tagSci-Fi & FantasyOf Goddesses and Gods

Of Goddesses and Gods


You had invited me to a Wiccan rite on Samhain, All Hallows Eve (that would be Halloween to you and me). It was a cold night and joints, long since abused by military life and martial arts, were aching. I don't know why I agreed, but I did so I tagged along.

I was to be a spectator only, which suited me just fine as all religions to me seemed the same. You smiled at me, trying to put me at ease and actually succeeding. You knew that I was uncomfortable in social situations where I did not know many people. And you truly appreciated my coming to keep you company. Seeing you smile, I was reminded exactly how lucky your husband, my friend, truly was.

I stood there, watching, as the ritual began. For the most part, I just tuned it out. Regardless of the trappings, to me, religions were all the same. But as the ritual continued, I could feel something slowly building up, like static electricity floating through the air.

The night was chilly, but clear. Or at least it had been clear. Despite the predictions made by the local meteorologists, clouds began to roll in, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. The sound of distant thunder could be heard throughout the night. The usual sounds of the night, the insects and night birds, slowly faded away, as if Nature herself sought not to disturb this rite.

The sounds from the Circle grew to a fevered pitch and the feeling of static electricity in the air was growing strong enough to make the hairs on my arm stand on end. I shivered, but not merely from the cold. Even as cynical a skeptic such as myself could feel something was happening.

A sudden motion from outside of my peripheral vision caught my eye. I turned in time to watch a drunk local throwing a beer bottle. The bottle flew through the air and I leapt out to catch it.

Not fully understand why or how, I knew that if that bottle broke the plan of the circle that had been painstakingly drawn, the result would not be good. But even at my fastest, I was not quite fast enough. My hand wrapped around the bottle just as the neck broke through the plane.

The night's silence was broken by a powerful thunderclap that set off alarms and shattered windows all around for nearly a mile. A bolt of lightning then lit the night as brightly as the sun did the day. The bolt split in two, one fork striking me and the other striking you, knocking us both off of our feet.

I shakily stood up, dusting myself off, undamaged and my eyes quickly darted over to you, relief filling me when I saw you were as unhurt as I. The rite was irrevocably interrupted, no hope of salvaging and no point to finishing. Everyone gathered their belongings and began to leave, saying their farewells to each other. I could not stop the smile that crossed my face as I saw you again, unhurt.

I rushed over to you, hugging you tightly. You were my friend's wife, but you had come to be very special to me. The thought of you possibly getting hurt was almost too much to bear. As our hands touched, a small spark leapt out, arcing between us and making us both jump, startled.

We shared a quick laugh and then we left. You were still shook up from the events of the night, so you asked me to drive. As we drove along, I noticed a subtle change come over you. The change was hard to describe. It was almost as if there was another face superimposed over your own. The face was a beautiful one. Not more so than your own face, merely different.

Somehow, the almost invisible visage seemed to accentuate your own beauty, as if drawing out that inner beauty that I already knew was there. You smiled at me and leaned over, resting your head on my shoulder. Your hand fell, casually, coming to rest on my thigh and you sighed, contentedly.

It was a long drive, made in near total, yet surprisingly comfortable, silence. Your hand traced patterns on my thigh. The patterns appeared random, and yet they felt vaguely familiar, eliciting flashes of memories that were gone before they could be fully realized.

The patterns moved further and further up along my thigh, softly and tenderly. I grew harder and harder as each moment passed. Gradually, your hand approached my crotch until, finally, your hand caressed me through my jeans.

I groaned as your hand began to release the buttons holding me in. I knew that I should stop you, but something within me would simply not allow it. Once I was freed, you began to stroke me, smiling beautifully at the groans I could not suppress.

Then you leaned down, taking my hard cock into your warm, inviting mouth. Your tongue and lips were performing acts upon my stiff member that were beyond masterful. Your skills bordered on, and quickly crossed over into, the realms of the magical.

Try as I might, I could not hold back for long. I exploded into your mouth, a feral growl escaping my lips. You swallowed every last drop, not wasting any. Somehow, I managed to maintain control of the car, not so much as swerving.

