tagLoving WivesObsessions of a Married Woman Ch. 01

Obsessions of a Married Woman Ch. 01


I had been watching her for several months. Kelly was in a dull unfulfilling marriage to Dave. We were a group that all knew each other and partied and hung out together in and around our small Missouri town about 50 miles south of St. Louis.

I watched Kelly on numerous occasions and I genially felt sorry for her. Over time I found that I was feeling more than just sorrow for her. It was the norm that Dave and Kelly would show up at the bar, party, or campground and Dave would take off with his buddy Ralph or get so sticking drunk he would be rude and obnoxious and hard to tolerate.

I often would make small talk with Kelly trying to be pleasant and give her someone to talk to. I can't count the times she would be livid about Dave's behavior and drunkenness. Kelly and I started becoming closer as time wore on.

I had been Kelly's shoulder to lean on and the friendly ear, as she would describe her loathing of Dave. It become the norm at the bar that she and I would sit and talk in the booth as Dave would pay attention to any and everything but his wife. Any normal man would surely realize he was laying the ground work for his spouse's eventual betrayal.

I began to notice that it seemed both Kelly and I were on the verge of something, even though nothing had ever been spoken about how either of us felt. I guess when you have the undivided attention of married women things can grow. I had really only wanted to show her some attention because her husband never seemed to, but I found myself becoming attracted to her.................I was young and somewhat naive, she was married and older at 22, I really never thought it would become physical. I never thought of married women being unfaithful.

I say I was naive about it becoming physical, but we would often dance at the bar and on more than one occasion we slow danced and I knew she could feel my hard cock against her when we were close. I still didn't see it coming though..........I was interested but she was married. While dancing with my hard on between us she would never pull away and if I had the occasion to push her against my thigh she would give it a little grind against her mound but that was just playing and it would all end at the end of the song.

Kelly was very attractive, I have never liked little ole skinny chicks. I have always liked those thick full figured girls that have large tits feeling out a sweater nicely and a nice butt that fills tight jeans fully. (Fat bottom girls make the world go around) Kim met all those requirements, add the shoulder length perm med curly brown hair and standing at a mere 5'2 and just cute as a damn button. If I had to describe as someone famous she had the body of Valerie Bertinella when she was on One day at a time back in the early 80's.....she was built like a Sherman tank!!!

As I said before other than some discretely light grinding on the dance floor we never had mentioned to each other any intensions of anything more. I don't know what the hell was wrong with me back in the late 80's but I never thought Kelly would stray, she was married DUH! I was never fast on the uptake??

There was a party coming up that we would all be at. It was May of 88 and someone was graduating High School. I was dropped of at the party, I didn't have a car and it was a real bummer, but I didn't ever miss a keg party. I made my rounds and all the normal characters were there plus a ton of other people.

I guess I had been there for a couple of hours and was copping a decent buzz when Kelly showed up. I bumped into her as she was talking to my cousin's wife. The party was in a field about 100 yards from the cousin's house at the end of the road. I talked to them both for a bit and then wondered away.

A while later Kelly caught up with me and told be to stay close to her as there were a lot of drunk guys there and she was there alone, her husband Dave had been sent to Kansas for a week of construction. I enjoyed her company so we talked and hung out together.

I may have been a little bolder knowing Dave was far away, so we danced a little more naughtily and I would occasionally grab that hot ass of hers. We were both getting a little more touchy feely than normal but she warned me that even though Dave wasn't there a lot of his friends and cousins where there so I really should keep it clean.

We hung around the group for quite a while and listened to the band playing. Someone started a large bonfire as the air was still chilly being early May. On more than one occasion I ground into her ass as we warmed ourselves by the fire, and she quickly hustled my away afraid that someone would see me doing that.

We walked over to her car and talked a little, we were now in the dark and away from everyone. I started kissing her and we were soon getting quite heated and I found her neck to be very sensitive. I had my hands on her delicious ass grinding into her as we necked. There would be occasional couples walk by and she was getting nervous of the wrong person noticing her being naughty.

I was buzzed and feeling good and she had already lit my fuse, I didn't want to stop playing with her. I took her hand and we walked down towards my cousin's house. There was a large tree just off the road near their opened gate and it was far enough away from the party to offer some privacy.

