tagGroup SexOff At College Ch. 08

Off At College Ch. 08


Chapter 8 – Returning to the Room

After tearing myself from Jesse, I handed him the jacket that he loaned me and opened the dorm door. "Good night, sweetie. See you around campus." With that I stepped into the doorway and started up the stairs to my floor.

I staggered up the stairs holding on to the railing from having consumed more than two bottles of wine during the evening. Although I was not ashamed of having serviced over ten guys at the Gamma Delta Iota house that evening, I was hoping that no one would be out in the hallway as I stumbled towards my room door. Reaching into my clutch purse, I grabbed my room key and unlocked the outer door.

Because it was after two o'clock, I was not sure whether my roommate, Julie, had company. Although we tried to respect each others privacy with the opposite sex, in my condition, I decided that I would enforce our one o'clock rule since all I wanted to do was go to bed and get a good night's sleep.

I opened the room door and stepped into our room. As I entered the room I heard Julie's boyfriend, Bob, moaning from the general direction of the beds, "Yesss! That's it baby - keep sucking my dick." That caused me to glance over at Julie's bed where I saw Julie kneeling between Bob's legs with her head bobbing up and down in the general area of where his cock should be.

Although I had just finished off ten or so guys over the past few hours, the sight of Julie going down on Bob fascinated me. Up until that moment, I had never witnessed a blowjob other than the ones that I was a participant. While ordinarily I would have honored Julie's privacy and left, given the time of night and my condition, I simply stood by the door and watched the action for a couple of minutes.

As I stood gaping at Bob and Julie, I was entranced by seeing Bob's cock slowly disappear into my roommate's mouth only to see it reappear a few moments later. While only the glans was in her mouth, Julie stroked his glistening rod with one hand. At the same time her free hand brushed her shoulder length dishwater blonde mane out of her eyes. As she began to repeat the process, Bob moaned, "Yea – ah, baby. Keep sucking my dick."

Even from where I was standing in the room, I could tell that Julie's eyes were watching his face and Bob's gaze was fixed on Julie's mouth. While her head bobbed, Julie's bared tits jiggled in concert with the movement of her mouth.

I began staggering towards the dresser pulling my tunica over my head. At that point in time all I wanted to do was get in my nightie and get in bed without interfering with Bob and Julie. I got to the dresser and pulled my lingerie drawer open to extract my nightie. However, in pulling out the drawer, I was a little noisy and Bob glanced over and then said, "Hey, babe, we've got company."

"Guys, don't let me interrupt your fun. All I want to do is sleep." I replied.

Before I could slip my nightie on, Bob rejoined, "Nice rack there Jenny." Julie continued to fellate Bob and he added, "Looks like a fuckable snatch too."

I pulled a nightie blindly from the drawer and then I just stood there staring. Even in my condition, I found the scene in front of me at least mildly erotic. I could imagine myself between Bob's legs trying to satisfy his sexual needs. I took a couple of steps toward Julie's bed and then stopped cold. I noticed that Julie was still wearing her panties as she serviced her boyfriend. As the significance of this last fact sank into my wine soaked brain, I realized that Julie was having her period and that Bob had probably not been suitably fucked all evening by my roommate.

Without thinking about it, I started edging towards Julie's occupied bed carrying my nightie in one hand. I got within about two feet of the bed before dropping my nightie. As I stood there fully exposed, Bob reached out with his right hand and rubbed his fingertips over my thighs. I took another step forward allowing Bob to maneuver his fingers into my bush. "Nice pelt," he moaned.

"Like something sweetie?" I cooed in reply.

Bob moaned, "Yeah," as Julie's mouth continued to bob up and down on his stiff shaft. I could not figure out if he was responding to my question or my roommate's ministrations until his finger found my well-worn slit and he added, "Wanna fuck?"

This left me with a dilemma, until Julie groaned, "Go ahead, he has been a good boy tonight." With that she eased Bob's manhood out of her mouth as she looked at both of us. "I don't mind sharing my boyfriend since I've not been able to take care of him."

"I'll take good care of him for you, roomie." I sighed as Bob's middle digit probed into my pussy. "Want to get in my bed, sweetie? It'll be more comfortable."

As Julie sat up she gave Bob's cock a slight squeeze and matter of factly added, "Time to get dressed." The comment did not immediately sink in to me as Bob also sat up and gave Julie a lover's kiss.

"Thanks babe. My dick does need a cunt tonight."

"I know. Sorry I can't take care of you but you know I don't like to fuck when I've got my period. I know that Jen's not going to steal you and besides this will remind you how good you have it."

As Bob rolled out of Julie's bed, he asked me, "You got any rubbers?"

"Not on me," I replied. "I used them all earlier at the house."

"Use mine," Julie chimed in. "There's some in the top drawer of the dresser."

Backing up, I answered, "I know." With that I snatched a package out of the drawer and started back towards my bed. Before I could get back, Bob was standing up with fattest erection sticking out from his groin that I had ever seen.

Beckoning with my finger I cooed, "Come here sweetie. See what Jenny has for you." As I reached my bed I bent over and pulled the bedspread and blanket down. Bob came up behind me and reached one hand between my slightly spread thighs forcing them apart. With the other hand he grasped one of my swaying tits and began to pinch one of my still sensitive nipples. As he continued to work my dangling breast over, I felt his rod rub between my still lubricated lips. Although I was willing, I knew Julie's feelings about the use of condoms so I cooed, "Feels good sweetie, but I think something's missing."

