tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Fantasy to Reality Ch. 02

Office Fantasy to Reality Ch. 02


For the past couple months, my relationship with my subordinate Sara has been clearly defined. Since taking her on a Saturday morning, she has complied with all requests. We have grown closer, sharing our bodies when the desire strikes. This has worked both ways. Numerous times, she has come to my office, and requested that we have sex, or asked to suck my cock, draining my balls of cum. I look forward to continuing our relationship! I have lavished several nice gifts on her and her kid, so all is not only sex related. But we do keep it at arms length, sexual but not emotional. I have repeatedly stressed the non-emotional side of our relationship. I need a fuck buddy only! We share the physical side when we are needy. I have had thoughts of my "kept" woman relationship.

With changes in the economy, my business has struggled over the past couple of years. The new growth has not completely reached our small business. We have to be aggressive to attract and land new contracts. In the past couple of weeks, I have wined and dined a potential new client, with substantial opportunity for our services. During the evenings we have been out, Thomas has shown a keen interest in visiting clubs where he can let his hair down, pursue an attractive female, and if unsuccessful, visit a titty bar for some show of the opposite sex. I have a gut feel he abuses his meat with a pay-per-view in the hotel room upon retiring for the evening. He has openly shared with me his desire to watch or participate in a threesome. While not specific, I make the assumption that his interests are FMF.

And Thomas has not been shy about talking about his physical dimensions. Not as tall as I at 6'6" tall and 250 lbs, he stands about 6"3" tall and only weighs around 200 lbs. If he is to be believed, he will dwarf my measly, thick 9 ½ inches. It seems that he is insatiable. I wonder what I can do to stop his discussions, but I need his business to ensure growth for my company over the next several years. Like me, he is the decision maker. Meet his approval; you can have immediate success in landing a new contract. I need some advantage to encourage his award of the substantial contract.

Then it dawned on me. Sara had come to my office early, to share some time with me. I had left her a note about being very horny, and thought it would be good to release some cum. I needed her.

Sneaking to the bathroom, she removed her thong, sliding her finger along her wet slit. Closing her eyes, seeing my cock in her minds eye, rigid at 9 1/2 inches of solid meat, her pussy tingled. She can not wait to have it lodged in her tight pussy, her muscles squeezing, sliding each inch in and out of her body hard, slamming down to capture all. She wants to bend over the desk, exposing her nakedness to me, her wet slit inviting more.

As she came to my office, her walk exuded sex. Catching my eye, she smiled. Approaching the side of my desk, hands on hips, she stood with your legs spread just slightly. Taking a pen from the edge of the desk, she let it fall just behind her on the floor. As blatant as possible, she turned slowly. Deliberately, she spread her feet again, just about shoulder width apart, and slowly bent at the waist to get the pen on the floor. Her hands slid down her legs, over her boots. Her skirt rode up, tantalizing slow, first peeking at pubs, then her cheeks become visible. As she reached her ankles, she grabbed hold, arching your back to fully expose your ass. I definitely moaned, seeing her shapely, soft ass and legs. Peeking from below your cheeks, her slit invites me, her lips engorged, her clit just barely visible. She rocked slightly, swaying her ass to tease me. I was teased!

I opened my pants, freeing my member. At full staff, I reached to her, guided her body back slowly. I turned her body to the edge of my desk, spread her feet, and bent her over. Bending slowly at the knees, I lowered my body to align our bodies. I slid the head of my cock front to back in her slit, its head spreading her lips, getting slick in her wetness. After several passes, I slide forward hard into her tight, wet hole.

I pull myself against her hard, grinding my hips against her soft globes. Glancing between us, I watch my cock slowly slide out of her body, her lips grasping my slick cock, refusing to relinquish her hold on my searing cock. My cock glistens with her juices. I slide my thumb over my shaft, gathering wetness. I rub my thumb over her asshole, smearing her wetness on her. Moving my hand, I thrust deep, my flesh slapping against her flesh. I again grind my hips, forcing myself deep into her body. As I withdraw, I rub my thumb over my shaft again, coating all sides with her wetness. Rubbing my thumb on her tight ring, I push with enough force to penetrate her body. My thumb pops through her tightest hole, stopping at the first knuckle. I thrust forward again, grinding both holes. My thumb is lodged between my body and her asshole. I rotate my thumb to stimulate her ass as well.

