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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus-

Mya: "Anthropology..., what is anthropology, I hear you ask? Well, broadly speaking we are interested in people, human societies and formation of culture. We draw on social, linguistically and biological sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences to explain human behaviour and interaction with society".

That's me, Mya Kahan, I am a 28-year old junior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and you guessed it, I am an anthropologist. But with some important differences- I am not a geeky-looking virgin girl, but a fashionably dressed tanned brunette who gives male students hard-on's just by passing up and down the lecturer theatre. Depending on my mood, I could turn up to class in jeans or short skirts and I am almost always in heels. On the day of this lecture, I was wearing high heel leather boots, short black skirt and a low-cut white top. The sound of my heels pacing the lecture stage had all the male students looking, and when I fixed them a stare with my big green eyes, they would melt away. Inevitably, the female students are jealous, but I suspect they are also turned on, and I think I could turn them if I wanted too.

Mya: "Who has heard the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?" All the students raise their hands. "Who can tell me what it's about?"

Yep, this lecture was looking at the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah and what it tells us about society and their relationship to sexuality. Living in the 'Holy Land' makes this question more acute, and urgently in-need of addressing, for while Tel-Aviv may be the gay capital, but gay rights are under threat here in Jerusalem. This is in part because we are a conservative city with a large population of ultra-orthodox Jews, who are gaining enormous amount of political power and much of the local municipality is in their hands. Their rise, as well as, the conflict with the Palestinians, is turning Israel into a much more right-wing and hard-line country. Take a look at the findings of numerous surveys on Israeli society, 68% of Israeli's do not believe that an Israeli woman should be allowed to marry a non-Jew. This threatens me and my secular lifestyle- there are private charities- who are partly supported by the government, who aim to stop Jewish girls from dating Arab guys. In any case, we do not have civil marriage in Israel, only religious marriage, and if you're not recognized as Jewish you cannot marry a Jew.

This leads me to the second thing that distinguishes me from my peers, I am an activist and I have a dissenting reputation. I am a constant target for both the right and left in Israel and my position at university is under constant threat. My family has always been leftist, my grandfather was an professor of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Berlin. He was one of the youngest people to ever obtain professorship, aged 29, but he was also a communist. He started out as a Yiddish-Communist or Bundist, but then moved away from it and into the general German Labor movement. He was unfortunate, he obtained his professorship in 1933, and it was short lived due to the rise of Nazism in Germany. He finally fled Germany for Palestine in 1938, when he found out he was on the Gestapo's list. He hated Palestine when he arrived, it was hot and foreign to him and he wasn't an enthusiastic Zionist. He joined a socialist Kibbutz's and worked as a farmer for a while.

In the 1950's he met and married my grandmother, Daisy, who was an Iraqi Jewish immigrant from Baghdad. Marriages between European Ashkenazi Jews and Mizrahi Arab Jews were rare in those days and they had to put up with a lot of racism. My father, David, was born out of the union and he went on to become a famous left-wing, liberal Zionist journalist and author. He had columns in Ha'aretz, one of Israel's most famous newspapers which are read abroad. He also authored eight novels and three history books. But despite being part of the left, he is still a Zionist and my anti-Zionism is too much for him, we haven't spoken in a while. To make matters worse, my brother Aaron is a professional solider and officer in the Israeli Defence Force, I haven't spoken to him in-a-while either. They call themselves liberals, but they are failed liberals who haven't achieved much and they are just as racist as the far-right in this country.

But I have something to confess, I regularly seek out Palestinian men for sex and I even pay some for sex. I especially like rough, working-class, fighters they are dreamy. After today's lecture, I ran into Ahmed who is from Silwan neighbourhood in Jerusalem, he is 19-years old and already a sexual stud. He has already been to prison a number of times for demonstrating- and he loves to fuck. I get excited seeing his frame and darkish-skin.

Mya: "Ahlan ya Habibi, Weynek? (Hello my love, where have you been?) I've been thinking about you? In fact the other day, I felt very lonely, and really wanted to see you."

Ahmed: "You know how it is. And I think about you all the time, as a matter of fact, I was thinking about you this morning."

Ahmed says to me with a widening grin, I know what he is thinking, because I'm thinking it too. I'm desperate for a nice Arab cock, I've gone a week without one. Last week, I was at a demonstration in Bil'in, and I met two hunky Palestinian guys. One was 27 and married the other was 19, but he had an enormous cock. We went back to an empty office and had a hot threesome. One from behind, the other at the front and they took me in turns, so both got to use my front and behind. Of course, I sucked both of them off and when I was returning from the West Bank, I was actually stopped by soldiers. They pulled me aside and 'showed' concern that I was meeting Arab men. I denied it and smiled, because while they were questioning me, they believed I was a sweet naïve girl who might have been taken advantage off. And they didn't know, I could still taste both the Arab guys cum in my mouth, so I smiled.

