tagNovels and NovellasNYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 03

NYPD: Fighting Temptation Ch. 03


"Shell, I'm only going through with this because I know you'll hold it over my head for the rest of my life if I bail."

Shelley had snuck her friend a phone as soon as she thought she'd be home. She was ecstatic for her friend's "date" tonight and was half expecting Kiki to bitch her out for the not so subtle push to go out with Aiden scheme. But as she listened to her friend's complaints, she realized that Kiki was nervous about the entire ordeal. Since she had met Khalilah, they had become fast friends. It was funny how some people just clicked like that. She couldn't believe how accomplished Kiki was for someone her age and found her to be inspiring to say the least. She was intelligent, funny, kind and beautiful, her only fault was that she didn't take the time to see those great qualities within herself. On several occasions, when she dragged Kiki out for a night of fun, many attractive men had hit on her, but she was too shy to strike up a conversation or give out her number. As her friend, Shell let her know constantly that she should break out of her old habits and just let loose sometimes, she definitely deserved to. But Shell also knew that Kiki's closed off demeanor was a byproduct of a difficult childhood. Kiki didn't really go into depth, but from what Shell gathered Kiki was the awkward girl for most of her adolescent and teen life. She was probably always pretty, shell thought, but because Kiki was younger than most people she was in class with and she always had her nose in a book she most likely sailed under the social radar unnoticed. She had no excuse thought now, Shell thought. At 26, Kiki was gorgeous without a doubt, but she was always in those damn lab coats. Sure Shell was not one to talk in her nurse's uniform, but as soon as her day was done she made sure to glam it up. Kiki on the other hand probably slept in that damn white coat. She had some really nice stuff in her closet (courtesy of a shopping spree the girls went on a few weeks prior) but never found the time to actually wear them.

"Well tonight's the night to put those fuck-me boots to the test" Shell thought as her friend grumbled on the other side of the receiver.

"Listen, hun, there's no need to be nervous okay. It's just a movie and he's just a guy. A very attractive, sexy, hot –

"Okay I get it! Thank you for reminding me of what I've been thinking about since we left the hospital." Kiki was a bit distressed to say the least, but she told herself to take several deep breaths to calm down. It usually worked, but for some reason it wasn't helping tonight. Shell was right; he's just a guy.

"I feel really stupid for being so wound up, Shell. He probably doesn't think anything of going out to a movie. Not to mention going with me as company." Kiki was feeling silly about semi-thinking it felt like a date when she knew very well that she wasn't Det. Brooks' type.

He could easily have any woman he wanted any day of the week, so she found it peculiar that he was adament about going out with her and Shell. Kiki hadn't said anything to her friend, but she figured he wasn't really interested in getting to know his partner as much as he was interested in getting to know her friend.

Shell was beautiful and when put side by side, Kiki always felt insecure, but she never ever told her friend. At 5'6 Shell was taller than Kiki, but not by much. She was in good shape from the yoga and circuit training she did a few times a week. Her raven colored hair was long and silky and she had recently gotten choppy bangs to change her look. She was fair skinned and had dark brown almost black eyes. Kiki always thought Shell looked like Lucy Lui, but she never saw it.

"Kiki, don't over think it, just be yourself and we'll have a good time." Shell knew it was going to be a long night.

"Okay, well I'm not too sure about the outfit you suggested, but I promise I'll try and look presentable. I know that Luxe has a dress code."

Khalilah was certain that her friend would be pissed if she didn't put on the exact outfit she had suggested, but she was too nervous to dare wear it out with her partner in tow. So she made a few minor adjustments and was shocked when she looked in the mirror. There Khalilah stood looking back at herself and was surprised to see that she actually looked...attractive? It was a bit weird looking at her freshly straightened hair that hung in the middle of her back with sleek side-swept bangs. She rarely straightened her hair in Miami because of the heat, but New York was a little better for trying new hairdos. She wore a pair of dark denim jeans (her alternative to Shell's mini skirt suggestion) with her black and gold Jimmy Choo stiletto peek-toe pumps. Her top was a shimmering gold halter with the faux rope empire seems under generous sized breasts, which added support, but more importantly some lift. She finished off the outfit with some black and gold bangles and a black and gold clutch that matched her shoes.

