tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOceanbreeze Court Ch. 03

Oceanbreeze Court Ch. 03


This story is a work of fiction. This is the third installment of a series. While it is hoped that the story can be read enjoyably on its own, the prior Oceanbreeze Court stories provide background on the characters and context. Any similarities to any real person or entity are entirely coincidental and unintended. Please be patient.


Our neighbor Allison just kept getting Kelly and me into things; although, I suppose that we were willing victims. Allison had arranged our opportunity to fuck onstage in front of an audience. She repeatedly told us that it was obvious how much we both enjoyed it. Of course, Allison was right: we had both enjoyed stripping down and fucking in front of an audience immensely. Allison kept her ears open for more opportunities for us to show off.

Because Allison was a fairly successful artist, she had extensive contacts in the arts community in our town, including the performing arts community. Those contacts gave her another opportunity to present to us. Allison wanted us to appear in a new play which was going to premier at the Performing Arts Center downtown. The speaking roles would be played by professional actors. However, the script called for a "chorus" of five men and five women who would appear onstage nude several times to act out things which the lead characters were dreaming. As part of their effort to "differentiate" the show, the producers and director intended to recruit the chorus from non-professionals living in each town in which the play was performed. I gather that Actors Equity had given them a waiver for that. We thought auditioning would be futile since neither Kelly nor I had any onstage experience; save for one performance which Allison had arranged and witnessed.

"You really think that, in this town, they'll find ten people willing to go nude onstage in front of the audiences the Performing Arts Center draws?" Allison asked rhetorically as she tried to talk us into this one Saturday afternoon. "If you say that you're willing to do it, I'd bet money that you'll be in. Besides, I have connections with the people doing the recruiting. You won't have to audition," Allison assured us.

Allison had at least one valid point. Regular attendance at PAC shows was one of the more-or-less mandatory duties of the people who considered themselves important in our city. Whoever appeared in the chorus would be putting it all out there for viewing by the local "upper crust." That would likely deter a lot of people.

Kelly had gone silent. I suspected that the idea of appearing nude in front of most of the local people of power and influence was appealing to her. I waited to see what she would say.

A wicked grin slowly grew on Kelly's beautiful face. "Harry, do you think that Jenny would do it?" Kelly asked.

Jenny was Jenny Masters, my law partner. An incident I described in the previous installment led Jenny to join the nude Friday night cookouts that we and our neighbors held at our end of Oceanbreeze Court. More than a few of those evenings had ended with Jenny in bed with Kelly and me. Jenny seemed to be developing a desire to show off herself.

"I don't know," I replied. "That's a big step from running around nude here. Maybe. I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't be offended to be asked."

Kelly turned to Allison. "Here's our deal: if you get Jenny Masters to try out then Harry and I will too."

Allison laughed. "Deal," she said.

Our phone rang no more than an hour after Allison had left. I correctly anticipated that the call was from Jenny.

"Harry, what is Allison Schultz talking about?" Jenny asked. I explained about the play as Allison had explained it to us and told Jenny the condition which Kelly had placed on our participation.

"Do you think that Allison can really get us into the cast?" Jenny asked.

"I don't know," I replied. "She does know an awful lot of people and she is persuasive."

"So, it's up to me whether you and Kelly do this," Jenny said.

"Well, you'd have a lot of skin in the game too," I punned weakly.

"You and Kelly did your little performance (Jenny was one of the very few of our friends whom we had told about that). Was it fun?" Jenny asked.

"It was a blast," I said. "This won't be as hard core as that was, but you have to consider that some of our partners and employees are very likely to be in the audience. Except for Allison and Kurt, Kelly and I gave our performance in front of strangers."

After a long minute, Jenny said, "Maybe it's time to show my bare ass to the rest of the firm. God knows enough of the guys there undress me with their eyes anyway (Jenny was and is a very attractive woman). You've seen it enough. Do you think that they could handle the real thing?"

"Jenny, you are much more beautiful nude than they have imagined," I replied. "It sounds like you're up for this."

Jenny giggled. "Yeah, I am. As I think about it, I'm getting a bit wet. Tell Kelly that I'm in."

Unknown to me, Kelly had been listening on an extension. "I love you, Jenny," Kelly broke in enthusiastically. "This will be great! All three of us unveiled for the whole town. Maybe I should ask my parents to fly in to see it."