Mya: "Oh yeah? What were you thinking?"

I say this, as I stick a lollipop in my mouth and offer Ahmed another lollipop, which he refuses and he is left to watch me bite and suck.

Ahmed: "I was thinking about how beautiful you are and your sweat smile. And what I want to do to you, If I saw you."

Sucking more on the lollopop, I say, "Oh yeah? What are you planning to do to me now that you have seen me?"

Ahmed hand reaches out and he begins to stroke my hair "I was thinking of cuming on that pretty little face of yours."

Hearing Ahmed say that really excites me, I can feel my nipples becoming hard and I can feel my body tingling. Despite my confident nature, I do get nervous and even blush from time to time and this was a moment when I felt nervous. We are in the middle of the university, anyone can hear us, and we are talking so dirty to one another. Some students and faculty members in the distance are looking at us, many do not know, but probably suspect that I have relationships with Arabs. My career is already under threat because of my activism and this will only add accelerant to the fire. I'm already barred from visiting many institutions in the country, because of my pro-Palestinian beliefs, which means if I get fired from here, I will not be able to find another job very easily. But to be honest, this sense of danger and injustice, only seems to fuel my desire. In a funny kind of way, what I am thinking of doing with Ahmed, is essential to peace and co-existence and there is a certain nobility to it. For many Israeli Jews the Arabs are repugnant and antithetical to all that is Israeli and only through relationships like mine, can we overcome this psychological barrier to peace.

Mya: "Mmmmm. And I want to let you."

Ahmed: "Let's stop beating around the bush, I want you and you want me, so let's just go for it."

Mya: "Come on, let's go to the bathroom. I know where we can get an out of order sign, so we wouldn't be disturbed."

Risky does not even begin to describe this, having sex in the university's lavatory, but every since I tried Arab cock for the first time five years ago, I've become quite a risk-taker. I head to the janitors closet, which is usually unlocked during the day, and today was no different. I took the keys to the bathroom and the necessary signs. I place them in-front of an empty bathroom and me and Ahmed rush in. I heat is racing and I can't believe what I am about to do. As soon as the door is locked, I jump onto Ahmed and tie my legs around his waist and my arms around his back. I move in and begin to kiss him passionately; my tongue gently teases his mouth. My tongue enters and rubs up against his wet tongue and then I withdraw and then repeat the process.

Ahmed kiss me back and then aggressively thrust me against the wall and I drop to my feet. Ahmed is eating my face off and pushing up against me, and I can feel the massive bulge in his pants. He then begs me.

Ahmed: "Come on babe, you know, what I want. Just suck me off and suck me good. Come on I know you can do it."

Mya: "Do you promise to cum, nice, think and heavily? You know I like it!"

Ahmed: "Don't worry, I will cum so much you will be able to taste my breakfast."

Mya: "That's what I wanted to hear."

I push him back and I drop to my knees. I put my hand on his crotch and rest it there and I look up to him with a big smile on my face. I then squeeze the bulge; Ahmed groans and begs for more. I unzip his pants and pull down his underwear, but no sooner had I done it, that Ahmed's large cock flies out and smack me across the face.

Mya: "Ouch. Oh big boy!"

I now marvel at the enormous Palestinian manhood in-front of me and I feel like saying grace in order to be thankful for the meal I am about to receive. I lick my lips and bite my tongue in anticipation. It's so perfect and smooth, I reach out and stroke it and I think to myself about how finally crafted it is. My stokes start off gentle, but become more aggressive as I go along. I now place my entire hand on it and begin squeezing and rubbing it harder and faster.

Ahmed: "Ahhhhh...Yes...Oh..Yeah..Fuck yeah..Give it to me Yahood."

Ahmed now closes his eyes and faces his head upwards. I spit on his cock and rub the spit in. I do it again and again, I then begin drooling, and my drools are very thick and dangle out of my mouth until they hit his Arab manhood. I've been told, that I'm an excellent drooler, and that my little hand rubbing the drool in adds to experiencing me. I think Ahmed would agree with this assessment, he can't stop groaning, so much so, that I am worried someone will hear us and storm in. My tongue now makes its' way down his cock and I get my first taste of his very wet cock. And I must say, its' excellent, it reminds me of my first taste of Arab cock back when I was a young master's student. I did field research in the Bedouin towns in the Negev desert; I spent most of my time covered in Bedouin juice. Looking up, Ahmed is biting his lips and is trying to hold out, I decide to test his resolve. As I'm licking, I place my hand on the bottom of his nuts and gently began to stroke and rub. He opens his mouth and closes it.