Sara gasps, her breath exploding from her body. I know she loves our play, having her ass penetrated. Grabbing her hip with my free hand, I begin rapid, forceful thrusts in and out of her body. I slam my cock back, and drive forward with enough force to slap her flesh with mine, the noise filling the room. Simultaneously, I thrust my thumb in and out of her asshole, forcing it deep as I slam my body forward. Sara grunts with each penetration. Her voice raises, a scream erupting from deep within.

"Fuck me boss man," she screams. "I'm your fuck slut! Fuck me hard!" she continues.

I reach to her mouth, pushing a finger into her mouth. She sucks with abandon as I slam her backside. Then it hits me. Will it work? It has to be spontaneous. It has to be initiated by me! My mind races! I envision the scenario. I see the results.

My cock expands, I hammer Sara's cunt, slamming my body forward with renewed vengeance. I assault her hard, driving my cock into her yielding cunt repeatedly. Our breathing matches my thrusts; labored, ragged. My balls expand, erupt, and shower her insides with cum. Eyes closed, I pull her head back by a handful of hair, grinding our sexes together. Lust fills the room.

Pulling out of her, I pull her to the floor, pulling her face to my flaccid, dripping cock. I pull her forward hard, forcing my cock between her lips. Sticky, she sucks my cock into her mouth, driving her face to my pubs. Her tongue washes my cock. She jack hammers my flaccid cock for several minutes, draining all cum from my body, sucking my tubes dry.

Lifting her, I push her back on my desk. Sitting, I roll my chair up to my desk, pulling her cunt to the edge of my desk. I lean forward, grabbing her clit between my teeth. I tug at her, flicking it back and forth rapidly, mashing it hard against the inside of my mouth. Her body squirms under my attack. Hot, she responds quickly to my tongue lashing. Pulling her lips wide with my fingers, I direct my focus to her exposed clit. I will drive her to orgasm within the next couple of minutes. Her body involuntarily humps against my face, a desire to capture my tongue. I hold her clit firmly between my teeth. I force my face hard against her mound, sliding my chin deep into her slit, mashing her hole softly. Her body responds. As her orgasm approaches, I suck her clit deep into my mouth, assaulting it with my tongue and lips. Her orgasm washes over her body. Small convulsions rip through her body, her grunts match each thrust of her hips.

I slow my thrashing of her clit. I suck gently, my tongue playfully licking at her. "Get cleaned up Sara," I tell her. Standing, I walk to my personal bathroom off my office. Disrobing, I jump in the shower. Hot water pours over my body. My mind plots the circumstances for my marketing plan. I will get that new contract. Finishing my shower, I dress quickly. I am excited about the plan.

I have three days till Saturday. Saturday would be the best day for a spontaneous plan, the best day for launching a contract action plan. I place a private call to Thomas. After exchange of pleasantries, I invite him for a special meeting early Saturday morning. Reluctantly, he agrees to the meeting. I will have one shot.

The next two days fly by. I replay my plan over and over in my head. On Friday morning, I let Sara know that I will need her on Saturday. Come early I instruct her. Not known to her, I have her planned her arrival for 30-mins before Thomas arrives. I leave instructions with the front desk guard to allow Thomas to access the office without a call to my office on Saturday morning. The stage is set.

I arrive at the office ahead of schedule on Saturday morning. I am anxious to get the day started, my mind playing the morning over and over in my head. I race to fix coffee, race to straighten my office, race to clear my desk for interfering items. I am ready. I make work, passing time until Sara arrives.

"Morning boss man," I hear Sara chime. Right on time! My cock is rigid. I look forward to the morning's escapades.

"Morning yourself," I call back. "Grab a cup of coffee and come see me," I continued.

Within a couple minutes, Sara saunters into my office, a bright sundress covering her body. Sara crosses the office, steps between me and my desk. Setting her coffee down next to mine, she scoots up on my desk, her ass placed directly in front of me. Leaning back to her elbows, she raises her knees, placing her feet just below her cheeks of her ass. Her sundress slides down her thighs, gathering at her hips. Glancing around her legs, she smiles at me, slowly, seductively spreading her knees wide. She has stripped off any undergarments that she had on before coming to my office. "Lick my pussy boss man," she growled. "I need your tongue on me," she said as she looked me in the eyes from between her legs. Standing, I pulled her body up, sliding her sundress up off her body. Now naked, I pushed her back down. I pulled her hips to the edge of the desk, her cunt splayed open for my tasting. I draped her legs over my shoulders. I reached around her legs, placing my hands flat on her mound. I leaned forward, my tongue extended to touch her slit. No pretense needed, I slowly parted her lips, running my tongue over her clit, snaked down to the wet hole, and reamed her body, driving my tongue deep unexpectedly. Her body jumped with the penetration. She moaned loudly. I slid my hands up her body, circling her mounds of tit flesh. I pinched my thumb and index finger on each nipple, firmly. I rolled the nipples between my digits, pulling the nipple taunt above her tits. I massaged her flesh roughly while continuing to rotate her nipple with my fingers.