With that I straightened up and turned around thrusting my mammaries at Bob's bare chest. I sat down on the bed with his expectant cock staring me in the eye. I quickly tore open the package in my hand and rolled it over his glistening glans and down the shaft connecting the head to Bob's groin. "That's what a gentleman wears to a party. Now show me how it works."

"Bitch, you think I am a gentleman?" came his guttural reply. "Now get on your hands and knees cause I'm going fuck you like the bitch in heat I know you are."

As I was turning to kneel on the bed I glanced over at Julie's bed to see her just looking at her roommate getting ready to have intercourse with her boyfriend. At the same time, Bob was climbing on my bed behind me with his cock sticking straight out from his groin. "Have fun guys." Julie matter of factly added. "He knows how to use his dick to make a girl feel good."

I planted my knees as far apart as I could on the bed to best frame my well worked over fuck channel to his probing cock. "Nice ass." As I felt his fingers stroke my rear cheeks, Bob said to my roommate, "Almost a good as yours. Really a matched set."

It was only moments before the tip of his latex covered cock was easing between the outer lips of my pussy. "Oh shit, sweetie, shove it in." I yelped thinking that this was going to be another quickie.

I felt the now familiar feeling of a cock pushing passed my lips and into my pussy. As he slowly entered me, I felt the pressure of a hand between my shoulder blades forcing my upper body down on the bed and elevating my ass. Bob continued his slow, steady entry into my body. As large as he felt I was glad that I was fully lubricated with my juices from my previous sessions and Ken's cum. Just as his groin ground against my ass, he whispered, "Wench, you've got the tightest cunt I've ever fucked." Then he added a little louder, "Thanks for filling in."

I heard Julie clear her throat as Bob started to slowly withdraw. After a couple of strokes we established our rhythm of thrust and counter-thrust and I realized that this was not going to be a quickie. "Come on sweetie, fuck my pussy," I stage whispered glancing back over my shoulder. As he continued his slow pace, withdrawing everything but his crown before sliding his stiff cock back down my clutching channel, I added, "Put it to me -- fuck Jenny hard. I wanit hard; make Jenny cum."

In my condition, all I wanted to do was make Bob empty his nut sack into the condom in my pussy. However, he had other ideas and he acted on them by continuing to plow in and out of my stretched pussy at a deliberate pace. What I did not realize at the time was that my roommate had already sucked Bob off twice that evening so he was in no hurry to shoot his load into my body.

"Come on stud, fuck my cunt. Play with my tits. Squeeze my nips." All that encouraged him to do was to grab my hips as he maintained his steady pace.

Then Julie chirped in, "Hey, Bob can't you see that Jenny needs to cum."

That seemed to get him to increase his speed. Not only did he suddenly start slamming his groin into my ass harder, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back with one hand. "Is this how you like it, bitch? Hard and fast?" Before I could answer, he slipped his other hand under my chest and began pinching a nipple. Addressing Julie, he grunted, "Girl, get over here. You've always told me you wantit to see a girl cum."

"That's it, sweetie. Fuck my cunt har – ard. Make Jenny cum." With his pulling on my hair, my upper body slowly rose up off the bed and I brought my elbows up to hold up my body.

As he continued to pump his cock into my wide-open pussy, Julie knelt beside the bed and began stroking my tits without saying a word. Bob eased his fingers off my tits and slid them down towards my crotch where he found my very sensitive love button. Lightly rubbing my bud while we continued to thrust at each other coupled with Julie playing with the sensitive ends of my mounds finally drove me over the edge. As the sensations of an orgasm flooded through my body I screamed, "Oh, fuck. I'mmmmm cum – umm – mming. Oh! Oh! Oh, my god."

As my orgasm subsided, I mumbled, "You're the best, Bobby. Now fill Jenny's cunt with your juice. Let me feel you, big boy." However, Bob continued to plow his cock into my now well worn pussy. After a couple of more minutes, I moaned, "Come on big boy, feel me up." Then turning to Julie kneeling beside me, I mouthed, "God, he is a stud. Does he ever cum?"

By this time, Julie had stopped playing with my tits. "I'll help you out," she cooed as she began massaging his balls. "Come on stud, time to dump your load." Suddenly I felt his cock begin to pulse as he stopped thrusting and buried his tool completely in my fuck canal. Once Bob's cock finished emptying, he slid his latex covered cock out of my pussy and slapped my elevated ass.

"You are some fuck, bitch," he mumbled as he stood up. Addressing his girlfriend Bob continued, "Almost as good as you, lover."

With that Julie bent over and kissed me full on the lips. "Thanks roomie. There was no way I was going to let him in my cunt tonight but he needed it. I haven't given him anything all week."

I rolled over onto my side. I watched as Julie slid the condom off Bob's shrinking but still massive cock. She silently began licking his organ trying to clean off the sheen of cum that remained on it. I tapped her on the shoulder and whispered, "Want some help?"

Momentarily stopping her ministrations, Julie responded, "I think I can handle this job. Thanks anyway." With that she returned to the task at hand, licking and sucking Bob's now sated and shrunken tool clean of his cum.

"Good night guys," I added. "God am I relaxed. That was a hell of a fuck sweetie." With that I rolled on to my back and pulled the sheets over my naked body. I was probably asleep within a minute as I never heard either Bob or Julie get in her bed where I found them when I woke up at noon the next day.

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