Up ahead, I knew there would be a well hidden road leading into the darkened forest. How I knew it would be there, or that the road would be able to accommodate this car, I would never be able to explain. I simply knew it would be there.

I pulled over, driving down an old road and parked when I could go no further. We climbed out and, without speaking, walked into the forest. We unerringly found our way to a large clearing. It was as if we had both been here hundreds of times before, even though I knew for a fact that neither of us had.

I looked at you, marveling at the change that seemed to come over you. You seemed taller somehow, your skin even paler than usual, almost glowing under the full moon. That the moon had only been a crescent earlier this night, slowly waxing to full, never once registered. There were faint, pale blue images shifting on your skin, as if you were covered with living tattoos. Your normally shoulder length black hair seemed longer and had taken on a dark, reddish tint, the color of deep burnished copper.

Yet, despite all these changes, it was still obviously you. The woman you were still stood there, visible and recognizable. It was as if there were two different people peacefully coexisting, merely sharing the same space.

The look in your eyes, as you bit your lower lip in hunger and desire, told me that some change had come over me as well. There was a small pond in the clearing, clear and calm in the moonlight. Hoping to see some vestige of what you were seeing, I knelt down and stared, astounded, at the man reflected back at me.

Staring back into my eyes was a rugged face. Sprouting from my head was a beautiful rack of antlers. My skin had darkened, weathered by years exposed to the sun. I was staring into the hard, grey eyes of an ancient legend.

I stood, turning to face you. In the few, short moments I had been staring at my reflection, your clothes had been removed. You stood before me, resplendent in the moonlight. Even though I had never before see you in this state, I knew that the body standing before me was entirely you, unaltered by whatever magics were affecting us.

You flowed over towards me, gracefully lowering to your knees before me. With a few, quick movements, you had me as naked as were you. You took my stiff member back into your mouth once more. I allowed you to lick and suck me for but a few moments. On her knees was no place for a goddess or the vessel she chose to inhabit.

I gently stood you up, kissing you reverently. My hands roamed all over, caressing every inch that I could reach. I took your lovely, rosy nipples into my mouth, each in turn. Then I knelt down, preparing to worship this lovely goddess at the oldest of temples. You raised one leg, laying it over my shoulder and bracing against me as my lips and tongue found their way to your holy altar. I slid my fingers into you, savoring that nectar that flowed freely from you. You moaned as I licked your throbbing clit. I continued on until you exploded with a glorious shout.

You collapsed against me, flowing to the soft ground as if you were melting. As you stretched out, you spread your legs invitingly. I moved myself in, not wanting to disturb the sense of sanctity that permeated the night. I slid myself into you, your wetness drawing me in deeply.

A simultaneous moan escaped our lips, our passions given voice. My motions began slow and gentle, in tender reverence with each thrust. But the reverence was soon overcome and replaced with a frenzied revel. I began to thrust in harder and harder.

Your body ground against mine, your head thrown back and nails digging furrows into my back. My motions took on a frenzied thrusting, bringing us both closer and closer to that ultimate end to the ultimate communion. Your moans intermingled with mine, filling the night air.

Finally, we reached that pinnacle of rapturous union, that point that so many strived for yet failed to reach. Your body arched off of the ground as mine began to buck wildly, almost uncontrollably. I shouted, very nearly a roar, as I exploded within you. You screamed as your own orgasm ripped through your body.

Your orgasmic scream merged with my primal roar, tearing throughout the night. Our sounds were quickly joined by the triumphant exclamations of every animal in the forest. It was a joyous celebration of sound.

I nearly collapsed, spent and exhausted, fatigued more than could be explained by our exertions, strenuous as they may have been. We were both panting heavily, coated in a sheen of perspiration. I looked into your eyes, the otherworldly presences now gone. Neither of us were sure exactly what had happened but we knew it had been something special, something holy. Our exhaustion more than we could handle, we curled into each other, falling into a deep slumber. We were unconcerned with the cold, know that, even though who or whatever had ridden us had departed, they were not done with us quite yet.

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