Watching her face, I returned my gaze to her clit. My tongue extended, flicked her button, and moved forward to suck it entirely into my mouth. Sara growled, laid back on my desk, closed her eyes and absorbed my assault of her cunt and tits. I slowly made love to her cunt, taking my time to lick top to bottom of her slit, reaming her hole, and returning to her exposed clit. Each time, I would tug her clit, suck it into my mouth, thrash it with my tongue, mashing it against the inside of my teeth.

I stopped all movement on her clit, holding it softly between my teeth. I slowly, methodically, played with her exposed clit. I ran my tongue down the length of her slit, reaming her cunt gently, thrusting my tongue in and out slowly. I moved lower, titling her hips upwards, allowing access to her tight ring. My tongue danced around the puckered hole. Slowly, I licked back up her wet slit, brushed over her hole again, and tugged on the labia with my lips, sucking first one side then the other into my mouth. My tongue slid effortlessly along, rising to her clit. My tongue swirled around her stiffening nub. I boxed with it, flicked it back and forth as my tongue extended from my mouth. I leaned, my lips surrounding her clit, sucking it into my mouth.

Sara's passion grew, her body absorbing each tease, each lick, each sucking. Her hips undulated under my touch. I brought my right hand down between her legs. As I gently sucked on her clit, I pushed two fingers between her soaked lips, reamed her hole slowly. Her hips thrust upwards at my touch. As her hips settled down, I pushed them into her soaked hole. My fingers slid completely into her body. I held them firmly in place as her hips again jumped up from the desk. Slowly, deliberately, I thrust my fingers in and out of her body as I sucked on her clit. Her body screamed for pleasure. Sara groaned as her body approached orgasm. Feeling her need, feeling her level of response, I attacked her clit hard, jamming my fingers in and out of her cunt, alternating the speed, angle, depth, and duration of each thrust. Her hips lifted, held high off the desk. I held her tightly, holding my mouth to her clit. My tongue flicked her sensitive organ firmly, rolling it, mashing it, and grinding my tongue against it as hard as I could, increasing the speed of my tongue's ministrations as much as possible. Her body exploded, thrusting up against my face, and flopping down hard on the desk. I pushed my fingers deep into her cunt. I fucked her body slowly with my fingers. With each thrust, a small scream escaped Sara's lips. Eyes closed tightly, her hands pinching her nipples, pulling them hard, she tossed her head back and forth rapidly.

Glancing to the doorway, I found Thomas standing, staring at us. His hand rubbed his cock through his athletic wear. His eyes were glazed. Catching me watching him, I waved him over, pointing to Sara's tits. I motioned for him to do something. Thomas approached cautiously. He leaned over Sara, his tongue extending to touch her taunt nipple. With his tongue making contact, Sara froze, eyes flying open. Thomas sucked her nipple into his mouth. Sara's legs clamped along side my head. I thrust my fingers deep, her body betrayed her, she screamed a lustful scream. I hammered her tight pussy with several more thrusts. Sara remained motionless. Thomas grabbed her other tit, roughly squeezing the flesh as he sucked the first nipple deep into his mouth.

"Damn you boss," Sara growled.

Sara's hand reached down his torso, along his hip. Moving swiftly, she centered her hand, finding his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, stroking it up and down. Thomas's knees buckled slightly. He spread his legs, giving access to her groping hand. Her hand pumped him, pulling him toward her, and thrusting down again, hitting the base of his shaft. Pulling off her, Thomas stood, grabbing the waist band of his athletic wear, pulling them down quickly. His rigid cock stood at attention. A quick glance confirmed his massive size, although I could not tell if he was larger than I. Sara released Thomas's cock, pulled her body to the edge of the desk on an angle to me, and dropped her head backwards over the edge. Her mouth opened wide as she again reached to Thomas. Pulling him by the cock, Thomas stepped forward, his cock touching her lips. Her tongue swirled around the massive head. Thomas reached to take both tits in his hands. He stepped closer, driving some cock into Sara's mouth. Pulling back, he thrust forward again. With several thrusts, he penetrated Sara's mouth and throat. She allowed all his cock to slide down her throat. Thomas thrust uncontrollably, hammering her mouth and throat. Grunting, groaning loudly, Thomas approached his own orgasm quickly. Thrusting deep, his legs quivered, his eyes closed tightly, his body lurched in tiny thrusts. He came, exploding into Sara's mouth unabashedly. Sara gagged slightly, then sucked so hard I thought she would drain him instantly.

