Object of Mom's Affection


His fingers reached out and touched her feet, then his hands moved down her calves, then her thighs, then her body. He got down on his knees and his face was mere inches away from his mother's beautiful pussy. It was wet and it got wetter by the second.

"Are you sure I can do this?" Robert asked. "I don't want you to be mad."

She smiled, "This is for us. I've dreamt of this happening for a while. I know I want it."

With that, Jill watched as Robert moved his head down and pressed his lips against her labia. She moaned immediately. It was a dream come true as she watched. Her eyes never let go of the sight of her own son eating her pussy. He was great at it. His mouth sucked and licked all of her sensitive spots as if he already knew what she liked. His tongue played with her sensitive clitoris. Fluids gushed from her pussy as her fantasy became reality. She used her hands to hold her son's head in place.

The red gift wrap bow was still on her vaginal mound. Her pussy was a gift to Robert, but she was enjoying the sexual encounter more than he was; at least in her opinion.

It wasn't long before Jill felt her toes curl. It was an involuntary movement and her body's natural reaction. She was having an orgasm. The first of many...


New Year's Eve. Jill and her son watched the celebration on tv. The fireplace was lit. They were both naked, holding each other.


They kissed passionately as the ball dropped. It was officially a New Year and their mouths showed how things have changed. Their tongues intertwined and their wet lips touched once more before ending the kiss.

They continued watching the New Year's celebration on tv as Jill rested her head on her son's shoulder.

"Do you have a resolution for this year, mom?" he asked.

"I don't believe in them. If you're going to make a change, why wait? There's no time like the present."

"Good point."

"What about you?" she asked. "Did you make a resolution when we kissed?"

"I want us to spend more time together. I love being naked with you. Everything feels right. I don't care who knows about this or what people think, I'm in love with you, mom."

She rubbed her son's chest. "I love you too. It's cute that you want to open about this. But this has to stay between us. People would never understand."

"I don't care what anyone else thinks," Robert replied, touching his mother's thigh. "The only thing that matters to me is you. Maybe after I graduate from college, I can try to find a job nearby. We can live together."

"You mean like man and wife?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Something like that. We don't have to be shy about our arrangements either. If anyone asks, we'll just explain it to them. Society is changing. If gay marriage is accepted, why not this?"

Jill sighed, "You're not old enough to understand."

"But I'm old enough to be sleeping with you, aren't I?" he asked playfully.

"And you're doing a damn good job at it," she smiled. "I'm serious though, people wouldn't understand. You have to think about your future. If anyone in the community found out, this wouldn't be well received. I want this to continue between us, but only as our secret."

"If that's what you want, then fine."

Her hand moved from his chest, down to his flaccid cock. She held his manhood in her hand and felt it respond. His cock soon came to life.

"Don't feel bad. I want you to be happy while you're here with me. No matter what happens, I'll always be there for you....for us..."

Jill bent down, and in one swift movement, she took her son's cock in her mouth. Over the past few weeks, the highly respectable law professor had become accustomed to performing oral sex on her son. Her mouth was airtight like a vacuum and she sucked as hard as she could. Her head bobbed up and down with the tenacity of any professional porn star. Her tongue swirled around the head and she licked up and down the hard shaft.

"Oh god mom..." he moaned. "You're the best."

For his part, Robert looked down and watched his mother in action. He held her hair up so that he could have the perfect view of his mom sucking his cock. It was a feeling he never got tired of, despite receiving it multiple times per day for the past few weeks.

Jill got down on her knees, with the cock still in her mouth. She looked her son in the eyes, as if to show that she was obedient to him. She got more comfortable on her knees. It was easier for her to suck his cock and he would be treated to a much better view.

She continued sucking and the noises it was making were lewd and nasty. The saliva was overflowing from her mouth and it was all over his cock. It made the sucking noises sound a lot sloppier along with her powerful oral skills.

One of her hands stroked the raging hard shaft of her son's cock and her other hand was used to caress his balls. Their eyes locked together as she pleasured his sex organ the best she possibly could. The combination of her hands and mouth together was more than enough to send any man to the point of orgasm. His body started to tremble.

