tagMind ControlBe Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For


"You look positively thrilled," A soft, feminine voice caught Craig by surprise. The young man, in his mid twenties, had been leaning against a wall in the banquet hall trying to avoid being seen. But, for some reason, this pretty woman had spotted him and stopped by to talk. She stood close to his height, around 5'9", and had gorgeous, long red hair; it was a shade of red that was almost impossible to get naturally. She had the traditional hourglass figure, and her natural curves were accentuated by the form-fitting black dress that she wore. This woman was the kind who could talk to any man she wanted; Craig wasn't entirely certain why she'd picked average him.

"Oh yeah, can't you tell?" He answered with a nervous little laugh. "These work functions are really exciting. I can hardly contain myself."

She smiled at his answer; it was a charming, almost dazzling thing that somehow reached her rich green eyes and made them twinkle. Craig found himself lost in her eyes, zoning out while staring at them. He didn't realize he was doing it until he noticed that she'd been talking and he'd missed the first part of what she'd said.

"... a shame. There has to be some way to make it interesting for you." Craig caught the end of her sentence, detecting just a hint of mischief in her words; he wasn't sure why such an innocent sounding statement unnerved him, but it sent a chill up his spine.

"I wish you could, but I doubt it." He answered. The way she smiled at his response creeped him out even further.

"Be careful what you wish for," she replied with a wink. "Why don't you walk with me and tell me about some of your coworkers?"

Craig wanted to tell her no, to make up some excuse as to why he had to keep leaning against the wall and pretending not to be seen. But, for some reason, he found himself nodding and agreeing. He just felt compelled to take up her suggestion. "Sure. Um... I'm not really sure what you want to know about them, though. They're really not that interesting, I promise."

"Maybe not, but I'm sure we can find something interesting in anybody. What about her?" The mysterious red head motioned to a young blonde girl, waif thin with large breasts. The young woman was a knockout for sure, and the way she continually flipped her golden hair over her shoulder and looked about the room suggested that she knew people would be eyeing her.

"Oh, that's the boss' daughter Nicole," He answered almost at once. "She's 18 and just started college a few months ago. She's always been really stuck up and looks down on most of us. He bought her those fake tits as a going away present when she left for college." Craig was mortified the second the words came out of his mouth, but he just couldn't stop them. After the red headed woman asked, he just could not stop himself from spilling the beans.

When the red head looked from him to Nicole, Craig could almost feel something happening; it was like static electricity in the air, making his hair stand on end. Nicole, who had been talking to an older woman this entire time, reached up and began to slip the straps of her dress from her shoulders without missing a beat of the conversation. She slowly pulled the dress down from her form, allowing her large, perky breasts to bounce into view. Though large, they seemed to defy gravity with their slight upturn and gentle bounce. The mounds were topped by two small, perky nipples that were already quite erect. She pulled the dress down until it was lying pooled at her feet, leaving her standing in only a pair of black panties and stockings. All the while, she and her companion kept talking, and nobody other than Craig seemed to notice what had happened.

"What's going on?" He exclaimed out of shock; several people, including the mostly nude Nicole, shot him glances at his outburst.

"Making this boring meeting more exciting for you," The red head replied, mischievously. Craig felt that same spark in the air just before he witnessed the odd behavior continue. The brunette that Nicole had been speaking with idly reached into the glass she was holding and pulled out an ice cube. She began to trace it along the hard, bare nipples of Nicole while they talked, causing the young college student to whimper lightly between words. Nicole's hand slipped inside of her panties, moving down to rub lightly at her covered pussy while her companion teased her nipples and they made small talk.

Craig looked around the room in dismay, seeing that nobody else looked at what was going on as out of the ordinary; an executive woman in a black skirt suit was preparing the stage for a speech and many other people on the floor were engaged in conversations of their own. All the while Nicole was moaning loudly and rhythmically slipping fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She had given up on trying to talk, but instead just nodded along with whatever the other woman was saying.

"How are you...?" He hissed, leaning over to whisper it in the red head's ear; he didn't want to draw any more attention to himself.

"Oh, I can do lots of things. Don't ask a lady to reveal her secrets," She replied with a wink as she looked toward the lewd act that nobody seemed to be taking any notice of. She made a subtle motion of her hand, one that Craig barely caught sight of. But, whatever she did, it seemed to add more fuel to the proverbial fire.

The woman in front of him trailed the ice cube down the young woman's stomach, slipping her hand into her black panties and, from the gasp that came out of Nicole's lips, pressed it against her hot pussy; when she pulled her hand back out, it was without the ice cube. The brunette woman then reached to the hem of her own skirt and began to tug it up, until it was bunched at her waist; she slid her panties and stockings down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Craig was left staring at her very wet, clean shaven pussy when she began to idly stroke her own clit. But something didn't seem quite right, as her clit began to grow harder and longer with each rub. After a minute of that, she was standing with a clit that resembled a ragingly erect cock jutting obscenely before her.

Nicole looked down at it with obvious surprise before seeming to fall to her knees out of instinct. She scooted forward and wrapped her large tits around the massive clit, tilting her head down to lick the tip of it; the other woman moaned approvingly. More changes seemed to be rocking the body of the brunette woman; her labia began to swell, growing heavier and rounder until it dangled between her legs like an obscene parody of testicles. She'd begun to slowly thrust her hips back and forth, sliding her newly formed cock between Nicole's tits and into her waiting, wet mouth. Nicole made muffled moans against the meat slipping into her mouth while the brunette woman gripped the back of Nicole's head to hold it in place. From the look on her face it didn't look like it would take her long to cum.

Craig realized that he'd been so focused on watching the insanity before him that he had completely missed this red headed woman having lowered his fly and extracted his cock. Or maybe, he thought, she'd done something to keep him from noticing. It wasn't until he felt his own orgasm starting to build that he noticed her little hand wrapped around his member, pumping slowly.

With a loud moan, the brunette woman quickly pulled her cock-clit from the mouth of Nicole and gave it a few final strokes before blasting a load of cum onto the blonde's face. Craig had never seen anybody cum to hard, so much. Nicole was absolutely drenched, white cum splattered across her face and into her hair, dripping down onto her firm tits. At almost the same time as her orgasm, Craig felt his own release as he shot his cum out in front of him in long, streaming arcs. He didn't ejaculate nearly as much as the woman, nor did any of his land on the gorgeous kneeling blonde girl. Instead, his cum landed lazily on the tile floor in front of him. He noticed a strange tingling sensation in his cock after the last of his sperm had been fired out. A little hint of worry began to nag at his mind as to what that could mean. She still didn't let go of his somehow still hard member, though.

The mysterious red head cast a look over her should at him, a smirk resting on her lips. "Is it a little more interesting for you yet?"

"Um, yeah... I think that's an understatement." He replied.

"Good. I think we can have a little more fun with this place." She replied, starting to walk away and leading him by his cock as she did. They left Nicole kneeling on top of her cum splattered dress, idly rubbing the vast amounts of jizz into her skin and licking her fingers clean.

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