I sat down under the tree and she sat next to me and we started making out again. I was attracted to her and I was buzzed and she was older and married, for an eighteen year old I was on fire and I was ready to ROLL! We were lying on the ground and she was already cold, so her large firm C cups already had hard nipples poking out so they were very easy to find. I soon learned that her two most erogenous zones were her neck and her nipples, and I would definitely use that knowledge as the night wore on!

I pinched and played with her hard nipples until the cows came home all the while necking on her. I also had my thigh between her legs and could feel her heated mound as she rode my thigh. I could have driven nails with my cock it was so hard! I tried several times to get my hand into her pants, I wanted to stir her honey pot and then drive my hard cock into that seriously wet married pussy. Each and every time I tried she found the will power to stop me saying we can't we'll get caught.

Kelly finally escaped my attentions and we were just getting up to walk back up to the party as my cousin was walking down the road, coming to look for Kelly. It seems married women know when other married women may be in situations and need saving. I still had a raging hard on and my cousin and Kelly both giggled at my awkward walk trying to get it to go down. The band was just starting up again when we got back to the party and we each had a beer and I sure as hell needed it.

I guess it was a couple of hours later, Kelly said she needed to take off and with her knowing that I didn't have a car she asked if I needed a ride home. I quickly considered my options, stay and get more drunk or possible leave with this sexy married woman and get a chance to make out in my driveway. As any horny eighteen year old would decide I said lets go.

She said her goodbyes and I acted a whole lot more drunk than I was, she told the friends she was dropping off at my moms. We got into her car and left, I was hopping for a make out session in the driveway when she dumbfounded me taking a right at the county blacktop road instead of a left. Being the ever brilliant guy I was I asked where we were going and she said," What you don't want to go to my house."

Being eighteen and sitting in her car for the thirty minute ride to her house seemed like an eternity. As we entered her house and the door closed I mauled her, I was standing behind her and grabbed her large firm tits and trailed kisses all along her neck as I ground my hard dick into her tight plump ass.

She freed herself from my evil clutches and said she had to brush her teeth and get ready for bed. I followed her to the bathroom and brushed mine also, using hers next. I left the bathroom before her and found her bedroom and waited. I am sure I looked like the cat that ate the canary. She came in wearing her little frilly white lacy panties and a long white T shirt without a bra, and her tits although covered looked stunning.

We snuggled in bed and spooned and started making out I had my tightly whiteys on and she still had her panties on. I felt great to push my almost naked cock against her and to feel her push back against me. I rolled her over on her back and as I necked on her I ground my hard dick directly into her wet extremely hot PUSSY.

I was not real experienced at sex, I had probable nailed 5 or 6 six girls by this time but Kelly was special, she was older than me and she was MARRIED, I thought I was the luckiest bastard in the world getting ready to get some married pussy.................HELL YA!!!!!

I rolled off of her and raised her shirt and started slurping at those large nipples while my hand was finally allowed access to her wet pussy. Kelly was so freaky wet; I couldn't believe a girl could get that wet. I soon had two fingers buried in her pussy easily gliding them in and out and Kelly was a moaner too, damn this girl was pushing all my buttons!!

As a teenager back in the eighties it would send me into another orbit when a girl actually touched my dick. All the teenage girls I had nailed acted as if a dick was gross they didn't want to touch it, just have sex and then put it away. Kim eagerly grabbed my dick and stroked away, WOW I wanted this chic.

I was quickly getting very anxious for the main course, and I started pulling her panties down. I climbed back up her and quickly gave her pussy about a thirty second tongue bath.......I had business to tend to. I climbed on top of her wanting nothing more than to shove my hard dick in to her and ride that married pussy. Kelly was still stroking my cock and then she let go making sure it was back inside my underwear and ready for some more dry humping.

With my dick still safely inside my underwear I ground into her and she ground back, we had already found our pace and were matching each other, me grinding my covered dick into her very wet and very ready hot pussy. I would have sold my soul to the devil for the bounty I was about to receive. I should have known something was going to happen and screw things up.

Kelly asked between moans if I had a rubber, and as I ground into her I said WHAT, oh FUCK no I don't have one. It then happened with Kelly still grinding into me she reached her orgasm, her hands clamped down onto my butt and she spread her legs further and ground herself harder against my cock.......WOW I had never seen one of the teenager chicks I nailed ever had an orgasm!! Kelly moaned and ground into my dick until her orgasm subsided, she was just lightly grinding herself against me riding out the last little tingles of her pleasure.