Although, it was summer and July could get really hot, the nights were a bit cool and Khalilah considered bringing a small jacket, but then decided against it, remembering that coat check was a pain at the end of the evening. As she looked at the time on her nightstand clock, she realized that she had about forty-five minutes to get to the theaters before the cinema got too full.

She double-checked her purse ensuring that her money, I.D., keys and of course movie tickets among other things were all accounted for. As she turned off her bedroom light she heard her phone ring signaling a visitor downstairs. She definitely wasn't expecting anyone, but chalked it up to the sometimes absent-minded deliveryman who always got her and Mrs. James mixed up. As she picked up the receiver to tell the person they had the wrong apartment she was stunned by the voice on the other end.

"Det. Davis, you know that the movie starts in about a half an hour and you're still in your apartment." he didn't say who it was, but she knew it was him; his jovial tone emanating through the phone. She stood there almost too stunned to reply at his unexpected arrival at her home.

"How does he know where I live?" Khalilah thought to herself.

"Hey are you there or what?" Det. Brooks' voice now had a tinge of concern in it.

She had yet to say anything to his surprise visit and was honestly expecting a "what the fuck?" to escape her pouty pink lips.

"Yeah I'm still here...umm...I'll be down in two minutes." Shit! That's the best you could think of? Khalilah was almost kicking herself when she realized the seriousness of the situation she had gotten herself into. What was she doing going out with someone from work, let alone her extremely attractive Adonis partner? And worse, why deep down did she want it to be a date? She looked at herself in the mirror cursing some words that would make even a pirate blush. "I should change, I look like I'm trying to hard!" she felt extremely out of her element and was beginning to feel the pressure.

"Knock, Knock, Knock. Hey you're gonna make us miss the movie. I personally don't mind, but I know you're friend would be really pissed off you ditched."

Aiden, had been let in by one of the residents while he waited down in the lobby. He was tired of looking around the nicely decorated building waiting for Det. Davis to finally make an appearance. The building was new and was located in a fairly good part of town. It reminded him of his first place sans roommates and he smiled at the memory. He was fresh outta school and newly employed and was making more money than he'd ever dreamt of. Now, he lived in a two-story condo in the rich part of town and drove an Audi TT Coupe to impress the ladies. He might have been on the lookout for a serious relationship, but he was a bachelor nonetheless.

Running, around the living room, Khalilah had been caught off guard again by his sudden arrival on her doorstep and was trying to toss clothes aside in case he could see the mess she had made trying to figure out what to wear that evening. She unlocked the door, to find Det. Brooks leaning into the doorframe with an exasperated expression across his face. When she opened the door fully to let herself out, he stood up abruptly instantly noticing her outfit.

"Hello, Det. Brooks. I did say I'd be down in a minute," Khalilah said through clenched teeth, while smiling prettily. Aiden felt his heart beat faster as he took in the sight of her. She looked absolutely gorgeous, almost unrecognizable. Khalilah must have noticed his expression because she started to fidget on spot and then brushed past him towards the elevator.

"When are you going to start calling me Aiden? Det. Brooks is too formal." He said politely.

"Well, Aiden is too causal. How about I just call you Brooks?" Khalilah stepped into the elevator and turned around to see Brooks walk in towards her. He was a beautiful specimen of man. He was wearing dark jeans and a nice pair of black dress shoes. He had on a white pinstriped dress shirt with a black vest and a striped tie to complete the look. He looked laid back at the same time completely put together.

"The man definitely knew how to dress." Khalilah thought to herself and then lowered her gaze, hoping he didn't notice her eyeing him. As they rode the elevator down, silence permeated the walls to an almost deafening tone.

Khalilah was too nervous to speak knowing that her voice would betray her if she attempted to, but Aiden seemed completely content with their lack of conversation. Suddenly it occurred to her that any other woman would be chatting it up in her situation...she could just imagine how he and Lisa got along when they were alone at lunch.

