"Shit! Why didn't I think of that before? Lisa, I'm sorry, but you need to run the tests back to the lab for me and screen for levels of toxicity of Ketamine" she looked at the young girl who was a bit puzzled and had to gesture that it was something that needed to be done immediately before Lisa got a clue.

Khalilah felt like this might be the missing piece to the puzzle. She worked the Cold Case Files and enjoyed bringing justice to forgotten victims via her medical background. Like most of the cases she worked on, which were either reopened due to familial request or new evidence, this one had been going on 7 years cold. But a recent kidnapping with similar M.O. had caused her to dig deeper and work in overdrive. As both an ME and Detective specialized in forensics, Dr. Khalilah Davis was neck deep in this case, but nothing seemed to come to light. She was stressed from the big move, she was tired from working 24/7, she was lonely without her family close by and she was annoyed that she was going to be partnered up in a matter of hours. She liked her space and back home in Miami she worked alone and was content. Yeah, she was a bit of a loner, but the work she did didn't leave much time to socialize and meet people. She had been on dates, but most of the men she'd dated seemed either intimidated by her choice of career or afraid they'd end up in jail themselves.

Khalilah suddenly had the sensation of being watched so when she looked up to see a strikingly handsome man staring back at her, she was taken aback a little, but not surprised. She cleared her throat to speak when he stepped in and introduced himself.

"Det. Davis I presume?" as he extended his hand, "I'm Detective Aiden Brooks-

"Your new partner" Stated her police chief Comm. Rollands. He was an older man in his mid to late fifties, but had handsome features. When she met him he instantly reminded her of Danny Glover circa Lethal Weapon. He had a commanding air, which ensured respect from his precinct, but he also had a heart of gold.

Khalilah stood and shook Det. Brooks' hand, but could not hide her displeasure at having heard the news.

"Sir" she nodded her head and offered them a seat.

"Well Davis, I told you this day would be coming and I'm sorry it took so long, but I had to wait until Det. Brooks was back from leave. I gave him the file, but you can get him up to speed ASAP. I want a briefing first thing Monday morning." He stood to leave and both Khalilah and Brooks got up as well. Formality...sometimes it was a pain. As soon as Comm. Rollands left, Khalilah was uncertain of what to say. Sure she had had a partner when she first started on the force as an officer, but since focusing on the forensics aspect of detective work she thought she left that babysitting gig behind.

"So Det. Khalilah Brooks....I'm guessing by the way you're looking at me you either want me to disappear or tear my clothes off - Ah- I think it's just the disappear thing" He had this smug look on his face as he noticed her jaw drop at the last part of his statement. He looked back down at the mountains of paperwork pilled up on her desk haphazardly and smiled to himself.

"Don't flatter yourself Det. Brooks, and don't touch my files" she was not in the mood. Sure he was fine as hell, but she could care less. He was 6'3 and fit. With broad shoulders and a narrow waist, he definitely had the physique of a swimmer. He was dressed casually in dark wash jeans, some white air force ones and a navy blue polo that barely seemed to contain his nicely rippled biceps. His body was hot, but his face was gorgeous. He had the square jaw thing going on and it was covered by some two-day-old stubble, but it looked sexy all the same. His hair was blond, but in different lights could pass for light brown, it flowed wildly top his head, but looked styled at the same time. But it was his arresting green eyes that were the showstopper. They were a shade of green (perhaps emerald would be an accurate way to describe them) Khalilah didn't even know existed. Luckily for her she observed these things quite quickly, she had a knack for seeing things once and remembering them.

Snapping back to the matter at hand, Khalilah knew she had no intention of getting Det. Brooks up to speed at the moment so she ignored his rattling hoping that he'd get the hint and leave.

As she sat looking over some files on her desk, Aiden couldn't help but stare. She looked no older than 22, but he had done his homework and knew all the stats of his new partner. She was born in Spanish town, Jamaica to Clive and Monica Davis in 1982. Both parents were professors at the University of the West Indies, where her father taught law and psychology and her mother taught biology. She was the youngest of 3 children, with a brother named Curtis and a sister named Melinda. When she was 10 she and her family moved to Florida because of a teaching job her father received from the University of Miami. At age 11 she was found to be gifted and put into accelerated classes allowing her to graduate from high school at 15. She went onto study biochemistry and law as her undergrad and decided she wanted to be a doctor. She finished med school at 22 and went to work for Miami PD quickly making her way up the ranks. Just going over her history was making Aiden dizzy. She was only 3 years younger than him yet she seemed to have lived a lifetime. When he first came to her door he had cleared his throat to get her attention, but she was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she hadn't heard a thing, but she must have sensed something because she looked up expecting to see someone looking back at her. She had this blank expression on her face, which made her hard to read, but Aiden could tell that even though she was an ME, she was a natural detective too. She was taking in all his stats and ensuring she had a good visual. He liked that. Not to mention she wasn't bad on the eyes. Her skin was the colour of caramel and it looked like it glowed in New York's dreary weather. She was no taller than 5'5 and she had a petite overall appearance to her. Her hair was black and curly tucked in that sloppy bun women tended to do. Her eyes were deep brown, bordering black, but they shone like stars and her lips were the perfect shape as though Michelangelo himself had drawn them. She looked like she had been up for days and she had no make-up on, which is generally not an appealing combination, but she was wearing the natural look and she did it well.

