tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOfficer Amanda Skills; Revenge Ch. 02

Officer Amanda Skills; Revenge Ch. 02


Amanda sat in her recliner in only her black thong. She sipped a glass of wine as she watched the news and her captain talk about the fire and two bodies found inside. She smiled and poured some fresh wine into her glass. She turned the TV. off and heard a loud pound on her door. She stood up and pulled a tight top over her bare chest. She walked over to the door and held her gun by her side as she looked through the peep hole.

She looked around and found a skirt. She slid it over her nice thighs and zipped it up. She opened the door and her captain stood there. He looked around her house as he noticed her tight top and mini skirt. She let him in and shut the door.

"Nice place you got here." He said as she walked in front of him.

"What are you doing here? I am suspended remember?" She asked drinking more wine.

"Well, I will be forward. They found one of your rapists and his girlfriend dead today. House burned, girlfriend shot though her vagina and the rapist shot many times. Do you have any clue about this Amanda?" He asked her.

"No I don't. Good thing someone else did them in though." She said turning her back on the captain. "I would've done worse." She said sipping her glass with a little smile.

He walked up and punched her in the lower back. Amanda screamed as she fell to her knees. The captain then kicked her and she fell forward and onto her belly. She lay hurting as he continued attacking his officer. She looked up as his foot connected with her pretty face. He stopped as she lay bleeding on the floor.

"Bitch, you killed my son!" He said grabbing her top and pulling her to her feet. "Now I figure it may as well be my time to fuck this sexy blonde body. Amanda, you aint gonna leave your house alive!" He said as he tossed her onto her couch.

She felt her top rip open and her nice tits were revealed as her boss sucked them and teased her hard nipples. He opened her legs and ripped her thong off as her shaved pussy was exposed. Amanda was in trouble as he sank his dick into her and began fucking her dazed ass silly. He pounded her tight body as she realized what was happening.

He held her down by her throat and thrust real deep into her. She looked around as the captain smiled at her blood covered face. She saw his gun in its holster and reached for it. He noticed and tightened his grip as her eyes widened and she began to choke. He pulled it and put it to her right nipple.

"Sorry bitch. It's my damn gun." He said using the gun to hit her face.

Amanda felt herself weaken as he had his way with her skinny body. She looked up as he exploded inside her and filled her up with his sperm. She fainted as he pulled out and he smiled as she fell to the floor. Her skirt was up around her little waist and her nice ass cheeks were showing. He smiled as he got down on his knees and separated her firm cheeks. He anal rapped her just for fun as she lay unconscious under him.

He finished and pulled out of her asshole. He used her hair to wipe his cock off. He looked around and picked her up. He carried her to the bathroom and tied her wrist to the shower rod and let her hang for a while. He shoved a rag in her mouth as he left to go to her kitchen.

"Damn Amanda, now I see why they wanted to fuck you." He said laughing as he went down the hall.

Amanda woke up as he ate some food. She realized one wrist wasn't tied up. She got herself loose and looked in the mirror at her battered face. She washed the blood off and heard him in the kitchen. She went to her room and pulled out her gun. She was going to kill her boss now. She pulled her skirt back down over her ass and realized he had ass raped her. She was pissed and wanted the father dead, like his son.

She walked down the hall and to the kitchen as Gary stepped out and punched her. She staggered backwards and fell to her ass. He smiled and grabbed her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth as she struggled. He forced her to suck as she did so. He was there to end her rage, he wanted her dead.

He filled her mouth full as she swallowed his wads. He released her and kneed her in the head. She fell to her back with a thud. The captain stepped out and went for his gun. He had Amanda's and raised it. He smiled at the cop.

"Sorry about Rance. Now your turn." He said killing the captain. "Oh no! Amanda just killed a cop!" He said laughing as he saw her coming around. "Come on bitch, fight me!"

Amanda stood up and looked as he waited for her to swing. She gathered her senses and swung. He moved and kicked her in the belly. Amanda screamed and dropped to her knees as the leg landed across her back. She sat up and a fist to her jaw as she fell to the side. He was winning against the tough woman.

Amanda stood up and staggered to the right and hit the wall. He laughed as she swayed and looked around lost. He aimed the gun at her head. She pulled another gun out of the back of her skirt and fired. He fired as well!

Both fell to the floor as they got hit with a bullet. Amanda had been hit in the side as he got hit in the chest. He fired and hit her shoulder. She fell backward with her legs bent and open. He saw a bare pussy and smiled as he crawled onto her and pinned her to the floor. She felt his dick enter her and she struggled as he began fucking her.

Amanda couldn't fight much more as she bled onto her carpet. He did her slowly as he weakened. He smiled as he got off inside the cop one more time. She pulled the gun up and fired again. He fell limp on her. She pushed him off and crawled away as police rushed in. she dropped her gun and was taken to the hospital.

Amanda lay in the hospital bed with a guard at the door. She was not in trouble as investigated and found nothing on her. She sat in her bed as a fellow officer woman walked in. She had on her uniform and was just as sexy as Amanda.

"Well good to see you are feeling better." She said.

"A little bit." Amanda said adjusting herself.

"So tell me about Gary." She told Amanda. "Know of any hangouts or anything?" She asked.

"Why? He is dead." Amanda said confused.

"Well the one you killed wasn't Gary; it was his twin brother William. Gary is out for blood we hear. So we are having your house watched and your room." She said as Amanda starred at her in disbelief.

"But...I killed him...he raped me." Amanda said as the officer held her hand "Who are you anyway?"

"I am Samantha, the new captain and your boss. Anyway get some rest and I will be back later."

"Okay." Amanda said realizing her job wasn't done.

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