tagFetishObsession Ch. 03

Obsession Ch. 03


Continued from Chapter 2... Visit to the Psychiatrist

"Are you leaning more towards older men than younger ones, Judy?"

"Yes, older men are much more reliable and less hassles."

"Someone like me you mean?"

"Yes someone like you Doc, would be perfect."

"Oh wow, there's hope for me yet, ha, ha."

"Are you offering yourself Doc?"

"I don't know how to answer that Judy."

"A simple yes or no or a nod..."

There was a silent pause

"Doc, did you just nod?"


"Sorry, did I give you the impression that I nodded?"


"Oh, that was probably a weak relapse, after spending the last 90 minutes with you, what man wouldn't say yes or nod."

"I understand Doc. But don't be afraid to openly indicate your intentions."

"Are you saying that you could be interested in me, as a man rather than just your Psychiatrist."


"I'm flattered Judy, but I have ethics to think about."

"I understand and your office is not the right place. But you do have my address and I will be home alone at 7 p.m. tonight."

"Well let's get off that subject for now. Tell me how you met some of your other older men?"

"Late last summer I worked with a volunteer group to clean up the park. It was one of those hot humid days when if you did anything you sweated like a pig. Well I was dressed in short shorts and a small cutoff tanktop, no bra of course. I had filled my second small garbage bag of rubbish when I decided to take a break and sat beside an older guy on one of the park benches, he was also working on the garbage project."

"Did you dress that way with seduction in mind?"

"No, I dressed that way because of the weather, but sweat was pouring out of me and the front of my tanktop was soaked. I guess he was smart, he had one of those spikes on a stick so he didn't have to keep bending over like I did to pick up garbage. Anyway he really was smart because he also had a towel hung from his belt and I didn't, so he offered me the small towel to wipe away my sweat."

"I see, please go on."

"Well I wiped my face and under my hairy arms then I pushed it up my top to wipe my chest. He told me my back was soaked also and took the towel then wiped down my back. I thanked him for the use of his towel and he told me that he would cherish the towel and probably never wash it again as he put his face in the towel and sniffed then grinned. I just laughed like crazy and went back to work, picking up garbage."

"Then what happened?"

"Well about an hour later our paths crossed again and straight away he offered his towel and I went through the same routine to dry myself. Then he offered me a cold drink from his cooler in the car, which was about 100 yards away and how could I refuse on such a hot day. We chatted on the way and I learnt the basic things about him. His name was Jack and he was 60 years old and a widower, retired early with a company pension to look after his sick wife who later passed away. He had one of those small hatchback cars and thank goodness it was parked in the shade so we sat on the back of the car, drank our cold drinks and chatted. One thing led to another and he told me how he missed having a woman and that he would give anything to have a beautiful young woman like me in his life."

"Did he hit on you then?"

"Yes in a way, I was reading between the lines of what he was saying and when he repeated that he would give anything to have a young woman like me, I said ANYTHING. He replied YES. So then I grinned and asked what he meant."

"And how did he react to that question?"

"He looked apologetic and said that he didn't mean it the way it sounded, he meant just to have a friend like me in his life to have supper and conversations and such. Again he apologized and said that he didn't want me to think that he thought I was some kind of hooker. He said he was just lonely for female companionship."

"How did you react then?"

"I said, 'Well Jack why don't you just ask me out to supper instead of getting yourself tied up in verbal knots.' He smiled and then asked me to join him for supper that day. I accepted and told him that we better get our garbage bags checked in and then he could drive me home so that I could change."

"Please continue, Judy."

"He was a gentleman and sat quietly while I showered and then dressed lightly. Then we drove over to his place and he washed and changed before we drove over to this huge air-conditioned mall. He insisted that we take a stroll around the mall, he held my hand as he took me in this small store and bought two hand towels. One for me and one to replace the one that he would never wash again. It was both thoughtful and funny. After that we went into this small steakhouse restaurant and had supper."

"Very nice. So what did you choose to wear, Judy?"