"Khalilah, I sent the docs to the lab and I'm heading out to- "

Lisa had been semi-yelling as they were the only two who tended to be down in the dank basement when she entered her boss' office to see a handsome specimen of man sitting in the room. Lisa got red faced and hoped that Dr. Davis wasn't in some sort of meeting.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize you were in a meeting- " she began to stumble clearly a bit embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it Lisa, we weren't discussing anything anyways" she looked up slightly to assure her assistant that she was in no trouble at all. Lisa released the tension in her shoulders and made a sigh of relief. She loved her job and her boss was awesome. Dr. Davis or Khalilah as she would rather be called was really cool and she was kind of like Lisa's mentor, but Lisa should have known better than to be so unprofessional. Seeing that they were 2 of a handful of female employees in the entire department, they had to always be ahead of their game - it was a dog-eat-dog environment.

"Hello, I'm sorry for the intrusion, but Dr. Davis I'm heading out to Pete's Diner for lunch would you like me to bring you back something?" Lisa laid on the formality thick and she was good at it. Aiden noticed the tiny side-glances she kept directing his way. He didn't mind a bit, she was definitely hot.

"No thank you Lisa I'm not hungry you enjoy your lunch." Khalilah looked up and noticed Det. Brooks looking at her as though she was the rudest person in the world for not introducing them. Khalilah mumbled something unintelligible and then introduced the two.

"By the way Lisa, this is my partner Det. Aiden Brooks, Det. Brooks this is Lt. Lisa McAvoy my – I mean our assistant. She's a forensics psych student interning with us and she's also the receptionist." It was a mouthful, but someone had to do it. With that Khalilah turned back to her papers, but not before noticing the exchange of pleasantries that went on. "Ha!" Khalilah thought to herself, "this is going to be interesting."

A giggle or two caused Khalilah to furrow her brow at the not so subtle flirtation between the two. "Why did they feel the need to carry it out in her office?" She wondered, but she finally heard the conversation coming to an end...or so she thought.

"So I'd better head out, I don't want to miss my chance to eat.." Lisa said with playful laughter. Khalilah noted the jest between the two. Lisa was definitely what you'd call model-esque. At 5'10 she was much taller than Khalilah's 5'3 frame, which gave her a more womanly appearance. Whenever the two went out in the field, Khalilah was always mistaken as the assistant and Lisa as the doctor. Lisa was no doubt beautiful with her auburn hair that reached past her shoulder blades in waves (today) and her piercing hazel eyes and tanned skin. She wore subtle make-up that accentuated her doll like features and she had a great sense of style, usually dressed in Club Monaco, Calvin Klein or Banana Republic to name a few. She had that long legged look and was thin but not skinny. At 23, Lisa had probably been the fantasy of many, many young and old men.

"Well, they do look picture perfect together" Khalilah noted, it was sort of like looking at one of those Guess clothing billboards plastered along the New York skyline. It was a bit sickening.

"I'm sure your boss, isn't as evil as she looks and wouldn't mind if we came back a little late." Aiden smiled coyly and Lisa blushed while playfully hitting his shoulder. Khalilah had had enough. Trying not to sound offended or annoyed by his comment, Khalilah started to pack.

"Oh, Lisa I don't mind if you take a bit longer, I can see that Det. Brooks has wasted about 20 minutes of your lunch hour alone. I'm going over to the morgue anyways to see if I can examine the body again, so if you don't mind can you close up tonight, I don't think I'll be coming in until tomorrow." As she packed up her belongings she noticed that Lisa was looking at her with a bit of confusion...God, was that the only look she had? Det. Brooks on the other hand had a playful grin on his face. Maybe he picked up my subtle sarcasm.

"Dr. Davis, We'll be quick to get lunch, we just got carried away with the conversation" Lisa was clearly trying not to piss off the boss, but Det. Brooks was enjoying the show. He was good at reading people, hence why he was one of the best profilers in the East Coast at just 29. He could tell that Det. Davis was annoyed even though her assistant Lisa was oblivious to it. Aiden noticed that when she was annoyed she'd clench her jaw shut. It was the first thing she did when Comm. Rollands introduced them and she was doing it again.

"It's okay Lisa, you guys enjoy your afternoon. I'll see you tomorrow" Khalilah took off her lab coat and tossed her bag over her shoulder and waited for them to exit the doorway so that she could pass. Lisa quickly moved aside, but Det. Brooks stood there blocking her path.

"Det. Davis I would really enjoy your company at lunch you know, we could get to know each other. We are supposed to be partners" Det. Brooks looked her straight in the eyes hoping that she couldn't refuse his charm, but when she lifted her eyes to meet his he was almost taken aback by her ability to contend with him.

"No thank you Det. Brooks, like I said before I'm not hungry and I have no intentions of getting to know you outside of work. I have read your profile Detective, like I'm sure you have read mine. I'm not that interesting and I'm sure you and Lisa would have much more to talk about anyways. Excuse me" As she held his gaze she noticed the change in colour and though it interesting that they appeared darker as she spoke to him. The entire time she felt a sense of victory that she hadn't faltered in her statement, she wasn't going to look like a lame third wheel while these two yuked it up at lunch. Never again...

As he side stepped to let her past her arm brushed against his hands and she could have sworn she felt a spark. It was like a bolt of energy passed through her.

"How ironic" she thought as she turned the corner and headed for the stairs. She rarely took the elevator because of a childhood incident, but it was more for exercise she told herself as she began the ascent.

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