tagSci-Fi & FantasyOffspring Ch. 002

Offspring Ch. 002


I went back to my hotel and had a few beers. Finally I had enough Dutch courage to go to the service counter and asked to speak to the liaison officer.

"You want to see her about a permit?" the girl asked.


The girl picked up the telephone and had a short conversation with someone in a language I had never heard before. After she hung up she filled in a form and gave it to me.

"She will see you tomorrow at ten AM. You will find everything you need to know on the form."

I thanked her and went back to the bar. There wasn't much on the form. Apart from the location of her office and her telephone number it simply asked me to refrain from sex, any kind of sex, until after the interview, as a sperm sample was required for the tests. It said nothing about not drinking so I got myself pissed out of sheer boredom. I wasn't all that steady when I went up to my room. I threw myself on the bed and must have passed out, for I was still fully dressed when I woke up hours later.


Luckily I don't get hangovers. After a shower and a change of clothes I felt like new and went downstairs for breakfast. I had some pancakes with maple syrup, bacon and eggs, coffee and orange juice. Real Earth food again. If this place had one saving grace, it was the food. It had been many years since I had eaten that well. I had some more coffee and then it was time for my interview.

"So you want to fuck," she said instead of a greeting. "Come in and take your clothes off. I want you naked."

I must have stood there looking like an idiot. She shook her head and laughed,

"I don't know how you expect to fuck anyone if you are too shy to drop your pants in front of a female."

Reluctantly I took my gear off. When I was finished she stuck a number of electrodes on my body and connected me to a machine. While the machine did its thing she wiped my dick down with some wet cloth that smelled of disinfectant. My dick came up like an express elevator. When she was satisfied it was clean enough she stuck the tip of my dick into a jar and proceeded to pull me off. It didn't take long.

"Very nice," she said when she looked at the contents of her jar. She switched the machine off, took the electrodes off my body and told me to get dressed again.

"I want you back here at two this afternoon. You can eat and drink whatever you like."

I went straight to the bar and had a beer. I needed it. The whole interview had taken less than an hour. It was still early. On the spur of the moment I rang up Arden and invited him for lunch. He accepted and we were dining in style a short time later.

Over lunch I told him what I'd been up to.

"I hope you know what you're doing," he said.

"What's the problem?"

"No problem really. It's just that they say anyone who screws Oktonian women never leaves here. They are supposed to be the ultimate sexual experience."

"Where are they then, these men who never left?"

"On the mainland."

"I thought that was off limits."

"It is to non Oktonians, but you can become an Oktonian. No one here knows for sure what that entails, rumour has it you have to have fathered some offspring with their women to qualify."

"We can breed with them?"

"That's how rumour would have it. As I've said, none of us knows for sure. Fact is men leave for the mainland and never return. That's why the Federation and the trading houses here will only recruit homosexuals. They have lost too many good men to the Oktonians."

"This place gets more interesting by the minute. Tell me, what's the story with the Pumpernickel?"

"There's not much to tell. Oktonians are descended, at least in part, from birds. Their dietary requirements are different from ours. While they can eat our food, it's not particularly good for them. The bulk of their diet is made up of grain and seeds of one sort or another. They don't eat them raw as their forebears presumably did, but prepare them in some way. Anyway, some enterprising Earth trader, about a hundred years ago, thought he might be able to sell some of the wholegrain breads they make on Earth to the Oktonians. He imported a mixed pallet load of different breads, amongst them Pumpernickel and offered them to the locals. Whilst they quite liked most of the breads, they went completely nuts over the Pumpernickel. Today it is Okton's biggest import by a long mile. Most of it comes from Earth and arrives in huge freighters. As a sideline the traders bring in other Earth food as well, that's why it's available here in the space port. All the hotels serve it."

Arden looked at his watch and decided he needed to go back to work. He thanked me profusely for the steak and departed. I thought I had had the better end of the deal. What I had just learned was worth a lot more than the price of a steak, expensive though it was. I had a couple of beers in the bar, then it was time for part two of my interview.

I had hardly entered the office when I was told to take my clothes off again. It still felt awkward but I did it more readily this time. Maybe she was going to pull me off again. She made me sit on what I took to be a bed, more of a padded platform really, knee high, about eight feet long and four feet wide. My dick was behaving himself for once.

She stood in front of me and seemed to scrutinise me.

"Your tests worked out alright, you have passed your medical. Now I need to tell you what Oktonian sex is about. You will find it quite a different experience. There are some rules you must remember. Our wings are very delicate and also very sensitive. That means we cannot lie on our backs the way you can. It also means you are not allowed to touch them. Oral sex is taboo.

"I realise that what is permissible probably looks to you by now like very boring and unimaginative straight sex.

"You will soon realise that there are compensations that far transcend any shallow joy you might derive from having your dick sucked. I would suggest you take on a passive role for now and let the women take the lead until you know what you are doing.

"Our bodies are different from yours. Let me show you."

I had not expected her to strip, but she did. The first thing that struck me was that bright yellow, feathered pudenda. She probably expected my show of surprise, she would have seen it before. Without saying anything she climbed on the platform, went down on her haunches, opened her legs wide and afforded me my first view of an Oktonian pussy. Apart from the feathers it wasn't all that much different from the twats I had seen in the past except it had no clit.