I go further, I lift his cock up in the air and place my wet tongue onto his nuts, I then start licking, kissing and sucking on them. I can't wait until he cums, my taste buds tingle with anticipation, I have to stop sucking his balls every few moments to spit out pubic hair. I then decide to stop teasing him and I pull his cock downwards. I take a deep breath and then open my mouth and slowly insert his cock. His cock mixes well with my saliva and I push the throbbing beast in inch by inch. It takes a few moments, but his cock eventually finds its way down my throat creating lumps in my neck. Ahmed, the stud, does not wait for instructions he starts swaying his hips back and forth. He pulls his cock up and then back down my throat and pulls on my hair. He fucks my throat, up and down and up and down, my throat feels saw but I'm enjoying his demonstration of manhood. The sheer force of his hard cock makes my nipples go hard. After five minutes of forced throat fucking, he pulls out and I resume sucking his cock.

I feel precum oozing out of him and I swallow whatever I can. I make a point of slurping and gulping loudly. His hot precum leaves a refreshing taste in my mouth. I love this moment. After a few moments of sucking his cock, Ahmed pulls his penis out and kisses my forehead.

Ahmed: "Now it's time I did something for you."

"Yes daddy, I want it."

Ahmed picks me up and places me on the sink, he removes his top and reveals his well-built frame with six-pack. He removes my top and panties and lifts my skirt up. He looks down at my bald pussy, my pink outer lip sticks out and Ahmed flicks it.

Ahmed: "Ahhh so beautiful."

He moves his head towards it and before making contact, blows air onto it, then kisses the outer lips. He now places his entire mouth over my pussy and I can now feel his gentle tongue teasing and creasing my pink lips. "Ahhhhahhhhhhh...ahhhhhh...Ahmed...ahhhhhh...I love you. Make me yours!"I groan softly, I can feel Ahmed's wet tongue and it's making my pussy moister. I bite my lips and I can feel y body becoming more aroused with ever lick and his loud licking and slurping sounds only adds to my arousal. His tongue goes deeper and deeper and I groan louder and louder. Ever few moments, Ahmed repeats the line good pussy juice and then continues licking. God, if only the dean could see me now, he'd have a heart attack and I pretty sure my father would shoot me.

Ahmed withdraws his tongue and looks up at me, I can see my juice dripping of his tongue and then he slides his tongue back into his mouth and swallows. He then stands upright and puts his hand on his cock and moves it towards my pussy. He rubs and teases my outer lips with his throbbing cock and then pushes himself in. "Ahhhh...ahhhh." I let out with every inch that penetrates. Within moments he is completely in and he leans forward and kisses my mouth and neck. I wrap my legs around his back and he then starts to pound. His cock is bigger than I expected and I feel my pussy expanding, while he is pumping me. He starts of slowly, but rapidly speeds up and I tilt my head back and forth. I am really sweaty and the room feels like it's getting smaller. Ahmed is a machine and nothing will stop him, my mouth is constantly open, I love the feeling.

"You love my pussy ha?"

Ahmed: "Ohhh God, it's better than I remember, best pussy ever." My groans seem to make Ahmed hump harder and faster. I place my hand on the back of Ahmed's neck and move forward and I rock back and forth. I not only get humped I do the humping. We are both screaming our lungs out.

"Ahhhhhhh..I want more. Harder, harder, I say!" Ahmed tries to keep up with my demands, but he is starting to get tired and is sweating like crazy. But I don't let up "Come on, show me what you're made off." I scream and yell, Ahmed keeps going and will not give up, my pussy is the best thing he has had in ages. But my taunts come at a prize, my pussy is really being pumped and I am afraid he is going to destroy it. I'm possessed, I don't stop despite these silent worries, I want this. I now push my way forward and with my legs and arms strapped around Ahmed, I get off the sink and Ahmed is forced to carry me. My tongue slides into Ahmed's mouth and I tease his tongue. Ahmed cannot not see and spins around in circles. He then throws me up against the wall and rams himself into me further. I always knew Ahmed was strong, but not this strong.

Ahmed: "Ahhhhhh...I'm so close to cuming." Ahmed manages to pump for another five minutes. He is now so close to cuming, that he withdraws and pushed me down on my knees. I open my mouth wide and Ahmed is playing with his cock trying to get the cum out. My big green eyes looking up at him and my tongue sticking out makes Ahmed even more desperate to cum. I wait patiently, and then the first squirt flies out of Ahmed's manhood and hits me across the face. My finger wipes it off my face and I dangle my cum stained finger above my mouth. A little bit of cum flies into my mouth and I swallow, but as I do so, more cum drips out. Then it all comes out- Ahmed can't stop cuming and I am getting soaked, my hair is really wet. Ahmed redecorates my face with his thick cream. My face is completely covered- I'm so white-but not matter what, I will swallow every drop. I take my time and get every drop.

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