"I just wore a thin lemon colored summer dress with small shoulder straps that came several inches above the knees and also showed a little cleavage, I chose flat sandals, no panties or bra and just a small purse. If I had known we were going in to an overly air-conditioned mall I would have chosen something else as it really perked up my nipples and he couldn't keep his eyes off them."

"Do you often go around without panties and bra?"

"Yes, like right now."

"Oh my. So what happened then, Judy?"

"Well over supper, I was watching him watching me and my breasts, ha, ha. We had coffee and chatted for quite a while and he learned quite a few things about where I had come from etc. Then he offered to take me to the cinema house in the mall. It was one of those romantic tearjerker slow movies and he put his arm around me and after I had done crying, my head slowly sank into his shoulder, I think I slept through the last 30 minutes. Then when we got out to the parking lot he had a flat tire, so I helped him to install the spare. I'm sure he enjoyed standing over me and looking down the top of my dress."

"Then home, or to his place?"

"To my place for coffee and a cleanup, we were pretty grubby after our flat tire ordeal. We had a good laugh about the end of our outing and he said he knew that the evening was going to end on a 'flat' note. I thanked him for supper and the movie, the part that I saw, and told him that the evening didn't have to be over if he didn't want it to be. He looked at me with questioning eyes so I kissed him on the cheek. Then I straddled his knee so as to face him and his hands came down around my butt to hold me as I leaned into him and told him that I really enjoyed the day together. He was looking straight down the top of my dress and remarked that I had a beautiful figure. I asked if he meant my boobs and he grinned as I let the shoulder straps fall down which exposed even more."

"Oh my, what happened then?"

"Well you could say that I seduced him. I wriggled my butt on his knee and eased up the back of my dress so that his hands were on my bare butt. He closed his eyes like he was in paradise as I lifted myself up slowly and his hands went right under my bare butt cheeks before I eased back down. I could feel his hard cock underneath me and I started to grind my pussy over it slowly as I also got my arms out of the straps and exposed my breasts to him, then offered one to his mouth. My feet were firmly on the floor on either side of his knee so I lifted myself up just long enough to be able to get his hard cock out of his pants. Then I held it where I wanted it until I settled my wet bare pussy lips over the shaft. I started to move slowly, rubbing myself up and down his shaft while he kneaded my bum cheeks and sucked on my breasts."


"Oh my god, he said as I kept running my wet lips up and down his shaft so that his cockhead slid over my clit and cause violent tremors inside me. Then when I knew he was going to cum I cupped my hand under his cockhead and held it tight against my pussy lips while I orgasmed. I could feel the sheer electricity of our mounting tensions and then the wild throbbing of his cock as he started to ejaculate and suddenly my hand was full of juicy warm cum which I was ladling and rubbing all over my pubic area. His fingers dug in as they gripped my cheeks but he held me tightly against him and his head rested on my shoulder as he caught his breath. Wow, my goodness, that was so erotic and incredible, he said."

"I'll bet, so what happened then, Judy?"

"We just stayed in that position for a little while and then I asked him where his towels were. He laughed and told me he should have bought more. I told him to stay put and got off his knee then went to the bathroom to get a wet cloth and a towel. I knelt on the floor beside him and wiped his wet cock then kissed it before I put it back in his pants. He was lucky that he only had a few small wet spots on his pants so I wiped them away. Basically that was it, I made myself decent again by pulling over my straps, then we finished off our coffee and he left a very happy man. Shortly after he left I removed my dress and then laid down on my bed and masturbated myself to sleep."

"Did you enjoy just doing that with him?"


"Have you seen him many times since then?"

"Yes, every few weeks we get together."

"Do you have intercourse with him?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"You have a fascinating way of telling your adventures."

"Does that mean you have a hard on Doc?"

"It would be unethical to admit that I do, Judy. But I think our session is over for today, I'll see you again next Wednesday at the same time."

"Oh Doc, not tonight after 7 p.m.?"

"Bye Judy, please see yourself out, I better not standup."


To be continued.

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