tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOffice Staff Ch. 1

Office Staff Ch. 1


Judith entered the office and closed the door behind her, as she had been bidden. She was a bit surprised to see that Helen was already seated before James' desk; he had not mentioned that anyone else would be in the meeting – but then again, he hadn't said very much about the session at all.

James watched her walk across the room, and indicated with a wave of his hand that she should be seated next to Helen. This was all very curious: late afternoon, almost everyone had gone home already. And she had never been called into a meeting with Helen before, even although they both worked in accounts. Of course, her role was not to question, just to do; but it was strange.

James watched her sit down, openly appraising her. Of course that was no surprise: he was known as a hard-driven self-made man who tended to get what he wanted, and the rumour was that this extended beyond the boundaries of business. When he spoke, one listened, especially as he owned the company.

He leaned forward engagingly. "Thank you both for making the time. I have no doubt you will find it was worth joining me. And I must say", he laughed, "it's always a pleasure to have two such attractive women in my office."

Both women acknowledged the compliment ruefully with a smile. "You'll forgive me", he said, "if I take a moment to check on my records? Let me know if I have missed anything, ok?"

He opened two files, and laid them across the table in front of him. "Right then – Helen", he said glancing up at her briefly, before looking down at her file. "Let's see. Married two years, your husband unemployed, right?" She nodded. "By all accounts you are financially a bit unstable – forgive me if this is a bit personal – aside from your direct remuneration, the company has also assisted you with some loans, am I correct?"

She nodded. "That's true, sir. My mother lives with me and she had some medical problems. I've been paying it off though – I haven't missed a payment."

"Your mother and your husband both depending on your salary. It must be very difficult for you."

She nodded.

"Hmm. I understand. Judith", he said turning towards her. "By all accounts, your circumstance is no easier, is it?" She shook her head, wondering where this was going. "Let's see – single mother, son just starting school. The father doesn't help?"

"He disappeared a while ago", she said. "Even if I found him, I don't think he'd do much to help."

"I see. I am sorry to hear that. Both of you seem to have been treated a bit unfairly by life, wouldn't you say? I suppose life can be harsh – I know that when I started it was incredibly difficult. No money, no background, very little support. Of course, you look at the company now and it seems to be an established success; but it took a long time to get here. Many hours. Many sacrifices. Including my wife, who finally walked out about five years ago, as you may know.

"It is difficult to get along without that companionship. You miss it. I miss it. I miss that female softness, you understand?"

The two women nodded. "So you see", he continued, "I am sympathetic to the price that we have to pay to get by. I am certainly not indifferent to the hardships we endure. But there is one difference between us, you see." He paused before stating the next sentence. "I never stole from my employer. And I never got caught."

Judith's heart sank, the same thought running through her mind over and over "OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD". Helen sat so calmly, that she wondered whether he was right. Helen smiled and said slowly: "I beg your pardon?"

"Don't make it worse by lying, Helen. We both know that I could show you the evidence if I have to. At least Judith's face is a confession of it's own."

"I'm so sorry", whispered Judith.

"It's ironical", said James. "If either one of you had done this on your own, I would never have noticed. But two of you, together – it collectively became too large to miss. And neither one of you knew about the other! You do admit it, don't you?" he asked Helen.

After a moment's silence she nodded once.

"Good", he said. "Now we're making progress, I think. You have to understand some things. This is not a public company. This is MY company. You weren't stealing from shareholders: you have been stealing from ME. From me.

"Some housekeeping is needed, I suppose. One hates to sound melodramatic, but you must realise that I have the proof, and that it is in a safe place. If you got any wild schemes about stealing it, or even worse, about getting me out of the way, it won't help. It would only assure that the proof becomes public. I must tell you that I really feel as if I am in a b-grade movie saying this." He laughed, with real merriment. But I want you to understand quite clearly how much of a predicament you are in."

Helen suddenly sighed deeply, once, and bent forward to put her head on the desk. Judith's mouth was dry, and her hands trembled visibly. "If I chose to, you would both be arrested – and then, Helen, your poor mother. And Judith – your poor son. What would become of them?"

"What do you want?" said Helen.

James opened a drawer in his desk, and surprisingly withdrew a bottle of whisky and three tumblers. As he poured the alcohol liberally into them he said: "Fate has presented me with a unique opportunity. Two attractive, young, nubile women, dependent upon my good grace." He pushed the glasses across the desk. "Take a drink – it'll calm your nerves. You could also look upon this as a blessing for you. You must both have been living on your nerves, wondering if I would find out. Of course you won't be able to steal any more money, but if you choose to reach an accommodation with me you should have no immediate fear of prosecution."

Judith was still too shocked to speak, but Helen stared across the desk in undisguised contempt. "You bastard", she hissed.

"Oh no", he said. "Is that all you could come up with? I really had thought that you could come up with something more vociferous than that. Anyway – you placed yourselves in this predicament, not me. And if you choose to follow the legal process I will understand. I can hand this over to the authorities in the morning. Is that what you want?"