As Kelly's fog lifted and her orgasm cleared out some of the cobwebs she started kissing me much harder. Her hands were still on my ass as she tried to pull me into her hot box; my underwear was wet with her juices. She started necking on me telling me what a good orgasm that was and that I was making her so hot that she wanted me so bad............................BUT

I can't have sex with you without a rubber, I am not on the pill and I can't get pregnant. I was having a hard time reacting to what she was saying, I thought that as long as I ground into her she will come around and give me that sweet pussy. I continued to neck on her and grind myself into her and she would occasionally tell me we have to stop, I can't have sex with you because I will surely get pregnant.

I tried every which way I could think of to get into that pussy, and she was sure that she would do every thing she could do to keep me out of it. I pulled my cock out of my underwear and tried gaining entrance but she quickly pushed her hand down to cover her mound, between kisses she would say I can't. I ground hard into the back of her small hand hoping she wouldn't be able to take the pain and she would move her hand or that by some miracle my cock would find its prize.

Kelly told me she would blow me or let me tit fuck her big C titties. I had come this far and I wanted to get off but her the depths of her hot pussy was the only thing I was interested in. I told her to spread her legs real wide and I would just rub the head of my dick on her pussy and I would jack off and come on her. She was as horny as I was and she reluctantly agreed, making me promise that I wouldn't fuck her. (SILLY RABBIT, TRIXS ARE FOR KIDS)

She spread her legs wide and she started to slowly masturbate as I removed my underwear. I climbed back between her legs and started rubbing my cockhead back and forth between her very wet and swollen pussy lips. This was another first, I had never seen a girl masturbate before.............I wanted her even more now, if that was possible.

Kelly was wet from her clit to past her asshole; her whole crack showed her excited state. I continued to rub my cockhead from ass all the way up to her swollen clit. Every so often I would stop at her entrance and slip the head into her and she would push herself up at me to get more into her all the while saying NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO you promised you wouldn't fuck me. I would pull the head out and slide it back and forth between those luscious lips of her some more. I believe she was deliberately going slowly to torment me or to delay the inevitable.

Kelly was getting very close to her orgasm and I was rapidly sliding my cock back and forth. Just seconds before her orgasm, I placed the head of my cock at her entrance, and as she orgasmed she started bucking back and forth taking the first couple of inches of my cock into her as she orgasmed and tried to get more.

Just as she neared the middle of her orgasm I buried my hard cock into her to the hilt and she arched her back and ground into me. I reached beneath her and took each cheek of that firm sexy ass into my hands and started pounding at her hot pussy. She immediately wrapped her ankles around me and put her hands on my ass trying to get every centimeter into her, and that is something that still today drives me nuts a woman's hands on my ass pulling me into her.

As she finished her shattering orgasm she continued to meet my forceful thrusts and telling me she loved my cock, but promise you'll be careful and pull out.........please don't cum inside me. I would have promised her anything and now reflecting back I am sure I mumbled some type of commitment! I was on cloud nine, her I was pounding an older married woman's pussy while her shithead husband was probable drunk in a hotel room in Kansas.............LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

I knew I was getting close and I said Kelly I am going to cum. We were grinding into each other with a fast forceful strokes and she locked her ankles around me tighter and started running her nails down my back very forcefully scratching my back. I said again Kelly I am going to cum and she yelled ME TOO!! As I started filling her wanton pussy with a torrent of my hot sperm as she arched her back and squealed louder than I thought humanly possible.

As we lay beside each other both of us out of breath she punches me in the arm and said you promised you wouldn't fuck me and then you said you would pull out. I said I was sorry and that she had such a lock on me that there was no way I could have pulled out. She started laughing at me trying to apologize and tripping and stuttering my words and she said I am on the pill and I knew you wouldn't be able to resist fucking me.

I couldn't believe she had been playing me this whole time, although I do have to admit that it did raise the excitement level to a higher scale. We wound up having a year long affair and this was the first physical contact that we had had. I must say that this woman definitely knew how to tease and how to build everything up to the grand finally!!

We both woke the next morning, I was hoping she wouldn't be all remorseful and would still want to see me again. I found out quickly as she started playing with my dick and as soon as it was hard she climbed aboard and we had a long gentle session. It ended without me having any worries about finishing inside her!! LIFE IS GOOD!

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