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Office Hours


The knock on Professor Dana Miles' door came just a few minutes after noon, about an hour into her daily three hour block spent in the confines of her room. Professor Miles was a relatively new hire at the university, a woman just out of graduate school in her early thirties; she was, especially compared to the older professors on the staff, a beautiful woman with nice curves. She usually kept her full C cup breasts modestly hidden behind loose sweaters or other clothing that didn't really accentuate her figure. That was, in fact, how she was dressed today when the knock came to her office door; sitting behind her desk in a knee length black skirt and crimson sweater, one wouldn't be able to tell that the brunette professor had such a desirable body beneath those concealing clothes.

"Come in," She called, to whomever was on the other side of the door. The knob turned, and a young woman stepped in through the open portal. Nina Gordon, one of her students from her Introduction to Research Writing classes, was a fairly typical 19 year old; thin and pretty, with light blonde hair, Nina didn't seem to have much in the way of curves. Her breasts were small, but perky; she did, though, wear tops that would accentuate what little curves she did have.

"Professor Miles? Do you have a minute? I'd like to talk to you about the grade you gave me on my paper." Nina asked, tentatively and somewhat shyly, from the doorway. Trying to be as inviting as she could be, Professor Miles smiled and nodded her head, gesturing toward one of the seats across from her desk.

"Of course. Please, come in and have a seat." Nina stepped away from the doorway, pulling the door closed as she did so. She let her backpack drop to the floor beside the chair she chose, leaning back in it and folding her hands somewhat nervously in her lap. "What can I do for you, Nina?"

"Well, Professor Miles... it's about the grade on my paper. You gave me an F on it, but I don't think I deserved it. I put a lot of work into that paper." There was almost a whiney quality to her voice when she made her protest, lending the Professor to think the girl had somewhat of an air of entitlement. Dana frowned lightly, putting both of her hands on the surface of her desk.

"I understand your frustration, Nina, but your paper really wasn't an acceptable submission. The assignment was to write a research paper, with sources, about a topic. You handed in a paper about psychic mind control, without a single source on it. As a matter of fact, you wrote the entire thing from a perspective of personal experience. That's not a research paper, Nina. That's a fictional story."

Nina huffed, sitting forward in her chair. The look of shock was so sudden that Dana was almost taken aback. The Professor almost felt sorry for the student, assuming that she simply didn't understand the assignment; she offered her best sympathetic smile in reaction to Nina's response.

"But it's not a story, Professor Miles!" Nina replied, incredulous. "It's true! There's no sources on it or whatever, but everything in the paper is real. It's all from personal experience and stuff."

Dana sighed slightly; she always hated it when students argued with her over things that they were clearly wrong about. "Nina," the Professor began, leaning forward in her chair, "you expect me to believe that your paper on mental control and reality shaping through psychic powers is not only real, but is a compilation of your prior experiences? Do you realize how improbable... no, impossible that is? There are no such things as mental powers, Nina. It's all fantasy."

"But it's not fantasy!" Nina protested. The young blonde student frowned, and seemed to stare rather intently at her professor. Dana felt a dull pressure build up in the back of her head, growing rather intense over the course of thirty seconds, before finally dissipating. It left her blinking, slightly confused. She shook her head to clear it.

"Nina... Miss Gordon," Dana corrected herself, slipping from referring to the young student in a more respectful, formal manner, "it is a fantasy. It is no more a research paper than one on a fanciful dream that you had would be, or what you thought about a television show. It makes the content for a good story, but not for an academic paper. I'll allow you to write another paper for partial credit, but I'm afraid that's as good as I can do for you."

"Are you sure you don't want to reconsider, Professor Miles?" Nina asked with a sudden trace of casualness in her tone.

"There's nothing for me to reconsider, I'm afraid. And please, call me Dana, ma'am."

It was Nina's turn to sigh, shaking her head a bit as she did so. "Okay, Dana. I was really hoping that you'd be more reasonable. I've really liked your class, and I think you're a pretty good professor. I didn't want to have to prove it to you or anything, I was just hoping that you'd have more of an open mind about everything."