"No" spat Helen. "No" whispered Judith.

"Excellent. Then I can say that we agree to engage upon an erotic adventure together?"

"What kind of adventure?"

"Well – I have some interests I'd like to explore. It would destroy the surprise if I had to go into too much detail now, wouldn't you say?"

The women sat in silence, both coming to terms with what James had said. "And there's no time like the present to start. I'm certainly ready – I have my video camera!" He pointed to the device, standing on a stand next to him, facing them, ready. "That is – if you both agree of course."

"What choice do we have?" snapped Helen. He didn't reply, just waited. Eventually she angrily agreed: "Yes!"

"Wonderful. Judith?"

Judith nodded submissively, her eyes downcast.

He leaned back, smiling, took a slow sip from his tumbler. "Do you girls know each other?"

Helen shrugged. "A bit. We've seen each other around the offices, but that's about all."

"Hmm. We're all going to get to now one another very well. Intimately in fact." He leaned forward, put down his glass and sat with elbows on the table. "I am so glad", he began, "that you both choose to wear skirts rather than trousers. I have been watching, you see. Judith – why don't you tell us what underwear are you wearing at the moment?" As he spoke, he reached up and depressed a switch on the video recorder – she realised with a sense of horror that she she was now on camera.

Judith jumped, startled. She looked across at Helen, almost as if she was asking for guidance, then looked away.

"Don't be shy, Judith – that time passed when you first stole my money. You did steal my money, didn't you?"


"So tell us about your underwear. We're both waiting."

After a pause: "Well – it's just a normal bra and panty."

"Yes? What colour? Material? "

"White. Cotton."

"Ah. Virginal white. And are you a natural blonde all over as well?"

"Yes". A whisper now.

"So you have blonde pussy hair?"


"Say it."

A strangled sound came from deep in her throat. She was blushing furiously now. He repeated his words: "Say it."

One could barely hear the words. "I have blonde pussy hair."

"Louder. And look at the camera when you say it."

She looked up slowly, hands now trembling. "I have blonde pussy hair."

Helen could no longer contain herself: "Why are you torturing her like this?"

James turned his attention to her. "The games are just beginning, Helen. You're a brunette. Very attractive, straight hair, down to your shoulders. I'm sure you are brunette all over?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you're a vibrant, strong woman, with healthy needs. I wouldn't be surprised if you satisfied those needs on your own sometimes, when nobody is around to assist. That's what I think."

She stared at him, suddenly speechless.

"Your silence gives you away, Helen. You like to touch, don't you? To open your legs, to explore with your fingers. My only question is, do you do it on private only, or have you ever done it in public? At work perhaps, slid your hand up your skirt behind your desk where nobody can see, slipped your panties to one side? What colour are those panties, Helen?"


"To the camera."


"Dark blue? Powder blue?"

"Powder blue."

He laughed out loud. "This is really priceless! Such innocent colours for you both! Stand up and lift your skirts, both of you! I want to see them!"

The women looked at each other nervously, unsure how to proceed. "Come on come on! Stop wasting time! Stand up!" They slowly raised themselves from the chairs, stood nervously alongside one another. "Good! Now pulls up those hems so I can see your panties!"

Judith was the first to lean over, find the hem and draw it achingly slowly up her legs. She held it bunched under her elbow like a toddler so that her white panties could clearly be seen, ballooned slightly in front by her pubic hair. Helen watched her, then resignedly leant forward and did the same. In contrast, her panties were almost transparent, and James sighed as her dark patch showed through the material, atop a clear open triangle at the top of her legs. He rose from his chair and walked around the desk until he stood before the two women, showing themselves for his pleasure. He sat on the edge of his desk, lowering himself for a clearer view.

"Don't move", he said, then slipped his fingers into the top elastic, pulling their panties forward so he could look down the front. Emboldened, he turned his hand, palm flat against their bellies and slowly slid his fingers into their panties, fingers furrowing through pubic hair until they reached pussy lips. The women both responded by pulling their hips away slightly, but he pulled them forward by their panties, and then opened their pussy lips with his fingers, feeling moisture, heat, hearing both of them catch their breaths, sigh. He searched gently for their clitori, massaging, watching their faces, listening to their synchronous breathing, controlling their responses.

"Seduction is about wanting, waiting, teasing", he said. "This is just the beginning." He withdrew his hands, knowing that the two women had been more aroused than they would care to admit. "Tomorrow is when we really begin. Make sure that you have the entire evening free. But to ensure that you don't forget, I want you to swap panties. Take yours off, and put each other's on. Do it now."

Still breathing heavily, they slowly started to obey, bending over slipping the underthings down, passing them abashedly to one another, then stepping into and pulling the still warm material up their legs. Their embarrassment was clearly tinged with the hint of sex, of enjoyment. James had no doubt that Helen would relive this later in private, and remember it with pleasure. "You enjoyed putting each other's panties on, didn't you? Don't forget", he said. "Tomorrow night is mine."

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