It smelled different though, like apricot nectar with a hint of sweaty feet. There must have been some powerful pheromones hiding in that smell because my dick jumped up and became as rigid as a baseball bat as soon as I noticed it. She shuffled aside and said: "Come up here and lie on your back."

I did as I was asked and as soon as I was in position she straddled me and without the use of her hands slipped her very moist pussy over my rod to the hilt and just stayed there. For a second or two nothing happened. Then my dick started to feel warm. It felt like a warm effervescent liquid was entering me there, gradually filling up all of my body, spreading a feeling of indescribable well being as it moved. My senses shut off and internalised, there were colours, swirling to some unknown tune. I felt like I was in a sea of love and ecstasy, each molecule of mine having its own orgasm, then the sensations contracted and balled up, eventually discharging with a flood of semen into the Oktonian.

I must have blacked out about then for a while. When I came to the liaison officer was fully dressed. She asked me to put my clothes back on. Still in a daze I did as I was told. She gave me a plastic card, told me that this was my permit and shoved me out of the door. All I could think of was that I needed a drink. My head cleared after the second beer. I felt well. I could not remember ever having felt so good. I was happier than I'd ever been.

At the time it felt as if the experience had lasted well over an hour, but when I checked the time I guessed it couldn't have taken more than thirty minutes. At any rate, this was by a long shot the strangest, most satisfying, fuck of my life, if that's what it was. About the only thing it had in common with a fuck was that I had my dick in some alien pussy and had ejaculated into it. There had been no courting, however brief, no display of passion, no foreplay, no moans or screams, in fact little more than put your cock here and fuck off after the deed was done. I don't think either of us had even moved. And yet, it was an experience full of love and ecstasy. In retrospect it was more like a drug experience than a screw. Fuck or not, I just knew I was going to help myself to some more of that.


I slept well that night and when I woke up that feeling of well being was still there. I didn't however wake up with my usual woodie. I didn't feel horny either like I normally do at this time of day. Breakfast was as good as usual, but the joy was short lived when I went outside into the dismal everyday world of Okton4 spaceport. I checked out a couple of agents for available passage to Earth and was told the next Earth freighter was due in thirty-two days. I left them my name and the name of the hotel. They promised to let me know when something became available. Almost against my will I found myself heading for the bar where the barmaid had promised me a romp.

"Got your permit yet?" she asked when she brought my beer.

I waved my card at her.

"Come at four this afternoon when I get off here. You've had your introduction and have learned the basics. Let me show you how it all works in the real world."

I spent the rest of the day in the hotel and returned to the bar at the appointed time. She was ready to leave when I got there.

"Where to?" I asked.

"We go to your hotel," she said.

I wanted to take her by the hand but she shrunk back and said sharply: "Don't touch, you don't want to embarrass yourself." She continued in a mellower tone: "I'll show you what happens when you do that, once we are safely in private."

I was totally confused, but when in Rome.......

When we arrived at the hotel she went straight to the service desk. She asked for my permit and showed it to the girl behind the counter. The girl swiped the card into a computer and handed it back to me together with a key. It said forty-seven on the tag. My escort evidently knew where we had to go and took the lead. I followed like a lamb to the slaughter.

The room was bare except for the now familiar humping platform in the centre and what looked like a fancy towel rack, presumably for our clothes.

"You wanted to know what happens when you touch me," the barmaid said as soon as she had closed the door behind her. "Here, touch."

As soon as I touched her hand my dick went up like a rocket straining against my pants.

"I didn't think you wanted to walk all the way to your hotel like this," she said with a grin.

I thanked her for being considerate.

"You are in my charge," she said. "You had your introduction yesterday, I am here to deliver lesson one."

"Lesson one? How many lessons are there?" I was dumbfounded.

"As many as you need until you master the art. Oktonian sex is an intricate system of immensely satisfying techniques. You will want to learn them all. And now, get undressed, we are wasting time."

We took our clothes off and she made me lie on my back. She straddled me, but paused when she was in position..

"Who was the most beautiful and loving woman you have ever made love to? Tell me her name."


"I want you to close your eyes and picture Linette. Are you picturing her now?"


At that moment she impaled herself on me, except it wasn't her, it was Linette. I was floating in space, coupled with Linette. We made love for a very long time in that gentle loving fashion that had been Linette's way. When I finally reached orgasm it was as mind blowing as the last one. Again I must have blacked out because when I opened my eyes the barmaid was fully dressed.

"I think you are beginning to see the possibilities," she said. "Tomorrow at the same time you will show your permit to the girl at the service desk, She will give you a key to a room. There another lady will be waiting for you to teach lesson two. Good luck. Don't forget to hand the room key in."

The barmaid left without further word and without a backward glance.

I returned the room key. When I checked the time I noticed only half an hour had passed. It had seemed much, much longer.

Over a beer I tried to take stock. This was turning into the biggest adventure of my life. No way I was going to miss out, no matter where it led.

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