"Hold on Dear," I said. "We're not in yet."

"Oh," Kelly replied, "Allison will get us in once she knows that we want it."

Allison did get us in. Jenny, Kelly, and I went to a meeting, not even an audition, with Ben, the "chorus master" employed by the production. Ben looked us over, clothed, and asked about our backgrounds.

"Well, the three of you certainly fit with what I've been told we are looking for," Ben said. "My concern is that the schedule is pretty tight once we start rehearsal. We're screwed if someone backs out. Do you really want to do this? The moves you'll have to make onstage will, uh, show every part of your bodies."

Kelly replied enthusiastically, "That's exactly what we want." She looked at Jenny.

"Absolutely," Jenny said. "I may never get the chance to show my bare cunt and asshole to a crowded room again."

Ben looked at me. I just shrugged. "I'm with them," I said.

The show would open on the second Wednesday in May. There were four professional actors who would rehearse with the director and writers in New York until just a few days before opening. Ben wanted to start rehearsing us amateurs the last week in April.

Ben had rented an empty warehouse on the north side of town for rehearsal. Because most of the "chorus" had day jobs, rehearsal was for two to three hours each evening. Jenny, Kelly, and I went to the first rehearsal very curious to see who else was in the chorus. I expected pretty marginal people with a lot of tattoos.

Once again, my expectations were way off. The rest of the chorus looked pretty normal. Wendy was representative. She was about 30 and was a junior vice president at one of our big banks. She had done a bit of dance in high school. She had responded to an ad the production had run in the free alternative tabloid that circulated Downtown.

"I guess I'm here because I'm bored," she said. "My life seems so vanilla: 8:00 to 6:30, suck up to the big guys. Prancing around on stage in my birthday suit seems about as different from that as I could get."

Initially, the most interesting people in the chorus were Mike and Trisha. Trisha, just 21, was finishing her junior year studying voice at the University's School of Music. She had heard about the chorus opportunity through some friends at school. Mike was an assistant professor of mathematics at the University. Mike was also Trisha's father.

"Mom was killed in a car accident about a year ago," Trisha explained. "It hit both of us pretty hard, but Dad has seemed pretty listless and disinterested ever since. I felt that I needed to do something extreme to jolt him back to life so I dared him to do this. I also wanted to challenge myself. I've been onstage a lot since elementary school, but never naked. If I can do this, I can do anything."

The only other people with real performance credentials were Arianna and Rob. Arianna was a dance student at the University. Rob, Arianna's boyfriend, was a drama major. The remaining two men were Jeff, a cyber-security consultant who had been and still looked like, a college gymnast; and Guy. Guy was pleasant enough, but kept largely to himself. I can't tell you anything about his background.

Ben spent most of the first rehearsal explaining to us what the chorus was supposed to do in the show and how we'd prepare. There were no speaking roles in the chorus. We would be onstage for extended periods twice in each act. We would be going through movements intended to represent dreams experienced by the primary male and female characters. We would be completely naked all of the time we were onstage.

"The moves will be very revealing," Ben explained. "If that gives anyone a problem, please back out now while I've got a little time to replace you." No one backed out.

Ben also explained that, for the time being, we would rehearse clothed. "I want you to learn the movements and be comfortable with them before we add the element of nudity. Parts of this are going to be athletic, so I suggest that you wear workout clothes to rehearsal."

At the end of the first rehearsal, Ben said, "I'm going to pair you up with someone of the other gender who will be your partner for rehearsals and the performances. I know that some of you are couples or are related. I'm not going to pair couples together. We want a different dynamic. I'm also looking at what bodies I think will look good together onstage."

The result of Ben's analysis was that Kelly was paired with the enigmatic Guy. Jenny was paired with Mike. I was paired with Trisha.

On the drive home, Kelly said. "You certainly came out ok. Trisha is beautiful."

Trisha was very attractive. She was almost my height and what is now called "curvy." She was not fat. However, she had larger breasts, hips, and waist than Kelly. The brown hair that reached a little way down her back framed a slightly wide, but very appealing face. I didn't learn about the blue eyes or the naughty sparkle they could develop until later.