" Maybe I should say something to be more engaging." she asked herself and as if Aiden heard her thoughts he smiled and turned towards her.

He looked at her with an odd expression, which she couldn't read, but then the doors opened and she almost felt like running out of the confined space. As he extended his hand to signal her to go ahead of him, Aiden couldn't help but stare at her ass as she walked pass. From assessing her earlier, he knew she was petite, but he had no idea that such a small package came with some many surprises. She had curves in all the right places. Nothing like the majority of women he'd been with, with their model type bodies, that were long and lean, but lacked substance. Khalilah walked out the front doors, hoping that the fresh air would help clear her head, but it did little to appease as she turned to see Aiden being "friendly" with an attractive female passerby.

"That's his type of woman." she thought as she turned back towards the street, hoping the night could just end right there and then. Leaving him to his devices, Khalilah began to walk towards her car deciding that they could meet each other at the theaters.

"Hey Davis, wait up!" Aiden called to his partner who was now five car lengths away from him. He did get a bit caught up with - what was her name again? But he was only being polite. She "accidentally" dropped her keys and he was just being a gentleman by picking them up and holding the condo doors for her as she searched through her purse to give him her number. Now his actual date was walking towards her car without him and it pissed him off. As he sauntered up to her, Khalilah was taking out her keys and unlocking the driver's side door.

"I thought we could drive my car, since we would be going out for drinks later." he looked at her over the hood of her car and she gave him a surprised look, as though having not considered taking only one vehicle.

"Oh...well I just thought since you were busy talking, we could just meet at the theater" Khalilah's voice was quiet and didn't expose her upset at Brooks' explicit brush off, but she felt the heat rise to her cheeks and hoped he didn't notice her embarrassment.

"I'm sorry if it seemed like I brushed you off, she just dropped her keys so I picked them up for her. I am here to serve and protect, after all." Aiden smiled and Khalilah could have screamed.

Initially the apology seemed genuine, but when he concluded with the "serve and protect" bullshit, she was fuming mad. He knew he was shamelessly flirting and had her waiting while he did so and worse the woman he was flirting with probably noticed her standing there like an idiot before she decided to walk away.

"I never said you brushed me off, so please don't flatter yourself into thinking I give two shits about who you flirt with." Quick witted Khalilah had returned and she felt a bit empowered by her biting words.

Brooks' jaw went a bit slack, clearly not expecting her response, but quickly readjusted itself and softly chuckled. He liked her attitude, thinking it made her cuter than usual. But he saw her eyes deepen in hue and realized that he had in fact upset her and she was serious. Khalilah lowered herself into her car all the while watching Brooks try and open the passenger side door. It was locked and she found some amusement in having him wait outside the car begging to get in.

"I'm sorry, come please open the door, we're gonna be late for the movie" he pleaded with her and realized that he probably looked really stupid to the passerbys. He heard soft lyrical laughter emanate from within the car and realized that she was laughing at his ridiculous display.

"At least I can make her laugh." Aiden thought to himself as he heard the door unlock allowing him to get in the car and go on their way. He looked at her and saw that she was still smiling and he realized that he didn't mind looking like an idiot if it caused that reaction.

Even with her racecar driving skills, Khalilah and Aiden were a few minutes late to the movie. First the traffic was heavy, then the parking lot was full, but worse was the fact that the theater was so packed that they were the stragglers that had to sit in the front row straining their necks to see the screen. Luckily they hadn't actually missed anything since the previews were still rolling. Truthfully, Khalilah wasn't interested in seeing the movie. She had watched episodes here and there, but never really got into the show. But she'd never say that out loud. She never really found time to watch television with med school and police academy. Also, she never understood how four women living in New York didn't have any friends that were visible minorities except for Blair "sexy-as-sin" Underwood shacking up with Miranda. The show just never appealed to her. She looked over at Brooks who was watching the trailer to Pineapple Express, another Seth Rogen sure fire hit, laughing audibly along with the rest of the theater. She liked the way his eyes twinkled and found his deep tone to be sexy. And as soon as she thought it she wished she hadn't. She quickly turned her head back towards the screen and laughed at the final scene of the trailer. She promised herself that no matter how busy she was she'd see the movie when it came out. That was more her style.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft whisper in her ear that made her skin tingle, she was almost too flushed to respond.