"You don't get to cum yet," she said, taking his cock out of her mouth. "I want our first sex session of the new year to be special."

He smiled, "Come here, on my lap. You know exactly what I need."

Jill stood up and let her son marvel at her naked body for a few seconds. It was a feeling she never got tired of despite always being naked around him lately. She climbed on top of Robert's lap and wrapped her hands around his neck. Her feet were on the couch. She lowered herself onto him, while he held his cock straight up so that it would enter his mother.

Her eyes widened when she felt his cock enter her body. The feeling of being impaled by her son's raging hard cock new grew old. It became one of her favorite thrills in life. All of her body weight was pressed on his lap. The hard cock felt perfect inside of her pussy. They were face-to-face and she started to ride him. Her breathing became harder and harder. It wasn't long before the prim and proper woman was moaning louder than the celebration heard on the television. Getting fucked by her son felt better than her wildest dreams.

"Turn around," he groaned. "I want you from behind."

She smiled to herself and obliged. She stood up and rested her arms on the couch, sticking her ass out for him. He grabbed her forcefully by the waist and pushed his throbbing manhood inside of her. He really began to fuck her harder than he had ever done it before. Slapping sounds echoed in the room. His crotch slammed against his mother's ass cheeks. He was pounding her as if she was nothing but a sex object for him to use. Their carnal desires were in full force, and all of the sexual tension which had built up between them over the past several months were being satisfied once again.

Jill screamed and thrashed her hair around. She no longer had to pretend to be a proper woman. At that moment, she was no longer the respectable or well-mannered woman in her community. She released all of her inhibitions and facades. She became nothing more than a woman with a carnal lust for deviant sex. Sex consumed her body and her sensations were completely overwhelmed on all fronts. Jill screamed as loud as she could while being fucked. There was no one who could hear it except for her loving son.

Robert reached down and squeezed his mother's breast, and he squeezed them hard. The breasts were swaying back and forth from the hard fucking she received. He played with both of her nipples, pinching them. Then he reached down and played with her swollen clitoris.

Jill screamed for her life as fluids gushed from her hot pussy onto the floor. It was like a magic button was pressed. She came harder than she ever had before. Robert came at the same time, filling her womb with loads of his warm cum.

They both collapsed onto the couch, lifeless except for their sweat and heavy breathing. Both of them were covered in sweat after their sexual escapade. Robert caressed the hair of his unresponsive mother, then he planted several kisses on her back. Her face was resting against the couch. She was enjoying her bliss.

*** EPILOGUE ***

Several days later. The house felt lonely after Robert left for college earlier that morning. All of the rooms were quiet.

Jill fixed the bed she had been sleeping on with her son before taking a sip of her hot coffee. She was wearing her silk robe, naked underneath as always, as she sat down in front of her computer. After a few clicks, she was ready to send an email to her student:

Dear Brittany,

I apologize for not responding to several of your messages. It's because I didn't know what to say, or what I wanted to tell you.

Robert and I have been having a romantic relationship together since he came home for the winter. It only happened because of your advice. The moment he came home, I was naked, in his room, with a gift wrap bow on top of my vagina. The look on his face is something I will never forget. We both wanted it. Before long, we gave our bodies what it wanted- each other.

You can imagine how things have been going ever since. As for our future, who knows? We've talked about this for many nights and we haven't been able to find a resolution. The next time I'll see him is in May. He left for college an hour ago and I already miss him. The only thing I know for sure is that I can't thank you enough.

We can talk more in my office if you want. School is starting soon.

Take care,


Constitutional law professor

p.s. Give me your exam number so I can give you an A+

She turned off her computer and stood in front of the balcony window with her coffee. It was freezing cold outside. The next few months without her son were going to be tough. She opened her robe, not caring if anyone outside could see her, and she reached down to put her fingers inside of her pussy. When she took her fingers out, she saw Robert's cum left over from their morning sex, and she tasted it.

Jill smiled to herself.

The End

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And so...

they lived and made love happily ever. Including finding a way that they could legally get married.

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