Rehearsals were hard work. I'm not sure what you would call what we were doing. It wasn't dance. While there were sounds that would be played during our scenes, our movements were not choreographed to the sounds. I guess that you'd just call it choreographed movement. It was all interesting, especially when I remembered that we'd be doing the movements for real with no clothes on.

As part of a scene in the first act, I stood with my back to the audience. Trisha stood upstage of me, facing me. I was to lift her up so that her head and chest were above my head. We would hold that position for a count of twenty and then Trisha would slide down my body until she was standing on the stage floor. We were to embrace until the stage went dark ending the scene. We spent a lot of time getting the lift correct.

Our other scene in the first act included a moment when the girls were in a line and their hands and knees all the way downstage, with their asses towards the audience. The guys did cartwheels upstage while the girls raised and lowered their asses.

Our first scene in the second act ended with the guys lying on our backs on the floor with our arms extended up. Our partners were standing at our feet and were to spring towards us, with us catching them in our hands and holding them above us at arm's length. Then, each of us slowly lowered our partner down until she was lying on top of us.

Our second scene in the second act involved a lot of frenetic movement in dim light, but with no one touching anyone else. There was a loud crack sound and all the stage lights blazed on. We were each supposed to embrace the opposite gender chorus member next to us, with hands on each other's asses, and kiss. Ben choreographed this so that each of us was to end in a nude embrace with someone other than our usual partner. For this, I was paired with Wendy.

Practicing all of these moves meant that we got to know each other pretty well, even wearing shorts or yoga pants and tee shirts. We reached an accommodation with Ben to end rehearsals at 8:30 p.m. unless we were really screwing up. There was a quiet neighborhood pub about a mile away. Wendy, Jeff, Mike, Jenny, Kelly, Trisha, and I, and sometimes Arianna and Rob, started going there for a drink or two after rehearsal. As we talked casually over those drinks, I came to the realization that this was a pretty good group of people.

We had not rehearsed the first weekend. As we finished rehearsal on the Friday before the show opened, Ben had an announcement.

"Folks, you are doing really, really well. But, I want you to come in for a rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. This rehearsal will be in the nude. Strip off as soon as you get here. You might as well get used to it. The actors are coming in Sunday night. We get access to the theater Monday. I hope that you all took vacation next week. All rehearsals in the theater will be in the nude. This is what you signed on for folks. Enjoy it."

Arianna and Rob joined us in the pub that night. Professional performers probably would not have spent any time talking about going nude together for the first time the next day. We weren't professionals and, I think, that there was a tacit agreement that it would be more fun if we all built up our anticipation.

Wendy started it right away. Once Jeff and I distributed the first round of drinks around the table, Wendy raised her glass and said, "A toast to seeing all of you naked tomorrow." We drank to that.

Jeff followed with, "And a toast to seeing Wendy naked tomorrow." We drank to that too.

A little later, Jenny asked Mike, "Are you ready for your daughter to see you nude?"

Mike apparently was trying not to think about that. "Um, uh, shit! I don't know," he said.

Trisha piped up, teasingly, "But he's looking forward to seeing my bare ass and tits. He hasn't seen that since I was a baby."

Mike looked a little uncomfortable. Jenny, who was sitting next to him, took his hand.

"What about you? Are you ready for this?" Kelly asked Wendy.

"You know, after the first rehearsal, I had a talk with myself about how stupid this is," Wendy replied. "What happens to my job if the president of the bank recognizes me up there or sees my name in the program. I was all set to back out."

"Why didn't you?" Kelly asked.

"Well, I came to the second rehearsal and, you remember, Ben had us going hard right from the start. There just wasn't an opportunity to say 'I quit.' Besides, it was a good workout and I'm getting paid for it, not very much, but paid. Then, I started coming over here with you guys and we bonded. Is that too psychobabbly?"

"Bullshit,' Jenny interjected, smiling. "You just want to show off your bare cunt to people who are paying to see it."

"Now I do. Damn straight." Wendy said. "I haven't done all this work over the last two weeks to keep my clothes on. Besides, the idea of doing all those moves naked with you guys is a turn on."

Trisha, already on a second drink, said, "Let's be honest. Doing this is a sexual thrill for all of us."

"Trisha," Mike said disapprovingly.

"Jenny," Trisha said, "grab Dad's schwantz. I'm sure that he's got a hard on just from our talk here."

