Nyx Ch. 03


Chapter Notes

Thank you S for your edits, and thanks to manta_ray for letting me use Nikki and Sienna (also for your invaluable help with the blowjob scene).

Chapter 03 (Sarah)

I awoke slowly, the warm feeling of being against two other soft, warm, naked bodies leaving me content and comfortable. I looked around carefully, not wanting to wake either Nikki or Nyx by moving abruptly. As I looked around, I saw that Nikki was doing the same thing, on Nyx's other side. We had thrown off the covers sometime in the night, the combination of the heater and our combined warmth being more than sufficient to keep us comfortable. She seemed happily asleep, though her cock was mostly hard, as were her nipples. Nikki, also noting this, grinned at me, motioning to Nyx's cock and making a gesture reminiscent of a blowjob. I smiled back, gently disentangling myself from Nyx's arms, and slipped down to edge of the bed, gently pushing her legs across to kneel between them. I smiled, admiring the perfect shape of her cock, becoming distracted for a moment, when Nikki tapped my nose with her finger, gesturing to Nyx's cock more emphatically.

I nodded to Nikki, focusing again on my purpose, and leaned forward, brushing my lips over her cock tenderly, caressing it. She responded by arching slightly, making a quiet sound of pleasure, and began to harden more. Encouraged by this sign of approval, I opened my mouth, wetting my lips with my tongue and wrapping my mouth and tongue as much as I could around her, moistening her hardness warmly. She stirred, blinking blearily, as I finished getting her wet. "Wha-" she began to ask, before being silenced by Nikki's tender kiss. I smiled happily, taking the head of her cock into my mouth, sucking tenderly, moaning quietly as she did. Mmmm, I love her cock in my mouth so much. Its warmth, its taste, the texture of it... and mm, the taste of her cum on the tip. I gently pressed the tip of my tongue against the opening at the tip of her cock, then slid her foreskin down with practiced ease, sucking again gently on the tender head beneath, and was rewarded with a whimper and then a moan.

Encouraged, I sucked again, then took a breath and took as much of her as I could into my mouth, slipping her length almost into my throat, just so her head tickled the edge of my throat. I held her cock there, sucking gently, then started to bob my head slowly, making sure she brushed the sensitive skin at the top of my throat on every stroke. I slid her deeper into my throat, further than I had before, ignoring the slight burn as she pushed against usually untouched parts of my mouth, then shivered as my gag reflex kicked in. I struggled with it for a moment, and was pleased as I fought it down, holding Nyx's head tight in my throat. She moaned happily, keeping very still, careful not to make me gag, but at that very moment Nikki took one of Nyx's nipples into her mouth, causing her to whimper, arch, and thrust slightly. I panicked as she thrust, riding the movement enough to keep her from thrusting much farther, but still had to fight my gag reflex once more. Not wanting to spoil the blowjob, I compensated by slipping her head out of my throat, instead bobbing slowly up and down over as much of her cock as I could fit into my mouth without entering my throat, not risking another such gag response.

The extra stimulation I was giving her, combined with Nikki's continued attentions to her nipples, had Nyx whimpering with pleasure almost constantly. Her hands gripped the cushions tightly, and she alternated between thrusting lustfully and arching her back. Her hair, dishevelled both from her wild movements and from sleep, nonetheless left her face bare, save for a few strands that fell over one eye, drawing attention to their distracted fluttering.

I gripped her hips firmly, keeping her a bit more still, as I bobbed my head faster, humming quietly to give her still more pleasure. As I did so, Nikki intensified her ministrations, nibbling one nipple while she flicked the other, playing with the studs periodically, clearly as eager as I was to see Nyx lose control as her pleasure peaked.

Happily, we did not have long to wait - as might be expected, our combined actions quickly outmatched her stamina. Before long, she was quivering, her whole body tensing up in anticipation. When I felt the first telltale spasms at the base of her cock, I swiftly slid my mouth up so I held just the head of her cock in my mouth, continuing to bob over the ridge at its base, wrapping my hand around the base of the shaft, stroking it swiftly. Mere moments later she whimpered, the whimper quickly turning into a cry of pleasure as she came. She writhed with pleasure, forcefully enough that I was forced to lean my weight onto her hips to keep her still enough to keep her in my mouth. I drank her cum happily, savoring the taste. She came more than any human, male or netari, could have, and, as usual, I was forced to swallow quickly so I could drink it all. But drink it all I did, and happily. When she finally finished, sagging back against the couch, I hummed happily, releasing her from my mouth and smiling up at her.

