tagFetishOde To Domina Scorpio: Owner

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Owner


Samuel X. The Aquarius King. The Haitian Dreamer. Literotica's Favorite Asshole. In his lifetime, the young Black man from the City of Cap-Haitien, Republic of Haiti, had been called many things. Always because of his peculiar talents. Growing up in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, he was keenly aware of the fact that he was different. Among the legions of African-Americans who made one of the State of Massachusetts most populous cities their home, Haitians and other Black folks from the Caribbean stood out. And none did more than the individual who would one day be called Samuel X. Big and tall, brilliant and enthusiastic, with a kind of innocence balanced by an inner ruthlessness colder than the stars. That was Samuel X in a nutshell.

On November 17, 2009, after more than ten years in the United States of America, the twenty-something Haitian man moved to the region of Ontario in the Confederation of Canada. He moved there for a better life. And found more than he bargained for. After initially struggling, he persevered and found some m measure of success. He was doing alright for himself now. Working for the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Studying Law at Carleton University. Attending service at the Haitian Adventist Church of downtown Ottawa every Saturday morning. Hooking up with hot girls and the occasional seedy guy when he felt like it. That was Samuel X's life in the Capital region of Canada. And he'd come to enjoy it. However, a few months ago, while visiting a fetish website online, he came across something unexpected. A kindred spirit. Kiah H. of Maryland. The woman whom he affectionately called his Scorpio Queen. Domina Scorpio. The only other person out there with his brand of charm, cruelty, sassiness and heart. His veritable soul-mate, in a way.

From that moment on, the world of Samuel X changed. For starters, he had a new friend now. A tall, voluptuous young Black woman who liked erotica, BDSM and politics as much as he did. His only regret was that he hadn't met her while still living in the U.S. The Province of Ontario was far from the State of Maryland. Still, creative minds always found a way. And Samuel X and Kiah, also known as Domina Scorpio, found ways of 'getting together' to play. In her, he found someone with whom he could fulfill his desires. And fulfill those desires he did. Right now, Samuel X had Domina Scorpio on all fours. Face down and big Black ass up. In his right hand he held a whip. In his left hand he held his thick, uncircumcised Black cock. After stroking himself to full hardness while gazing at Kiah's big sexy ass, he rubbed his cock against her ass. Putting on a condom, he reached for the bottle of lubricant. He smeared lube all over his cock, then pressed his dick against Kiah's ass. The big Black woman shuddered as she felt his cock trying to invade her booty hole. Samuel X laughed as she pitifully tried to get away. With her hands and feet bound by thick steel chains which would hold the Hulk himself, Kiah wasn't going anywhere.

With his strong hands, Samuel X pried Kiah's big Black ass cheeks wide open. He slid his cock against the big Black woman's asshole, and eased it inside. Kiah tried to resist but Samuel pushed hard, thrusting his cock into her booty hole. He sighed in pleasure as his dick went inside of her. Nothing he loved more than the tight asshole of a big Black woman. Why? Well, um, why not? Big girls in general tended to have big butts and women with big butts usually had tight assholes. Samuel X licked his lips and gripped Kiah's wide hips tightly as he worked his cock into her asshole. He fucked her roughly, laughing as she yelped in pain while he invaded her asshole. As much as he cherished her, he owed it to himself to demolish her tonight. And anal destruction was a fine way to demolish a woman. Especially a strong Black woman like Kiah.

Samuel X grabbed hold of Kiah's hair and tugged on it while slamming his cock into her asshole. This wasn't about sexual pleasure. This was about punishment. It was about reclaiming something which she took from him. He wanted her to be his BITCH tonight. Why? Well. Where to begin? She dared to challenge him during their last meeting. She violated his ass with her mechanical dildos. She had the gall to COLLAR him! What the fuck? This was unacceptable! Samuel X was the Aquarius King. The Trickster. The Master of All Things. The Mighty Wicked One. The Psychological Dominator. Nobody DOMINATED him. Not even the sexy and vivacious, wonderfully kinky young Black woman whom his Haitian heart presently cherished above all others. And so he happily smacked her big booty while ravaging her asshole with his thick prick. He hadn't used nearly as much lubricant as he normally did, but that's okay. Tonight, pain was the endgame, not pleasure.

Kiah squealed as Samuel X invaded her asshole with his thick cock. She begged him to be gentler but he laughed sardonically. That's when she realized her predicament. Gone was the man whom she called her Haitian Dream. She was dealing with the Dark Side of Samuel X. Her painful mistake was that she had underestimated him. He was the Angel of Chaos. He turned Sociopaths into whimpering idiots. He caused racist cops to 'retire' early. He blackmailed militant feminists with evidence of their sexual indiscretions. And, um, when he felt like it, he sent tourists miles in the wrong direction and gave twenty-dollar-bills to homeless old men. The one thing that anybody on this planet could count on in their whole existence was never understanding WHY Samuel X did the things he did. Including Kiah H. also known as Domina Scorpio. Samuel X asked her in a sweet voice if she would like him to be gentler and use more lube. Kiah nodded eagerly. Samuel X smiled. He pulled his dick out of Kiah's asshole, and sprayed lubricant all over his cock. Then he eased it back into Kiah's asshole, and began fucking her much more gently than before.

Kiah howled the moment the new lubricant coating Samuel X's condom-covered cock made contact with her bowels. Her ass felt like it was on fire! Samuel X listened to her screams. He watched with amusement as she tried to flee. He held her hips tightly and fucked her ass, adding more lubricant. She asked him what was in the bottle of lube. Calmly, as if discussing the weather, Samuel X told his submissive that he replaced the KY Jelly/Aloe Cream mixture he normally used with Bhut Jolokia chili pepper, acknowledged worldwide as the HOTTEST pepper on the planet. A thousand times hotter than the Tabasco sauce he poured on her genitals the last time he dominated her. Kiah howled. Normally, Samuel X would let her scream, since it would be sweet music to his ears. Not this time. Samuel X clamped his hand over Kiah's mouth, effectively silencing her. He sank his thick cock deep inside her asshole, his penetration facilitated by the lubricant. He held his sub tightly, until she stopped thrashing. He looked into her eyes and saw the agony of defeat. Samuel X smiled. Victory is mine, he told himself.

Nonchalantly he got off Kiah, dismounting her. Oh, the submissive Black woman formerly known as Domina Scorpio was a fun ride tonight. He left her in chains for about an hour, went upstairs, showered, ate, watched a little TV and then came back. He found her sweaty, and smelling of her own juices. He laughed at her, and told her to acknowledge her defeat. When she hesitated, he smacked her hard across the face. As much as he liked her and hated doing that, she kind of had it coming. For daring to collar him last time. Samuel X took a collar and placed it around her neck. Then he placed a bowl of food in front of her. He told her to eat, and then left. Before taking off, he told her that she was now his property, to do with as he saw fit. She would be moving in with him in his apartment in Vanier, Ontario. Her sweet torment was just beginning.

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