"Prove it to me?" Dana asked of her student, sounding a bit incredulous herself. She reached down to the hem of her sweater and pulled it upward, over her head; the garment was dropped casually on the floor as her heavy breasts bounced from the motion. "How would you prove it to me if it doesn't exist?"

"By taking control of you, Dana. I mean, you wouldn't know that I'm doing it. Every time I use it, everything seems perfectly natural in the person's mind. It's sort of like... planting an idea in their mind. It just appears in there, and everything seems completely natural to them. They'd never know that they were behaving strangely."

"But, Miss Gordon," the Professor countered as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. With the tension suddenly gone, her generous tits spilled free. Nina admired them, firm and still perky for their size, with tiny upturned nipples that were already erect. "If the person doesn't know that they are behaving strangely, then how is it really proof?"

"Well, you wouldn't at first. But I can always come back later and make you realize what you've done. Or make you do things to embarrass you publicly until somebody else points it out to you. That wouldn't really make you notice it, but it's really fun to watch their reaction later when they realize all of the weird shit they've done." Nina leaned back in her seat, admiring the now topless Professor. Dana reached up and began to gently caress her breasts, running her fingers over the nipples, tweaking and gently pinching them. This elicited soft moans and mews from the woman. "But I can also change other things, as well."

"Like what?" Dana replied. She reached down to unzip her skirt and pull it off, followed by the basic white panties she was wearing; this last item she simply threw in the trashcan, as she knew she would never be wearing them again. After her hands left her breasts, the twin perky mounds began to slowly change. They began to lose their firmness as they slowly sagged downward; her nipples, no longer pointing upward, began to grow and thicken. They stood out from the tips of her tits, pointing straight down. By the time the transformation was complete her breasts were now exceptionally saggy, almost reaching her waist.

"Well, that." Nina replied, smiling with a smug satisfaction. "Like, it's not right for a servant to have perkier tits than her mistress is it?"

"Of course not, Mistress," Dana replied, as if this were an obvious conclusion. The now-nude Professor pushed her chair back and stood up so that she could jump in place; her breasts, only moments before firm, now flopped wildly with the motion. She kept this up while Mistress spoke.

"There are other things I did, but you won't notice them yet. Like not being able to cum unless a woman cums on your face. Or that you've completely forgotten how to masturbate, just in case you were tempted to try it." Nina hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her leggings and pulled them down; Dana stared greedily at the now exposed, shaved pussy of the 19 year old student. She stopped jumping and dropped to her hands and knees, crawling around to the other side of the desk. As she crawled, her pendulous breasts hung beneath her with the nipples dragging over the carpet. "And that you're no longer attracted to men, and can't resist the sight of pussy. You're just an eager cuntlicker now," Nina replied.

This all made perfect sense to Dana as she reached the chair of her student. With her hands planted firmly on the floor, she leaned in to put her mouth against the wet box of her student; the smell was intoxicating as she inhaled deeply. Her tongue darted out, running up the length of her slit, stopping to flick against the exposed clit. Though she'd never eaten pussy before, or ever even thought about it, she knew exactly what to do to please her owner. She lifted her right hand, sliding her index finger into the waiting tight hole as she continued to lap away. Nina began to pet her hair, which made Dana very happy. Locked in that place, it only took the student a few moments to reach the edge of her climax, moaning loudly as she gripped the hair of her submissive Professor. Her thighs clenched around the other woman's head as she came, her juices coating Dana's face; with Nina's release, Dana was tipped into orgasm. Her pussy, much looser now thanks to Nina's influence, clenched and squirted backward against her desk, making a mess against the wooden structure.

Breathlessly, Nina looked down at the kneeling woman. "There..." She said, between pants. "Now, pet, have you reconsidered?"

"Of course, Mistress," Dana replied, dreamily, "I'd be glad to alter your grade. It was silly of me to doubt you." She spoke with a giggle, like a young woman would do. Nina beamed at that.

"Oh good! Why don't you go ahead and lick up the mess you made. And when you're done with that, you can change my grade."

Dana eagerly agreed. She spent the next halfhour making sure to lick up every trace of her cum from the desk and floor before moving, nude, back to her desk to change the grade of her favorite student.

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