tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Naughtiness Ch. 03

Office Naughtiness Ch. 03


"We need to talk," said Paul Anderson as he barged into his boss's office, slamming the door shut behind him. There had been no one to stop him from entering as Maria's personal assistant, Jennifer, was off sick today.

"Mr Anderson?" said Maria in surprise, looking up at him. "What's the problem?"

"Don't worry," snapped Paul as he strode up to the beautiful brunette's desk, "I'm not after head this time."

He threw a manila folder down on her desk and a couple of grainy photographs spilled out. They were shots of him lying on top of a passed out blonde and a few of him with his cock stuffed into her mouth.

"He's got video footage as well apparently," Paul told her, sounding rather desperate.

"He?" asked Maria, opening the folder and flicking through the rather incriminating photographs.

"O'Reilly," explained Paul, referring to the company's national manager. "I'm done. You've got to help me."

"Help you? I don't think so," Maria curtly replied.

"Look," said Paul, leaning over her desk. "If you don't make this go away then I'll be forced to give O'Reilly the stuff I have on you." Paul had been blackmailing his beautiful boss for the past few months.

Maria frowned, clearly not happy. "You can't do that, we had a deal."

Paul shook his head. "The deal's changed. I'm in the shit here and you can help me. If you do this then I'll destroy all the evidence I've got. No more blowjobs."

"No more blowjobs?" repeated Maria. Clearly the idea appealed to her.

"We'll be even," Paul assured her.

Maria considered for a moment. "Okay," she finally agreed.


Jim O'Reilly frowned calculatingly at his attractive subordinate. "What's in this for you Maria?" he asked her. Jim O'Reilly was the National Manager of Infinity Systems Computing. He was in his mid fifties and had short white hair and an expansive, barrel like belly. His jowly face was usually bright red and he actually looked a little bit like Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard.

"I'm not at liberty to say," Maria replied. The raven haired branch manager was dressed in a light grey skirt and jacket suit, with a bright red blouse. The blouse unbuttoned more than usual and she was giving Jim a clear view of her impressive cleavage.

"This evidence is very compelling, and the charges are serious," said Jim. "And we are talking about your assistant Jennifer here."

"I realise that," said Maria, hating what she'd been forced to do. "But I have to get rid of this matter once and for all."

Jim seemed to consider matters for a moment. After a long pause he replied. "I'll let you what Maria. I like you, and we've worked together for a couple of years now so I'm willing to help you out. I'll destroy this evidence against Paul...if you agree to fuck me."

"What?" blurted Maria in surprise. That had been the last thing she'd expected. From Paul maybe, but from Jim O'Reilly her boss?

"We have sex. Then I'll make all this go away," explained Jim.

Maria still looked in shock. "But I'm married!"

Jim shrugged. "It's pretty straight forward here Maria. You're asking me to do something very unethical. So in return I want something of value. That hot body of yours is valuable to me."

Maria grimaced. Even with Paul's blackmail she hadn't let him have sex with her. "How about I suck your cock instead?"

"Not good enough," replied Jim immediately. He was used to negotiating multi-million dollar deals and he knew how to bargain. "You've got a nice big pair of boobs that I've wanted to get my hands on for years, and I bet you're a fantastic fuck."

"I give fantastic head," said Maria.

"I'm sure you do, and I intend to find out," Jim replied calmly. "But I also intend to shoot my wad in that sweet pussy of yours."

Maria was looking very uncomfortable. But perhaps sleeping with the boss would help her career as well. "You'll destroy the photos?"


"Okay," she agreed. "I'll do it."

Jim's grin was a mile wide. "Excellent. Well let's start with that head you were talking about."

"Right now?" replied Maria in surprise, glancing nervously around the National Manager's office.

Jim merely nodded and stood up from his chair. He unzipped his trousers and pushed them down around his knees. His blue cotton boxer shorts followed, revealing a soft, limp penis dangling between his legs, framed by a pair of saggy balls, covered in a light fuzz of grey hair. It was not the most attractive sight that Maria had laid eyes on.

Jim sat back down in his chair and gestured for Maria to come around the desk to him. The buxom brunette executive reluctantly did as she was instructed, kneeling in front of the chair of her trouser-less boss.

"Let me just have a feel of these puppies before you get started," said Jim, reaching out with both hands and grabbing Maria's large tits through her blouse.

"Oh yeah!" he gave a groan of approval as he squeezed Maria's plentiful jugs through her top. The ample melons filled his palms as his fingers sunk into the firm flesh. "These are great," he murmured, reaching up and grabbing the top of Maria's blouse. With a harsh yank he ripped open the kneeling woman's shirt, buttons flying off and material tearing.

"Hey! That was expense!" complained Maria as Jim reached inside her ruined blouse to grope at her bra-clad breasts.

"You'd better get them out before I rip this bra then," said Jim, releasing her tits temporarily.

Maria quickly shrugged of her torn blouse and then unclasped her bra, letting her big breasts spill free. They were large and firm, topped by already hard nipples.

"Lovely," murmured Jim as he took hold of Maria's bare breasts, one in each hand. "Did I ever tell you that I'm a tit-man?" he asked her as he began to squeeze and knead her gigantic hooters. "These fun bags are the reason I promoted you to Branch Manager." Jim pinched Maria's stiff nipples between his fingers, giving them a quick twist before once again cupping and squeezing her magnificent jugs in his palms. "I'm just glad this opportunity to actually touch them has come up."