"So are you excited yet?" It was a simple enough question, but for some reason it caused her to analyze it over in her head.

"Umm...excited?" She turned to look at him and felt stupid for not catching what he meant. "Yeah, excited about the movie." He didn't seem to notice her lapse in common sense and was she ever grateful.

"Oh.. well, to be honest...it's not really my thing" Khalilah whispered back pretending to be afraid that if someone had heard her she'd been attacked by the crowd, who were now in an uproar due to the opening credits.

"What? So you don't like Sex and the City?" Aiden said a little too loud, because the female seated next to him shushed him into silence. He quickly apologized and turned back to Khalilah, who was shaking her head in the negative.

"So what are we doing here?" Aiden asked and received the hard stares of the couple on Khalilah's side who clearly found their talking to be rude.

"Well, Shell –" She was about to explain Shell's love for the quartet, but before she could finish, Aiden quickly stood up and grabbed her hand and began to pull her out of her chair. Khalilah was embarrassed as people began shouting for him to sit down, but he refused to take his seat when she asked him what he was doing. Realizing that he had no intentions of sitting back down, Khalilah stood up and he pulled her past the other patrons who were cursing them for being disruptive. They finally reached the exit and Khalilah yanked her hand away wondering what his alpha male display was all about.

"What the hell was that about?" Khalilah was asking in a loud whisper, causing people to stop and stare.

"Why are we watching a movie that your friend likes when she's not even here?" he said matter of factly. He figured she wanted to see the movie too, so he told himself he'd suffer the chick flick for her sake, but now that he knew it was for her friend's sake he was not having it.

"Well, first because she already bought the tickets and..."Khalilah couldn't think of anything else. She knew that Shell wouldn't want to know what happened in the film until she herself saw it, so that wasn't a good excuse.

"What do you want to see?" Aiden asked knowing that she would be a bit wary of the switch.

"I don't know...well, I did want to see Iron Man" Khalilah said it quietly as though she were embarrassed. She'd always liked cartoons and comics and still watched them when she found time.

"Really? You like Iron Man?" Aiden was a bit surprised, but was glad that she wasn't choosing some sappy comedy like Made of Honor, whose poster was standing directly behind her.

"Well he's not my favourite Marvel character, but it's better than watching some stupid romantic comedy like Made of Honor" At that, Aiden laughed and she didn't know exactly why, but she knew it was not meant to offend her.

"Well, Davis, looks like well be watching us some Iron Man." Aiden said as he walked towards the screen that indicated the movie times. The movie wouldn't be starting for another 20 minutes. As Brooks told her the playing time, Khalilah wondered what they would do in the mean time.

Luckily, the waiting time went by quickly, with Aiden going off to buy them some popcorn and getting hit on by some cougar behind the confectionary stand. It was funny to watch, but she felt a tinge of envy for the attention she was receiving.

"Don't think about it, you're not his type" Khalilah said to herself quietly.

"What was that?" Aiden had snuck up on her and now she feared she had spoken too loudly. Khalilah was about to sputter out a lie when he cut her off by asking if she wanted another type of snack.

"Thank God" Khalilah thought, he didn't hear a thing.

Seeing that she was mulling something over internally, Aiden hoped that she wasn't having second thoughts about the evening. This was his chance to get to know Khalilah Davis and he was not going to let her weasel her way out of it. There was something about her and he couldn't seem to figure it out. From the moment she looked up at him from her desk that same morning he felt...something. That same sensation was returning now as he looked into her deep brown eyes. No words had been exchanged and they both became increasingly aware of the other's attentions. She was the first to look away, turning her gaze to the hallway, but he knew he saw something familiar in her eyes.

"..So, we should probably get ourselves a seat, we don't want to come out with scoliosis by the end of the movie." Khalilah chuckled lightly, hoping her voice didn't waver. She could still felt the heat in her cheeks from their intense staring contest moments earlier. Aiden agreed and they headed towards the theater...

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