Nikki grinned down at me, releasing Nyx and slipping off the bed, circling it to kiss me happily, making quiet appreciative sounds as she tasted the cum on my lips and tongue. Her kiss quickly distracted me, especially as she sucked gently at my lower lip, sending little tingles of pleasure straight down to my clit. After only a few moments kissing, we were interrupted by Nyx, her voice low and pleased. "Mmm... now that is definitely my favorite way to wake up."

Nikki and I exchanged glances, then smiled up at her. "Definitely my favorite way to wake you up!" Nikki said, at which I nodded with agreement.

Nyx glanced at the clock, then leapt out of bed, making it into her walk-in closet almost before I could register what was happening. When I looked at the clock myself, however, it all became clear - it was almost fifteen minutes later than she normally got up to get ready, meaning she only had five minutes to make it out of the house if she was going to be on time.

"Loveyoubothseeyoulaterbye!" she said quickly, throwing a hoodie on over her cargo pants and tank top, dashing out into the kitchen. I groaned and let myself fall back onto the bed, tugging Nikki into a comfortable snuggle. "She's lucky that her bosses don't really care about dress code," I mused as I nuzzled her neck. She purred quietly and nodded. I heard the toaster go off, and then the door open and close.

We dozed for a time, then slid out of bed (still undressed - the house stayed warm enough for it) and shared a few crepes before we finally got to work. I still had to sort through all the photos of Chiara I'd taken and choose the best, and Nikki was making some sort of heavily-bejeweled choker for a well-paying client, so she pulled up a footstool next to my computer desk and began working, glancing up at the screen occasionally.

Before long, it became clear that, as with the other time I'd photographed her, the problem with Chiara's photos wasn't finding the good ones, it was weeding out the not-quite-amazing ones so my submission was manageable (seriously, the girl must have a Gift for being photographed). At least, that was the official problem. The real problem was my tendency to get distracted staring at the photos... and Nikki wasn't exactly helping. Neither were the extra shots I couldn't resist taking when she bent over, or I had a just plain delicious angle.

"Mmm, I'd love to do this to her," Nikki said, cupping one of my breasts, as I lingered on a photo I'd snuck in of Chiara stretching with her hands together behind her. "And then this," she continued, rubbing her thumb over my nipple.

"Hey, not fair!" I complained, biting my lip and pushing her hand away. "I need to add one more photo to the final set before I - mmm." I bit my lip as she tweaked that nipple and when I looked back at the screen, she toggled the photo to another one I'd snuck in, this one of Chiara bending over to get a bottle of water, with a perfect view of her butt and a tantalizing glimpse of her pussy.
"You must have been tempted to do something, with her like that..." Nikki said teasingly, getting onto her knees and forearms and wiggling her butt at me. For just a moment, I considered continuing my work, but I couldn't deny my building lust. I grinned as an idea came to me, and I scooted my chair back just a hair, then brought my hand down on her butt in a light spank. She gasped, pressing back into me, and I caressed her butt gently, teasing my way downward between her legs to rub her sex gently, coaxing a quiet moan from her lips. The moan turned to a pleased whimper as I slid a pair of fingers into her, thrusting in and out slowly. Despite her entreaties, I kept at that slow pace for quite a while, allowing her desire to build and soaking in her whimpers and begs for me to go faster, to just fuck her already.

I'm not sure where the idea came from, but as it came to me I decided to take a leap and go for it. "I can fuck you..." I said, my voice pitched low with desire, "but you'll need to eat me out before I get the strapon." My pussy burned with need as she shivered, then nodded, letting me slip my fingers out of her before she turned around, kneeling between my knees.

"Anything, just please... please fuck me," she managed, sliding a hand between her legs to play with herself as her mouth met my pussy. I let out a strangled cry as her lips closed over my clit and sucked, and almost without thinking about it my hands were gripping her hair and I was bucking into her ministrations. Her mouth felt amazing, and something about the scene - my hands controlling her movement, her moans as she fingered herself, the knowledge that after she finished I'd get to fuck that sweet pussy of hers, and the raw need in her movements - had me ready to cum almost immediately, and fighting to stave it off and prolong the pleasure. My efforts did not avail me, however - she knew my body too well, knew just what to do to give me the most pleasure and just how to drive me over the edge despite all my efforts to stop it. I came with a torrent of sensation, riding the wave of pleasure, dimly aware of Nikki doing the same, until it ceased completely, leaving me leaning against the back of the chair breathlessly.