I saw Jenny's hand reach into Mike's lap and a surprised look on Mike's face. "Yup," Jenny said. The conversation went on in that vein for another hour.

When we all decided that it was time to go, Wendy said, "Just a second." She raised her almost empty glass again and said, "To being seen in the nude." We all drank to that.

That first weekend of May was very warm. We all showed up for rehearsal that Saturday afternoon early. Everyone wore tee shirts and shorts, except for Trisha who looked delectable in a yellow and red sundress. No one wore anything under his or her outer clothes. In spite of Ben's instructions, we stood around clothed waiting for him to do something.

Suddenly, Ben clapped his hands together. "That's it. Everything off folks." We stripped. Ben had us gather in a circle. "I want you all to look at each other and get that out of the way now."

We looked. Everyone was in pretty good shape. As I already knew, Kelly and Jenny both looked great nude. Arianna was very pretty, but a bit too emaciated for my taste. Wendy's was probably the most marked transformation. Clothed, Wendy was pleasant-looking but nothing out of the ordinary. Nude, she looked very lovely.

My enthusiasm for my onstage partner, Trisha, had grown over the two weeks of rehearsal as we hand handled each other pretty intimately. Not only was she smart and funny and good-looking, she felt great: firm where she should be and soft and warm where she should be. My enthusiasm grew dramatically seeing her without the sundress. Voluptuous is a fair description, but it doesn't communicate the compelling beauty of Trisha's naked body. She was every bit as much a beauty as Kelly and Jenny.

I glanced to see if Mike was taking in the very beautiful sight of his naked daughter. However, Mike's attention seemed fully absorbed by Jenny's nude body standing next to him. Understandable as Jenny is beautiful nude. Jenny was pretty absorbed with Mike too.

Kelly was standing next to me. For no particular reason, I turned to her and kissed her on the lips. As we broke our quick kiss, Kelly whispered, "Thank you Harry for doing this."

Ben quickly got us into practicing our movements. The first time I lifted Trisha I realized that my nose was in her patch when I held her in the air. The sensation of her bare body sliding down mine followed by a bare embrace had caused me to forget that. However, after we finished the scene, Trisha flipped a hand through her pubic hair and giggled.

"Maybe I should trim that a bit more for you," she said to me.

"Up to you," I said. "It smells nice."

The scene in which I lowered nude Trisha onto my supine body was also a tactile pleasure. Lying on top of me, Trisha whispered, "This feels so great!"

For us guys, the scene with the cartwheels was just work. Ben had brought in his partner, Sharon, to help with the final preparations. Sharon assured us that our bare dicks flipping in the air was a pleasing optic. Understandably, Ben spent most of his time in that scene coaching the girls on raising their asses to the audience.

After Ben finally said that he was satisfied with what the girls were doing, Arianna commented, "That sure leaves us fully exposed."

"That's the whole idea," Ben replied.

Jenny giggled, "I enjoy it."

Wendy chimed in, "I think that the damn scene is too short."

To me, Kelly teased, "I've definitely got to get my parents here to see me do this."

Somewhat shocked, Arianna exclaimed, "Your parents?!"

Trisha piped up, "Well, my Dad can't see my cunt and asshole in this scene but I can see his dick flopping around."

"Your Dad has a nice dick," Jenny replied.

We worked hard and got very thirsty. Even with the few clothes we had worn to rehearsal, all of us except Guy went to the pub.

After we all had our drinks, Wendy proclaimed, "That was really a lot of fun. I'm getting pretty stoked about doing that in front of an audience."

"No more worries about the president of the bank?" Trisha asked.

"I think that I have a pretty nice cunt and that people should see it," Wendy responded. "Screw him if he doesn't like it. No, actually I don't want to screw him."

"You'd screw Jeff, though," Jenny teased. Wendy and Jeff had become something of a couple.

Wendy turned to look at Jeff, who was sitting beside her. "Absolutely I would," she said.

Kelly said, "So, Mike, now that you've gotten naked with your adult daughter, how do you feel about it?"

"It feels a lot more natural than I expected. Trisha's a beautiful woman and she's obviously having fun," Mike said. He hastily added, "Of course, Jenny is the most beautiful woman among a group of beauties." Jenny squeezed Mike's thigh. Mike added, "I'm having a lot of fun doing this with Jenny."

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