Jim fondled Maria's perfect boobs for a few more minutes. "Okay, time for some sucking I think," he said, releasing her breasts and leaning back in his chair.

Maria reached up into Jim's lap and took hold of his old cock in her soft hand. It appeared to have been brought to life from the titty groping and was thick and stiff in her hand. The reluctant executive bent forward, dipping her head down into her bosses lap and gingerly taking his hard cock between her lips.

"That's it, suck that cock," moaned Jim as Maria's warm lips slid down his erection, his cock lodging deep in her hot mouth. "After all that talk, you'd better be as good as you said you were."

Jim groaned as Maria's talented mouth slid back up to the tip of his cock, her agile tongue swiping around the head of Jim's penis. She moved lower, her tongue lapping nimbly at Jim's hairy scrotum, teasing each of his testicles briefly before she moved back to his cock, plunging her mouth back onto him.

Jim gripped the top of Maria's head, holding her by her dark locks. "Put your hands behind your back," he ordered.

Maria obeyed as Jim immediately began to fuck her mouth, bouncing her head in his lap as his hips repeated hunched up off his chair, his hard cock pumping rapidly in and out of her sucking mouth. With her hands behind her back, Maria now had no control over the pace and depth of his plunging cock, but fortunately her experience blowing Paul Anderson had well prepared her for getting face fucked and she effortlessly took her bosses hard length as it slammed between her plump lips.

Jim humped Maria's face for about six or seven minutes, showing surprising stamina for a man of his age. His penis was hard as a rock, clearly highly aroused by the opportunity to blackmail his beautiful underling.

He thrust into Maria's mouth a few final times and then lifted her head up out of his lap. As the beautiful, topless brunette caught her breath, Jim once again groped her big tits, eagerly massaging the ample orbs.

"I think I need to fuck these puppies before we get down to business," he announced, shuffling forward in his chair so that his stiff erection nestled into Maria's considerable cleavage.

Jim kept a firm grip on Maria's boobs as he wrapped them around his cock, forming a snug, tight sheath for his cock to thrust into.

Maria's big boobs jiggled delightfully as Jim fucked them. Each thrust of his cock, caused the tip of his penis to bob up from the depths of Maria's cleavage, glistening with pre-cum. While his old hips pumped up off his chair, his hands kept a tight grip on Maria's breasts, keeping the fleshy mounds pressed tight around his thrusting manhood.

"Time to fuck," said Jim after titfucking her for a couple of minutes. "Stand up and bend over my desk."

"I can't convince you to finish off in my mouth, or between my tits?" asked Maria, trying one more time to delay cheating on her husband.

Jim didn't reply, instead grabbing her by the arm and forcing her to bend forward over his desk. He ran one hand across the smooth expanse of Maria's skirt-clad posterior, squeezing the firm cheeks of her ass. Jim then tugged up the back of her skirt, revealing her g-string panties and perfect, nicely toned buttocks.

Not wasting any time, Jim tugged aside the back of Maria's g-string and urgently thrust his rock hard cock into her tight snatch. Maria cried out at his sudden entry, his erection sinking right to the hilt into her pussy.

"Ah, that feels so good!" moaned Jim, pausing for a moment and enjoying the feeling of having his cock buried in the beautiful, buxom brunette. He rocked his hips slightly back and forth, exploring the depths of Maria's clutching pussy.

Jim moved his hands to Maria's curving hips, getting a firm grip as he started to fuck her in earnest, his hard cock pumping against her pussy from behind as he drove her into the desk. The sound of their flesh smacking together filled the large office as Jim slammed his erection repeatedly into Maria's pussy.

Maria moaned and pushed back with her bottom to meet her bosses thrusting cock. She was eager to get him off as quick as possible.

Jim was groaning noisily as he humped the busty brunette bent over his desk, he clearly wouldn't last very long. "Fuck!" he groaned as he arched his back and lifted himself up on his tip toes, stuffing his cock deep inside the gorgeous executive. His cock bottomed out in her cunt and he gave another loud groan. Jim's balls churned and his cock spurted, his thick, ropey seed spilling forcefully into Maria's grasping vagina.

"Oh yeah!" the older executive gave a long moan of pleasure as he pumped the brunette fill of his sperm. He fell forward, the weight of his bulk leaning on Maria's back as he spent himself. "That was perfect," he whispered into her ear as his cock slipped out of her pussy.


Paul Anderson smiled contentedly to himself as stood behind his beautiful blonde secretary Erica, massaging her shoulders intimately as she typed on her computer. As his hands slipped down from Erica's shoulders and artlessly crept to her chest, cupping her full and firm tits through her blouse, his smile got even wider.

'I love my job,' Paul thought to himself as he groped Erica's glorious breasts and the pretty young secretary did nothing to stop him.

Not only had Maria been able to make the incriminating footage of him forcing himself on her sexy assistant Jennifer go away, but Paul had also discovered some rather enlightening video footage of Maria fucking Jim O'Reilly. The new footage had restored Paul's access to Maria's lovely mouth and also given him some leverage against O'Reilly should Paul run into any future problems himself.

'All in all, life is good,' Paul decided as he dreamily kneaded the firm mounds of Erica's world-class knockers in his groping hands.


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