I simply lay there for a while, letting myself recover, and Nikki did the same, leaning against my leg. It wasn't long, however, before I recalled my promise, stood, walking over to the bedroom to fish a strapon out of the toy box.

I didn't use them often, but when I did I preferred the kind that insert into your pussy to the kind that you actually strap on (getting some actual sensation out of it makes it so much more enjoyable), and grabbed the first one I found in the box. It was my favorite one, I noted as I trotted back to where Nikki was waiting, a pretty shade of turquoise and, as I was reminded when I slid it in, sized to fit just right. I grinned at the thought of using it on Nikki - it had been a while, but as I'd found before, fucking someone is like riding a bike (in that you don't forget how, that is). I found her kneeling down and waiting, one hand between her legs; she bit her lip when she saw me and quickly moved so she was on her elbows and knees, wiggling her butt enticingly at me. I licked my lips, kneeling behind her and guiding the toy into her slowly and gently, until my hips were pressed against her.

She whimpered happily as I pressed against her, and I shuddered as the toy pressed against both my G-Spot and my clit in one delightful sensation. I started thrusting slowly at first, my hands resting on her hips, but as she began to thrust back against me more insistently I found myself gripping her hips more and more tightly, and by the time I was approaching my own climax I was using them not only to hold her still while I withdrew but also using them to pull her into my thrusts. So distracted was I by the feel of my hips striking her butt, by Nikki's moans and cries, and by my own building cries that I was taken by surprise when her walls clenched tightly around the toy as she came. The added friction, when combined with the always-delicious sight of Nikki cumming, was enough that the next pair of thrusts were enough to make me cum as well, shuddering happily, my hips still pressed against her.

When we had recovered a little I removed the dildo, laying down to cuddle with her for a bit; before long, however, our sweatiness and general icky feeling grew to be too much, and we took a shower. Our usual teasing antics were not much in evidence - I, at least, was quite sated, and I assume she was as well.

After that we returned to work, Nikki working on the choker while I kept browsing through photos. It took me quite some time to decide which photo would be the last to submit... probably because at the same time I was putting the especially sexy ones in a folder to send to Nyx. I did eventually decide, and submitted the list, e-mailing Nyx the folder of particularly sexy photos afterward. My work for the day done, I curled up with a good book, watching Nikki work idly. There was something mesmerizing about her hands moving, working with tools, wire, beads, and gems to make something greater than the sum of its parts. I often wondered, when I watched her like this, if she had a Gift - it just seemed so, well, magical.

All too soon, however, she finished her work and went home to pack her stuff. I hugged her goodbye, even offered to help her pack, but she, as I more or less expected, insisted she could do it herself. Once she left I did a bit of housecleaning, then once again curled up with my book. No sooner had I gotten into it again, though, when my phone rang. I grumbled, fumbling around for it and answering without looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I asked

"Hey, Sarah," Nikki answered, sounding a bit dejected.

"What's up?"

"So... I'm not going to be able to move in with you two after all, sorry."

"Wait, what? Why not?"

"Well... I just got a call from the doctor, Mom isn't doing well, and with Sienna in Australia, I'm the only one who can go and take care of her."

"Aw, I'm so sorry, hon." Her mom had some sort of immune system problem, I wasn't clear on the details, but she was in the hospital a lot. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened, but before Sienna had been in a better situation to deal with it.

"Thanks... listen, can you tell Nyx? I need to get some stuff packed before my flight tomorrow evening."

"Absolutely... you know, anything I can do, just ask."

"Thanks, but that's it... sorry to dash your hopes, I was looking forward to moving in."

"It's completely fine, don't worry about it, you need to deal with this."

"Thanks for being so understanding, I'll give you a call when I land safely. Have a good evening."

"You too, I'll talk to you later." I hung up, sighing. I hope her mom pulls through...

It took some time to distract myself, but nothing did the trick quite like a good book. Before long I was deeply and happily engrossed once more in a story of heroes, gods, and political conspiracy.

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