Her hips jumped into my mouth. I bit down on her clit, her free hand grabbed my head and slammed my mouth down on her clit. Her body exploded in an extreme orgasm, her hips thrusting so hard and fast, I had trouble staying attached to her thrusting cunt. I sucked demon like, lost in what I was doing, but not wanting to stop. Her juices flooded out of her cunt.

I stood, dropping my pants. My rigid cock stood full staff at her cunt. Taking her hip bones, I pushed my hips forward, my cock invading her wet slit. Easily, my cock slid into her cunt. Several thrusts, I was buried deep, our pelvises grinding together. I watched my cock slide in and out of her body, her lips stretching to hold me in place. Her muscles gripped, sucked, and pulled me back into her body. My thrusting tempo increased, my balls churned to spit cum into her orifice. My thumb bounced over her clit, grinding it against her body for increased pleasure. I glanced at Thomas, his deflating cock lingering on Sara's lips, her tongue extending to catch any final droplets of cum from his eye. I jammed my cock deep, grinding against her. My balls exploded. A half scream permeated the room from my mouth. Grunting deeply, my balls sent spurt after spurt of cum up my shaft, spilling forth into womb. I hesitated, feeling each spurt, feeling her body respond to my orgasm. I shot more cum than I had in ages. Grinding against her hard, I held my place, my cock ravaging her cunt, holding deep.

I could not breathe. My hips thrust involuntarily, grinding each inch back into her cunt as my cock began deflating. I leaned over her, sucking a nipple into my mouth for play. Nipping, I tugged gently, stretching her tit upwards. Standing again, I humped her pussy one more time, grinding my soft cock back between her lips, into a sloppy cunt.

"Hey Thomas," I quipped. I groaned, feeling no self doubt about what we had done.

"Holy shit," replied Thomas. He backed up, leaned to kiss Sara gently. Lifting her head, he moved her back to the desk. He kissed her again.

An awkward moment approached. All almost naked, we were not sure what was next. Sara lay still, her eyes closed, absorbing the afterglow of being ravaged. She had cum several times, and was enjoying the feeling. Reaching her hand to me, I pulled her up to a sitting position on the desk. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me close. "I love you," she whispered to me. "Only you," she continued. "Don't you ever pull a stunt like this again," she finished. "I fuck only you," she said emphatically.

Glaring at me, she moved to the couch along my wall, she got on her hands and knees. "Thomas, can you do me doggie," she asked? Thomas moved quickly behind her, his growing cock sliding between her cheeks. "Lick my cunt Thomas," she instructed him. Thomas kneeled quickly, pulling his face between her cheeks. I could hear him slurping in her slit. She pushed her ass back into his face. Glancing at me, she grinned ear-to-ear. "And you, I get to suck your cock," she directed at me. She humped her hips on Thomas's face. I moved to the couch, sitting directly in front of her. "Now Thomas, fuck me," she commanded.

Dropping her shoulders, she placed her ass high in the air, her cunt open for Thomas to penetrate. Her mouth opened, surrounded my cock head, and swallowed hard. Sara drove her face deep into my lap, my cock entirely buried in her mouth and throat. She bounced her face on my growing cock.

Meanwhile, Thomas was driving his cock into her wet, sloppy cunt. Grabbing each hip bone, Thomas pulled forward hard. Quickly, his hips were slapping her ass, his flesh pounding her flesh. Rhythmically, he pounded her cunt, driving in, pulling out, and thrusting deep again. As he thrust forward, Sara would drive her face down on me, grind her mouth against my pubic bone, pull off when he withdrew, and repeat with each thrust. Our motions became synchronized. Thomas groaned the loudest, almost screaming at his sex. I watched him, watched his facial contortions. He again approached his orgasm quickly. With several deep thrusts, he exploded into her cunt again. He hammered her for several minutes more, keeping the motions up until his cock, deflated, flopped out of her cunt.

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